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A couple of cockroaches had landed on her shirt. She freaked out. I am used to cockroaches. Right Guard has always had a few. When Green screamed, Brown pulled out his weapon and waved it around wildly. Green screamed some more when the cockroaches started up her uniform shirt toward her face. I had been lying down up to this point, but I managed to rise up in my bunk and flick the cockroaches off her shirt so she would stop that god-awful noise. I was still pretty drunk. Looking back, I think I hoped to feel something soft under her shirt, but what I felt was body armor.

I fell back into my bunk, disappointed. I had expended my last bit of energy over nothing. A bullet goes right through fiberglass. I think he loved the smell of gunpowder in enclosed spaces. He shouted at. He also added some words about shots fired at the Squadron and not enough life preservers. He told me to get my clothes on. There were issues, for sure. The last thing I remember was this warm-all-over feeling. When I came to the next morning, the FWC duo had gone. They had obviously thought better of taking me into captivity.

I know I smelled pretty bad. I was wet. If they dropped me into the water by mistake, I would have drowned. In this particular case, discretion was the better part of valor. Besides, Brown would have to admit to the AD. If I ever see them again, I will remind Brown that poor gun handling is no accident, also. I still have the ejected brass 9mm case he left behind. You know what FWC means? Southeastern U. These have been recorded over a long period of time. In general, the lengths of the arrows indicate how often the winds came from that direction.

The longer the arrow, the more often the winds came from that direction. When the arrow is too long to be printed in a practical manner, a number is indicated. The number in the center of the circle shows the percentage of the time that the winds were calm. The lengths of the arrows plus the calms number in the center add up to percent. The number of feathers on the arrow indicates the strength of the wind on the Beaufort scale one feather is Force 1, etc.

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Wind Roses are taken from Pilot Charts. To have your event listed, contact editor southwindsmagazine. Email us the information by the 1st of the month preceding publication. Contact us if a little later it most likely will get in, but not certain. We will print your free event the month of the event and the month before. Rendezvous we print for three months. Paid listings are included or reduced in price on some paid-for display ads in the magazine. Paid-for ads will have pd at the end of the listing. Editor will decide if the event is appropriate for the magazine. How long paid-for events are listed is up to the discretion of the editor.

Online registration is open till Nov. Family Sailing. Ongoing traditional boatbuilding classes. Pre-registration at www. Oct 31, Nov. Other states require boaters to have boater safety education if they were born after a certain date, meaning boaters of all ages will eventually be required to have taken a course. To learn about the laws in each state, go to www.

Other organizations offer other courses which will satisfy the Florida requirements. About Boating Safely ABS covers subjects including boat handling, weather, charts, navigation rules, trailering, federal regulations, personal watercraft, hypothermia and more. Many insurance companies also give discounts for having taken the boater safety education course. Mike Christnacht. Each month. Home study course. Tests held bimonthly. Call Augustine, FL. Coast Guard Auxiliary of St.

Augustine campus of St. Preregistration required. Contact Vic Aquino at Petersburg Sail and Power Squadron, Nov. Pre-registration required at www. Check the website, since courses are often added late and after press date. Contact Rich White: Richard.

The World is a Waterpark. Since , we have sold the best rides! For more information, e-mail andy tackleshack. Fort Lauderdale. Largest boat show in the world, covering six sites. Over 1, vessels with super yachts, marine supplies, accessories, electronics. FriSun 10 a. Edison Sailing Center, Fort Myers. Contact Stephanie Webb at rpsc aol. Ongoing one and two-day courses.

Best Boat Club and Rentals. Dean Sealey. Links to these reviews are at www. Others are small boat reviews, most of which were written by Dave Ellis or Jabbo Gordon. If you wish to do a review of your boat, email Steve Morrell, editor, for review requirements. Nov Apalachicola, FL. The two-day event annually draws thousands of visitors to this scenic historic town at the mouth of the Apalachicola River. Some of the notable events include oyster eating, oyster shucking, a parade, a 5k Redfish Run, a Blue Crab race and a Blessing of the Fleet.

The fee goes to the Rudder Club youth sailing program. For more information, call The Western Carolina Sailing Club is hosting a nautical yard sale open to anyone who wants to sell any nautical item. Trailered boats for sale are welcome and can be displayed on the front lawn off the main deck. For those traveling a long distance, overnight camping can be arranged. Contact Dan Marett for details at This is for rendezvous held in the Southeast United States or Bahamas. Send information to editor southwindsmagazine. Attendees will enjoy two full days of seminars and can.

Going live on April 1 this is no April Fools joke! Every program. For those looking for programs, you can search by name, location or miles from a zip code. The programs are listed, and program organizers can register an ac-. Or new programs can be added. Clubs can claim these listings and also get their own page to add photos, general information, contact info, links to Facebook and more.

To update your youth program or club, go to www.

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On Sunday, cruisers can attend the huge indoor nautical flea market, as well as the intimate cruising destination roundtables where experienced cruisers will answer questions about popular destinations. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and mingle and experience the renowned SSCA camaraderie at the vendor appreciation and camaraderie cocktail party on Friday and at the gourmet buffet on Saturday evening.

A dinner is available to purchase on Saturday evening followed by keynote speaker Amaia Aguirre, who will talk about cruising Cuba. For more information, or to register, go to www. Note: final details on the gam were not available as of press date. More will be available next month, or go to www. There will be no west Florida gam held this year. The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association is an alliance of recreational boating and commercial maritime interests.

Some of the agenda topics confirmed are: waterway maintenance update; non-federal funding support for maintenance; a view from inside the beltway of Washington, D.

How does it work?

More information and conference registration is available at: www. Sponsorship inquiries are also welcome. Charlotte Harbor Area!

We need to receive them by the 1st of the month preceding publication. Contact us if later it most likely will get in, but not certain. This makes the navigational depth for Route 1, which crosses the lake, 9. Bridge clearance at Myakka was not online, but estimated at This link is also available on our website, www. The skipper of the boat raising the most funds and the individual who raises the most funds for Avow will be recognized with a Winds of Hospice Award The winner of the regatta will represent Avow in the Hospice Regattas National Championship planned to take place in St.

Petersburg, FL, in April For more information, contact racing cochairs Lois Dixon at , or Chuck Downton at Or call Avow at , or visit www. Future Fibres, builders of the mast, was planning to deliver the furling composite boom and rigging package next. The mast was built and shipped in two sections and was to be assembled in Italy. Doyle Sails will supply the sails for the boat, which includes a furling headsail.

The mast took 18 months of design, development and construction. Shown here is only one of the two mast sections, being prepared for shipping insert is the boat. For more photos of the mast, go to www. For construction photos of the boat, go to www. Photo by Future Fibres. These children died from volt AC leakage from nearby boats or docks. Swimmers are electrocuted or incapacitated from the electricity. The site has several articles on the subject explaining how ESD works and what to do to prewww.

These are only a few of the precautions. Go to the website to learn more at www. Event for Veterans Welcomes U. Paralympian Brad Kendell flies W. Connerley How Electric Shock Drowning works. Photo courtesy BoatUS. ESD is especially dangerous in freshwater but can be dangerous in saltwater if a dock is not wired correctly and a swimmer touches a metallic object. Brackish water that is even just a little less salty than ocean saltwater can also be dangerous like saltwater in estuaries, which can be even less salty during different tidal stages or after a rain.

It is recommended to treat brackish areas like freshwater just to be safe. This would be true for parts of the ICW that are basically running through rivers, or intermingle heavily with freshwater. The site discusses what to do if you own a private dock, or are at a marina, or have a boat. For example—to just name a few precautions—the site suggests: Never swim within yards of any freshwater marina, boatyard or any private dock using electrical power; Never dive on your boat to work on underwater fittings when it is plugged into. More than 59 veterans. You can search by name, city, state, zip code or keyword.

Each program has its own page for listing dates, ages, costs, etc. Google maps locate the programs on the page. The site also lists all the Southern yacht clubs. We are encouraging youth program directors to list their programs and yacht clubs to list their organizations. There is no charge. Go to our website for the link at www. Madeira Beach, FL www. Enjoying the W. Photo by Julie B. However, it was invited guest speaker U. Paralympian Brad Kendell, who brought more than smiles to this event. Paralympics Sailing Team was truly inspirational.

Formerly from the Chesapeake Bay area, the Henkels—Jim, wife Sarah, and son James—were active on the water, sailing, and kayaking. With James Henkel helming and Brad Kendell handling main, the men had plenty of time to discuss sailing—despite perceived limitations. In August, the organ One of the 20 solar lights recently installed on Lake Lanier. Batteries should last months. Photo by Robert Sutherland.

Now that the water wars of Alabama, Georgia and Florida have subsided, funds are available for them to serve the community and promote boater safety in the form of providing navigational lights on the lake. Joanna Cloud, executive director of LSA for three years, says that the first 20 solar lights are the first phase of a pilot program.

When asked how long the program has been in the www. Sugar white beaches, emerald waters… charter or learn to sail private, award winning instruction Pensacola Beach, Florida. Learn To Sail With Us! Island Dreamer Sailing School Capts. The Corps does not provide any funds. Special hinges with tamper-proof screws were an additional, but worthy expense. Batteries should last from months. Upkeep and replacement costs are covered by LSA. Monthly maintenance checks will be done by volunteers from LSA and other organizations such as fishing groups.

LSA has an inventory of replacement lights and parts waiting. Anyone on the lake who sees a problem with a light is also encouraged to call LSA. The phone number is attached to each light. The beacons of light are well received on the lake. People have embraced them. Before long, there will be no excuse for running into a mark on Lake Lanier. Readers like to read reviews by boat owners. If you like to write, we want your review. It can be long or short the boat, that is , a racer, a cruiser, new or old, on a trailer or in the water. Photos essential.

Or—is it fast? Have you made changes? What changes would you like? Contact editor southwindsmagazine. Articles must be sent by e-mail or on disc. We pay for the reviews, too. Gulfport, FL, Marina Expanding with New Facilities Last winter, city planners in Gulfport, FL, asked local citizens and boaters in an open forum what they wanted to see in the next 10 to 20 years in marina facilities.

Key West Sunset Sail IN A THUNDERSTORM!

Some of the ideas heard were better facilities, like expanded restrooms, a larger ship store, expanded facilities for liveaboards, and floating docks. After consideration of these suggestions for a few months, the city proposed in May to build a new two-story building adjacent to the existing ship store; expand the store and restrooms; add a rest area for transients, residents and guests; add 10 boat lifts; do liveaboard improvements; and create a marina master site plan.

In the ensuing months, all of the proposals were approved as Phase I in the marina district improvements. The projects will go out to bid in January, with plans to begin construction in February. Construction should take four to six months. The master plan for the marina is expected to be completed in The plan is to address concerns about the best use of the property in the marina area, including property currently occupied by the Boca Ciega Yacht Club, the Gulfport Yacht Club, the Lions Club and the Coast.

If that doesn't prove the worth of checking with Matt, I don't know what will. Subject to change. Final rate subject to application, discounts, territory, credit and company rules. Some counties not available. Guard Auxiliary. During implementation of these projects, the city is also seeking a grant to complete the 25 moorings planned in the downtown waterfront district. The city has already.

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The dock will be more user-friendly, enabling boaters to ingress and egress from their vessels much better than the existing fixed docks. These slips are free of charge and are first come, first served. Current harbormaster Denis Frain will receive a new title, director of marina operations. Frain will be responsible for lease agreements within the marina, as well as overseeing the development and construction of the expanded casino docks.

He will also be in charge of the Phase I marina improvements. Two Florida Cities Receive Marina Grants Out of 16 grants awarded throughout the country, two Florida cities will receive funds to improve marina facilities via the Boating Infrastructure Grant program, funding for. What a concept! It is engineered to be easily serviced. Grantees use Boating Infrastructure Grant funds to construct, renovate, and maintain facilities with features for transient boats those staying 10 days or less that are 26 feet or more in length and used for recreation.

Grantees may also use funds to produce and distribute information and educational materials about the program and recreational boating. Following are the two Florida communities awarded grants through the program. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will support the city of Gulfport to construct a floating dock with 10 slips for transient, nontrailerable recreational vessels up to 45 feet long.

This ADA-compliant project will serve as an economic catalyst for revitalization of downtown Gulfport. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will support the city of Madeira Beach in a project to replace and upgrade facilities for transient, non-trailerable recreational vessels. The project will provide 14 slips and four moorings, as well as additional amenities such as pump-out stations and a fuel dock for eligible vessels. While sailing downwind under spinnaker in a strong breeze over 20 knots during a race sponsored by the Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club, Blue Monk, a Merit foot sloop, accidently gybed.

The maneuver was so violent that a crew member leaning on the boom, Adrian Rodriguez, was thrown overboard, well away from the boat and into the water. Rodriguez was wearing thick clothes with no life jacket. Finks alerted his skipper, David Butler, and served as spotter so the victim was not lost in the two- to three-foot waves. Butler immediately altered course toward the victim and instructed his crew to take in the spinnaker. Just three minutes after he was thrown into the water, Rodriguez was hauled onboard Shotglass by Butler and Adams. Despite the cold temperatures, Rodriguez was not yet hypothermic.

He was able to assist in his rescue before being taken below and given dry clothing. Butler dropped out of the race and headed back to the harbor. Blue Monk followed behind, retrieved Rodriguez, and sailed back out for the next race. Since it was established in by friends of the late Mr. Hanson, an ocean-racing sailor from the Chesapeake Bay, the Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Medal has been presented to more than boats. Any individual or organization may submit a nomination for a Hanson Rescue Medal. Redford Movie on Solo Sailing Debuts All is Lost, a movie starring Robert Redford as a solo sailor who experiences a series of disasters in the middle of the ocean after hitting a shipping container, was to have its theater debut on October One critic called it a story about perseverance, not survival.

The movie is said to have almost no dialogue after all you can only talk to yourself for so long. You can watch the trailer, which does not reveal the ending, at www. It appears definitely to be actionpacked—with non-stop drama—and should be wellreceived by sailors. Some well-known sailors, after hearing of the movie, were hoping that it would help deter those who sail across the seas with little or no experience and who often end their voyages with disaster.

The Elliott Museum, which is a museum for a wide variety of non-boating items, has integrated the maritime collection into its permanent exhibits and is putting items on display. In addition to multiple historical boats, a number of boat motors, ship-making tools, and boat models are on display. One of the vessels is a foot standard utility Dodge Watercar. Chris Craft boats are historically recognized as the first mass-produced pleasure boats. In addition, there are seven historical Evinrude motors dating from to Open seven days a week, 10 a. For more information, call or go to www.

Lime Ave. ABYC certified. Petersburg Marinas Keith Donaldson. Augustine, FL See map. To read part I, go to Back Issues at www. Bonaventure was once a acre plantation and much of the grounds were planted in live oaks over a hundred years ago. The Bird Girl and Bonaventure Cemetery became world famous, and the cemetery is one of the top tourist attractions for Savannah visitors.

Past Bonaventure Cemetery and its peaceful walkway and benches overlooking the ICW, boaters encounter the Causton Bluff-Sam Varnedoe Drawbridge on Island Expressway, which is actually two bridges since the roadway is four lanes wide. The drawbridge is decades old, cantankerous, and expensive for the city of Savannah to operate. Once closed, coastal Georgia will lose its last drawbridge. In , he was trav eling down the ICW when he contacted the bridge operator, Wesley Bowers, via radio and requested that the. Unfortunately, the bridge was lowered too soon and Love of My Life was dismasted.

The legal battle raged for over six years and actually went all the way to the U. Supreme Court before it was ruled that SavannahChatham County was not entitled to sovereign immunity, and therefore responsible for all damages. Originally formed by melting glaciers, the tidal pools or lagoons formed behind a series of barrier islands and contain a mixture of salt and freshwater.

Few plants can survive in such a hostile environment, but the smooth cordgrass actually flourishes here. Immortalized in the poem The Marshes of Glynn, author Sidney Lanier captured the marvel of the marshes in words, perhaps better than even pictures can reveal, as he sought to give strength and encouragement to his fellow Southerners following the destruction of their country in the War Between the States.

The facility has a capacity of After exiting the Elba Island Cut into the Savannah River at ICW Mile there are still eight miles to travel upriver before reaching downtown Savannah, and this can prove to be the most challenging stretch of the trip. Savannah is ranked as the fourth busiest seaport in North America, and seaport means big ships!

Upon entering the Savannah River the prudent boater looks left and right and prays not to see a ship on the horizon. However, being a major seaport means that without fail you are going to either meet or be passed by one or more ships when sailing this stretch of the Savannah River. The rules of navigation here are fairly simple: Get out of the way. Since Roma only draws 6 feet, I move to the edge of the channel into water around feet in depth. The ships create very little wake, but the turbulence caused by the propellers combined with the natural river current can be extreme.

Once, after a ship passed, I moved back to center channel too soon and was caught in this turbulence. It is unnerving to have your boat whipped around as if the sea gods are taking their vengeance out on you. Shortly after turning into the Savannah River, we. Approaching River Street is a busy and exciting time with water taxis, riverboat cruisers the River Queen can be seen here , cargo ships, tugboats, tall ships, cruise ships, and recreational boats all vying for a safe course around each other and trying to dock.

Approaching River Street is a busy and exciting time with water taxis, riverboat cruisers, cargo ships, tugboats, tall ships, cruise ships, and recreational boats all vying for a safe course around each other and trying to dock. No full service marinas exist along the downtown Savannah Riverfront, but the area is serviced by four independently managed parallel docks. The city of Savannah operates a municipal dock at the center of River Street. River Street Market Place operates a pair of private docks on the lower end of River Street, and two docks are operated by the Hyatt and Westin hotels on either side of the river.

The Savannah City Docks are more centrally located than the other facilities and offer free daytime and reasonably priced overnight dockage unless an American Cruise Lines ship is scheduled to arrive. These foot-long small cruise ships are now visiting Savannah weekly, and travel the ICW, calling on the historic coastal ports of Charleston, Beaufort, Savannah, Jekyll Island, and Fernandina. It is advisable to call ahead and check the schedule and availability of space at any of the docks. Neither the Hyatt Hotel, nor any of the facilities on River Street have a dedicated dockmaster on duty, so boaters are usually on their own to negotiate docking.

Docking in a strong current is always challenging; therefore, we prefer to motor past a given docking area prior to actually making our final approach. This allows us to test the current, determine how much throttle will be needed, and also gauge the available space on the dock. We had decided ahead of time that Sabrina should dock first since she was the larger vessel. This would allow her skipper maximum docking area for maneuvering.

Once safely tied up at the downriver end of the dock Joe would assist me since I was docking in a more confined area between Sabrina and another sailboat on the upriver end of the dock. The plan worked perfectly, and in short order both boats were safely tied along the Hyatt Hotel Dock. Sabrina is a first generation Hinckley Bermuda 40, hull 11, and in the world of sailing, the Bermuda 40 is a legendary boat.

She was designed by Bill Trippe Jr. At the very least Sabrina is major eye candy for everyone who appreciates the beauty of a sailboat. Before sunset, Joe was actually giving tours of Sabrina to schoolchildren and All in all it was a great beginning to a wonderful evening of fun on River Street. In addition to privately owned sailboats frequently visiting River Street, two tall ships, Peacemaker and Roseway, call Savannah their homeport for parts of the year and add greatly to the ambiance of River Street.

Docked just west and upriver of us was Peacemaker, a foot barquentine built on the riverbanks of Brazil in Her original owner and designer was a wealthy Brazilian industrialist who envisioned sailing the Caribbean with his family. Peacemaker offers a seagoing representation of the life of peace and unity of the group and also provides opportunities for their youth to learn many valuable and practical skills, not only in rigging, sailmaking, sailing, navigation, but also in marine mechanics and carpentry.

While docked in Savannah, Peacemaker is open for free tours on most days. I was fortunate enough to crew on Peacemaker in when she was making a passage from Brunswick to Savannah, fulfilling a lifelong dream to actually sail on a square rigger. Roseway is a foot pilot schooner built in for the specific purpose of competing against the boats from Nova Scotia in the international fishing vessel races held during the s and s. Roseway is a registered U. National Historic Landmark. She travels annually between her winter and summer ports in St.

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Croix and Boston, and spends six weeks in Savannah twice a year during the transitional voyages. While docked in Savannah at the Westin Hotel, Roseway is available for private events and conducts paid tours on the Savannah River with proceeds going to the World Ocean School organization to support underserved youth in the local community. Savannah and her riverfront have extended Southern hospitality to seafarers and tourists for hundreds of years.

Her streets, paved with ballast stones from ancient sailing ships, provide a connection with the maritime past that is undeniable. Cruisers traveling the ICW will find Savannah an interesting and unique stopover on their travels. In addition to staying at one of the River Street docks, boaters can also lay over at one of the full service marinas in Thunderbolt where easy day trips to the downtown area can be made by boat, car, or tour bus. Boats traveling offshore in a southerly direction can access the Savannah River inlet at Tybee Roads, but need to be alert for strong currents and major ship traffic.

Cruisers traveling north offshore will find it more advisable to enter Wassaw Sound to the Wilmington River and Thunderbolt where they will intersect with the ICW. Savannah and her waterways are beckoning the casual cruiser looking for a taste of history, a leisurely layover, and a good dose of Southern hospitality. Visit the Savannah Chamber of Commerce www. Visit Coastal Georgia at www. Bahai Blue Morningstar Marina www. The St. South, St. Petersburg A few blocks south of downtown St. Petersburg Mahaffey Theater is located at what is formerly known as the Bayfront Center complex.

Take Interstate into St. Exit on Interstate Exit 22 and continue to its end at the traffic light. Proceed forward four traffic lights. The fourth light is First Street. Turn left on First Street. The Mahaffey Theater and the show grounds will be on your right-hand side. Plenty of on-site parking is available at the municipal parking garages and airport surrounding show grounds. Visit www. Contact Deb: deb odorxit. General Show Information The St. Petersburg Boat Show and Strictly Sail merged in to create one large show for both power and sail. In-the-water sailboat displays will have dockage for 50plus boats.

Brokerage sailboats will also be on display. This is in addition to the many on-land sailboat displays. Along with these boats will be over in-water powerboats and more on land. Over exhibitors will be in the main tent, and the tent that visitors walk through to enter the show is devoted to sailing exhibitors, although many exhibitors have both sail and powerboaters as customers.

Many exhibitors in the main tent serve both sail and power, also. There will be a large section for outside exhibitors showing both sailing products and services and trailered sailboats. This is in addition to the many trailered powerboats on display outside. Sailing seminars, run by Sail America, will be held in tents at the show site.

A final seminar schedule will be available at www. Pete web page and through the Show Management website, www. For kids, there will be free fishing clinics on Saturday and Sunday. Discover Sailing will also be offering free sailboat rides on Tampa Bay from docks at the show. Pete Boat Show. The seminars, whichspan the four-day show, are taught by authors, technical experts and well-seasoned sailors, and cover a wide range of topics.

The seminars will be held every day in tents at the show site and are included in the show admission ticket. Short-Handed Sail-Handling. For the cruising couple, having sailing systems that can be easily handled by one or two people in all weather is the key to a safe and enjoyable passage. Travis Blain of Mack Sails will take you through all the systems, from the latest top-down furlers for cruising spinnakers and ways to keep your boat lively in light air, to the best systems to deploy when storms descend.

Communications for Cruisers. The focus will be on the options available including new products and the way that cruisers actually use the different technologies. Take the Drama out of your Dream. Dream of cruising off into the sunset, footloose and carefree,. Reality can be filled with moments of panic, fear and anxiety from weather, seas, crew, broken boat systems and shoreside hassles. Jeff Grossman and Jean Levine know where the drama comes from and how to remove it.

An Overview of Celestial Navigation. Chris Kreitlein, author of Simple Celestial: Navigation by the Heavens Made Easy, will show attendees how to observe the sun with a sextant at local apparent noon in order to determine a position fix using the Nautical Almanac and a chronometer. Force 10 Storm Sailing Strategies is based on , miles of offshore sailing in a wide variety of sailboats. John Kretschmer has sailed through two hurricanes, two tropical storms and many full gales. This seminar focuses on seamanship and leadership, the two keys to handling storm conditions in small boats.

This is a candid and honest look at great boats for world voyaging. John Kretschmer focuses on new and used boats, and what to look for when considering a boat for crossing an ocean. Photovoltaic panels have been fitted on pleasure boats for quite some time, yet there is still a lot of confusion regarding what realistically can be expected from them.

Patrik Swanljung examines panel types, their respective merits and shortcomings, as well as the effect of weather, light conditions, temperature and shadowing. Cruising the Florida Keys. Topics covered include: discovering how to approach the keys from the Atlantic or Gulf; draft constraints and other navigational issues; shoreside support facilities and attractions; diving and fishing; and approaches to the Bahamas from the Keys.

Offshore Energy Management. Bob Williams presents an overview of power management offshore. This seminar will focus on three principal considerations in balancing energy needs: energy production, energy storage, and efficient energy consumption. This includes examples and characteristics of types of batteries, alternators, solar PV, wind turbines and appropriate regulation. How to keep a Starboard Attitude While Cruising. Take a close look at the realities of cruising before you set off.

Presented by Bob Bitchin of Cruising Outpost magazine. Photo by Joel Maisonet. In the world of competitive sailing, Charleston, SC, is beginning to carve out a similar status, especially over the last few months. Petersburg, FL. A revealing YouTube video can be seen at www. In fewer than 20 seconds, they quintuple the distance on the closest boat behind them. Not only did the team win the championship, Maegli showed such prowess—here and throughout the year—that he garnered College Sailor of the Year honors.

Petersburg Boat Show, Dec. Despite having raced dinghies for years, neither of them had been in a Club more than four times before, and Dilling had minimal experience aboard boats with spinnakers. Nonetheless, they convincingly won the first race of the regatta against 59 other teams. This Charleston-based duo went on to win the regatta by a five-point margin. Cameron later ascribed their success to consistent sailing, adding that growing up sailing in Charleston was also an important factor. On Lake Geneva, we found ourselves in the second row during a couple of the starts, but we managed to adapt to the situation and make big gains on the first beat each time.

Having grown up sailing on Midwestern lakes—and having achieved strong success in E-Scow events there—Jewett was in his comfort zone. Still, it was a very competitive fleet. He estimates that any one of 20 or so entries had the talent to win it all. Photo courtesy College of Oracle staged in September. Still, when a sailing Charleston Sailing. What does it say about the level of sailboat racing in cess at the Nationals. Will Hanckel and Robbie Wilkins Chucktown?

There are so sail them. Having the opportunity to skipper the James many enthusiastic supporters of all the various programs Island and Charleston Yacht Club regattas with my wife here—the yacht clubs, the Community Sailing Association, on the jib was a great tune-up. Also, this harbor provides the high school programs, junior sailing and Charleston Race a fabulous training venue with the added challenge of its Week, and the college is one of the programs that benefits tides and currents.

Led by designated skipper Ryan Hamm, a competitive sailing, Charleston is definitely in the game. The boat has two positions for the oarlocks, giving more options for keeping the boat balanced when rowing. I hitched a ride with sympathetic friends. We did note one benefit to the quilt of patches; no need to lock the dinghy. In addition, other boaters did not tie up near our boat, possibly assuming the condition might be contagious. We contacted Bautek Marine and arranged a tour to see how the sturdy boat is constructed at its facility in St.

When we arrived, the Bauer 8, 10, and 12 looked like Russian nesting dolls as they waited to be loaded for their trip to the Annapolis Boat Show. Owner and designer Christof Bauer showed us the boats with well-deserved pride. Christof even notified us of an available used Bauer 8. The well-kept, used boat just fit in the back of the van. We did not want to trailer the boat as we already had a Sunfish on a trailer in the garage.

Our plan was to hang the Bauer 8 above the Sunfish. Bautek Marine has been www. One of our requirements for the new dinghy we sought was that it fit in the back of our van, because we did not want to have to trailer it. While other boaters at our marina are launching boats over 25 feet with triple-axle trailers, we walk down the ramp with our dinghy perched on a Sunfish dolly. With a quick row over to our sailboat slip, she is ready for hoisting up on the davits. The dinghy has a swing centerboard, which allows for very good tracking when rowing, motoring and sailing.

It tracks well even with the board up. When we spend several days at an anchorage, we sail our dinghy in the harbor. When we sail over to the dock in Pelican Bay, envious boaters admire her. When sailing our Bauer 8, we sit on separate sides of the boat. When we tack, we do not attempt to switch sides. If I am steering, I push the tiller to Ken, and he gives me the mainsheet.

The boat sails much better than a flat-front pram, as would be expected. The sail is easily secured by wrapping it around the mast and putting a bungee around it. The mast comes in two parts so we do not have to wield an almost foot pole. The two-part mast also makes storage easier. We ordered canvas covers for the oars and for the mast. We motor the boat with a 1. The motor is easily stored as it breaks down into three manageable parts. We prefer charging the battery on our electric motor over storing gasoline on our boat.

The range of the electric motor is displayed in real time on the motor. We are not interested in speed so it works for us. We entered a dinghy poker run with our electric motor. Although we endured some teasing from the fast guys with their HP motors, our electric motor reliably took us around the course.

We just smiled as some of the fast guys required a tow back to the dock. The Bauer is surprisingly roomy for an eight-foot boat. She has ample space to store the oars if needed when we motor or sail. It also has a dry storage compartment for. The seats even have a nonskid surface. Last year we purchased a larger sailboat, but we kept our Bauer 8. We do not expect to outgrow our little dinghy that can. The Coast Guard approved inflatable PFDs several years ago, and that was the opportunity for other agencies,.

The agency instituted its Wear It Florida campaign about four years ago, but the public outreach efforts have gained steam in the past couple of years. The agency is partnered with public entities West Marine, and Bombardier— the Jet Ski company ; other government agencies the Coast Guard ; and private groups such as local power boating squadrons and other local boating organizations, to get the message out that inflatable PFDs are effective, affordable, and legal when they are worn by boaters.

Inflatable PFDs come in several configurations. The most common is an inflatable life vest. The life vest may be worn uninflated, which is cool and does not get in the way. A newer product is a life vest in a belt pouch. When it inflates, it forms a vest that the wearer must put around the neck to support the head out of the water. Stearns sells a variation on the belt vest, its Inflata-Belt trademark. It is attached to a belt—uninflated—worn around the waist. A strap is attached to the top of this pillow. The wearer positions the strap around the neck to hold the head out of the water.

A third category consists of vests with some inherent buoyancy, as well as an inflatable component that augments flotation when needed. In another sense, all inflatable devices can be divided into two groups based on whether they inflate by manual release, or automatically inflate when triggering circumstances occur like getting wet.

In either case, the inflatables typically have a gram carbon dioxide canister that fills the buoyant bladder. According to Rehwinkle, the manual PFDs work well, require little maintenance, and are likely to be useful for several years—as long as the gas bladder is not punctured. About the only maintenance they require is occasional checks for corrosion on the metal carbon dioxide cartridge and their connection to the vest. Automatic inflatable PFDs inflate either during prolonged contact with water or due to hydrostatic pressure resulting from several inches of submersion.

Those that respond to contact with water have a small pellet the size of an aspirin tablet that needs to be checked on a regular basis to ensure its integrity, and replaced as necessary. Hydrostatic pressure-activated automatic inflators should have maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. Because inflation depends on carbon dioxide from gas cartridges, that component has to be checked the same way for both manually and automatically inflatable PFDs. Given proper maintenance and damage prevention, www. Rehwinkle commented that inflatable PFDs will last for years.

As an example, he said the outreach program demonstrates a manual-release belt pouch PFD. He said it is three years old, has been inflated over times, and is still in more than acceptable shape. The least expensive price for an inflatable PFD is likely three times that of the cheapest and least comfortable inherently buoyant life jacket, so price is a factor in using them for some people. The least expensive automatic inflators are about twice as much as the manual ones and might be much more expensive than that.

Manual inflation PFDs are usually more reliable over time because of their simplicity and are considered the best value for the dollar. Inflatable PFDs in general are a better made product and will last longer in use than the cheaper foam-filled vests. They seem to be the better dollar value for those using them on a regular basis. The Coast Guard also establishes rules for their use onboard. This creates a Catch, especially with respect to teenagers, who under Coast Guard regulations are not adults, but who are far more likely to wear belt-type PFDs rather than traditional vests.

Frustrated parents can comply with the rules by meeting the carriage requirements: Carry traditional life vests onboard—but let the teenagers wear the inflatable. Small children are likely not to be adequately protected with inflatable PFDs because they would not understand when to inflate the manual ones, or be able to put an automatically inflated one around their head so that it will act as a vest.

It is preferred by some parents. A look at injury and death statistics in Florida shows why the agency put so much emphasis on PFD use in particular and boat safety generally. In Florida, falls overboard dominate the causes of fatality: in , 24 deaths out of the total of 67 boating-related deaths. For fatalities in all categories, 76 percent—51 people—were not wearing personal flotation devices.

Clearly, the best bang for the buck to improve boating safety will be obtained by convincing boaters to wear PFDs of some sort or another. The statistics for injuries sustained while boating, injuries in , do not lend themselves to a simple characterization that might suggest a role for PFDs in reducing them. But even if PFDs did not prevent injury, they could still provide valuable assistance to an injured person in the water.

The statistics do not have a sailboat category, but the number of deaths correlated with falling overboard and the absence of life vest use among the vast majority of drownings should be enough to convince sailors that the type of boat is of far less importance than use of PFDs to prevent drowning while on the water. If they will be worn and save a life, they are as priceless as life itself.

The incoming tide forced most of the fleet to drop anchor near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to keep from losing ground in the race. In the Cruiser B class, John Huber and crew aboard Green Flash had a second and fourth in their two races and finished with a tie with six points with a vessel named Legacy. Legacy got first in one of the races, and this pushed Huber back. In the five-boat Viper fleet, four out of the five captains had a least one bullet in the five-race series. At the finish.

Travis Yates aboard Sidewinder took top honors, and Doug Fisher finished second followed by Dave Banyard for third and Dave Hillmyer was only two points behind for a fourth. Randy St. Pete YC just nosed them out in several races. On the far left in the first row is Mindy Strauley, winner of the championship. In the middle in front of the first row is 10[year-old Abby Hayward, the youngest sailor to race. In the middle row in the black shirt is Gail Hausler, who took second. Well, this isn't really a specific book, but a website that will let you know which books are free to grab on a daily basis.

I hope it's okay if I post it. Greetings, fellow bookworms! Into the Drink! Sardinia Baby! Beware Amazon 'free books'. Amazon are sneaky. I looked at the book 'Salt for a sailor'. It seemed free but then I twigged it was 4 pounds. I thought I had backed out in time but now I get an email thanking me for my purchase of the book for 4 pounds.

Amazon one click is dangerous. Hi yep you always need to check carefully,when I post the links they are free but sometimes after a day or two they change the price. Do you make money by recommending these books? African Ocean Blues: Tales of landscapes and winds, of islands and people. On a sailing boat, from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. I would just like to say thanks to hartcjhart and everyone else who puts books on this thread.

I read lots of them and they are free! Sometimes the quality is not as good as it could be but on the other hand you get the life story of people who would never have got published in the old days. Thanks again! Lowe Editor 4. Just want to say, The journeying moon What a great read. Enjoyed it so much I ordered the sequel, The wind off the shore from Amazon as a new paperback not on kindle Thanks for the heads up. Antarctic Tears: Determination, adversity, and the pursuit of a dream at the bottom of the world Kindle Edition by Aaron Linsdau Author 4.

Some quirky spelling and punctuation but otherwise I found it most enjoyable. Good to read a book that gives a thoroughly realistic view of cruising, thanks to the author's day by day meticulous recording of absolutely everything. Not much flowery description of breathtaking scenery, which is fine by me. Thanks for the heads-up. I finished this one this morning. Pretty weird but beautifully written. Cutting observations about the human condition! Anyway, I've just begun reading it and I'm enjoying it.

Thanks for the tip. Keep 'em coming!