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But remember, size counts: the most dangerous are those with small pinchers and thick tails. To learn more about scorpions and for details on cool courses and field trips, go to www. Related Posts. Wildlife group rescues rare abandoned marmoset in Singapore 20 December This Chennai man feeds 8, parakeets every day 9 August Joseph Sekar feeds thousands of parakeets twice a day on the roof of his camera They do well when kept in the right conditions. I hope this website helps you to see the beauty I see in these fascinating creatures!

I must mention that some species of scorpion in South Africa are protected by law, and permits are necessary to catch and keep certain species. Scorpions almost always get killed through ignorance. Many people think that if they get stung they will die.

Scorpion sting in southern Africa: diagnosis and management | Muller | Continuing Medical Education

They think that all scorpions can kill you. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, out of the 1 species world-wide, only about 30 have venom that can be deadly.

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South Africa has just one such species. South Africa also has the least deadly species. ALL scorpions are venomous!

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It is just that the venom is more potent in some species than in others. People react differently to scorpion stings, much like some people are allergic to bee stings and others not. Arachnologists' Handbook. Fauna of India: Acari: Cryptostigmata.

South Africa’s scorpions: more than a sting in the tail

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Scorpions of Southern Africa Part 3

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