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I love all the summer fruits and berries as well. With the leaves changing color and falling to earth my body looks forward to the fall fruits and cooking them. I agree the aroma that fills the house is heavenly. Oh this looks yummy and I just took the kids apple picking yesterday! Leanna just told me we need to try making apple pie today but I think I will do this instead!!! Can you e-mail the recipe you got for blueberry zucchini bread. I make mini loaves of zucchini bread in winter to put in freezer and I would like to try this recipe.

So cozy and inviting for early fall breakfasts! Thanks for sharing, Ashley! This looks amazing. I can practically smell it baking. Apple desserts are so much fun. I am a berry lover too, but apples just scream cover my in sugar and caramel and bake me. This bread looks so moist just from the photos! I love fall for all the apples and apple picking.

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That last photo looks stunningly delicious and moist! This looks fantasitc, Ashley and now that our apples are ready to be picked I know one more way that we will be putting them to good use. Thanks for this awesome applet pie bread recipe!! Oh Gosh, Ashley, this looks utterly amazing!! What a great way to start with fall baking. I was all set to make apple pie tonight…. Thanks for sharing! This is definitely packed with wonderful fall flavors. I bet your house smelled wonderful when this is in the oven. Oh dear, I think I really need to start baking now.

How many grams is a cup??!! Hi Jo! I found this website for converting cups to grams! Hope this helps! Was woundering what do you think would be the maximum number of apples that you think could be used? Made the cinnamon apple pie bread. It was delicious. Love baking when the weather turns cool and apples and pumpkin are in season. Pingback: Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread. I made this and love it. Can you advise if this freezes well. I would love to make and give as gifts. You can freeze it — just wrap it really well in saran wrap then aluminum foil and put it in a big ziplock bag!

I made this last night and did not come out like the one pictured. It baked all around the edges and bottom, but the center third or so was uncooked. I used coconut milk in place of regular milk and I baked it in a dark bread pan at for 35 min. Could one of those be the culprit for the unbaked center? Thank you. Hmmmm strange. You should be able to sub coconut milk for regular milk with no problem in baked goods.

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I used a light colored aluminum loaf pan — Light-colored or shiny metal bakeware is the best for even browning, while darker-colored metals can cause over-browning and maybe therefore cause it to be more cooked on the outside and less cooked on the inside. The only other thing I can think of is checking to make sure your oven temperature is accurate?

I also made it yesterday.

Cake came out awesome but it had to cook for 1 hour. I checked the cake at 35 minutes and not done. Finally done and perfect at one hour. A relative of mine emailed this recipe to me typed out so but I SO appreciate you bringing to my attention when a recipe is found somewhere else. The problem with allrecipes. The user on there does not say where it came from. I made the mistake of making mine in a stone baker.

Mine is in the oven now and taking much longer. However, smells awesome! My daughter and I cannot eat Granny Smith apples. The last time we did years ago we both broke out in a terrible rash and the itching was pure torture for us.

Lazy Apple Pie

Is there a substitute for Granny Smith apples? This looks absolutely yummy!! I will have to make it. I love apples and harvest has brought a lot of them! My loaf is currently in the oven, smells amazing by the way! Ahh gotta love how ovens cook things differently! It will eventually set up. Dear Ashley, This loaf looks moist and delicious! I would love a slice of this for breakfast or dessert. I can only imagine how wonderful this must have smelled baking.

Homemade Apple Pie - Easy Oil Crust, 3 POUNDS OF APPLES

If you use the loaf pan does the center get done without burning the outside? What about using 3 mini loaves? You may have to adjust baking time, though. Let me know if that works out well! Hi there! I made this today and also found it was soupy in the center after baking a good 40 minutes. I put foil on top and probably baked it for a total of an hour and it was done perfectly! Not too done on the outside. Thanks for letting us know, Kathy!

I hate how ovens cook so differently!! Cake was perfect. Hubby was happy! Thank You! Question: I made it today just as the recipe says but all the good stuff fell to the bottom. Still very yummy but kind of bland til you get to the sugary stuff and apples at the very bottom of the loaf. Any idea why that may have happened? Hi Amanda! Maybe the apples were pushed in too deep?? Some sites recommend coating the fruit with flour before adding them to the batter to prevent them from sinking.

You could always try that next time???????????? This bread smells heavenly. I am using. Will let you know how it turns out. This looks fabulous! Is there an easy substitute for it? Or will the recipe turn out without the butter? You definitely need the butter, sorry to say! Hello …I made this yesterday. It smelled divine while cooking and slicing but I am wondering if a little dry means it needed a little oil or yogurt or milk to give it that added moistness …..

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Curious if anyone else had this issue as well. Thank you! Great site! I might Google it and see if you can find anything about people having positive results with those substitutions in baking!

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He called me the next day to tell me how wonderful the bread was. He said between him, his wife and son it was already gone. Everybody loved it! I promised him I would make another loaf for him soon and I just took it out of the oven. The other half I made from the first loaf was shared between me and my brother. We both agreed it was a keeper. Thank you for coming up with this delightful treat. Merry Christmas! Nan, your comment was so sweet.


Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know! Made this today and the flavors are great! Great flavor. My only concern is the bread is very crumbly. I have made this twice now and it does not stay in a slice form. Any suggestions or is this happening to anyone else? I followed the recipe to a T. Oh yum! I made this for my friends bachelorette party and it was a hit!

Yummy comfort food! It actually took 60 minutes to fully cook in my oven. I removed it from the oven at 40 minutes still mostly raw in the middle , covered it with foil and cooked it another 20 minutes. I was worried about it being over done but it was actually perfectly moist and delicious.

Amazing recipe!!! Just made this , and my family loves it. It took 1 hour to fully cook, but it was worth the wait. I covered the edges with foil for the last 20 minutes. I sprinkled some chopped pecans in the bottom of the pan and dribbled some caramel sauce on the bottom as well I always line my pans with baking paper. I shredded 2 Pink Lady apples had them on hand and mixed those with the cinnamon-sugar. Then I swirled that mixture into a layer of batter followed by caramel sauce repeat until all ingredients mixed in.

I sprinkled the top of the batter with chopped pecans and baked. My husband said it was out of this world! Any thoughts on how it would hold up in a cake pan as a cake rather than loaf pan? Would it be too moist for a cake? I agree. A full hour like most quick bread recipes. But definitely a full hour. Very good! I made this tonight it was super delicious! Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks again! My little one will love this! I statrd out wanting to make double the recipe, while also trying g to watch a movie.

So I put in 3 cups! Wow what did I do! I added another double amt of all the other ingredients. I laid the cinnamon brown sugar on top of each loaf then swirled it around with a butter knife. Start Now. Log in. Account Account. Our Sites Our Sites. Log In. Classic Apple Pie. Published November Instructions Serves 8. Already a member? No Paywalls. Included in your trial membership.

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