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Training Needs Analysis Template-questionnaire for Employees

Choose the questions that are appropriate for your situation and the scope of the training project planned. Edit the questions to tailor them to the unique needs of your organization and the type of business. Start the interview by explaining the stage you are at with your training project or program development.

Include information such as:.

Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire

When writing interview questions, make sure some of the questions are open ended so that you encourage a conversation. This means avoiding questions that will elicit a yes or no response or other one word answer.

This will allow you to gather qualitative data i. In addition, you may want to start the interview by asking a few questions that gather some qualitative data on the person you are interviewing or their team members if they are a supervisor such as:. These are just some examples of possible training needs assessment interview questions. You will need to analyze what specific information you require in order to design your interview questions. To subscribe to this blog or ask Joni a question, click here. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use will constitute an infringement of copyright.

Your email address will not be published. Starting a Training Needs Assessment Interview Start the interview by explaining the stage you are at with your training project or program development. Include information such as: Whether the subject matter has been identified but you are now looking for feedback on the depth or breadth of the material you need to cover. If upper management has approved a preliminary plan or whether you are open to new ideas, suggestions etc.

Budget Manager. Human Resource Director. Internal Auditor. Office Manager. Purchasing Manager. Medical Billing Clerk. Medical Lab Technician. Nurse Supervisor. Lab Director. Audio-Visual Technician. Athletic Trainer.

Training Needs Assessment Survey Questions and Template

Counseling Director. Reference Librarian. Custodial Supervisor. Custodial Worker. General Maintenance. Maintenance Mechanic. Maintenance Supervisor. Director of Facilities Services. Grounds Supervisor. Assembler Unskilled. Inspector Skilled. Manufacturing Labor Unskilled. Press Operator. Production Engineer.

Computer Maintenance Technician. Computer Operator - Senior. Field Service Technician. Print Shop Supervisor. WAN Administrator. Corporate Sales Manager. Business Reporting. Coaching and Mentoring.

Training Needs Survey

EEO and HR. Leadership 1O1. Management Fundamentals. Managing Performance. Dealing with Difficult Employees. Building Teams. Financial Reporting. Strategic Planning. Grievance Procedures. Contracts and Negotiations. Project Management. Presentation Skills. Global Innovation. Payroll and Benefits. IT Systems and new Tech.

Office Applications Word, Outlook, Excel. If you are not a Director or Manager or do not have line management responsibilities, you may skip this and go on to the next section. If you wish, you may choose to Hide this section using the button below. Thank you. Technical Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Survey Below are definitions of what is meant by the different categories, please bear these in mind when answering.

Product knowledge : How well do you know the product? Are you comfortable with answering questions in relation to the product etc? Implementation knowledge : How well do you know the implementation procedures?

Training Needs Assessment Demo 5

Technical knowledge : Are you technically capable enough to use the product? Could you help others with the product based upon their needs and requirements? Comments : Free text, expand upon your answer. Final Comments Please include any general comments you would like to add regarding this survey, training and development, or [Company]. Yes No.

Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents. Giving full attention to what other people are saying. Understanding how to provide effective feedback to others. Knowing how to ask insightful questions.

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Addressing critical customer issues in a timely manner. Demonstrating an understanding for other points of view. Recognizing and rewarding behavior that contributes toward excellent performance. Knowing how to adapt to meet the needs of the individual or situation. Knowing how to facilitate constructive conversations with stakeholders.

Identifying areas of agreement and common ground. Knowing how to think of alternative solutions to resolve conflicts. Understanding how to deal with employee grievances.

Needs Assessments for Training

Knowing how to work and collaborate with others to accomplish goals and objectives. Understanding how divisions and departments can work better together. Knowing how to share information and communicate better throughout the organization. Working more effectively in changing environments. Being able to adjust priorities to better meet changing business goals.

Knowing how to be more flexible and open to new ideas. Knowing the appropriate course of action to workplace address issues. Getting things done on time and within budget. Understanding how to simplify business processes and procedures.