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However, if you are altering a pair of jeans you own, pop into your local fabric store and pick up a small piece of denim to use as your expansion fabric. I used a water soluble fabric marker, but any fabric marker would work. Mark the opening onto the expansion fabric.

How To Tell If Your Jeans Fit You Properly In 7 Simple Steps

Repeat on the other side. Cut down the size of the expansion fabric and finish the raw edges. I used my serger, but folding it under and top stitching works, too. What you want are clean edges.

Make one of these for each side of your jeans. Your marking lines should still be visible. Line up the side seam opening with expansion fabric markings. Pin in place to hold.

How to Take in Jeans at the Waist

Zigzag stitch the two pieces of fabric together. I increased the width of my zigzag and lowered the stitch number. How easy is that. I wear these jeans actually capris with a loose peasant-style top, so the side seam expansion never shows.

How to Take in Jeans at the Waist

This is a very fast alteration that almost anyone can accomplish. Seldom do I have a waistband that is too big, but what worked for me was to cut a piece of 1 in. I sewed it to the inside of the back waistband stretch as you sew it in… worked like a charm! What a great idea! I hate when pants are a little too tight, but you love the pants! I will pin this for future reference which I am sure I will use! I have several pairs of pants and at least two skirts that this will work on. I love them except for the fact that the waistbands are just too tight!

Thank you so much for your great and easy-to-follow instructions and please keep posting similar sewing solutions—they are sooo helpful! Thanks for the tip! I just used a similar technique to allow a fuller bustline on a vintage dress. I first removed the sleeves to make dress sleeveless , which also gave me the extra fabric I needed to work with for the wedges and also to finish the now sleeveless dress around the arm holes.


Because I was fitting the new fabric to the existing side seams to expand the bust, I could use a nice tight straight stitch instead of a zig zag. Looks great and was very easy. Of course, the easiest way to tell whether your flares fit is if you feel totally comfortable and confident in a pair feeling like you have to pull at the waistband or squat to stretch the fabric is no good , but if you're trying a new trend or shopping at a store for the first time, you might need some extra assistance. Epstein says excessive bagginess or excessive bunching at the crotch are clear signs that a pair of jeans do not fit properly.

If you're still not sure, however, he says you can tell jeans are too tight if the back inseam is leaning in favor of the left or right cheek. Another key place to look is the ankles.

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If your jeans are bunching near your feet, that's the first sign you need to re-evaluate your size. Jeans that are too tight tend to squash your butt ouch and create an inseam pulling to one side. It's also annoying to have to check that your jeans are staying zipped. You particularly want to pay attention to the tightness of the pants when it comes to fit. Aside from the discomfort, super tight pants can hinder circulation , which can lead to a mess of other issues. While convenient to skip, Epstein says you should have to button and unbutton your pants in order to take them off if they fit properly.

Being able to simply slip them on and off without messing with the zipper and button likely is a sign they're too big. Make back some of the money on those shopping blunders during your next closet cleanse. Gauzy woven fabric, covered in a perfectly moody pink and yellow floral print sweeps from the flattering high waist and in …. We're hooked on this tee for its relaxed vibe and vibrant skull and feathers graphic.

The washed jersey feels amazing, especially when paired with a looser fit and rolled sleeves. Soft washed jersey fabric Rolled sleeves …. Light wash denim creates this cool bomber-inspired jean jacket with a collared neckline, button-up front, and navy blue and w …. This long sleeve knit is anything but basic.

With contrast stitching at the hem and seams it's bound to be an outfit staple.

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Button placket Back seam with contrast cover stitch detail Hi-lo hem with split back detail W …. Take your vacation attire to a new level in this must-have, white cotton maxi dress. Pops of turquoise, bead and rhinestone florals add a luxe touch to the halter neckline and skirt of your resort-ready dress. An easy sm …. Your bookshelf is more than just a home for your cherished literary works. It's also a prime spot for incorporating personality into your home. We rounded up some stylish decorative accents that elevate your library's look and show off your style. Your entryway is the first thing guests will see inside your home.

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From intricately stenciled patterns to kid-friendly decorations, each idea can be customized to your design aesthetic and color palette. One of the simplest ways to switch up your space's style is to swap out your bedding. Whether you're revamping the master suite or guest bedroom, these charming duvet covers will give your room a fresh look. These jeans are made to move with you. Ultra Stretch denim provides maximum mobility paired with a flared leg opening for style and comfort all day while retaining its shape.

Slim through hip and thigh Perfect rise Flare …. We found your new favorite jeans. Knit to look as cool as classic denim and made of 4-way stretch that offers the same comfort as a great pair of leggings. A slim fit makes them thoroughly modern. Rider tested and thoughtfully engineered, this mid rise, slim fitting style features a skinny leg and performance stretch denim for added comfort that holds its shape and flatters yours.

Slim fitting through thigh Mid ri ….