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He formed the band with guitarist Rick Rozz and drummer Kam Lee in at the age of 16, and released the band's first album, Scream Bloody Gore , on Combat Records in I never lost touch with that through the years, but I was very much crucified for it a while back. Schuldiner underwent surgery for his tumor in and seemed to be on the mend at first. After Schuldiner died, over 1, artists that considered him an influence paid tribute to the musician and wrote messages in an online forum.


A decade after Schuldiner died the legacy of Death continued. The group played five shows in and went out again in , with Max Phelps handling vocals. Zac black high top and low cut, red, green and light blue high tops and Isaac black and monochrome black high tops wear chucks all the time, and Taylor has been seen wearing black low cut, red, and stars and bars high tops. George Harrison. George occasionally wore black high tops. Converse has issued a set of Jimi Hendrix high top chucks.

Hey Monday. Lead singer Cassadee Pope wears print high tops and black low cuts. See the photo below. Hip-Hop Artists Wearing Chucks. Photos of eight rappers. Click here to see the photo gallery. Hootie and the Blowfish. Mark Bryan wears black high tops. Bruce Hornsby. Bruce wears monochrome black high tops. The Huntingtons. All members wear black high tops; one wears white chucks also Click here to see a photo gallery. Ice Cube. Actor and musician Ice Cube wears black and blue low cut and high top chucks.

Lead singer Brandon Boyd and guitarist Mike Einziger are among the band members who wear black and white low cut chucks. Bass and Moog synthesizer player Jacob Farah wears white zebra print high top chucks, guitarist and keyboardist Adam Kane wears black high top chucks, and vocals and keyboardist Jerome Farah wears monochrome black high top chucks. Joan Jett.

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Joan often wears black high tops. The Jonas Brothers. Nick and Joe Jonas wear black, white, and red pairs of chucks. Bass player Ross Valory likes to wear black and print pattern high tops. Victoria Justice. Singer and actress Victoria Justice wears high top black, optical white, and polka dot print pairs of chucks. Kaiser Chiefs. Tim Oxley-Rice wears black high top and white low cut chucks. Kesha wears black and natural white high top and white low cut chucks. Kids in the Way. Black low cuts and high tops. Kronos String Quartet. First violinist David Harrington likes to wear black high tops.

See photo above before the videos list. Kenrick Lamar. Kendrick wears black, blue, red, and white low cut and high top chucks. Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne wears black, purple, red, and navy blue chucks in high top and low top models. Linkin Park. Little Mix. SkyBlu wears black, white, and red high tops, often in mismatched pairs. Demi Lovato. Demi wear black monochrome high tops and black low cuts. Maroon 5. All the members wear black high tops occasionally, and lead singer Adam Levine much of time.

Paul McCartney has been seen wearing black high tops. Declan McKenna wears well worn print pattern off white high top chucks. Meg Myers. Meg has a large collection of chucks, and like to wear high tops and low cut models. Her favorite colors are optical white, blue, and black. James Hetfield wears black and red high tops. Metro Station. Mason Musso and Blake Healy wear black monochrome high tops and tan low cuts.

Mid Life Crisis. Randy Burd wears black high tops. Midnight Red. Joey Diggs, Jr. Mac Miller.

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The late rap star liked to wear low top chucks. Lead singer Chantel Claret wears white high tops, bassist Pedro Yanowitz wears red high tops white high tops and other models of chucks, and guitarist Richard Steel wears black low cut and blue high top chucks. Jason Mraz. The Nelsons. Matthew Nelson wears black chucks occasionally.

New Politics. David Boyd and Soren Hansen wear black high top chucks. Noise Rachet. Kurt Cobain wore black high and low cut chucks and Jack Purcells. One Direction. Rita Ora. Rita wears black and optical white high top chucks. This young boy band has several related members who wear chucks.


Lead singer Bobby Bentham wears red high tops, Jack Bentham wears black high tops occasionally, and bass player Will Bentham wears black high top and low cut chucks. Hayley Williams wears red high top and black low cut chucks. Taylor York wear black chucks. Paul McCartney wears black high top chucks.

Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder wears black high tops. Katy Perry black and white high tops Click here to see a photo gallery.

Tom Petty. Pezz black high tops See photo below. Planet Earth. Project Quiet Riot. Band members from the original band wore black and optical white high tops. Members of the band wear black and white high tops, and black Jack Purcells. Ramones, The. Converse has issued a commemorative distressed black canvas high top model in honor of the Ramones. Click here to see a photo gallery of the shoes.

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Tim Armstrong wears black low cuts. The Ready Set. Jordan Mark Witzigreuter wears optical white, American flag, and monochrome black high tops and black low cuts. The Record Company. Lead singer Chris Vos and drummer Marc Cazorla wear black high top chucks. Red Hot Chili Pipers. Relient K.

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Jessie Reyez. The Canadian singer and songwriter likes to wear red, black, grey, and white high top chucks. Riker, Rocky, and Ross Lynch along with Ellington Ratliff wear a variety of chucks in black, green, maroon, and white high tops and low cuts. Cheryl Pepsii Riley has dedicated an album to among other things "my Chuck Taylor high tops" and shows a picture of pale blue and pink high tops in the background.

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Singer Rich Wilde wears blue high tops. Geddy Lee, the lead singer and bassist, wears black high tops and white low cut Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. Sahara Hot Nights. These ladies wear black, blue, white, green, and red high tops. The first violinist of the St. Lawrence String Quartet wears black high tops. The Sex Pistols. Ed Sheeran. British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran wears black high tops.

The main members of this German band wear chucks all the time. Guitarist Thomas Stolle almost always wears black high tops as does singer Stefanie Kloss. Bassist Johannes Stolle wears both black and white high tops a lot of the time. Lead singer Daniel Johns and drummer Ben Gillies wore black and navy blue high tops. Simple Plan. Sturgill Simpson. Sturgill likes to wear optical white low cut and black high top chucks. Other band members wear black high top chucks. Arya Goggin and other band members occasionally wear black and grey high tops. Sleepy Man Banjo Band.

The three Mizzone brothers like to wear black high top, low cut, Dr.

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J and monochrome black high top chucks. Slightly Stoopid. Miles Doughty wears black low cuts. Snoop Dogg. Snoop wears black, white, and blue high tops. Please return all merchandise quality inspected and packaged in perfect conditions. Defective products can be returned in exchange for the exact same product, or at the discretion of Us Dental Depot Inc, the purchase price will be credited to the credit card used for the original purchase Defective products may only be returned within 14 days of the date your product left the warehouse regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product.

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