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Highschool DXD: A Saiyan's Adventure by MarcAnts76 reviews Goshin was the new 16 year old first year student at Kuoh Academy, and an early morning sparring match with his father has gotten the attention of two certain individuals at the academy. Not only does he have to deal with that, but threats from his dimension will soon follow him. La Bestia mas Peligrosa by Gohansayajin9 reviews Esta es la continuacion del Asesino mas Poderoso, si les gusto esa historia esta les gustara del mismo modo.

Intertwined Paths by XxXDanatyXxX reviews He wasn't new to fighting and she wasn't fond of doing it at first, but after knowing that they had to unite forces to eliminate all the types of evil which threaten their home, they came to an agreement. But they are still teenagers and with that comes to a lot of things to discover, their relationship has to be strictly platonic, but will they manage to keep it that way? His grandpa Rick didn't help any.

But one day, something happened that seemed more unlikely than anything he had encountered on his dimension hopping adventures…he made some normal friends. Now he just has to worry about keeping them. A crossover story between Total Drama and Rick and Morty. Deku The Legendary Super Hero by Dildo-Man reviews After being told that having a child is impossible both Midoriya Hisashi and Inko made their wish while Drunk on a forest near Musutafu, In which coincidentally a space pod carrying an unusual infant crash landed near them. Goku x Caulifla by EccentricCobra reviews Goku x Caulifla A new and interesting story for our hero shortly after the tournament of power.

Limit Breaker Natsu by leojraj reviews Natsu didn't go to the celestial world before the gmg with his friends. Instead he was trained by son goku and kaguya otsutsuki. He becamed a dragon God king earlier. One move alone changes everything for the Dragonball universe as a Time Patroller is now forever stuck within a time stream and had tasked himself into protecting it for the fate of not only his new home but for every history within existence.

Oc X Harem. Review Please! Trunks, OC, Chronoa - Complete. Red Dragon of Stupidity by Nosferatu reviews Have you ever seen a Shonen series with a dumb protagonist that is absurdly strong for some reason? Well, that is exactly who this Ise is. He's not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, you see.

Asia, Raynare. My Golden Warrior by Brandon James reviews It's been three whole years since the climactic Cell Games, where even the greatest Pro Heroes failed to stop Cell, and one Saiyan child carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. It's now time for Gohan to step up and become a hero in the eyes of society, after having his credit stolen by Hercule Satan. Read on as Gohan shines like never before! Unmei by insomnio reviews Crossover Naruto y Sekirei.

Advertencia, esta historia contiene lemon Some call it Destiny. Other's call it Fate. But I do not fall for such misconceptions. I take what is mine by choice and force. I have a bigger goal in mind and soon I will have it in my grasp. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow, but soon Natsu was training hard to protect his friends, but when he's sent into a portal by a man in black dragon armor, all hope seems lost.

Technological Upheaval

Then he met her. A woman with long crimson hair and demonic wings. Oh boy, how's our favorite dragon slayer gonna handle devils? Maybe like everything else: by punching! Akeno, Raynare]. Dragon ball Goku's new adventure by spartankiller reviews After Piccolo's henchmen kills Krillin Goku unlocks a new power he never felt before.

Join Goku as he faces enemies he never imagined. He will use his power to stop the Sekirei Plan and save his Sekirei. We do just about everything to protect them. Rated T for now. Saiyans and Sekirei by TheHeartContainerThief reviews A saiyan from the Dragonball universe is dropped into the world of Sekirei after facing near death. How will he adapt to this new world?

Will he ever find a way home? And what on Earth is an Ashikabi? A Darker Shade of Carnival by Lord22 reviews Tenchi Masaki is not quite your ordinary high schooler, but his life is fairly normal. However with the arrival of a vicious space pirate, and a host of other similarly deranged individuals, things are rapidly spinning out of control. And those are just the good guys.

Can a god have some fun, especially when the world itself had already bored him to no end? Issei-centric story. Every hero has a beginning. The path of a hero is forever determined by the events he is placed in. In this Universe, the life and destiny of Issei Hyoudou is determined by a much different origin. Issei x Ophis x Unwanted Harem. Issei, Ophis] Ddraig, Great Red.

Devil From The Heavens by Entropic Horizon reviews It is said that in the time before the creation of the Hidden Villages, the Sage of Six Paths encountered a wounded giant that claimed to have the power to destroy planets. Many considered this to be a myth; Madara didn't. Especially since he just cracked open its prison Brought to the Future 3 by Masterob reviews Gohan has enjoyed the peace of his timeline for a few months, and the friendship with 17 and He returns to the future to learn more about the other Universes and their fighters.

However one bit of trouble after another starts when the time machine is lost in another timeline, and more trouble arrives early. How can Gohan fix a problem across multiple timelines? The Bartender and The Magic Girl by Dakkaboy reviews Serafall the magic girl Satan not only is she completely obsessed with her younger sister but likes to have fun in general, one way is having a good drink from time to time. Issei, Gabriel, Raynare]. Shinobi Hunter by bdd93 reviews Naruto managed to bring Sasuke back to the Village at the rescue mission he thought will be considered as a hero but unfortunately, he got punish instead.

But the punishment wasn't the only thing. Blame by some of his friends he had enough. Rate will change rated to T to M later. A young Rias Gremory ventures on a quest to collect the dragon balls, only to meet a naive, childish saiyan, answering to the name Son Goku. Adventure, comedy, and a little sprinkle of fluff. Zero lemons. Please, read and Review! An AU story starting just before Revenge of the Sith. Highschool dxd the human fighter by Artzilla reviews The supernatural, mysterys of earth. The Angles, Demons, and Fallen angles are in a struggle and fighting each other for decades.

Now there still at each others throes but, if you go and dance with the supernatural you need to watch out, join beat as he walks into the world of devils, angles and more. Issei X heram. OC X heram, human oc. My life, after being gone for so long, starts now, and I haven't got a clue. I shouldn't worry too much about this, right..? Issei, Gabriel, S. Irina, Serafall L. Touhou X DBS: The Failed Experiment by VenomFlare23 reviews After Broly senses, Ki similar to his own can his newfound friendship with Goku lead him to where it came from, and find out what's going on before Frieza, More importantly, how does it involve a seemingly abnormal, normal everyday witch?

These Timelines and Alternate Universes combined with each other to form a story. A story where a simple, small boy was living his life in a forest. With his grandfather gone, what will he do? Will he travel around the world? Or will he travel to another world? His arrival brings about new friendships and romances - as well as deadly foes. How will Heaven and Hell react to the man who fell from the stars? The Age of Heroes is nigh.

OC x Harem; M for graphic violence and sex. Akeno, OC, Sona S. What foes will they encounter as they battle to save their friend? What kind of adventures awaits for him in this Magical World where his presence will change the course of History forever GokuxHarem Strong Team Natsu! Wizard Saint Goku! This is a time-traveling fic where Issei will relive the previous ten years of his life and fights new enemies and goes on new adventures.

This is a rewrite of a fic from writer Gunmare. The harem continues! Akeno, Ophis. What would happen when an Angel meets Hyoudou Issei before the Devils? An AU fic. Are They Worth Saving? However, Even Angel's have secrets and pain. Bonded to a cursed house, one Angel will decide whether those below heaven Are Worth Saving. And loving. Non Pervert Issei.

Relations later in story. First chapter is reintroduction. Image found on Google. Saiyan Chronicles: The Chosen Child by Superale2 reviews In the final minutes of the Tournament of Power between Goku and Jiren something unexpected happens that drags the Saiyan into a Dimensional Rift but how does this correlates with Jaune Arc waking up with a tail and someone within his mind that is ready to guide him to become the strongest Huntsman in Remnant!

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Saiyan's love by Sparkey. Will Goku be able to live his life with a new love. Remastered Version simply called Saiyan's Love Remastered. The Dragon Warrior by derpmaster reviews AU Following the tournament of power in which universe seven was defeated by the mighty warrior Jiren, Universe seven is about to be erased for failing to win. However, Zen'o and Future Zen'o cannot bring themselves to erase Goku full on as he is their friend.

So, instead of erasing him with his universe, the Zen'os decide to have Goku be reincarnated in another universe instead. Survivor of the 66 by KrustyKid reviews Bat-Mite wants to prove his champion is the greatest in the universe. And within the game itself could lie a deeper and darker agenda. Will someone be able to piece it all together before it is too late? The search for a hero by Hahasucka reviews Gohan was running out of options. Goku Black was relentless and he would stop at nothing until he was dead.

He had to go back in time and gain help from his friends. However, the ship was damaged and he's sent into a world he's not familiar with. Gohan must go back, he must save his world or die trying. Chivalry of a Saiyan Knight by TitanFall reviews Trunks is thrown for a loop when he loses the fuel tank heading back to the future. He only wanted to go back in time to let his friends know of his success.

GMT News | KGMT Science Group page

Instead, he gets his monkey tail and is thrown in a different world with no way of refueling his time machine. Now he has to deal with a short-tempered redhead with her stupid father. Heart of Shadows by KaiserErebus reviews Those with darkness in their heart usually receive a special visit from someone who can cast out that darkness. Kai Sasaki is one of those people. His childhood comes back to haunt him, increasing the shadows; but a group of sekirei manages to illuminate his heart. Will they succeed, or will Kai's heart sink deeper into the shadows?

The Lone Dragon Emperor by Nosferatu reviews Issei was just a normal, perverted, playful boy, but because of a certain organization that had yet to reveal themselves, he lost his family. Over nothing but petty conflict that didn't involve them. Now he must live through the hell that is the unfortunate life of the Sekiryuutei. Would it be wrong to say that he is cursed?

Maybe not. After all, he truly is— the boy who suffers Watch as he leaves his mark on the Shinobi World as Aomatsuna Hakuseki. Issei's Answer by The Punishment 2. It's discovered that this book possesses the ability to rewrite reality. My, oh my MA smut! He finishes in a land he has never been before. Now Galen must find his place in this unknown land where the empire is no different from the last one he fought. With some friends, he will save this land where nobles have the body of a man, but the heart of a monster.

Unbidden by Perry Downing reviews "I'll destroy her," rings in his ears and he's shocked by how shamed he is he ever said those words. He'd meant them, oh how he'd meant them. He'd been lost to his rage and he'd thought he could … he knows now that he could never hurt her. Kylo struggles with Rey's rejection and a new threat pushes them together again. Ascending by hannymae reviews Originally made for shipping purposes. Basically Caulifla's version of the tournament until her erasure and beyond. Canon compliant up until episode Discontinued; there's a summary up now.

El bardo My own interpretation of what everyone's reactions would have been had Vegetto never split during the Buu fight. Inspired by fan comic DBM Universe My crimson Dragon by Nightfury reviews Rias always wanted a familiar that matched her childish personality. On one fateful day she found one. Dragon Ball DC by DetroitKing reviews When Unviverse 7 falls 4 warriors are sent to different universes to get the chance to start over and create a new life.

And once he arrived at his apartment, he didn't expect to be greeted by a beautiful long blue-haired girl, reading his porn magazines in his bedroom. Issei, Tiamat] Vali L. What if Raynare never kills Issei and he doesn't automatically become a devil. Once again Issei gets his powers early, but the story isn't exactly the same for our slightly perverted hero. Happy Birthday Gohan by Ultimate Lucy Fan reviews Out camping for his birthday with his girlfriend, Gohan has no idea just what the saucy Zangya has in store for him.

The couple enjoying their time by the waters he used to fish, the events going on back at his home GohanxZangya with some Trunks] - Complete. Thousands of years later, a high school student named Kenny Kurosawa dies one night. But on that night, a mysterious sword appears before him.

Reborn as a Devil by Rias Gremory; Kenny will face the dangers and perils of his new life. Will he be able to protect his love one's and stop the evils waiting for him? Akeno, A. The Clone War halts and shifts on its axis, veering into a future that has both Jedi and Sith off balance. New players step onto the board as Dooku discovers a power far greater than the Force.

Full summary inside Luckily Natsu survives with the aid of a certain crimson haired girl, but there are a few problems. He can't remember anything and his body has regressed to that of a child. Secret Series - Cool Heart by TheWriteFiction reviews After a vigorous training session in the mountains, Gohan returns home to clean himself up, where he then receives a rather unexpected visitor. Secret Series - Fiery Lake by TheWriteFiction reviews A few months after the Intergalactic Martial Arts Tournament, following a spirited sparring session, Gohan and his newfound friend Zangya decide to go for a little swim up in the mountains.

Butterfly's Importance by Moonlit Writer's Sin reviews Various factors decide the course of history, and in the case of Son Gohan, he and his peers were especially instrumental in the course of history. After killing Cell, he trains with the Z-Fighters and his wife, 18, doing all he can to mold a better future for Earth. Yet, even with the best of intents, he's unwittingly changed the future greatly through many factors.

The Infinity Gear by SSB Vegito reviews They didn't understand…even though he did so much for them, gave them almost everything he had. Done with their selfishness, what will happen when Issei decides he won't tolerate it anymore? God-like Issei, grey Issei, dragon Issei. Main pairing: Issei x Ophis. A monster amongest hero's by a monster storyteller reviews Sequal to monster amongest devils. Ren's journey as the red dragon emperor and the soon to be king of monsters continues as 11 months of training have past, being reunited with the one's he loves but he learns to focus more on his future as both the next godzilla and also a father.

Catharsis by LadyVegeets reviews Cheelai helps Broly adjust to recent events and find some solace. Dark Knight of Hogwarts by windstorm16 reviews Naruto Uzumaki has lived a lonely life, orphaned at birth, hated at his orphanage, hated by his housemates, hated by his school. But when the girl he loves betrays him he will unleash his darkness and show the magical world just what happens when you back a wolf into a corner.

Naruto and The Sacred Gear by Shadow Knight Destroyer reviews This story will be about a Multiverse story involving ome version of Naruto who has surpassed all others along with him he wields his own Sacred Gear that will help him create his own path. Akeno, Kuroka - Complete. P, Jiren is reincarnated into the universe of Senran Kagura. I don't know how I got into this mess. I just saw the little girl stuck in the train tracks and acted. I didn't expect to be hurled into a new world, with a new life, a new name, and new blood I always thought death would be peaceful.

Instead, I'm hopping from one world to the next, starting with a particular Ecchi anime. Obvious Rating is obvious. I'm God, Damnit! And because of that good deed people started following you? Naruto Uzumaki has been in such a situation after giving mercy to one thought irredeemable… Only this time, he's the object of worship for thousands of people. After many long years spent in stasis, his energy running rampant while he slept, he is now awake… "Why are people with wings calling me God?

Pokemon DxD by god of hope reviews Ash Ketchum When the safety of his family is at risk, Issei is thrown into the world he wants no part with. Power will attract power. Issei Hyoudou, unintended consequence of Great Red and Ophis occupying the same space, will have to realize his destiny as the next true dragon. Este fanfic como el de las waifus, sera un multicross en donde goku al haber vencido a piccoro en el torneo, kamisama le otorga la responsabilidad a kaede una diclonius que al paso del tiempo, junto a otras psicopatas del amor que conocera, intentaran arrebatarle la inocensia al saiyajin.

El viaje dimensional comenzara luego de la saga freezer. Covering Shaggy's continued adventures with his new mates. Rated M for Mature Content. While the boys try to live a normal life, Goten encounters a certain redhead girl on his first day! Goten finds love in an unexpected place as he restarts his training to eventually follow in his father's footsteps as Earth's greatest protector. Goten X Rias. Goten X Harem.

Akeno, Marron]. When the strongest hero alive gets thrown into the world with supernatural entities, his son got caught in it and gained lively companions. Would it be possible for his son to inherit his power as well? As the hero started another quest to find out the origin of his power.

Possible AU in later arcs. Issei, Saitama. He knows nothing of love, only hate and anger. They took him in and gave him the name Goku. Unfortunately, the boy has difficulty with some of the most basic of monster abilities. Concerned for his future, his parents decide to send him to Yokai Academy with the hopes of teaching him how to properly blend in. They never took into account just how crazy it was. Goku becomes a New God to stop threats that are unlike anything he's seen before. Goku goes to this 1 DC Universe Earth, hilarity ensues. Takes place in a universe where GT takes place after Super.

Don't auto hate this fic for GT and at least read it first before casting bias judgments, even if I can't technically stop you. Project 81 by majik7 reviews AU - Project Code name "F1". An experiment that had been an initial success, until Minaka had to order him to recover the 2 kidnapped girls. When "F1" was deactivated, it seemed permanent. Only it wasn't. And now the game was at risk, something Minaka would only tolerate to a point. Let the games begin. Rock the League: New 52! Facing space tyrants and underwater armies, the League continues to protect the world from any threats that may come its way, adding new heroes to the team along the way!

Meanwhile, a threat from another Earth is about to make itself known. Gohan enters the tournament of power to protect those he loves, but what he does not know this story is going to bring him some unlikely forgotten Romance…. No matter where he is, he will still protect the innocent and ascend to greatness. Maybe something even more GokuxHatem. Trunks, Mirai no Mai] [A. Resident Hybrid infection by thedarkpokemaster reviews A viral outbreak spells trouble for Ash and friends when they enter a city to have some fun? Who is this mysterious Corporation behind this outbreak, and what exactly is the virus that has now infected the town that Ash and his friends are in?

They will find out and it shall change them forever in more ways then they know! Heir of Eden by Lord Vidar Odinsen reviews Adam was created by God, the four Satans, and various other gods as a means of treaty between the groups. When he fell it was agreed that his 77th generational descendent with a Sacred Gear would be the heir of Eden and by right be able to lead all groups. When Harry receives a letter from Kuoh Academy he cannot foresee how much his life will change.

Dragon Ball AS by swift56 reviews Memories of another world, one that had observed his own, give him a chance to change everything about himself, and try to make a different, possibly better future, as the merged soul of a human, and of the saiyan Raditz fights to protect the Earth. However what happens at the tournament of power when he meets a female saiyan from universe 6?

After Goku sacrifice himself to save earth from Cell he get send to another earth on different universe where races called Devil , Fallen Angel and Angels exist. Brutus the Saiyadevil by Hadez69 reviews Brutus, the son of Broly Super , has now completed his father's rigorous training, and it is now time for him to move out into the world. While traveling, Brutus gets summoned to another world. He arrives in Kuoh Town and is directly outside of Kuoh Academy.

Curious, Brutus decides to explore his new surroundings and one night he meets a certain red-haired, crimson princess. Issei is a pure-blooded devil and his power rival Great red and adding the boosted gear he is the most powerful being in the world. OP Issei. Akeno, OC. Son Goku Hyoudou will meet many enemies, curious by his unrestrained power. But him and his friends will triumph above all else Lemons may ensue. Instead he moves away to focus on work, but gets dragged back to Tokyo with his new love Kazehana to save the Sekirei and maybe gather a harem along the way.

Follow Roxas Hyuuga as he goes teach at Kuou Academy while learning of the supernatural and himself. Read if you dare. I fill 'infinite', and I forge 'dreams'. I shall become the Supreme Dragon of Chaos, burning within the endless inferno! Broly: A Legendary Journey by Jason reviews Even the smallest change in events can cause an unforeseen future.

Watch how a small decision in events forever changes the life of Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. With some reluctant divine help Broly will impact the Dragon Ball Universe in ways even the gods can't fathom. And just when things are boring. High school DxD Reborn! Another dragon awakens! Issei is now the king of the gremories after saving Rias from death and making her his queen.

After saving Rias from death, Issei went on to show the fighting force of the Gremories and defeated a key member of the OSF. But the battle is far from over for the Gremory household as they fight to get stronger. To Die and Forgive by Qu1ntus reviews Kurin Salamencia, among others, was fairly a normal human, and a pretty decent guy to be with. He's kind. He's smart. He's also the 'Black Prince. He gets stabbed through by the end of the night. But no worries. It's not the first time it's happened to him. Dying, that is. A Change in Character by AzureStoryTeller reviews It was a normal day in Kuoh for Issei, until he walked into the ORC Clubroom, where he expected a normal day to occur but what he found inside was going to change his life drastically in due time as he matured into a King.

Updated Summary. Akeno, Rossweisse. Black Soul, Golden Heart by Celestial Embers reviews When a chance encounter brings Goku Black and a seven-year-old Harry Potter together, the fallen god learns that humanity's redemption may not be an entirely lost cause. Plot is mostly HP canon with twists. None of the common tropes. What If? Cell in the Tournament of Power! The Perfect replacement! How would events play out? Despite being twins, both brothers were polar opposites with their separate interests, goals, and traits.

It also seems that they're the hosts of rivaling dragons. What would you do if you were the Vanishing Dragon? And that your older brother was the Welsh Dragon? Issei, OC, Ddraig, Albion. Akeno, Raynare. The makings of your average cheesy, fanfiction. Just how will these two fall in love? And how far would they go for one another? Strong Issei! OOC Issei! Rated M for safety! Issei, Serafall L. Wave Of Return by UzumakiGoddess reviews Goku gave Raditz a second chance, and little by little, Raditz took advantage of said chance and is now living his life to the fullest as a result.

Now, Raditz learns that with love comes sacrifice and, unfortunately, you can't protect everyone. Great Saiyaman Arc - Buu Saga and maybe beyond. Cover image isn't mine. Recuperando lo que era antes by W. Akeno, raynare. Bonds Between Sekirei and Shinobi by AnimeNerdYuki reviews On the way back to Konoha our hyper active knuckle headed ninja life is flipped upside-down from an encounter with a rather well endowed girl. Now he's not just a jinchuriki or a shinobi but also a Ashikabi.

How will Naruto handle his newest set of challenges in his life. Traveling to Ishgar from lands unexplored, he hopes to put some distance between him and the war that drove him to the brink. How will Ishgar change in the wake of the man whose rage laid the foundation for a better future? OC x Harem. M for sex and violence. Highschool DxD: Heavenly Fallen by Draco reviews Issei, ready to confess to Rias, comes across her with another man in his room, making love. Heartbroken and in pain, Issei runs away. Ddraig tells Issei a way to become stronger, however, prevents him from ever being a Devil, Angel, or Fallen Angel again.

Follow Issei as he becomes stronger and obtain his lifelong dream of becoming Harem King! A story about the Foodie and Scooby's news adventures. To the space travelers, Earth's culture is primitive. Can one girl change Vegeta's views? Her Inspiration by starsandcream reviews A young girl follows the lost young boy with admiration and an ever-growing curiosity. His Aspiration by starsandcream reviews A young boy locks himself in his little world of literature, with dreams of becoming one with his literary idols and a lone heart.

It's a carefree night where nothing serious ever happens. However, this time, Gargamel has other plans for the smurfs. This story tries to blend the lore of the older series from the 80's and the newest Smurfs movie. Just Friends by writerofberk reviews "Just friends do not think about other just friends like this, just friends do not think about how good other just friends look while they're half-naked, just friends do not think other just friends look sexy, come on, stop it, Poppy! Mainly just silliness. Pups stop a maniac by pressurized reviews While on a walk in the forest, Skye is approached by a Rottweiler named Fang.

He made a deal he knew Skye wouldn't refuse, but another pup heard him. Can he get help from anyone before it's too late? JailBreak invites Gene and Hi-5 to have dinner with her family in a castle far away from Textopolis. For Science! A mother with a number 1 fan daughter by pressurized reviews A poodle is in town far away from Adventure bay, living her life with her owner. She's been feeling depressed ever since a car crash that she thought it killed her daughter. But, when her owner gets killed during a robbery, and two men take her in temporary, they help her find a new home.

Can she find a new home in another town? And will she find her daughter after all these years? The greedy, the hungery, the good at heart, but these are things that we can only see on the inside and not the outside. No one knows more about this than Branch, a poor boy on the streets who wants nothing more than to bring happiness to his family. His wish soon comes true when he finds a magic lamp that holds more than he thinks.

So Happy Valentine's Day everyone. The New Hamato Clan by leggo lover 99 reviews A story focusing on the turtles as they get older, find someone to love and have kids. Sounds soppy, but is NOT just "ooh, I'm in love smoochy smoochy! Join this tale to see the shock of parenthood and the adventures little mutants can get up too - all resulting in very stressed turtles! Cover image by Midnight-Clematis on DA. Musubi by Salamander's eye reviews No hay manera de que nos encontremos. Yo soy parte de ti.

Now, a couple of years after the events of the film, Gene is going to be surprised when Jailbreak is on her way to prepare Gene's first surprise party at the Textopolis Stadium. Heartwarming and Funny at the same time. Normal by writerofberk reviews Drink makes Branch talk. Dear God, does drink make him talk, makes him spill his thoughts to every leaf and flower and shrub in his path, makes him say all the stuff Sober Branch would never even let himself think. But it's only one night, and it'll only be a few sips, and besides, he's got his colors back.

He's normal now. Nothing to worry about. Her Mutant by KHB reviews Finally coming to terms with his unrequited feelings, it was because he loved her that Donnie was finally prepared to do the last thing he ever wanted to do: let April go. The results of his surrender, however, couldn't have taken a more shocking and unexpected turn.

Gargamel and Azrael often fight a lot. They even disagree. But their loyalty might be put to the test when they have to cross the same river they almost drowned in. May contain spoilers from the movie. A Human Smurf by I. Rally reviews This story is not all about the smurfs we know from the movies or cartoons Smurfette, Hefty, Clumsy, Brainy, etc. This story is about smurf that was questioned by many, and needs to be answer. Who is this smurf? See the PAW Patrol in their biggest, bravest, and most magical mission yet! And for one pup, life will never On hiatus. Past, Present Future by Kerghan-MB reviews A day like any other but one where many years ago a young boy and girl met again.

Today is that anniversary for them and why they are together. This fic is for her and her artwork on tumblr. Seven years after the mysterious fighter Cell kills her husband, Chi-Chi's life is saved with no logical explanation. Strange occurrences begin happening to the Son family until the cause of it finally makes his appearance and delivers a message: Cell is returning and it's up to Gohan to finally bring an end to the killer.

First times for Magdalene by princesspeach reviews April and Donnie's daughter Magdalene is growing up. The family celebrates her birthday and has Maggie grows she does things for the 1st time as her parents decide to record it all down in a special book and on camera. Cameo appearances are made by some familiar characters.

Magdalene was created by Scotia Daniel. I don't own tmnt and no copyrights intended. Teenage Puppy Love by minecraftfazbear13 reviews AU modern day everyone is human skye is just a normal teenage girl who is very much in love with her boyfriend chase. She didn't focus on them very much.

Only when she was training to be a kunoichi. But now she regretted it. And at that moment - she wanted to be more like Jewel. She wanted to be tough. Like a real ninja. But she was just a kid. A scared little girl. Crying and shaking. She wanted her daddy, her friends. She needed Donnie. Will you go by Tigereyes45 reviews After the defeat of Gargamel the smurfs all begin to work together to learn of each other.

Some will go ad some will stay to learn the way of the others. Based on Post-The Lost Village. Aftershock by n00btmntfan reviews After Donatello's un-mutation and Shredder's death, everybody struggles to pick up the pieces and move forward with their lives. They will be forced to work with the Kraang to succeed - if success is even possible. Paw Patrol: Friends Right? But what happens when that all changes and they want to be something more? Rally reviews It was a normal life for Smurfette as a true blue smurf, but she felt that her evil side haunts her and wants to take over to kidnap all of the smurfs, and take them to Gargamel.

Will Smurfette be able to fight her evil side to protect her smurf friends, especially Hefty? Will Hefty admit his true feelings for Smurfette? Little Smurfs One-shots by ultimatewildcat reviews One-shots of the smurfs. Blue Love sparks by I. Rally reviews Takes place after Smurfs the Lost Village. But is there any affection between the two Smurf leaders? Can their fellow smurfs know about it and help them find love? So please no hate on me, but I would really appreciate helpful comments or PM's. I hope that you enjoy this story as much as I did writing it.

I do not own the rights to Paw Patrol or the Hyatt Hotel corporation. I own the story that's all. Smurfette the Avatar by Jacob R. Neither did the Smurfs themselves. But, this was because she kept it under wraps for so long. Now it's up to her. Smurfette has to master the Four Elements in order to bring down Gargamel and bring peace to the Smurf Village. What if Baxter Stockman had acquired extra help long before he supposedly first encountered the turtles?

What if someone else's tragedy was his gain to power and riches? And what if his 'experiment' discovered the truth of his origins? Most chapters rated T two are rated M for very obvious reasons. Mayor Humdinger has become an important ally to Adventure Bay. Sequel to "Adventure Bay Has Fallen. They spontaneously comply for the sake of the mission.

However, now that they've survived, they arrive home to find that they are utterly unprepared for the consequences of their actions. Five years ago the world as the turtles knew it ended. Five years ago April lost the love of her life. Five years ago Donnie made a promise that was impossible to keep. Five years ago April fell in love again. Five years later Donnie was broken and April will do everything she can to save him. However, the dinosaurs run amok all over the island. It's up to Ryder and his pups to find courage and to survive. Operation: Rescue Katie by Pikatwig reviews During a night hunting fireflies, Katie ends up going missing.

Nate, Jibanyan, Whisper and some friends will need to find out who took her and why they took her. Here Comes the Sun by spocketlaine reviews In all the three years where he felt that his sky was surrounded by clouds, she comes in and brought the sun with her. Chase decides to tell Rubble all about it. Was this the first time Chase and her met or not? Read and find out. A fluke time travel will show them what their lives could be like. True Hapiness by creativityunleashed88 reviews When Poppy helps Branch find his true happiness.

Public Dialogue

PoppyxBranch Human! Smurfette's Best Friend by Windrises reviews Smurfette becomes best friends with Smurf Blossom, but Gargamel wants to take all of the smurfs. Poppy's Mission by NerdAlert reviews Years ago Poppy met a grumpy troll named Branch, so she sets out to be his best friend! But the hard shell of Branch is hard to crack, can she accomplish the impossible? A Charming Day by WritingRowlet reviews A bell, some chocolate, and a little singing can change someone's life forever. At least if you're Katie it can.

Well wonder no more with this story that consists of the events that happened with the Yo-Kai, leading to some interesting meetings. Branch's Perspective by Haruka Shibashi reviews The Original Trolls Story from Branch's Perspective as he battles with his feelings for Poppy and struggles with his lifelong depression over losing everyone he loved and held dear.

A few extra scenes have been thrown in to help better understand everyones favorite grumpy grey toll. A Broppy FanFic. Complete fluff! Keep the insulin handy! Smurfette: I Need A Hero by creativityunleashed88 reviews When 17 year old Smurfette is constantly abused by her father she escapes and finds herself being whisked away by the family by the name of Smurfs. Will her new brothers be able to keep her safe from her father, will she ever get over her abuse, and does her step brother love her as much as she loves him?

A Night To Remember by SwarmX reviews Love; stress, courage, worry, and many other emotions packed into a being all at once. It can be heaven at times, but can turn into hell within seconds. Chase kept his cool for a while, but is now letting his emotions get the best of him. The other pups are catching on and trying to do anything to fullfil Chase's fantasy. However, the question is, will Chase step up to the plate? En un universo alternativo.

A struggling songwriter named Patrick Winslow finds success when he comes across a trio of singing Smurfs: mischievous leader Hefty, genius Brainy and cute, impressionable Clumsy The crown and princess of Barkingburg have been taken, now the PAW Patrol must become secret agents in order to crack this case. With help from new vehicles, new gear and new friends, will these brave young pups crack the case before the coronation? It'll take courage, kindness, and help from some magical servants to get her to see the beauty inside him.

Can Poppy break the curse before the final rose blooms? Or will the Grey Troll never regain his true colors? Silicon Tears by DonnysGirl87 reviews After a terrible explosion of temper, April unwittingly starts a chain of events where she may not only loose her dearest friend but her soul mate.

Can she face up to the shame and guilt of what she did in time or will April loose Donnie to an entity that would do anything to keep him? Warning: Mentions of alcohol use, swearing and non-con and sexual situations. Trolls- Telling Her I Love Her by AnimationFan15 reviews After when Poppy pulls back the curtain of Branch's invitations it creates a bit of silence between the two but after when Poppy is kidnapped by Creek, Branch realizes that even though she might not love him he'll show that he loves her.

With true colours, a strange new friend and help from the snack pack they can get Poppy back and maybe a confession from Branch. So Into You by spocketlaine reviews The answers he got didn't really help him in understanding anything but somehow the thought of spending the rest of his life with her seemed like an amazing adventure. Sleeping Beauty by DonnysGirl87 reviews December looms when April is rendered unconcious after an accident in Donnie's lab. Devastated, Donnie looses all faith in himself and his abilities.

Will April ever wake up and can Donnie forgive himself for something that wasn't his fault? A short Christmas story for the holidays. Branch has started to go back to his old self. Can Poppy get him to like her back? Will she tell him? Read to find out. Takes place a week after the movie.

Gift of Love by muk reviews Christmas is coming to Springdale and after searching hard Nate has found the perfect gift for Katie. But now a Yo-Kai comes and takes it from him and Nate has to try to get it back before it's too late. Meanwhile, Katie is having trouble finding a gift for Nate, but perhaps the assistance of a stranger may help her. Will they be able to get their gifts back, or is it too late. Un descuido antes del mundial by History of my life reviews Crisis entre Oliver y Patty a puertas del mundial de Rusia Golden warriors will arise from the ashes of suppression.

The Cold Empire ends now. Book 2 of? Paw Patrol: Chase is in love by PikachuLover21 reviews Chase never thought of any girl more than friends. Well that change when he agreed to be in a boy night with Zuma, Rocky, Marshall and Rubble But he think he doesn't have the strength to tell her. Will Chase tell her or keep it forever? Silent Night by Dawnbuneary reviews Poppy goes over to give the village grump, Branch, his present even if he doesn't like her gifts.

However, the princess gets caught in a blizzard on the way to his bunker. Luckily, Branch lends a hand and she sees a side of him that she's never seen before. A quick one-shot I did but never shared. Branch x Poppy! As Happy as Us by PikaGirl13 reviews Branch and Poppy are sitting in the Troll tree together after celebrating Poppy's coronation as Queen of the Trolls when he asks her what she really meant by Bridget and the Bergens being as happy as them.

Poppy's tripping over her words as she finally lets her emotions answer for her. A Broppy Fluff fic. He did even being gray and grumpy. But the real question is Denial is Strong by Dawnbuneary reviews Branch detests Poppy. He really does. So why does he find himself thinking about her all the time? Just a short oneshot seperate from my other fanfic, Trolls: the Aftermath. Power Rangers Paw Patrol 2: Frozen Nightmare by prwtfalcon6 reviews As the story continues, The Rangers fight to stop and evil queen and Dimmension Killer from releasing the king from his ice prison.

To make matters worse, One of the Pups, Will Wide Open Skies by spocketlaine reviews The world might think that they couldn't do it, but they knew they could and they'll do everything to prove them all wrong. The Little Merman by MWolfL reviews The merprince Mermando has always had a fascination with the human world, much to his father's anger. Things get tougher when Mermando falls in love with Princess Mabel. Can he win her over, or will he belong to the sea-witch Gideon forever? However Robert is more than he appears As the days go by, Chase's rage intensifies for Marshall pending sadness and hatred is revealed What if you can't convert the past, no matter how much you want to, all you overlook is dread and oblivion Now it's up to a German shepherd police pup to stop the terrorists and save the President, as well as the United States.

Will his new friend Mabel help him gain acceptance, or will evil Judge Gideon have his way? Tonight I'm yours 2 by love-and-joy reviews Its a sequel to Tonight I'm yours, Kiyomaro pays a visit to Megumi days after he went to England. Tonight I'm yours by love-and-joy reviews For lifelong I'm yours, but for tonight I'm solely yours my sweetheart. Do whatever with me. The resistance is running from the tyrant Lord Frieza.

A scientist free's his most prized possession. A prince thought long-dead, a battle-hardened scientist. Perhaps the beginning of the end Book 1 of? Megumi's Diary by love-and-joy reviews Kiyomaro went to drop Tio at Megumi's place, he figures out her feelings for himself as he got to read her diary. Hamtaro and Bijou! Maxwell and Sandy are Cupids? Sandy and Maxwell decide to help Hamtaro realize that Bijou has a crush on him. How will he feel about it?

Rated for language thanks to Sassette. But danger crosses between these two while trying to get back home. Lucky for them. They have help on their side from the PAW Patrol. Smurfing Dreams by Pretenders reviews It all begins with Grouchy's restless nights as a result of the newest female member of the Smurf Village. Grouchy and Vexy romantic pairing. Partner pairing of Hefty and Smurfette. Hints of Adult Themes, and Suggestive Moments. Thank-you for reviewing! Tell me what you'd like to see! Entangled in Love by Purestrongpoem reviews It is almost Valentine's day and the gold saints decided to be Cupids.

Their mission is to have Tenma and Athena together and Yato and Yuzuriha together. Can they succeeded? Can the gold saints and couples overcome the obstacles stopping them or not? Now a Lovely Night Will Begin by spocketlaine reviews According to legends, when you and your significant other watched the fireworks together, it meant you guys were fated to be with each other. She didn't know if it was true or not, but considering her parents watched it when they were her age and happily married, she'd take her chances on it.

Battle of the Heart by willoffire reviews When Kiyo and Zatch refuse to join Zofis, Zofis doesn't take no for an answer. Now Megumi, Lien, Folgore, Dr. Riddles and Mr. Sunbeam, with the help of their mamodo must enter the Devolo Ruins, face Zofis, and free Zatch, Kiyo, and all the ancient mamodo. Can the team free Kiyo and Zatch from the control of Zofis? Or will this new darkness remain in their hearts forever? Paw Patrol: Christmas Miracle by Albedo reviews Just in time for the Holidays, yeah Christmas is still a ways away, but, doesn't mean we can't get in the festive spirit right?

Anyway this is a Christmas Themed tale of love between two pups Skye and Chase. Chase likes Skye, well love maybe, but he is finding it difficult to tell her. And when something happens to her Hope you enjoy. Now that Skye has been found, Chase is really happy that she's okay. Since he always had a crush on her, will Chase be able to tell her how she feels about her? Its a year since Vexy started to develop feelings for a certain Smurf in the Village but does he feel the same way? Will our favorite pair make up? Read and find out!

Mostly Apritello but some Capril at the beginning. Rated T because I'm paranoid. Love Inside Me by spocketlaine reviews Even getting a goal couldn't compare to how happy he was right now. A fate so desired by TheRootbeerQueen reviews Chase has had a crush on Skye for a while, but never had the guts to tell her. But how will she react when she finds out? There she meets a transfer student named Chase, who she instantly falls in love with. There is a bigger problem though, a shadowy boy has transferred to the school as well. A mystery? Leave it to the girls!


Tsubasa X Sanae. Chase, being a good friend supports him. But after hearing something that Marshall and the other guy pups tell him, he starts to doubt his relationship with Skye. Can things work out for everyone. The Other Side of the Mirror by pawpatrolwolf reviews After an accidental fall through her mirror, Skye find herself at Canterlot High. There she meets 6 girls out of the ordinary. Tension is rising at the school however. Yet no one knows why. Can the girls figure out the mystery? Or will Canterlot High be stuck with un explainable arguments?

While on parachuting training, Skye learns that Chase will always be there to catch her if she falls. Lisax Rick. Pups and a Valentine Day! Can he be with her this Valentine or not? It is about Chase's crush on Skye, and about their greatest adventure in Adventure Bay yet. I am not going to add any new characters, and for copyright reasons, PAW Patrol belongs to Nickelodeon. I own nothing. Update:I want to hear form you all! Please send reviews! Story will also be partly a Ryder and crush story. Lessons Never Smurfed by Rowena Zahnrei reviews Papa Smurf's old mentor takes Brainy on as an apprentice, and a challenge, after one ruined experiment too many causes Papa Smurf to blow his stack.

Hefty, Smurfette, and Tracker follow Brainy, but soon find trouble. Tracker is injured and Smurfette and Hefty get captured! Must Brainy abandon his chance to become a wizard to save his friends? Time may be running out! Para los fans de Apritello. It has been 3 weeks since Chase and Skye been together. But the two haven't gone on a date yet. So Chase decided to ask Skye on a date. But the thing is that Chase is now super nervous. Can the guys help Chase and make his date turn out perfect? Fight between love ones by MonkeyRay reviews Chase and Skye starts arguing but for Skye its just to hide her feelings for him.

Things are getting worst for them, Chase ran off to clear his head and meets another police pup. Skye finds out about her and gets upset about it. I mean, objectively, whatever your politics, there is something severely wrong with this individual. Would you want to be around them? He has a repulsive body as well. You would have to hate yourself if that was what you looked at in the mirror every day. This guy should take steroids. He could compensate for the loss of lips.

This guy is not Jewish. But he is completely fixated with destroying white people. And you wonder about such persons. But now you know. Another migrant success story. This is a five percent increase to the previous year. By now almost a thrid of the prison population is foreign. This is both shocking and new, and clearly something that could not have been predicted by anyone, anywhere. The number of German inmates sunk significantly from In , Die Welt reported 2.

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  • Since there are already 2. Not that bad, not bad at all. We can handle about 6 million. Turkey is apparently in Europe. DS Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km. Instead we live in reverseo world, where the entire media is begging him not to pull the trigger and end his abominable life. Pete, understand me: No one will ever love you. Your life will only be suffering. Man up. Make it happen. But then I can totally understand wanting to help those poor child refugees flee the brutal Syrian civil war raging in Lombardia.

    Two Frenchmen who had previous court convictions were given four-month jail terms. The others, who included an Italian woman, a Swiss man and a Swiss- Belgian man, received suspended six- month sentences. What even is this? Are we all insane? Why not? The activists have 10 days to appeal the ruling by the court in Gap, where around supporters gathered outside the courthouse Thursday. Herrou, an organic olive grower in southern France, had been charged with illegally offering aid to migrants at his farm near the Italian border. Is that a real judicial term in France, or did they just pull it out of their asses?

    His manners are not so polite. It would be worth the effort. I think that we can all agree though that White people are very closely wedded to the idea of fair play and to the law being applied equally. Regular Americans will begin to understand just how badly the Big Tech companies and the media are screwing the people with alternative opinions. The hypocrisy is just getting too much to bear. Brace yourselves, folks. Access to credit, places in private schools, employment opportunities—as a straight White man, you may have to lop your dick off if you want your kids to succeed.

    And sooner rather than later The police found three mobile phones, two notebooks, a USB-stick and drug paraphernalia. It is unclear at this point if the sex acts were forced on the girls through violence or intimidation. Should I order my criminal Jew lawyer, who is always recording my conversations without me knowing, to pay her the money from my private account? Everyone is vindicated. There is no way out for Drumpf. The walls are closing in. The fog of tear gas presenting makes it difficult to figure out what exactly went on, how many people were hurt, what was burned, etc.

    But it looks like it was a pretty good day. I was in Paris today and I filmed this. Giletsjaunes acteV pic. What a sight to behold—keep protesting until MacronDemission! ActeV pic. No point beating around the bush I guess GiletsJaunes pic. Or, you know—maybe not. YellowVests GiletsJaunes pic. Some of them must. ActeV giletsjaunes pic. Flowers, balloons, now femen-style titty girls. But they are getting gassed. The scene of Nantes on the ground just recently. Several clashes and scuffles broke out at the iconic Champs-Elysees avenue and near the Opera House.

    Another RT journalist got shot in the face. Why can they not just shoot a WaPo journalist in the face? U new dis wuz cummin. Direction place Pey- Berland. GiletsJaunes bordeaux Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km. Nor would they arrest people for their speech against foreigners, in the way France does. Ladycop VS Ladyrioter! La photo du jour, assure- ment GiletsJaunes ActeV pic. Via ClementLanot pic. Solidarity mit den sozialen Protesten in Frankreich! ActeV GiletsJaunes pic. This is not the 60s and that shit is gay as hell. The explanation GiletsJaunes pic.

    Recent video shows a member of the law enforcement wielding a hammer in his hand as he loiters around Gilet- sJaunes demonstrators. Macron, do you think this is acceptable? A lot of them are blacks, but not most of them. Protests are in full swing at the moment. French YellowVest movement in Paris. GiletsJaunes MacronMustGo pic. These are brutal police state tactics of the sort Alex Jones speaks of. Parts of Champs Elysees reopened to traffic. A Saint-Lazare. GiletsJaunes demo. This is round the corner. France: more GiletsJaunes arrived at the top of the ChampsElysees!

    And I riot there shall be. Fake terrorist attacks cannot stop these yellow lads. That is pretty much the simplest explanation for that weird series of events. But they are not. They are, in fact, inimical to Judaism. These Jews accuse their fellow Jews of exactly the same behaviour that anti-Semites accuse Jews of. So, in a way, they are admitting that the anti-Semites are right. Her point seems to be that Tikkun Olam [Healing the World] was a fraud to fool the Goyim, not something meant to be taken seriously by Jews.

    Miscegenation with the Unchosen is also a concern. But she, and an American rabbi she talked to, finds solace in the knowledge that these foolish Jews will soon be diversified out of existence as a distinct people. No longer would he even attempt to persuade them they were on the path of communal self-destruction. They would never listen or change. But spiritually, ethically, Jewishly, it was already lost. It would be a remnant. But like Yavneh, the quality of that remnant would be all that would matter.

    As I understand it, the punching is only the first phase. Perhaps getting hit by dildos, even. One thing is for sure, though. Alex is now finally part of a White Supremacist gang. I knew the old buck had it in him! Those punches were uncalled for, really. It could be the big break that a lot of these people are waiting for. Having a set of guidelines really helps these more Bad for us though.

    Or it might not, actually. It helps to remember that these corpo-bosses see themselves more as religious preachers than business leaders. This progressive thing is now capable of operating on its own outrage-driven inertia. Even if the media and the kike leaders call on these people to slow down and chill out with some of their more extreme demands, at this point the genie is out of the bottle, the golem has awoken, etc.

    This is just a lull in the repression. But whatever. Alex will eventually get tired of Gavin and see the flickering neon light beckoning him home Woman is equal to Man, so if Man slaps insolent Woman in face, he goes to jail with b gay rapist negros. However, Woman is also More Equal to Man—so if she punches him in the face and breaks his nose because she is upset, charges are dropped—but on two conditions.

    First condition, she must be huge slut, with big fake tits. Second condition, she must have expensive Jew lawyer. Neither has responded. The Jew lawyer is on Twitter, just so you know. It is not clear why they have dropped the charges. Check and check. Daily Mail: Prosecutors have dropped assault charges against a student model who was accused of attacking her boyfriend because he wanted to break up with her.

    The attorney for Kathryn Mahoney told DailyMail. She was accused of punching swimmer and rugby player Ben Kebbell in her dorm at Fairfield University on March 1, Her Instagram page has more than , followers. Obviously, they would not believe me—the idea would seem completely insane and absurd, and beyond the depravity of their imaginations. Assemblywomen Only the Greeks would have bought this story. Oh the naivete of yon anglo chaps.

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    3. Richard Jones on Against Transhumanism: the Delusion of Technological Transcendence;

    Or, perhaps a lot better. All I know is that things cannot last the way they are. Australian researchers found that obese rats that ate a certain kind of clay shed more pounds than those that were given a weight-loss drug, a new study reveals. Abhorrent celestial body. But wait. Science also says that the fatter, the better.

    Why should people avoid obesity if becoming obese increases their fertility? Are they trying to genocide people by keeping them fit? The Soy Sauce Cleanse definitely turned deadly. The practice—called geophagy—is most common among pregnant women and, of course, children. And the practice has been reported on every continent in the world. Many cultures—including the majority of the US—file it under disordered eating of non-food things, known as Pica. African wisdom says eating a pound of white dirt every day keeps the calories away. As with everything except chocolate, white is better than black.

    Kaolin is actually found in the drug Kaopectate, an anti-diarrheal. And anthropological research suggests this is exactly why humans have been drawn to dirt. But, quite by accident, the University of South Australia researchers found that a different dirt might do much more than quell upset stomachs. Nothing new. Just a few months ago we learned about the Water Lilies Diet. Africans instinctively know what we spend so much time and effort for science to tell us. Wuz they really kangz and shiet? Live Science: If you crave a snack of dirt and clay, you may be pregnant.

    See what I mean? Video Link All Haitians are pregnant. They multiply like cockroaches. Wise words, sista. ABC 7 Chicago: A day at the mall turned violent for one group of teenagers in New Jersey after they say they were attacked by some adults outside of the Deptford Mall. Taylor McFadden was at the wheel of her car, her friends, Tatum and Allie, were outside smoking cigarettes. The other car parked a few spots away, but apparently the two women who got out were angry.

    First, there were words exchanged then fists. Taylor called and then got out of the car to help Allie. All three teens have been diagnosed with concussions. Red marks and early bruising have dissipated. The girls said their assailants were African American, and most troubling for Taylor, who is bi-racial, is what one of the attackers repeatedly said during the attack. You white bitches are just too comfortable. Women get plastic surgeries and makeup masks, men get haircuts and shave their beards.

    When hospital doctors fail, you take your case to TV doctors. After being left unhappy with her first four boob jobs from the same doctor, Hope tried another surgeon but they left her chest in the worst shape of all. No wonder most doctors suck. Hope, who had been unhappy with her breasts because she claims they shrunk after breastfeeding, had her first surgery aged She should have breastfed again then. Silly woman. No chains. Medicine has been white-knighting whores for a while now. But the surgery was a success and Hope is now happy with her breasts.

    Other cases on the show included a women who needed her nose fixed and year-old Natasha Crown, who wanted her breasts reshaped. Oh, okay then I guess we have more pressing matters to attend to first. It also advises that as part of a special service, they can be presented with gifts such as a Bible inscribed in their chosen name, or a certificate. And what is even the point? They want to go to a church and get married, maybe. You can see the monkey coming out of her. Now the THOT patrol is onto her and no amount of hair bleaching and plastic surgeries will be able to hide her assets, money, and her true self.

    What about now? The Colombian singer denied the charges. She tried. Oh, how she tried. A magistrate will assess whether there is enough evidence to put Shakira on trial. Prosecutors want Shakira to pay a bond of Otherwise, they recommend a court freeze of her assets to that amount. But Shakira appeared to be in favor of that. So I guess I guess this means Shakira is literally a Nazi.

    Shakira is another example of trans-caucasianism. Video Link DS Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km. That is definitely not a good thing. However, why Serbia is talking about invading them right now, I do not know. On the face of it, it seems like maybe not the greatest idea. Could this be an attempt to provoke Russia into some kind of a trap? Probably not.

    Los Extraterrestres Volverán A La Tierra En El 2022

    Most likely, it is just Balkan bluster. But Crimea not tho. US 'condemns Russian occupation of Crimea' U. Ethnic Serb lawmakers boycotted the vote. Serbia insists the new army violates a U. It has warned bluntly that it may respond with an armed intervention in its former Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km. Security Council over the issue. The only reason you would want to do that is to start shit.

    Remember: Bill Clinton did this. If not, well What kind of AI-based robot future do we want? Chinese or American? Trick question. The correct answer is, of course, Jap. Because objectively speaking, the Japs have the best taste in aesthetics. Lots of robot malfunctions nowadays. Very suspicious. Six steel rods fixed on a steel plate pierced his right shoulder and chest, and four penetrated elsewhere in his body. What kind of robot was this? If something is bristling with that many spikes, I assume that it is a killer robot. Both are self-aware. Should be interesting to see how this all turns out.

    Get used to it, Nazi. Do you need any more proof that Germans are racist? They are putting people in prison simply for having brown skin. You should have realized this about these people when they gassed all those Jews for no reason. Germans have an obsession with abusing brown people. This is what happens when white people run amok. Oh so now the Washington Post is against censorship for the first time ever. But trust us. Suppression orders—almost unheard of in the United States—are fairly common in Australia. This time around, a group of pro- Kremlin activists has a different idea: Proclaim him Czar Vladimir.

    While there are no plans to crown a new Emperor and Sovereign of All the Rus- sias, as part of the royal title once went, the idea raises the possibility Mr. Putin could stay beyond the two-term limit the constitution allows. The Kremlin has given little sign of who may succeed Mr. Afanasiev, adding that Mr. Serge Kapnist was born and raised in France, but claims the title of count in Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km.

    He said no matter how it starts, you have to make sure it continues. It is trying to bring back czarist- era names of towns and streets, as well as the monarchy. It was good that Stalin came through and killed all the Jews, put them in camps, etc. But obviously, he had no reason to reinstate the monarchy, because he was not in the bloodline.

    The problem presently is that Putin has two daughters. There is no one in Russia prepared to take over from Putin. Him resigning in would be stupid, and I very much doubt he will do it whether or not he is made monarch. This bureaucracy. Becoming monarch would allow him to abolish that manager class, or at least force them to bend to his will.

    There is no specific reason at all why a monarchy could not run a modern country. It is a Jewish system. Automation Here he starts by pointing out the fact that jobs are going to disappear very soon due to automation, so none of these brown people flooding us are going to have jobs in a few years even if they manage to undercut some white guys and steal their jobs on a shorter timeframe. Even if we shipped out every brown person this afternoon, that would happen. The number that they give us is that half of jobs will be automated in 20 years. Unless we ban new technologies, as Tucker says in his book and told the filthy Pharisee Ben Sha prio.

    Instead, we need to first focus on getting these brown people out, then figuring out the next step. This point really cannot be pushed hard enough: Mexicans have the same opinion of Central Americans as right-wingers have of Mexicans. If what Jews claim about race not existing was actually true, then racism would not exist. There is zero attempt to debate the matter, because they will lose.

    But we are not having that. Tijuana Summit Tucker then brought on Tijuana Man Genaro Lopez and told him that our government and media are telling us that these migrant caravans will make America better. He said a priest came and told the migrants that they should not leave—this is again the Catholic Church attempting to flood America with good Catholics. There have been arrests, Lopez said. Truly, a hilarious situation. What the hell are they going to say? They were shooting people in the face with rubber bullets, and some people got seriously damaged.

    France : Dites CCastaner, viser les tetes avec les flashball, ga faisait partie de vos ordres? We all saw the footage. We could have had a Khashoggi moment, where the media bucks the Neoliberalism. We are the protected class! So it sounds like it almost came to that. He was caught and shot 24 hours before the planned Yellow Vest protest. A wide-scale manhunt for the suspect had been ongoing since the shooting. Three people were killed in the attack and several others injured, police said. Around 9 p. After the officers addressed him, the suspect turned around and opened fire at the officers, following which they responded, he wrote.

    Great stuff. Stay out of the way, Macron, you weird pervert. Go hide in your bunker and let the people express themselves. I say they waited too long to do this. If you start doing this sort of grimy stuff, you are setting the world into a death spiral. The two cases ratchet up pressure on Canada, which is holding an executive of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. No way in hell they would have just up and kidnapped random Westerns. What even are these charges? Who made that law? This is just garbage.

    Do you know that 'iF is the middle word in 'life'? Or the inverse. William Reinsch probably wrote the Iran sanctions! How stupid do these people think we are? That is cartoonish. This is retarded. He has 27 criminal convictions for theft and violence, officials say, and has spent time in French, German and Swiss prisons. Now police are seeking him as the suspect who killed at least two people on Tuesday night. So, 27 criminal convictions in three countries, and the neighbors knew his brother was a terrorist.

    And on the terrorist watch list. Chekatt was absent, but a. Wait, so the police were at his house right before the attack? Weird coincidence, for sure. He was released before the end of his two-year, three-month prison sentence into the custody of German police so that he could be deported to France. A second German security source said he had been banned from re-entering the country. Several German officials and sources said Chekatt had not been identified as a security threat. The rampage surprised neighbors. Ethnic foods?

    Or is it just so you can send them out to pop-off when the people start protesting your weather tax? Could it be that there is some larger, overarching agenda at work here Man this stuff has all just gotten too goofy for me to even handle. The children are clearly being groomed and manipulated.

    These brown savages have no shame. This is extortion, plain and simple. They are the victims here. The demonstration aimed to accelerate the process for migrants to request asylum and work in the United States. See, with the blacks, the narrative is simpler to understand—even if it is flat-out wrong. I mean, would you expect the blacks to do anything else?

    The kike lawyers are going to raise the stakes of disobedience, see? And obviously, if the government pays out once More and more brown people will start doing the same trick from now until the moment that the last White person coughs up his last dollar. However, several local police squads that initially arrived at the scene located in the Bavarian town of Bamberg also failed to handle the situation. Nine people were treated over smoke inhalation following the incident. One officer and one migrant also received light injuries in the mayhem. It is not the first time the center, which currently hosts 1, people, hit the media headlines in Germany.

    Just weeks ago, a roof of one of its housing facilities partially burned down in a large-scale fire. Politics are so utterly corrupt. Any time the people get a say in something—as they did with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump — the system goes into action to stop us from getting what we said we wanted. Theresa will be speaking on the stream above. What he is doing is trying to force the vote so that May fails, at which point she may just be forced to resign.

    I just thought of that right now, but seriously: think about it. If they would have demanded a vote, the deal would have failed, and she would have had to resign. I have no idea what she is going to do now.