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Then whisk the yogurt mixture back into the marinara sauce. In a large serving bowl, toss the sauce with the drained penne and the basil. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle the cheese on top, and serve. Whole-wheat pasta has a dense texture that makes it a little tougher than regular pasta. Fat: 4. Season the tuna steaks with salt and pepper to taste, and spray them lightly with cooking spray.

Transfer the tuna to a platter and allow it to rest, uncovered, for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the haricots verts in the boiling water until they are just tender, about 3 minutes; drain. In a medium bowl, whisk together the lemon juice and zest, garlic, and wasabi paste. Add the haricots verts, scallions, and sesame seeds. Toss to coat, adding salt and pepper to taste.

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Thinly slice the tuna. Fan each portion onto each of 4 plates. Pile a mound of dressed haricots verts on top of the tuna, and serve. Fat: 3. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in business, he began working for such renowned New York chefs as Gray Kunz.

In DiSpirito began his quest toward a more active and healthy life, competing in triathlons, including an Ironman In November he was the spokesperson for and completed the Ironman in Clearwater, Florida, setting a personal-best time. Rocco lives in New York City and appreciates all that cooking has brought to him. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 30 new copies. Book Description Ballantine Books, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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This has not been accomplished by employing the kind of crazy food science that results in yogurt that contains omega-3 fish oils, or peanut butter boosted with antioxidants, but by using real, fresh ingredients—and by swapping high-calorie and high-fat ingredients and cooking methods for far more healthful yet flavorful ones. Nor was it accomplished by making the portion sizes minuscule. The serving sizes here are generous but reasonable. As a chef, I know how to do one thing: cook food and make it taste great.

In this book, I have simply set up parameters taken from personal experience and conventional wisdom that make these formerly high-calorie, high-fat foods taste great in their new skin. There is just one catch: You have to cook it yourself. Before you throw up your hands and walk into a McDonalds and order another not-so Happy Meal, consider this: When you cook, you are in control of everything you put into your pan and thus into your body.

You decide how many calories and how many fat grams you eat in a given day. You can still eat a version of your favorite foods. But you have to cook it.


You have to make the choice to step into the kitchen instead of pulling into the drive-through or turning to highly processed prepared foods because it seems more convenient. With just a few exceptions, these dishes can be prepared in about 30 minutes and call for everyday items found in your local grocery store; none have long lists of ingredients.

They also require no special cookware. Most recipes call for only a few pieces of basic equipment, such as a frying pan, saucepan, baking sheet, or mixing bowl. I became interested in both in my late thirties, and purely by accident. They were two very different paths that eventually crossed. Back then my idea of a healthy diet was laughable. Do I cut back on the foie gras—just eat it every other day instead of twice a day, for lunch and an after-service snack? But then my body began to protest.

And when something gets in the way of my cooking, that something has to change. I got the name of a great chiropractor from a trainer I knew, and he not only got me standing straight again but also got me on my feet and running. One day I walked in for my regular adjustment, and my chiropractor asked if I would participate in a triathlon for charity. Chefs are suckers for anything having to do with charity, so before I could think, I said yes. Then I asked what I had to do. It was a race in which you swim half a mile, bike fifteen miles, and then top it off with a three-mile run.

I am fairly fearless some say reckless , so I immediately agreed.

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I began to look into triathlons, and before it really sunk in that I would have to swim, bike, and run those distances, I fell in love with the gear chefs are notorious gear heads. But when I started training, the other shoe dropped. I could hardly walk a mile, much less run one. My 20 percent body fat probably had something to do with that. So I got serious. I got back in touch with a trainer I had worked with a few years earlier, and he told me what I had to do.

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I started with a focus on cardio and a modified Atkins diet. I gave up alcohol and carbs and ate high-protein foods. I added to that a regimen of double-cardio sessions six days a week. Within six months my weight and body fat percentage was down substantially the body fat to 12 percent and I could run a mile or two without calling the paramedics. In June that year, I competed in my first triathlon.

My goal was simply to finish the race without stretchers being involved. On the swimming portion of the race, wave after wave passed me like I was treading water—and most swam over me. When the Athena group eclipsed me, I knew I was in trouble.

Now Eat This!: 150 of America's Favorite Comfort Foods, All Under 350 Calories

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