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First appearance of Pere Charolais.

June - Lupin challenges Holmes again in the case of the Imblevalle Robbery. This time, the ending sees Lupin and Holmes refusing to leave a sinking boat, each wanting the other to be the first to display a sign of weakness. Eventually, Holmes is rescued by the police, while Lupin is believed to have drowned. But Lupin pops up again on the ferry crossing the English Channel and, this time, Holmes lets him go rather than drag an innocent girl into the clutches of the law " La Lampe Juive " in Arsene Lupin contre Sherlock Holmes. July - Sonia Krichnoff is killed in unrevealed circumstances.

The "Needle" is a huge natural rock formation off the Normandy Coast near Etretat.

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In his novel, Leblanc postulates that it is hollow and housed the secret treasures of the Kings of France. It is the second secret of Cagliostro L'Aiguille Creuse. Soon, Lupin faces not only Beautrelet and Ganimard, but also Sherlock Holmes , who has been summoned by the baffled police. Lupin also falls in love with the beautiful Raymonde de Saint-Veran , initially believed to be his victim L'Aiguille Creuse. June-October - For a while, Lupin seems to have the upper hand.

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His red herrings have deceived his foes. He has Holmes and Ganimard kidnapped, and Beautrelet almost killed. He fakes his own death and that of Raymonde. As "Louis Valmeras", he marries Raymonde in October, then decides to "go straight" and live a peaceful life, retired from crime L'Aiguille Creuse. Beautrelet and Holmes end up solving the mystery of the Needle, separately. During the final battle, during which the Needle is surrounded by the French Navy, Holmes captures Raymonde, who has been, until then, unaware of her husband's real identity. Moved by the irresistible compulsion to stop Lupin, Holmes blurts out the truth.

A shocked Raymonde attempts to escape. Lupin shoots first. Chaos ensues. In the resulting gun battle, Raymonde is killed when she throws herself in front of Lupin to save him from a bullet fired by Holmes. Holmes is stunned by this unexpected and unwanted tragic development; Lupin is wracked with grief.

The two giants grapple briefly, but Lupin gets away L'Aiguille Creuse. The Sernine Years After Raymonde's death, Arsene Lupin, as such, seems to vanish from the public scene, at least until But Lupin himself is not inactive. In reality, he seeks redemption under the alias of " Mr. Lenormand ". As Lenormand, he becomes such an outstanding policeman that he is promoted to the position of Head of the Surete after the death of Mr. Among Lenormand's greatest successes are the resolutions of the following cases: the Denizou Affair, the Credit Lyonnais robbery, the attack of the Paris-Orleans train, the murder of Baron Dorf, the fire at the Louvre, and the murder of Aubertet, a member of the French Parliament.

Guercin and the ancient secret of a local river La Barre-Y-Va. Kesselbach's secret may lead to the redrawing of the political map of Europe. Lupin's adversary is the mysterious " L. July-December - Lupin is thrown in jail, but continues the fight from his cell. He learns that the Kaiser has called upon Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of "", but the great detective fails to solve the riddle. In August, the Kaiser arranges for Lupin to be freed.

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Lupin eventually finds the solution, but is outwitted again by Malreich. Fairness forces one to acknowledge that Lupin solves the mystery in circumstances that may have given him an edge over Holmes. Back in France, Lupin finally defeats Marcheich. Or has he? But Lupin's scheme eventually collapses: instead, Leduc falls in love with Dolores Kesselbach , whom Lupin also loves. Tragedy ensues, resulting in the deaths of both Dolores and Leduc, and the permanent alienation of Genevieve.

A thoroughly deprssed Lupin fakes his own death and disappears June - As a coda, Lupin meets with the Kaiser again in Italy; then, intent on killing himself, he throws himself off a cliff and into the Mediterranean. Curiously, is also the year when John Sinclair, a. Lord Lister , retires. World War I begins.


November-December - Lupin accomplishes various secret missions behind enemy lines for the French government. One of his aliases is "Monte-Cristo". June-July - Back in Morocco, Lupin is captured by a Berber tribe; soon afterwards, he becomes their chief. With the Berbers' help, he eventually conquers Mauritania for France.

He gives away plots of land to some of his old companions. He meets and becomes friend with American millionaire Cosmo Mornington. February-June - As "Don Luis Perenna" again, Lupin returns to Paris to become the beneficiary of the inheritance of Cosmo Mornington ; he unmasks the savage and mysterious killer who left the mark of his teeth on an apple. September - Lupin marries Florence Levasseur , whom he met during the previous adventure, and retires to a rural setting Les Dents du Tigre. But could Lupin have been involved behind the scenes?

Victor de la Brigade Mondaine. There is, at this point, no mention of Florence Levasseur in Lupin's life. Did she die? Did she and Lupin separate? This question remains unanswered. He and his son Jean, now called Felicien Charles , meet. First, Felicien is framed for a crime he did not commit.

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Then, he is pitted against his father by Josephine's former henchmen. In the end, Lupin saves his son, but does not tell Felicien that he is his father La Cagliostrio se venge. September-October - Lupin, now posing as "Horace Velmont", is in Paris with Victoire ; he defeats the sinister organization, led by a man named Maffiano , and crosses swords with Bechoux again. He also romances Patricia Johnston.

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