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Together they participated in the Great Work of awakening and transforming their consciousness through the practice of making their marriage a holy and divine co-creation. A divine union designed to transform both of them into Christed beings. This is what the Magdal-eder, the tower, truly represents, an alchemical lightening bolt of transformation, cauldroned in the womb-container of sacred sexual consciousness that initiates the divine feminine and masculine. This is the legacy of being a Mary Magdalen, devotion to the Great Work of embodied divinity.

And in spite of two thousand years of sublimation, it is this influx of knowledge that now awakens the memories inside men and women, and hastens the remembering of the transformational power of co-creation. The New Mary Magdalen Given that religious beliefs are based on stories that have been created, shared, and eventually canonized, I find it compelling to consider the current stories that are being told about Mary Magdalen. Whether these stories are historically accurate or not, seems to matter less and less when looked at through the lens that all history is a version of a story someone once told.

The creation of a myth or legend almost always begins by oral tradition, a compelling story told and retold through the generations to inspire, instruct, or illustrate. That story is a living thing. With each new telling it takes on nuances, inflections, emphasis given by the storyteller.

However, the listener is also key. The listener filters the story through his or her own experience, focusing on the parts of the story most relevant to them. Therefore there is no one, right, true, or only interpretation of a story. Jewish Talmudic scholars seem to understand this very well.

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The emerging body of fiction and channeled materials about Mary Magdalen constitutes a growing body of extraordinary literature advocating for a reinterpretation of traditional Christian beliefs. We have very little in the way of source material about who Mary Magdalen actually was and what she actually did. But we do have a few stories that have made their way down to us through both oral and written tradition.

These stories are compelling enough to spark the imagination of a generation of men and women who seek to put flesh and blood back on the reliquaries of bone venerated as the Magdalen. This is the example that the Magdalen gives. The woman who could stand alongside the Messiah, the Christ, fully love and worship his body, bear his children, inherit his ministry, and be worthy of his devotion in return. She is hidden in plain site in the faery tale Princess become Queen - the Sleeping Beauty waiting for the curse of forgetfulness to lift, or the Cinder-girl hidden in the dust bin of history waiting to be re- discovered - so that she can once again be reunited with her beloved Starbird, While each story told about the Magdalen has its own unique and sometimes conflicting narrative, they also contribute to a growing body of knowledge about the work of the Christa, the divine Sophia, as she touches the hearts of her devotees inspiring them to put pen to paper.

Just as the Gospel writers told the story of Jesus with slightly different narratives, some including completely contradictory accounts - particularly of his birth, so we can allow the figure of the Magdalen to have multiple realities, knowing that the facts of her actual life-story are secondary to the meaning we derive from her, how she influences our beliefs and praxis as devotees of the Goddess.

Mary Magdalen: Dark Madonna, Female Christ 19 Whether her final resting place was a cave in France or at the foot of the Tor in Glastonbury or back in Israel, does not lessen the powerful and numinous experiences pilgrims have at her various resting spots. Whether Jesus and Mary Magdalen had one child or three children matters little, for if you choose to believe they had progeny then we all become their children.

If our articles of faith include belief in a child born to Jesus and Mary Magdalen which is really not so fantastical an idea when we take into account some of the other things, like virgin birth, walking on water, or transubstantiation, that Christians believe then it is not a question of IF we hold the DNA of Jesus and Mary Magdalen, but more so what will we DO with this knowledge?

As inheritors of a post-Christian, Goddess-awakened feminist spirituality, I believe it is our job to transform our world through the reshaping and reframing of our religious stories and myths to make them more inclusive and empowering. Let us then step in to our power as co- creators of our collective story by resurrecting and reclaiming the Goddess, Mary Magdalen, as a Christ. Take a moment. So be it. And so it is. Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Great Britain: Jonathan Cape Ltd. Birnbaum, L. Black Madonnas. Lincoln: iUniverse. Blavatsky, H. Isis Unveiled. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books.

Brown, D. The Davini Code. Cunningham, E. The Passion of Mary Magdalen. Rhinebeck, NY: Monkfish Books. Clements, J. Organic Inquiry: If research were sacred. Palo Alto: Serpentina. Heartsong, C. Anna, the Voice of the Magdalens. Hughes, B. April Divine Women. London: BBC. Kenyon, T. Kinstler, C. The Moon Under Her Feet. Gardner, L. Newburyport, MA: Weiser Books. Leloup, J. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions. Malachi, T. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications. McDowell, B. Gypsies: Wanderers of the World. Washington D. McGowan, K. The Expected One: A Novel. Olson, S.

New York: Mariner Books. Smithsonian Magazine. The Woman with the Alabaster Jar. Starbird, M. Mary Magdalen, Bride and Beloved. Mary Magdalen, Bride in Exile. Steiner, R. Isis, Mary, Sophia. Yeshe, L. Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire. Somerville, MA: Wisdom Publications.