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While Whitehead was made to kiss the ground.

Literature-In-English Paper 3, May-June

This makes the people so lose that they lost their self control and we're misbehaving. He gives Maligu money to get Wara for him. Soko having realised that Whitehead was evil helps Wara to escape and withdraws from following Whitehead. It is to make the people pick diamonds for him in the pretense of farming tobacco.

So Parker kills Soko and Kindo kills Parker. London leaves with his guards with the promise to return and take the throne at the demise of his father the king. Post a Comment Join this conversation. To understand words associated with sports in general, we are going to consider the following: 1. Names of major national games in Nigeria : football, handball, polio, netball, cricket, hockey, wrestling, boxing, athletics, volleyball, basketball, weight lifting, shot-put, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, gulf, karate e.

Words for sporting activities : tournament, contest, championship, head bout, round, extra time, half time, semifinal, quarterfinal, finals, group stage, chairman cup, friendly match, relay race, final bout e. Kindo begins to question the right-hand man of the white man who follows as the white man is being dragged to the palace. Kindo orders the guards to punish the white man for not paying homage to the king. Kindo moves forward and throws the white man on the ground.

Soko tells the king to stop Kindo before he brings curse to land. But, king ignores him and leaves the scene for Kindo to handle the issue with his own discretion.

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Kindo orders the guards to give Parker, forty-two strokes of cane Maligu tries to intervene but stops when Kindo threatens to beaten him. Kindo insists that the white man bows before him and lick the dust, order wise, he will be flogged. Maligu cries to the gods to have mercy on the land. Kindo then orders the white man to come tomorrow to properly present himself before the king.

Then he leaves with Wara and two guards.

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  6. The Whiteman blames Maligu for allowing Kindo to treat him with disrespect and asks if Soko can be trusted. The white man gives Maligu some money to use and buy things for those will work with him, and make provision for women and other logistics. Maligu, Soko and some girls gathers around the white man drinking and dancing. Maligu tells the white man that men are ready to work for him, courtesy of the gin and tobacco given to them as gift.

    The white man threatens to take back the money he gave to Maligu if he cannot give him whatever he needs.


    Then Maligu agrees to bring Wara. Kindo comes to find out from the white man why he chose to come to Mando land. Kindo also enquires about who gave gin and tobacco to his people. Whitehead replied that he gave some men money to go and get it from somewhere else. Kindo confronts Maligu and Soko for giving gin and tobacco to the people having known its negative effect.

    He tells them that whitehead is evil. Parker runs in to inform Maligu that Wara has escaped. Both Maligu and Soko takes different routes in search of Wara before Kindo finds her. Soko is the first to find Wara and pretends not to know what is happening. He asks her why she is running. After her explanation, Soko tells her to run to the next village and not to Kindo, that she will be safer there.


    Wara escapes to the next village. As Maligu meets Soko, he inquires if Soko has seen Wara. Soko affirmed that he advised her to run to the next village. Whitehead enters the scene and promises to give Soko and Whitehead more money if they bring him whatever he asks. He also makes plan to kill Kindo before he drives him out of the village. On hearing this, Maligu and Soko starts perceiving that Whitehead is evil and that they will stop assisting him before he puts them in trouble, but Maligu opines that it is already too late to do so.

    They prostrate as the King and Soko enters. The king asks Soko if he has prepared the girl for the sacrifice and Soko lies that he has done that. Whitehead breaks into the conversation asking that the gods can take animal instead of a human, because where I came from virgin sacrifices are not allowed. The King overlooks this and asks Whitehead when he intends to start his farming and if that will not hinder the men from attending to their farms. Whitehead promises that the work in his tobacco farm will be in the morning and will not hinder the men from working in their own farms.

    He also promises to build a school where Mando children will learn how to read and write if the men works hard in his farm. In the absence of the king, whitehead confides with Maligu that he is not actually in their village with the sole aim of planting tobacco, but to extract diamond.

    The blood of a stranger : [a play]

    More so, he reveals to Maligu his plan to get Kindo banished from the land for killing parker. The king comes back and informs Whitehead that his people are ready to work. Whitehead succeeds in convincing the king that tobacco is good for the body, the king starts taking it and becomes addicted to it. As the time for the sacrifice draws near, Whitehead tells Maligu to offer more gin and tobacco to the people so as to have their track covered.

    The king looks confused and Whitehead sits beside him complaining that he has never seen a human sacrifice before. About the playwright. Background of the play. Arguably, there are two types of citizens in any country: those who are patriotic and those who can easily trade their countries for petty gifts. Plot Summary.

    The Blood Of a Stranger

    The play opens with Maligu, the King's advisor, receiving a letter from town that a white man is coming to the village to do tobacco farming. Knowing fully well that the village of Mando forbids the entrance of strangers and with the greedy intent of making huge amount of money from the white man's stay in the village, Maligu seeks and finds the cooperation of Soko, the priest of the village shrine, to prophesy that the land should welcome the stranger. As earlier stated, Maligu is aware that this manipulated prophecy is against the existing spiritual ordinance of the community not to accept visitors, which has been observed since the war in the land.

    To them, strangers represent illness, disease and aggression. However, Maligu is also aware that the narrative can easily be changed if he passes through Soko since Soko is the ordained priest of the village that has always interceded between them and their forefathers. He believes that the people will have no reason to question or doubt Soko's divination, so he conspired with Soko to act against the will of the gods. Soko agrees and calls the people together at the cave and passes the manipulated message across to the people. The King and the villagers accept everything Soko says, but the Chief of the warriors, Kindo, who is also the King's son, rejects Soko's prophecy with valid arguments.

    But the King insists on accepting the white man as Soko says. The white man, symbolically called Whitehead, arrives with his attendant and shows little or no respect for the culture and traditions of the land. Kindo gets infuriated and forces him to order. The white man's aide, Parker, is brought to the palace and flogged by the village warriors for disobeying the King's order. The white man is forced to kiss the ground before the king as a show of respect before they are allowed to stay.

    This sows a seed of discord between Kindo and Whitehead. Whitehead soon takes Maligu into confidence that his true motive of coming to the village of Mando is get the diamonds on their land though he has given the king the false impression that he is in their land to cultivate a tobacco farm, build a school and help the village from the proceeds of the tobacco farm.

    Mr Whitehead orders for gin and hard drugs and gives them to the people. The people start misbehaving after taking the hard drugs. This angers Kindo again and makes him to confront Whitehead and accuse him of evil doing. Then, Whitehead and Parker go to the King to express their gratitude and review their promises to the people, stating how difficult it will be to accomplish these promises without the people's compliance.

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    The King, while smoking the tobacco Whitehead gives to him, tells the people to work hard for Whitehead so as to reap the blessings that follow. As directed by Whitehead, Parker kills Soko on the day for the false virgin sacrifice. Kindo finds out and kills Parker in return. Maligu then puts on the priest's mask to continue with the false virgin sacrifice. While continuing with the sacrifice, Kindo comes in and exposes all the evil plans of Whitehead and Maligu. In what can be best described as retaliation, Whitehead and Maligu request that Kindo should be banished from the village of Mando for killing a man Parker in a peace period.


    The King, known as King Santigi, agrees and passes a sentence on Kindo. Before Kindo leaves the village, he tells the people about the evil plans of Whitehead and Maligu and the impending problems on the village. Kindo goes over to Whitehead and kills him, then, leaves the village with his warriors. The language of the play is simple.