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Usually this happens after experiencing something unwanted. It's funny how contrast in life makes these things so very clear to us. Example: When you feel poor is when you decide you want more money. In this case you would then have to focus on what it would feel like to have more money in order to manifest it. Be careful that you're not secretly obsessing over the fact that you don't have enough money right now. You cannot manifest new things if you keep focusing on the present circumstance. Just put the present moment aside and imagine what it feels like when the wish is already fulfilled.

An exercise that helps me to manifest things is to write down exactly what it feels like in my journal. I feel happy. I feel fulfilled. I feel loved. I feel safe. I feel rich This really helps me capture the emotion of what I'm looking to manifest. I do this when I'm feeling hopeful, optimistic or inspired. It is very important to only manifest when you are in a good space emotionally. Know and expect that your manifestation is on its way to you. If you can think of it, you can manifest it.

The Universe wouldn't plant an idea or inspiration in your head that it could not achieve for you. That would just be plain rude! To match your vibrational frequency to that of what you are asking for change your thoughts in order to change your mood. Your mood is a direct indicator of the vibration you are sending out to the Universe at all times. If you are feeling any sort of "negative" emotion that stems from fear like anger, lack, frustration, sadness If you are feeling any sort of "positive" emotion that stems from love like happiness, abundance, optimism, gratitude, hopefulness Chances are you are trying to manifest something that you think is going to make you feel better in some way aka more high vibrational , so raise your vibration first and then you can attract it into your experience second.

Everyone is doing it backwards. People are responding to their pre-existing environment which is keeping them in the same feeling, in the same situations, with the same stuff forever! You must find and hold on to the new desired feeling first and then the manifestation can occur because like energy attracts like energy. Your energy has to match that of what you are asking for in order for it to come anywhere near you.

If the remedy is in any way related to the patient, the rod will feel as though it was slightly retarded. In order to observe this best, it must be held horizontally by one end and the other end should be gentlly stroked downward. The best remedy will cause the largest number of areas to respond. In this way, the group is gradually whittled down, until there wil be a comparatively small group to retest over the areas. The remedy that appears best can be rechecked on the pupils. If it is good, it will cause marked dilatation. In other words, the remedy that is a similar is capable of producing a large variety of reactions which take place all at the same time.

He suffered from myocardial disease, and, with two brief initermissions, his course was steadily downwards. He was unable to walk more than a few steps without suffering much pain. He decided to apply the pupil reflex to his own case. Two laymen, after preliminary training, observed the effects. Each day drugs were tested ; all those producing the reflex were set aside and added to the next day's batch until a total of drugs had been tested over a period of 12 days. On the 13th day, all drugs that had worked their way to this point were retested and compared.

Morphine acetate came through the best and was taken by Dr Stearns. The two remedies later prescribed, Ruta and Rhus tox. But perhaps the most significant point to be made in connection with this test is the fact that it was conducted entirely by two laymen. One manipulated the vials ; both watched the pupils for the reaction. What laymen could do in this instance can surely be duplicated by physicians.

Again, that master of homoeopathy, the late Dr C. Boger, once cited to us an experience of his.

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One of his patients had failed to respond to his best efforts. He decided to use the pulse reflex as his guide. He went through the arduous process day after day, testing as many remedies as time permitted. The remedy which gave the best reaction had no proving, and we have forgotten what it was but it started the patient on the road back. Later, the symptom picture cleared so that a remedy could be selected according to the old intuitive method, and the patient made a full recovery.

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His interest was aroused by a test made on himself by Dr Stearns. In this instance, Dr Stearns utilised the rod technique described above. The drug giving the largest number of abdominal reactions was Rhus tox. For several years he had been afflicted in addition with rectal fistula. Immediately after taking the Rhus tox. He improved steadily ; the paralysis disappeared ; and after a few months the fistula healed. No wonder that his experience stimulated his interest. Another approach is the symptomatology, which is likewise an expression of autonomic reaction.

But the symptoms are frequently clouded in their transmission into speech — the expressions of the patient can be deceiving , and intuitive prescribing is largely limited to what the patient conveys to the doctor. Where, by the old method, a drug is clearly indicated by symptoms, all of the reflexes will be found to react on test.

In the previous essay we showed how exact was Boyd's Emanometer in measuring the dynamis of the patient and balancing it against the dynamis of the appropriate drug. Carefully made tests on the Emanometer indicate the same remedy that is indicated by the reflexes. This shows that both techniques are directed at the same mechanism We have had two interesting confirmations of this recently. The first case was an overweight myocardial patient. One remedy was worked out on the Emanometer and another by an enitrely different technique. The vials were individually wrapped in tissue-paper marked from 1 to 14, and the pulse test was performed without anyone being aware of the order in which the vials were manipulated.

The patient sat relaxed in an easy-chair. The operator counted the pulse for 30 seconds out of each minute as a control ; then the remedy was brought up to the patient and the count noted for the balance of the minute. In this case, the pulse was faster than normal, and certain vials slowed it down. At the end of the test, these were unwrapped and found to be the five potencies of Anacardium orient.

The potencies of the two other drugs produced negligible or no effects. On a retest, the 50m of Anac. This remedy was then given, with good clinical response. Remember that the right drug tends always to normalise any abnormality of the pulse. A similar test, also utilising the pulse effect, was made a week later on another patient whose remedy as worked out on the Emanometer was Cadmium valerianate.

The pulse showed maximum reaction to this drug as against a drug chosen by another, less exact method. Of course, tests like these take much time. The pulse tests consumed an average of an hour apiece and the Emanometer tests two hours apiece. We mention this not to discourage but to orient those who wish to do research in this field. We wish them to know about the difficulties to be encountered. Remember that inconsistencies are usually due to errors in applying the technique rather than to inherent deficiencies in the technique itself. Our purpose is not to establish a new system of medicine but to open up an approach that leads to exact prescribing in accord with Hippocrates' dictum : Try to help your patients.

At least, do them no harm. A potency is, in one sense, a mimicry of the original crude drug. It is not astonishing to find that such mimicry as takes place in a potentised drug, which is really dead material, should also take place with greater ease, detail, and fullness in living things, which are the most labile of material systems.

Thus one living being mimics another when both are in the correct relationship to each other. But a living being also imitates a drug, under certain conditions! This may sound fanciful to an allopath or to a homoeopath with allopathic leanings ; but the masters of homoeopathy have always known that there are things about the activity of their potencies which are different from the usual.

In the last case mentioned, the patient's body is, in a sense, converted into a potency of the drug taken ; and the mechanics of this process may resemble that of an actual potentised drug. Perhaps in the sense to which we now refer, " mimicry " becomes too restricted in meaning.

But what about a bird migration? Here the imitation is largely figurative, without ever losing a fundamental reality. These agencies stretch over the earth in definite patterns, just as the lines of force of a magnet spread out between the north and south poles. And the migrating birds follow the patterns of these agencies. Here is the effort of a small creature to conform, to an influence that covers hundreds of miles. The bird cannot expand its body ; but it can fly. It soars into the air, filled with the thrilling call of warm lands,rich in food.

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It is joined by thousands of its kind. In their flight from north to south, they follow the direction this influence. Their flight is a tracing of that direction. So are all migratory travels, whether they take place in air, sea, or,on land. The living creature in seeking to adjust itself to a complex of inorganic influences performs a sort of mimicry of that influence by means of which the influence, otherwise invisible, is pointed out.

In this sense, at least, we find scientific justification for the old philosophical contention that the macrocosm can be contained in the microcosm. There are authentic cases for almost every disease of spontaneous cure. Hence, the body is potentially capable of curing itself, although the right stimulus is often absent and unknown. The potentised drug specific to a patient mobilises his curative reactions, and the reflexes afford only one means of observing drug specificity. Doubtless, there are other means. Towards this goal all physicians and investigators should labor.

Never forget that however useful to you at present is a knowledge of the reflexes, that knowledge is but a stepping stone to higher therapeutic levels.

Let us caution you once more that all of the reflex responses to drugs are delicate and elusive. Inconsistencies will appear to crop up, but they are not inconsistencies at all. A living thing is not like an inanimate apparatus. Ebooks and Manuals

It is constantly varying in its responses to external conditions. If the effect is to be produced at all, just the right person and just the right drug must be brought together. Usually the impaired attention due to fatigue is present before the operator is conscious of fatigue, but if you notice that results begin to be inconsistent, at once suspect fatigue in yourself or in the patient's, reflexes.

As soon as you have satisfactorily detected the effect you will feel like a person who has studied a foreign language for a while and who suddenly finds himself able to understand conversations that had no meaning for him before. That fugitive, difficult change in note will become a very real effect, something that you can manipulate at will. And if you relate the effect to the autonomic of the patient, to the response mechanism which gives us the symptomatology of illness and underlies all body efforts at cure, you will realise how wonderful is this new tool.

All of. In some ways, it represents the patterning or formative factor underlying the physical configuration. By its ability to influence living reflexes, the energy manifests to our senses. It can be tuned in by the proper circuit, but in addition to that circuit a living reflex is needed to detect the energy.

The goal of all present research is a mechanical detector of those energies, a detector which will operate without the need for him an intervention. When this goal is realised, the energies will be subjugated in much the same manner as are wireless, waves today. But we are still far from that stage.

In addition to consuming time, such research consumes money. And in the long run, that institution will advance furthest which has the best heads and the soundest financial backing. Some day a person with vision will turn over an endowment to research in this field.

That event will constitute an opportunity for the endower and for the group receiving the endowment. It will bring closer the goal which seems so. Pfeilfer, E. Peal tie, loc. Chambeflin, R. Rhine, J. Teale, E. Maby, J. Cecil and. Maby and Franklin, loc. IV, V. Colson, Thomas : Journ. Electr mk Med.

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Boyd Wm. All articles originally appeared in The British Homoeopathic Journal, excepting the , paper, which was read before the International Homoeopathic Congress in London, Stromberg, G. Stearns, G. Stearns and s Edgar D. Evia, The Approach to Realty, Horn. Persson, W. Am, Inst. Boyd, Wm. Dunne, J. Smuts, J. Dampier-Whetham, W. Gray, G. He creates you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation in three darknesses. Such is Allah your Lord. To Him belongs the sovereignty. There is no god besides Him.

How is it then you turn away? This, of course, blurs the all-important distinction between Creator and creation. It means that, in this view, the Almighty has been cut down to size, diminished to a creature of creation, stripped of His power and authority and even mocked, tortured, and condemned to hell. For what? Did it occur to anyone that this is completely absurd? Yes, of course it did. Therefore, we are asked to deny our God-given minds and follow an abstract teaching that makes no intuitive sense with the lure and promise of being let off the hook of responsibility for our actions and beliefs.

It is also blasphemy—a direct insult to the Almighty, All-Merciful. Is that not a vile slander against our own Creator who is closer to us than our jugular veins??

Introduction to Manifesting from the Heart

In Islam, in the Quran, Allah encompasses the utmost of both power and mercy, and there is no contradiction here between them. Condemned criminals often hate the judges who presided over their trials or sentencing, and consider them cruel. But the punishment of wrongdoers is a mercy to the oppressed, the victims. The deposing of a cruel dictator is a mercy to his people.

The locking up of murderers and rapists makes society safer from their attacks and abuse. This is a part of mercy, not cruelty. And would it be just for all those who simply mouth some words to go to paradise without being questioned, the murderer or thief equal in paradise to the faithful, charitable, compassionate whose whole life was spent helping others lead better lives?

Of course not. Therefore this is a mercy from the Most Merciful.

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Not from any human being. It seems humans will go to any length to get out of responsibility for their own actions. That is why the Quran also frequently mentions those who will achieve paradise are those who blame themselves and contemplate their own misdeeds nafs al-lawwama. Our relationship with Him is neither personal not impersonal, but unique and central to out lives. If we equally believe in His responsiveness and His authority and power, we can work more sincerely toward the balance of faith in His love and mercy, and reverence and fear of His wrath.

Nobody is a shoo-in to paradise, and yet all have an equal chance to receive His infinite mercy. The way to start is by recognizing that Allah has no mediators and needs none. He hears our prayers and responds to us. We in turn must hear His revelations, both the warnings and the promises contained therein, for guidance as to how to live this brief life in the best and most meaningful and fulfilling way.