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This achievement drew the attention of experts as it was the first time the shares of a company were incorporated into a token and made indissociable from it. Token holders could now be recognised as shareholders by Swiss law and not by contractual agreement. Der Schweizer Kapitalgeber Redalpine investiert nach Informationen von deutsche-startups.

Vitruvian puts German fintech Smava up for sale. Nets announces alliance with Przelewy24 to continue Polish expansion. Payments specialist Nets has announced a strategic alliance with Przelewy24, a Polish online payment service provider. The digital industry is very dynamic. So we have to look very closely at the trends and their development. When investing we are interested in long-term solid relationships. For us, the priority lies not only with the business model and the product but also the founding team. Successful companies need passionate leaders and visionaries. Nevertheless, at the moment we are specifically looking at sectors like digital health, industry 4.

We are already active in these fields. For example, we already invested in companies such as Kry , Micropsi and Artisense. Thus, either under-digitized areas or areas that are currently forming and that we firmly believe in. In , we have looked at around companies from this sector. Of course, we are always on the lookout for new auspicious FinTech ventures! Highly regulated sectors like finance — but also healthcare — are complex topics in terms of investing.

Still, we see a lot of innovations coming from within the digital ecosystem that ensure a lot of movement. We certainly need regulations in these sensitive fields — but we also need new business models and digital products. What I see happening is that regulations are slowly but surely getting looser. Just a few years ago building a product that needs a banking license would have been linked to many challenges and workarounds, might have even been completely unthinkable.

Today, we see more and more young companies operating with a banking license. And I think this happens due to two things. A, the institutions see the need for a change. And B, the digital ecosystem matured immensely in the last ten years. We see more and more serial entrepreneurs who gained trust and operate on a completely new and highly professional level.

There is definitely a higher degree of openness and interest for startups in the corporate world which opens up more opportunities to partner. Forecasts like this are really difficult to make. But seeing all the successful companies and even unicorns arising such as N26, Revolut and Monzo. I think the sector will continue to do very well in the next years.

Across all sectors, we also keep seeing a growing number of competence or knowledge-driven acquisitions by established corporates who are more and more interested in acquiring young digital companies as valuable assets to secure their competitiveness. Do your homework, be persistent, be passionate — this basically applies to all entrepreneurs. And be aware of the regulatory framework from the start.

Measure What Matters by John Doerr. FinTechs are creating a huge opportunity for financial institutions. FinTechs are much faster in developing new ideas on how to approach certain issues — they are not encumbered by the legacy issues that the incumbents struggle with. FinTech can act as an enabler to traditional banks, allowing them to adhere to new regulations, improve efficiency and increase their share of revenues from new, digital revenue streams.

What do you think about FinTechs approach so far, and what should they be doing? A lot has changed since and some of the FinTechs developed competitive offerings towards incumbents. What should they be doing more is cooperate. I see tremendous potential in B2B approaches, especially in topics around security, regulation, compliance and risk — ideas that help increasing adherence to regulation and topics that help to improve efficiency and increase revenues. Which way do you see the financial services sector going? Who would be the likely winners?

The sector is going through a major change. Winners will be organization that embraces change, regulation and its role in the newly created ecosystems.

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  • Investoren glauben an Klimawirkung nachhaltiger Kapitalanlagen.

The winners will be the ones that understand to develop regulation into a strength. The companies that relentlessly focus on their USPs. USPs can be on the customer interface — however there will be Tech Giants, price comparison websites, neobanks that increase competition —, on certain segments e. Samarth Shekhar, co-founder of FinTech Forum, will be there on both the days — use the networking app or just reach out via LinkedIn to setup a meeting. Das Berliner Startup holt gesammelte Belege beim Kunden ab, scannt diese ein und schickt dann nur noch Zahlungserinnerungen oder To-Dos aufs Smartphone.

Jetzt gewinnt Zeitgold gleich mehrere namhafte Geldgeber hinzu. My focus has always been commercial whether it has been sales management or business development and I bring my experience from the more corporate world to the start-up world of Hufsy. Moonfare bietet wohlhabenden Privatanlegern den Zugang zu Private-Equity-Fonds an, die bislang institutionellen Investoren vorbehalten waren. Ab sofort bietet das Unternehmen ein Datev-standardisiertes Buchhaltungsreporting an und integriert die Funktionen von Lexoffice in seiner Plattform. Financial details were not disclosed.

Universum, a Frankfurt-based payment service and debt collection provider, specialises in pay later solutions in DACH for e-commerce merchants. Bewerbungen sind bis zum 8. Led by Ivan Gowan, CEO, the company has launched its fully-functional trading platform for tokenized securities, which allows investors to trade, invest in, and benefit from exposure to, real-world financial instruments by directly using cryptocurrencies. Each day, we are made to prove our identity using codes, passwords, fingerprints, faces, or two-factor authentication. Reykjavik and Berlin-based Authenteq provides a cost-effective way for users to verify their identity without entering any data, while protecting their privacy using Blockchain technology.

I am very fortunate to regularly appear in the top three positions of the established global industry influencer rankings due to the generous support of great FinTech industry friends and participants. Backers included Nordica Capital Partners and Artha Kapitalforvaltning…Founded in by Mathias Gajhede, YourPay is a fintech company that provides businesses with a range of payment solutions, including conversion-optimized payment flows for e-commerce and terminal solutions for stores to receive credit card payments.

After the registration process is over, Monerium plans to offer fiat money services and issue e-money on blockchains tied to fiat currencies. Founded in , Digiteal offers every European a personal assistant to manage their e-invoices and online payments. According to Linedata, the Loansquare platform is a solution for setting up and managing commercial loans between borrowers and financial institutions. This comprises a borrower portal to let lenders manage their loan portfolio, and a servicing portal for managing financial flows. Wirecard takes over payment processing for online grocery shop from real.

Flowers, finanzierten Kreditech weiter. Nun konnte das Startup einen neuen Geldgeber finden: Die Hamburger Varengold Bank hat sich an dem Unternehmen beteiligt, wie aus dem Handelsregister hervorgeht. Gothaer cooperates with financial technology service provider Optiopay. Hanseatic Bank implements fully digital credit card application process. The event will take place at Health Innovation Port, Hamburg. Startups will have the opportunity to present their MedTech and Digital Health business idea to interested investors, to take part in a preceding workshop on the essentials of reimbursement through the healthcare system and hear an exciting keynote speech.

Interested startups should now apply at pitchday htgf. For any inquiries regarding the pitch day please contact pitchday htgf. Anke Cassing or Ulrike Kalapis! I cover the whole spectrum of the FinTech space, and I am invested across the sector, as I am also invested, for instance, in InsurTech. I am a generalist, and I want to stay that way.

Previous Events

It gives me a more objective view of what new business concept or strategy could work or not. I do not want to fall in love with a specific field within FinTech or any other industry I am involved in. If you fall in love with an idea, you lose objectiveness, which should be avoided if possible, at all costs, in my view. I try to work with great people who want to change the status quo, have great ideas and visions, and put up the very hard work to do so to achieve their high goals. Hopefully, timing will do the rest. One must know that the longer a startup survives, the bigger the chance that the moment of the right market timing will happen, while they are around.

So that is why I always try to emphasize this to the entrepreneurs and investors involved in a promising startup. European financial institutions—and that goes, of course, for the whole world—are forced to change very quickly to survive because of the attacks on their status quo. The threat to the incumbent business will come from FinTech startups and tech giants that increasingly come into the financial space, and the trend has only just begun to pick up speed.

The disruptive FinTech movement has, at first sight, a negative effect on the incumbent old proven business model. But if you take a second look, most people should realize that the FinTech disruption allows great people within established financial institutions to have reasons and arguments to bring to top management to adjust to a new world and convince them to change and invest in the technological future.

I think some incumbents try harder and more successfully than others, and we see changes happening, but I think most banks are not there yet, meaning they are not committed to changing radically. Incumbents are more involved in maintaining the status quo and the old legacy systems than in investing in the future. Banks, at best, are afraid to throw out the baby with the bathwater, but maybe that is what is needed to start fresh, at least that should be the big guiding thought among the key decision makers.

I think the pain within such large organizations is not big enough to change radically. Furthermore, top management either does not believe in radical change or could not care less because they will not be around when the consequences cannot be ignored anymore.

The situation for the financial industry is very serious, and the damaging tsunami will hit the financial shore in a way that will make us wish that some incumbents would have acted more responsibly towards their customers, employees and shareholders by being more proactive risk-takers. The FinTech sector is in its very early stages, and we will see things evolve, from just improving the current banking services to rethinking banking in a way that we still cannot imagine now. I think we still cannot say who the winners will be in the FinTech space because we are in the beginning of this disruption.

Whoever we proclaim as possible winners will make any of our predictions likely look very dated sooner rather than later. We have just taken baby steps towards what will be possible with FinTech and AI. Future banking services will be done for us without little or any input from us! It is exciting to think that everything is still possible, and most things will change in a way that we will not expect now. I keep my imagination and open-mindedness that everything is possible in order to better take advantage of the great opportunities ahead of us.

FinTech will evolve from improving banking services to revolutionizing the financial industry. In the future, you will not feel that you are using banking or any financial services—but you are. FinTech solutions in the future will seem magical initially and then normal after a while, like breathing air. I joined Hufsy because I always saw a clear and great opportunity for their growth strategy in the small-to-medium enterprise SME segment that they are pursuing with a laser focus. When my good friend Frank Schwab asked me to speak with Hufsy CEO Kristoffer Peterson and investor Martin Lumbye , I took the great opportunity to hear their vision and strategy regarding how they want to make Hufsy a success.

After our meetings, I felt a great alignment of our view on how to provide entrepreneurs in SMEs with simple and valuable financial solutions. Many of the challenger banks try to provide a lot of banking services but at the cost of not being really good at something. The big danger of the FinTech supermarket approach that is pursued by challenger banks is that they are not really, really, really good at most things they offer to their clients, and they likely move towards mediocracy with their offerings.

Let us be clear, I love what Revolut, Monzo, N26 and others do for the challenger bank industry—and the FinTech industry in general. But I see the future more and more in the highly specialized world Hufsy wants to pursue and to be great at. As I said before, we at Hufsy do not need to be the first mover in the neo and challenger bank industry.

The neo and challenger bank industry is still in its early stages, and the customer market share will shift around among new neo and challenger bank players and the incumbent banks. We at Hufsy want to serve the small and medium-sized company SME entrepreneurs with their special needs for fast account opening, good tax services and convenient invoicing services.

Our goal is that SME entrepreneurs can focus on doing business and growing, and we will support them along the way with our focused services behind the scene. In other words, with our laser focus on trying to be the best in our field, we allow SME entrepreneurs to do the same, namely to stay focused on their strengths.

If we achieve that goal of high specialization and great offerings with a laser focus and not go broader, like the FinTech supermarket approach, then we will be better than most, regardless of the market size of competitors. Consequently, we will be more successful and profitable.

To summarise, we at Hufsy need and will do things better, simpler and with greater focus than our competitors to provide a compelling value proposition that works for our SME clients. I try to read as many books as possible, but it is hard to keep up with the studies, articles, etc. At the end, it does not matter what you read, as long as you read whatever you get your hands on with passion and curiosity and regardless of whether you agree with the opinion expressed by the authors.

This approach helped me to keep an open mind and see opportunities beyond my own knowledge. That open-mindedness also applies, of course, to exchanging and listening to thoughts and ideas from other people, regardless of their professional background, because great ideas and thoughts can come from anywhere. You just have to respectfully listen to what they have to say. EUR bearbeitet — im Vorjahr waren es mit Mio. Am The program will begin on April 9 and will run until June 18, Happy new year!

This month marks five years and newsletters! Amid volatile crypto markets, most of the capital raised comes in euros from a range of prestigious European investors, including VCs, angels, and private individuals. Ziel ist, die Transaktion im zweiten Quartal zu vollziehen. The St. In a recent conversation, Managing Partner Atul Kamra touched on plans to expand internationally and the importance of strategic partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the financial and insurance technology business…SixThirty has appointed Samarth Shekhar as regional manager for Europe.

Apple Pay made its long-awaited debut in Germany this evening, allowing iPhone and Apple Watch users in the country to finally take advantage of the contactless mobile payments service if their card issuer supports it. Cryptocurrency banking provider Bitwala has started offering its banking service to cryptocurrency users in Germany, starting with 40, pre-registered customers.

A spokesperson for the company has shared details with news. Die Targobank startet ihren Robo-Advisor und kombiniert ihre eigene Anlagestrategie mit der Technologie eines Fintechs. Damit folgt sie einem Trend. Damit folgt sie gleich mehreren Trends. Hufsy is a business bank account that can be created in under 10 minutes. Perfect for small businesses and freelancers, Hufsy not only provides the account, but users can select from various financial services such as invoicing, VAT and tax calculations, and accounting.

Our priority is the user experience. Smooth, simple, secure. We enable our customers to focus their resources on their business not their banking, saving them precious time and money. Our competitors are companies like Penta, Kontist and Holvi and traditional savings banks and union banks. I was asked by the owners if I was ready for a challenge, and I accepted immediately. I thrive where the tempo is high, and changes can be made rapidly and therefore running a start-up like Hufsy is just great.

How did you finance Hufsy, and what learnings would you like to share from the fund-raising journey? Hufsy is financed by our owners and we are currently evaluating the opportunities in terms of winning additional investors. The learnings from the fund-raising journey are that it is a very healthy process for any company. It forces us to turn every stone and get an even better knowledge of our company. Without a doubt business banking. I see so much potential in this area and both demographics and user behaviour will change this business over the coming years.

Again, I see a lot of potential. The financial industry is somewhat old fashioned, but the consumers are not. This gives room for fintech start-ups that can make cool, user friendly products that are based on modern business models. Look for partnerships. There are so many great fintech companies out there so building every aspect of your product yourself can be both very time consuming and risky. Another tip is to keep it simple. Users like simple and if the product is too complicated it will be very hard to get to the market both in terms of timing and traction.

Previously I worked in the internal consulting department of Zurich Insurance Group. During this time, I had the opportunity to get experience in the areas of finance, business transformation and operational improvements in various countries. At the time, it was the perfect opportunity to combine my private enthusiasm for traveling with my job. That is also the case today at Loanboox. I am traveling constantly to meet clients and I work in close interactions with my colleagues in the 4 European countries where Loanboox is active today. Which services do you sell and who are your competitors?

Institutional investors get all the documents and information they need to perform a credit check on the platform and can make an offer based on their own loan contract. If both sides agree, borrowers and lenders conclude a loan contract on the platform In Germany, there are other platforms that pursue a similar approach. How did you get your startup idea and how did you go about launching it?

Welcome to Würzburg

Loanboox was founded in Switzerland by Stefan Muehlemann. He came up with the idea while on holidays. He was lying on the beach, reading a good book, as the challenges of digitalization in finance crossed his mind. Today everything is handled online. The platform went live in Switzerland in September Before launching the platform in Germany, we first evaluated the market and talked extensively to borrowers and lenders to understand the differences in demands compared to Switzerland.

We then added the required additional functionalities to the platform and hired a strong team. After seed rounds, in which capital was primarily raised from sources close to the company, we completed our Series A in mid We are pleased that we were able to win business angels with great expertise and valuable networks. The Series B financing round is currently underway to finance further European expansion.

Right from the start, it was important to us not just to raise money, but also to get it from the right investors who would support us as partners with advice and support. What areas within FinTech do you personally find most interesting and why? Apart from Loanboox, I find the area of credit platforms in general very exciting.

The continental European financial market offers attractive opportunities for Fintechs. There are still inefficiencies in many areas that can be solved by digital technologies. However, Fintechs should not try this alone. That is why platforms like the FinTech Forum are so important, bringing together different players with the same interests.

What tip would you like to give FinTech entrepreneurs? Founders and Fintech managers should not only think about what is technically possible, but how technology can create the greatest customer benefit. Paris-based blockchain startup Woleet has already won over several major companies, including Kering, EDF and Servier Laboratories with its blockchain data security solution. The startup is also targeting public players, and has started a collaboration with the government of the Bretagne region. With the new funding, it aims to accelerate its commercial development and to develop new features that will enrich its signature proof solution.

Commerzbank has established a trade finance innovation lab at Dortmund based Fraunhofer IML Institute for Material Flow and Logistics for cross-sector collaboration on logistics, supply chain management, supply chain finance and digital innovations. The innovation lab is expected to develop new payment and finance solutions for trade finance business based on new-age technologies such as distributed ledger technology DLT , smart contracts, and internet of things IoT.

Setting up of general framework and standards for digitalisation of international supply chain management and the related financing tools are other key objectives of the initiative. Read on for more on the memorable event. Die genaue Summe ist nicht bekannt. Be Group enables leading financial services organizations across Europe to manage the complexity of business transformation.

In the D-A-CH region, Be Think, Solve, Execute GmbH has a long-standing history as reliable partners for financial services organizations to analyse complex requirements, find solutions and implement them in their entirety, regardless of their complexity. A key success factor is the combination of Trading, Banking and Financial IT know-how implemented by a team of specialists possessing all the skills required and who work to very high-quality standards. MC is investing in German alternative credit scoring and personal finance recommendations app Bonify, it said Tuesday.

Berlin-based Solvemate receives millions in financing for its virtual customer support assistant. Tired of waiting on hold for the customer service representative? Berlin-based startup Solvemate uses its virtual assistant to automate customer support, helping companies save money and provide faster customer service.

The startup has recently closed a seven-digit round of financing from Picea Capital and Venture Stars. London-based asset manager Moneyfarm has acquired robo-advisor Vaamo as it hunts out action on the German market. Financial details were not disclosed but Moneyfarm now has its third core market, alongside the UK since and Italy since The 5 th anniversary event at The Airport Club, Frankfurt, kicked off to a full house, with FinTech Forum co-founder Frank Schwab reflecting on the first event in and how the event series and the community keeps going strong in its own special niche.

FinTech Forum co-founder Samarth Shekhar went on to share his analysis of how the European FinTech scene has moved on from small, payments- and lending-focused players to a formidable presence in the overall startup landscape. Apart from being first, solving a real problem, and staying true to your mission, you still have to make it perfect and stay on your toes regarding competition.

After the networking lunch, Dirk Fuchs of Be Think, Solve Execute invited startups to take innovative joint propositions to their client base- especially in the payments and capital markets space. After looking at five years into the future, we moved on to two sessions that looked back to the last five years! He finished off by sharing some memorable moments from the last five years, captured in photos and tweets- the perfect segue to networking drinks, courtesy of St. Killian Distillers! Manuel: With more than 15 years project experience working for leading financial institutions I consider myself an expert with the capital markets fields, focus in delivering smart scalable and long terms solutions for our customers.

I joined Be in January to developed the International Business but today I am also in charge of the internal market data products suits. Our clients are financial institutions — major banks, investment firms, exchanges, insurances. We are mainly engaged in the main business pillars Capital Markets, specialized in the areas Trading, Clearing and Settlement, and Core Banking, in the later area with a specific focus on payments business.

Technology is our main competence, which we use to optimize IT Governance and software development methodology of our clients and which we apply within our projects and managed services. We help our clients to re design business models, align them with regulatory and market requirements, enter the digital age. Our services cover a wide range from consulting services, implementing turnkey solutions, providing application lifecycle services for financial applications, to implementing and integrating self-developed standard software packages.

Our software packages support our clients to manage the market data usage, contribution and costs within the financial institution. Banks have a well-established infrastructure and a good customer base, but they are burdened by a product-centered thinking legacy. Most banking solutions are outdated, and interfaces are not intuitive. Fintech companies create modern, client-centered solutions, but they do not have enough resources to bring them to market and acquire customers. The winners have to manage this Open Banking transformation, on both sides, Banks and Fintechs.

We develop innovative products and services on our own, but we also invest in companies with promising business ideas and help them to grow. We support FinTechs with our market expertise and funding needs — we are able to support strategy decisions, to deliver own development capabilities to evolve ideas to ready-to-use products or services, to exploit our network to support marketing and sales, and, in a B2B scenario, to integrate services offered by FinTechs with services and platforms of existing players.

Since we have such a broad area of capabilities, we can help many FinTechs to grow, at different stages of their maturity. FinTech firms have provided and will provide users with opportunities to improve their financial lives. They force incumbents to revise the existing user flow and redesign the actual service to eliminate friction, making it valuable for customers.

To exploit Open Banking models, a traditional bank not only needs an Open Banking Platform, but also to provide innovative services for customers. Both can be realized through collaborating with FinTechs. In order to defend market share traditional banks have to sign partnerships with FinTechs and have to create an ecosystem to gain a competitive advantage. Banks should set-up a permanent structure market place , in order to scout the market on a running base and continuously providing new services thanks to collaboration and investment on FinTechs.

Dirk: Literature on SAFE — Scaled Agile Framework — since I still believe that even large organizations can evolve and improve their working habits, to improve client and employee satisfaction.

Manuel: Loved to spend my spare time reading about success stories and leadership examples of companies that start as a family office and today are unicorns. We talked to some of the panelists that are on stage this Thursday, 22nd Nov. The round is led by CommerzVentures, the venture capital subsidiary of Commerzbank, alongside early Fraugster investors Earlybird, Speedinvest, Seedcamp and Rancilio Cube. The team behind the successful payments provider BillPay have created an entirely digital platform through which small- and medium-sized businesses SMEs can receive trade finance. Berlin-based fintech startup Bonify raises funding to provide free credit scores and financial advice.

The Berlin-based startup Bonify provides free, easy-to-read credit reports. The collaboration enables the use of the most popular Chinese mobile payment methods in establishments across the city. As a result, Chinese Alipay and WeChat Pay users can now pay with their preferred mobile payment methods in around 50 locations in Stuttgart, including restaurants and bars, museums, retail stores, and transportation services.

SIX FinTech Venture intends to provide advanced technologies, business models and solutions to the Swiss Financial Center to help meet customer expectations. Sonect, a Swiss fintech startup, announced on Monday it recently received investments from cash management specialist Loomis and global fintech venture fund SixThirty. The company also reported it has formed a partnership with Loomis, which will help accelerate Sonect growth with its expertise and large customer base.

Meanwhile, Sonect was selected for the SixThirty go-to-market program. C5 Capital Limited, a venture capital firm focused on investing in cyber security, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, made the investment. The acquisition will enable Price Edge Solutions to boost its AI and machine learning capabilities and provide e-commerce companies with insights and structures to make smart price decisions.

Technology deals and especially Fintechs are a very important focus of us. Right now they create a lot of headaches for classical banks and insurances. Maybe not such a smart move. I got excited by Fintech, P2P community banking and in particular alternative Cryptocurrencies as a result of the financial crisis and started working for Fidor Bank in , the first FinTech Company back then.

SPIELMACHER – Die Fußball Business Plattform

After spending 2 years leading the technical evangelism team at Microsoft I joined one of the largest utility companies in Europe: innogy SE. In the future 4times more transactions will occur between machines then humans. Surprisingly, the IOT space is not yet on the radar of big German banks. Most banks leave it to the industry to think about Industry 4. The ones that go beyond typical FinTech investments and try to become a Sector Disruptor.

We are pleased to announce the panelists for the roundtable discussion German FinTech, Outside Backers- Fast Forward , which looks at the trend of non-banks and foreign investors dominating German FinTech investments. The company intends to use the funds to finance international development and the evolution of its intelligent savings coach, as they plan to integrate into the services of online banks.

The Galway-headquartered business, which allows migrants to pay bills and transfer money overseas at much cheaper rates, intends to add 17 employees over the next 18 months. I am an entrepreneur and passionate for more than 21 years. Fin-tech excites me since our investment into Interhyp in Christian is a panelist at the 10th FinTech Forum on 22nd Nov. Apple Pay will soon be available in Germany, the company announced. Berlin smartphone bank N26 is expanding its presence in Europe.

In a few weeks, Iceland and Liechtenstein would be added. Entry into the six new countries is an important step towards a pan-European bank. The Yunar brand is a wholly-owned Deutsche Bank subsidiary with its own management, IT, a staff of 80 people, and, subject to approval, a ZAG licence enabling it to offer payment services. The free app launched this week, initially focusing on making loyalty schemes easy to use, with customers able to collect points from up to providers widely used in Germany. Die Cashlink-Zahlungslinks werden zum Jahresende eingestellt.

Auch im Wertpapierbereich fordern Kunden moderne, digitale Angebote. Internet and mobile have been the first wave of challenges, AI and blockchain have created the second, with potentially much higher impact and challenge for incumbents. Surprisingly little. We are overbooked and underserved — this will change. Hi, I am Julian and co-founder of Fractal Blockchain. We build ID and payment solutions for the decentralized web with a focus on usability and compliance. I have been interested in alternative and open financial systems after seeing the financial crisis first hand at Deutsche Bank.

I then did early research on Crowdfunding at Zeppelin University. I am a news junkie and into politics. Laut eigenen Angaben wird diese von 20 Lebensversicherungen und mehr als 5. Das Insurtech Hepster startet am 1. Reise- und Unfallversicherungen sollen folgen. The main point of the joint research was to conduct on blockchain the full lifecycle of bond issuance, settlement, corporate actions, and redemption, as well as cash transfer including the provisioning of digital coins, transfer between market participants, and settlement of cash payments, the summary states.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Zeedin offers unit-linked asset management starting at 50, euros — but uniquely, also offers single digital asset management for investments from , euros — currently the only asset manager of its kind on the market. We finish the day with a quick recap of five years of FinTech Forum, and invite you to networking drinks from onwards.

Deutsche Bank SAP Open 2003

We build software for a great onboarding and identification process, which is especially demanding in a truly international market like the blockchain space. We also build the payment infrastructure to enable our clients to collect funds using smart contracts. I saw the big promises that were made in crypto and took a pragmatic approach of trying to find out what is missing.

I did not have to go far and stopped with a compliant and usable onboarding process. We quickly found our first customer Ocean Protocol and build the first version pretty much for them. We were able to acquire the first customer early and generated a positive cashflow early on. However, my mentor kick started the company and helped a lot.

We later could excite other angels and raised a Seedround with funds coming from Coparion and Innogy. I am naturally most interested in identity solutions as they are the key to an open finance ecosystem. Blockchain technology is a huge opportunity for FinTech. Europe is well equipped to take up this chance as it has a unique history of a diverse landscape and compromise. While the technology creates a worldwide public market even for small volume assets, it will take a while for national regulation to take a coherent international approach.

Until then a lot of talent is needed to take into account different regulations and user expectations. The Scandinavian founders understood that early on. Mit negativen Korrelationen innerhalb des Portfolios wird angestrebt, sich dem Beta des Zinsmarktes tendenziell zu entziehen. A, 3 Jahre, 5 Jahre, gesamt. Der Fonds wird aufgrund seiner hohen Schwankungsbereitschaft vertrieblich nicht aktiv angeboten. Dazu nutzt er sich bietende Chancen im Markt, besonders Fehlbewertungen. Leber kann bei diesem Fonds in alle Anlageklassen investieren und verschiebt auch aktiv die Gewichtungen, wobei der Value-Gedanke aber immer im Vordergrund steht.

Hendrik Leber Portfoliomanagement , Dr. Euro Stand Daten per Dieses Dokument ist keine Aufforderung zur Zeichnung von Fondsanteilen und dient lediglich Informationszwecken. Privatpersonen und nicht-institutionelle Anleger sollten die Fonds nicht direkt kaufen. Sorge vor zunehmenden Risiken — Investoren aus der Versicherungswirtschaft senken deutlich ihre Renditeerwartungen.

Es wurden institutionelle Investoren aus einer Vielzahl an Kategorien befragt, darunter Pensionsfonds, Stiftungen sowie Staatsfonds. Umgesetzt wurde die Studie in Form einer umfangreichen weltweiten Erhebung im Juni Die befragten institutionellen Anleger verteilen sich geographisch wie folgt: aus Nordamerika, aus Europa, aus Asien und 50 aus Lateinamerika. Pilotprojekte sind der effizienteste Weg, sich kennenzulernen und herauszufinden, wo die echten Schmerzpunkte des Kunden liegen. Blockchain bietet in kaum einer Branche so immenses Potential wie in der Immobilienwirtschaft und steht daher auch weit oben auf unserer Digital-Agenda.

Bei rund 36 Prozent der Startups sind Immobilienplayer investiert. Er begann seine Laufbahn bei der Commerzbank AG, wo er unterschiedliche nationale und internationale Positionen innehatte. MFS International Ltd. Oktober verwaltete MFS ,1 Mrd. LO Funds - TerreNeuve will follow the same investment process as the offshore version. The TerreNeuve strategy is underpinned by a bottom up, sector specialist approach, with a focus on sectors including global consumer, agriculture, chemicals, environmental and medical technologies.

The team also utilises a proprietary sustainability rating system they have developed which acts as an extensive company due diligence process and helps them analyse powerful ESG themes in their sectors. Lombard Odier Investment Managers is the asset management business of the Lombard Odier Group, which has been wholly owned and funded by its partners since its establishment in Throughout our history, we have been rethinking the old and embracing the new in our efforts to help our clients achieve their objectives in a changing world.

We provide a range of investment solutions to a group of clients that are all long-term oriented in their many and diverse ways. Our heritage, and our combination of the best of conservatism and innovation, keeps us well-positioned to create lasting value for our clients. Sustainability is absolutely central to our investment philosophy; we believe it is the founding principle of economic outcomes, and will drive investment returns over the long term.

With more than investment professionals, we are a global business with a network of 13 offices across Europe, Asia and North America and have assets under management of 49 billion CHF as at 30 June For more information: www. Damit soll er institutionellen Investoren sowie Privatanlegern eine skalierbare, wirkungsorientierte Alternative zu traditionellen festverzinslichen Produkten angeboten werden. Er wird damit den unterschiedlichen Anforderungen der Anleger gerecht. In den vergangenen Jahren haben wir uns in diesem Bereich weiter spezialisiert und das vorhandene Fachwissen auf- und ausgebaut.

Stand der Daten: Mehr Informationen unter www. Rowe Price. Rowe Price und unseren Strategien. Rowe Price hat als internationaler Asset Manager einen hervorragenden Ruf. Rowe Price ist eine globale Investmentgesellschaft mit 1. Das von Thomas Rowe Price jr. Diversifizierung, Stiltreue und ein fundiertes Research zeichnet den disziplinierten und risikokontrollierten Investmentansatz von T.

Rowe Price aus. Kunden aus Deutschland bietet T. Die Stimmung unter deutschen Anlegern hat sich in diesem Quartal deutlich verschlechtert. Das sind sechs Prozentpunkte mehr als im letzten Quartal. Hinsichtlich der allgemeinen wirtschaftlichen Lage blicken die meisten Deutschen verunsichert in die Zukunft. Nur 17 Prozent machen sich derzeit keine Sorgen um den hohen Schuldenberg Italiens. Quartal 61 Prozent. Zwei Drittel 67 Prozent rechnen weiterhin damit, dass ihre eigene finanzielle Lage gleich bleibt letztes Quartal: 68 Prozent. Im dritten Quartal waren es acht Prozent. Knapp ein Drittel 31 Prozent geht im kommenden halben Jahr von fallenden Aktienkursen aus.

Gleichzeitig ist die Zahl der Optimisten von 24 Prozent auf 22 Prozent gesunken. Im vierten Quartal waren noch 36 Prozent der Sparer zuversichtlich gestimmt. Im letzten Quartal betrug dieser noch 37 Prozent. Befragt werden Finanzentscheider in privaten Haushalten im Alter von 20 bis 59 Jahren, die mindestens eine Geldanlage besitzen. Hierdurch kommt auch die starke Alphaorientierung des aktiven Managements zum Tragen. Die Anlagen in Anleihen und anderen Klassen dienen vornehmlich dem Risikoausgleich der Aktienanlagen.

Die Aktienanlage erfolgt Bottom-up getrieben. Ausgehend von einem ermittelten Investmentthema z. Top Down Betrachtungen finden vornehmlich im Anleihenbereich auf Seiten z. Unternehmensbezogene Anleiheninvestments z. IG Corporates, Wandelanleihen orientieren sich mehr an Spreadbetrachtungen. Allgemein liegt die Duration im Rahmen von Jahren. Bei der Entscheidung, welche Anleihebereiche wie dem Aktienbereich beigesetzt werden, sind Korrelationsbetrachtungen von Bedeutung. Die Allokationsvorgaben z.

SustainCERT is a mission-driven company committed to mainstreaming credible impact certification through user-centric, tech-driven solutions. SustainCERT is the official certification body for Gold Standard for the Global Goals — a next-generation standard to quantify, certify and maximize impact toward climate security and sustainable development. With customized certification pathways for a wide range of sustainability interventions, businesses and investors can easily embed SustainCERT impact assessment and assurance into their initiatives, whether a supply chain improvement, a sustainable product, or a large-scale impact investment.

This helps more accurately and efficiently quantify and report on the social and environmental impacts for higher credibility and recognition. For further information please visit: www. Seitens der Analysten der Rating Agentur Scope wurden 4. Diese Anforderungen unterteilen sich wiederum in zahlreiche Unterkriterien, deren Einordnung in einer Scorecard durch die Analysten der Scope Analysis vorgenommen wird. Konkret geplant sind der Ankauf von vier weiteren Wasserkraftwerken und die Refinanzierung sieben bereits erworbener Kraftwerke.

Dies geschieht mit Wirkung vom 4. Er wird zudem Mitglied im Executive Committee bei Unigestion. Ich freue mich daher, ein Teil des Teams zu sein. Bereits zum Details zum Wettbewerb finden Sie unter: www. Claudia Barghoorn 44 wird zum 1. In dieser Rolle zeichnete sie u. Nun gehen wir einen Schritt weiter hin zu einem globalen Grossunternehmen. Euro nachhaltig investiert 2. Mit einem Anlagevolumen von rund 14,6 Milliarden Euro inkl. Diese Entwicklung wird sich sicherlich weiter fortsetzen.

Das Unternehmen bietet mittlerweile eine ganze Reihe an Publikumsfonds mit unterschiedlichen Risiko-Ertrags-Profilen an: mehrere Aktienfonds, zwei Mischfonds mit unterschiedlich hohen Aktienquoten und auch reine Anleihefonds. Am Ende werden die finanzielle Bewertung und das Potential des Titels untersucht. Auch die Gewichtungen der einzelnen Komponenten spielen eine wesentliche Rolle.

Diese Scores bestimmen im Wesentlichen die Titelselektion. Ein sehr wichtiger Aspekt von nachhaltigem Investieren ist die Erzielung von Impact. Dazu muss man die Unternehmen, in die veranlagt wird, gut zu kennen und auch hinterfragen, welche Rolle soziale Verantwortung und Nachhaltigkeit in der Strategie des jeweiligen Unternehmens spielt. Pro Jahr werden etwa Unternehmen kontaktiert. Nachhaltige Investments hatten lange den Ruf, geringere Renditen als traditionelle Finanzprodukte zu erzielen.

Mittlerweile widerlegen viele — auch langfristige — wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen dieses Vorurteil. Die wichtigsten Anlageschwerpunkte sind Erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz. Euro dem Naturschutz zu Gute. Erschwerend kommt hinzu, dass mit einer Reihe von Megatrends auch das Thema Klimawandel aufs Parkett kommt. Dies ist als Richtwert zu verstehen.

Neben solchen Ausschlusskriterien beinhaltet die Aktien- und Anleiheauswahl eine detaillierte Bewertung der Nachhaltigkeit aller Unternehmen bzw. Die Unternehmen werden auch nach der Investmententscheidung weiterhin genau beobachtet. Das Siegel wird an Fonds vergeben, die eine besonders anspruchsvolle und umfassende Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie verfolgen.

Immer mehr Anleger und Investoren setzen auf nachhaltige Geldanlagen. NN Investment Partners ist schon lange am Infrastrukturmarkt aktiv und investierte bereits im Jahr in die ersten Infrastrukturfinanzierungen. Der Fonds investiert breit diversifiziert und deckt auch diese Aspekte ab. Das mag auch daran liegen, dass vielen Anlegern hierzulande gar nicht klar ist, was genau ein Robo-Advisor eigentlich ist. Bei der Frage nach der Akzeptanz neuer Technologien kommen die Generationsunterschiede voll zum Tragen. Insgesamt bejahen dies 29 Prozent der Befragten in Deutschland. Allerdings sind sich die Generationen relativ einig und sicher, dass Unternehmen wie Amazon und Co.

Insgesamt gaben das 22 Prozent der Anleger in Deutschland an. Die Gewichtung der Titel im Index erfolgt nach Marktkapitalisierung. Allerdings ist das Gewicht einzelner Emittenten auf maximal 25 Prozent begrenzt. November bekannt. Zur Auflegung verzeichnete der Fonds zudem Kapital von einem deutschen Investor. Zwei weitere Kapitalzusagen von institutionellen Anlegern liegen bereits vor. Schon jetzt beobachten wir eine Urbanisierung und den Aufstieg der Mittelschicht. Anleger profitieren hierbei von einem ausbalancierten und diversifizierten Portfolio qualitativ hochwertiger Immobilien in Asien-Pazifik.

LGIM has redefined core equity market-cap ETFs through a new index design that can help shield investors from unpredictable behaviour of crowded trading that is experienced by equity indices commonly tracked by most core ETFs. The risk from this volatility is increasing with the rise of index investing, which LGIM believes highlights the need for change. Index managers need to be more active in mitigating the risks of crowded indices and engaging with companies for the long-term benefit of the market and investors. We have designed our range of core ETFs with these principles in mind, taking steps to promote long-term performance and stability.

Stand: Das Reporting dokumentiert bspw. Investitionsschwerpunkt sind Objekte die Wertsteigerungspotenzial aufweisen, das durch ein aktives Asset Management gehoben werden soll. Euro und strebt eine Zielrendite von 7 Prozent an. Der Fonds ist bereits mit einem Startportfolio mit sieben Objekten und einem Investitionsvolumen von Mio.

Im Oktober und November sind Immobilien mit insgesamt 6. Zum 1. Das zweite Immobilienpaket ist ein Teilportfolio mit 3. Das Portfolio weist eine hohe Vermietungsquote auf und befindet sich in einem guten Sanierungsstand. Laud ist zertifizierter CFA Charterholder. Die Fusion wurde bereits von den erforderlichen Gremien und der Finanzmarktaufsicht genehmigt.

Die Verschmelzung wurde mit der Eintragung ins Firmenbuch am 3. Euro Stand per Wir freuen uns auf die gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit. Weitere Stationen waren Frankfurt Trust und Fidelity. Die detaillierte e nglischsprachige Pressemitteilung steht zum Download bereit. Denn der Renditedruck setzt Investoren immer mehr zu. Zwar dominieren nach wie vor Rentenanlagen mit einem Anteil von 55 Prozent am institutionellen Portfolio.

Nur noch elf Prozent der Befragten rechnen hier auf Jahressicht mit einer Verbesserung. Das Spektrum der befragten institutionellen Anleger umfasste Versicherungen, Versorgungswerke und Pensionskassen, Unternehmen, Banken und Sparkassen, Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaften, kirchliche Einrichtungen und Stiftungen. Kurz gesagt: We manage IT. Der Anlageprozess wurde von einem Team aus internen und externen Spezialisten entworfen. Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter: www. Aquila Capital hat sich innerhalb kurzer Zeit zu einem der aktivsten Erneuerbare-Energien-Investoren in Schweden entwickelt.

Assets under Management. Drei Viertel der Sparer 73 Prozent gehen davon aus, in zehn Jahren entweder mehr oder mindestens gleich viel zu sparen wie derzeit. So schaffen es Sparer mit einem Haushaltsnettoeinkommen unter 1. Wer im Haushalt zwischen 1. Mit steigendem Einkommen steigt der Anteil derer, die es schaffen, monatlich zu sparen kontinuierlich an. Fragt man sie nach den Anlageformen, mit denen sie heute sparen, setzen die meisten weiterhin auf Sparbuch oder Tagesgeld 49 Prozent und auf das Girokonto 32 Prozent.

Fonds nutzen aktuell 13 Prozent der Deutschen, um Geld beiseite zu legen. Aber sie zeigen leider auch, dass bei der Wahl ihrer Mittel vieles beim Alten bleibt. Die Digitalisierungsdynamik im Bereich der Kapitalanlage zur betrieblichen Altersvorsorge ist jedoch noch vergleichsweise gering. Hier liegt die Aktienquote nur bei 21 Prozent. Weltweit sehen das nur 31 Prozent der Anleger so. Falls es wider erwarten doch zu finanziellen Turbulenzen kommen sollte, gaben 35 Prozent der befragten Deutschen an, sich auf andere Anlagen konzentrieren zu wollen — etwa auf direkte Immobilieninvestments.

Dies ist insbesondere vor dem Hintergrund der historisch eher nachfrageschwachen Sommermonate beachtenswert. Weniger gefragt waren dagegen entsprechende Fonds, die in Emerging Markets investieren Fundflow-Faktor: 0, Die fundinfo AG betreibt mit www. Mit Niederlassungen an 27 Standorten weltweit und mit etwa 4. EUR verwahrten Anlagegeldern. EUR durch. Mit dem neuen Fonds, der in Kooperation mit Mercer Private Markets aufgelegt wird, soll ein ertragsstarkes, breit diversifiziertes, globales Portfolio unterschiedlichster Infrastrukturinvestitionen aufgebaut werden.

Andererseits suchen institutionelle Investoren bei den aktuell niedrigen Zinsen nach neuen und langfristig ertragreichen Anlagealternativen. Auch soziale Infrastrukturinvestments, zum Beispiel in Schulen oder Gesundheitseinrichtungen, kommen in Betracht. Daher kooperiert Union Investment beim Management des geplanten Fonds mit Mercer Private Markets, einem auf alternative Investments spezialisierten, international erfahrenen Investmentmanager.

Auch Mischfonds waren bei den ebase-Kunden sehr gefragt. Zudem standen Investments mit einem weltweiten Anlagefokus bei den Anlegern hoch im Kurs Kaufquotient: 1, Zudem arbeiten wir direkt mit Managementteams zusammen, wenn es um wesentliche Risikobereiche geht. Das sind zwei Faktoren, die auch auf eine starke fundamentale Performance hinweisen. Das Unternehmen bietet institutionellen und privaten Kunden weltweit Anlagestrategien in einer Vielzahl von Anlageklassen.

Der Befragung zufolge rechnen institutionelle Investoren damit, dass Marktentwicklungen und Anlageentscheidungen infolge des technischen Fortschritts schneller, genauer und effizienter werden. Auf die Asset-Allokation und die Portfoliokonstruktion wird das tiefgreifende Auswirkungen haben. Allerdings sollte man den Daten nicht blind vertrauen. In vielen Bereichen werden die Ineffizienzen eher zunehmen. Vielmehr kann mit der Datenflut auch die Gefahr einhergehen, die wirklich relevanten Entwicklungen nicht zu erkennen.

Vorstandsmitglieder beantworteten den Fragebogen dabei online oder per Telefon. All das bietet Fidelity Wealth Expert. Dabei unterscheidet sich unser Angebot von den zahlreichen Robo-Advisorn am Markt. Wir verbinden eine leistungsstarke Plattform mit der Erfahrung und dem Wissen unserer Investmentexperten. Die Anlageentscheidungen treffen Menschen, keine Algorithmen.

Hinzu kommen Fondskosten, die sich aus den Verwaltungskosten der einzelnen Fonds im Portfolio zusammensetzen. Die durchschnittlichen Fondskosten betragen 0,58 bis 0,68 Prozent pro Jahr. Juni auf 54,5 Milliarden Euro. Momentan betreibt das Unternehmen bereits mehr als Kraftwerke in ganz Norwegen. Oktober in Nordeuropa und Deutschland Investorenmeetings zu arrangieren. Oktober in Pontresina Schweiz zusammen. Untereinander wurde Fachwissen, Erfahrungen und Strategien miteinander geteilt. Peter A. Derzeit befindet sich bereits ein Startportfolio mit einem Volumen von rund Millionen Euro in Anbindung.

LRI Invest S. Der Fokus der Investmentstrategie liegt auf dem Aufbau eines diversifizierten Portfolios von Neubauten, Bestands- sowie in Errichtung befindlichen Wohnimmobilien. CHF per Die von Professor Dr. Vor allem die dynamische Betrachtung ist interessant. Professor Dr. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf wohnwirtschaftlichen Immobilienentwicklungen in Deutschland. Der Fokus liegt auf der Beratung von Fonds, die mit Mezzanine-Kapital insbesondere Projektentwicklungen deutscher Wohnimmobilien sowie wohnwirtschaftliche Bestandsobjekte finanzieren.

Er wird mit Wirkung zum 1. Oktober Fondsmanager des Echiquier Agressor. GIC mit Sitz in London, sammeln konnte. Februar eingereicht werden. Verliehen wird der mit insgesamt Mai in der Kreativ- und Startup-Metropole Berlin. Paris, New York City oder Hongkong. Der 2. Mit dem 3. For both, a tensorial description is necessary for a general nonhydrostatically stressed solid. In the second part, a material law for the description of TRIP-Steels was developed based on the values derived in the first part. The different mechanical behavior of the phases, especially the differing yield stresses, was taken into account.

The model developed was implemented into the finite element program MARC. Simulations of the material and the structural behavior were performed. The experimentally observed strong dependence of the transformation kinetics on the yield stress of the austenite and the dependence of the orientation of the martensite inclusion on the stress state could be verified. Das Modell ist zur Berechnung ausgedehnter Strukturen einsetzbar. Eine lokale Betrachtung der Energie- und Entropiebilanz an der Phasengrenze bildet den Ausgangspunkt zur Identifikation der thermodynamischen Kraft und des thermodynamischen Flusses bei Beschreibung der Transformationskinetik.

Fuer beide Groessen muss fuer den allgemein nichthydrostatischen Spannungszustand eine tensorielle Beschreibung verwendet werden. Es wird das unterschiedliche mechanische Verhalten der Phasen, insbesondere die stark unterschiedlichen. Implementation of new concepts for space HVAC systems in domestic buildings in consideration of cost, consumption and user comfort.

Final report; Umsetzung neuer Konzepte der technischen Gebaeudeausruestung im Wohnungsbau unter Beruecksichtigung von Kosten, Verbraeuchen und Nutzerkomfort. The goal of this project was the development of a set of tools for the selection of optimal concepts for HVAC-systems in housing buildings. Several factors are considered. They include technical feasibility, costs for investment, maintenance and operation, energy concumption, environmental impacts and user comfort.

It is intended with the help of these tools to identify the most important factors which influence energy consumption and to suggest simple and cost effective measures to reduce energy consumption. Measures include improvements of the envelope, changes in the HVAC-system and its operation according to the needs to the inhabitants of the building.

This report describes these components of this tool set which were developed in the frame of the project WohnKomfort. It lists data and rules chosen. In addition we report experiences which we gained with an prototypical implementation. This implementation allows load calculations for more than It also supports selection of heating systems for such buildings by offering an evaluation according to user specified criteria including cost, environment and comfort.

Mit Hilfe dieses Instrumentariums soll es moeglich werden, die Haupteinflussfaktoren fuer den Energieverbrauch anzugeben und Vorschlaege fuer einfache und kostenguenstige Massnahmen zu seiner Reduzierung auf der Seite des Gebaeudes bauliche Massnahmen und der Anlage technische Massnahmen, Nutzerverhalten anzugeben.

In diesem Bericht beschreiben wir die im Vorhaben entwickelten Komponenten des Instrumentariums, die zugrundeliegenden Daten und Regeln sowie Erfahrungen, die. Calculations of an unsteady flow through a hydraulic axial turbine with reference to interaction between stator and rotor; Instationaere Berechnung einer hydraulischen Axialturbine unter Beruecksichtigung der Interaktion zwischen Leit- und Laufrad. The objective of this study is the development of an algorithm enabling coupling of nonmatching computational grids to carry out calculations of an unsteady flow through a hydraulic axial turbine with reference to interaction between stator and rotor.

The algorithm should offer the possibility to operate the computational grids in a fixed position relative to each other as well as in relative movement. Furthermore, the calculation should be feasible with separate grids in parallel and different frames of reference. Employing selected examples this method is investigated in detail the results are compared with performed measurements. The unsteady numerical examination of the coupling process is carried out with different examples; especially the interaction effects between stator, rotor and draft tube of a hydraulic axial turbine are observed.

In addition, the effect of tip clearance of the mean flow is described. Flow time dependent velocities have been measured with a Laser Doppler Velocimeter placed at midspan of the blading. Periodical changes in static pressure have been recorded at different locations near the wall of the turbine casing. These measurements serve as reference for the comparison with results derived from the unsteady calculations. The confrontation of the time-dependent fluctuations of the flow quantities and the calculation of the efficiency of the turbine resulting from the simulation results allow a comparison in absolute terms.

Diese Berechnungsnetze sollen zueinander ortsfest sein oder auch eine Relativbewegung zueinander haben koennen. Sie sollen ausserdem und in unterschiedlichen. Full Text Available [english] Background: Anticoagulation is a crucial element in microsurgery. Although various clinical studies and international surveys have revealed that anticoagulation strategies can vary and result in similar outcomes, anticoagulative regimen are far away from standardization.

In Germany and german speaking countries standardized anticoagulation protocols concerning free flap surgery do not exist so far. Methods: To evaluate the current practice of clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with specialization in microsurgery we performed a questionnaire surveying the perioperative regimen of anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy in free flap surgery. The microsurgeons were interrogated on several anticoagulant, rheologic and antiplatelet medications, their dosage and perioperative frequency of application pre-, intra- and postoperative.

Results: The questionnaire revealed that the used antithrombotic and perioperative regimens varied from department to department presumably based on the personal experience of the surgeon. Multiple approaches are used with a wide range of anticoagulants used either alone or in combination, with different intervals of application and different dosages. Conclusion: Therefore consensus meetings should be held in future leading to conduct prospective multicenter studies with formulation of standardized anticoagulative and perioperative protocols in microsurgery reducing flap failure to other than pharmacologic reasons.

Zahlreiche klinische Studien und internationale Erhebungen zu antikoagulatorischen Strategien weisen eine grosse Varianz bei vergleichbaren Resultaten nach, entbehren jedoch einer Standardisierung. Methodik: Zur Erhebung der antikoagulatorischen Praxis unter.

Der Begriff "Pigment" beschreibt in erster Linie farbige Substanzen. Im Reich der Pilze gibt es eine Vielzahl von Pigmenten. Gewisse Indolderivate wurden von einer Arbeitsgruppe um Prof. Mayser erstmals bei der Hefe Malassezia furfur beschrieben, bei der Ungarn seit der Wahl: Demokratie unter Druck. Doch packt sie die identifizierten Probleme zu oft auf eine Weise an, die ganz nebenbei dem. Control concepts for integration of alternative supply generation systems in local energy supply grids taking specially into account systems stability; Regelungstechnische Konzepte zur Integration alternativer Erzeugungsanlagen in lokale Energieversorgungsnetze unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Systemstabilitaet.

The simulation results demonstrate the flexibility of the entire control system and the efficiency of the new stabilisation method. Aufgrund hoher spezifischer Investitionskosten ist jedoch der Preis einer Kilowattstunde aus alternativer Erzeugung noch sehr hoch [41]. Deshalb ist die Erzeugung elektrischer Energie aus erneuerbaren Energiequellen im Vergleich zur Nutzung traditionellen Energiequellen noch nicht im vollen Umfang wettbewerbsfaehig, dies wird sich jedoch sehr bald aendern.

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde dazu eine vollstaendige Regelung fuer eine doppelt gespeiste ASM entworfen, die eine Verbesserung der dynamischen und transienten Stabilitaet gewaehrleistet. Sie beruht auf den Maschinengleichungen und besteht aus verschiedenen Regelkreisen, die die Arbeitsbedingungen anhand externer Kenngroessen bestimmen.

Dabei wird als optimale Regelstrategie die Erzeugung der jeweils maximal erlaubten Leistung aus dem Wind zu Grunde gelegt, nicht der optimale Arbeitspunkt des gesamten Netzes. Es konnte ein neues Verfahren zur Verbesserung der transienten Stabilitaet entwickelt werden, dass in dieser Arbeit vorgestellt wurde [29]. Dieses besteht in der Stuetzung der Spannung am Zwischenkreis des Rotorumrichters waehrend und kurz nach dem Kurzschlusse durch eine am Zwischenkreis angeschlossene externe Spannungsquelle.

Eine Untersuchung basierend auf der stationaeren Drehmoment-Schlupf-Kennlinie vor dem. E-Books in wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken. Die Potenziale liegen unter anderem in der Formgebungsfreiheit, der Ressourceneffizienz und der Personalisierung. Jahrhunderts ausbildete und zunehmend an Bedeutung gewann. Rohstoffliche und verfahrenstechnische Einflussfaktoren der Pyrolyse biogener Rohstoffe.

Ausgehend von der Entwicklung einer kleintechnischen Festbettpyrolyseapparatur, erfolgten experimentelle Untersuchungen an 26 biogenen Einsatzstoffen unter verschiedenen Prozessbedingungen. Die Einsa Development and application of dynamic MR-imaging for evaluation of perfusion changes in rectal carcinoma during a course of radiotherapy in clinical use.

Erste Ergebnisse. Vries, A. Innsbruck Austria. Universitaetsklinik fuer Strahlentherapie - Radioonkologie; Judmaier, W. Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiodiagnostik I; Oefner, D. Universitaetsklinik fuer Chirurgie; Debbage, P. Die Messzeit der dynamischen Messungen betrug 40 Minuten. Die Messschicht Schichtdicke 5 mm wurde so gewaehlt, dass sowohl Tumor als auch arterielle Gefaesse dargestellt wurden. Die angewendete Methode erlaubte eine raeumliche Aufloesung von 2x2x5 mm und eine zeitliche Aufloesung von 14 Sekunden.

Die Messdaten wurden vor und in konstanten Intervallen waehrend Therapie erhoben. Ergebnisse: Die raeumliche und zeitliche Aufloesung der T1-Maps war ausreichend, um Areale mit unterschiedlicher Kontrastmittelkinetik innerhalb des Tumors zu erfassen sowie die grossen Beckenarterien sicher zu identifizieren. Der Perfusionsindex Pi versus Strahlendosis zeigte eine signifikante Zunahme in der ersten oder zweiten Woche der Bestrahlung, bevor er entweder kontinuierlich absank oder nach anfaenglichem Abfall einen erneuten Anstieg aufwies.

Schlussfolgerung: Unsere Ergebnisse zeigen, dass sich die verwendete Methode zur Erfassung von Perfusionsparametern unter Bestrahlung eignet und in der klinischen Routine anwendbar ist. In der Zukunft. The batteries have been tested and evaluated on bench testing as well as in fork lift trucks and driverless trucks in practical application.

The field tests have been performed by the subcontractors Still, Mercedes-Benz and Indumat. A series development together with a cost reduction programme have to be performed ahead of the introduction of the ZEBRA-battery into the market for industrial traction batteries. Power to gas to relieve the electricity distribution networks. Continuation of the study ''Benefit of smart grid concepts taking into account the PtG technology''; Power-to-Gas zur Entlastung der Stromverteilungsnetze.

One of the main challenges in the energy transition is to integrate the increasing based on volatile renewable energy generated power in market and network. Based on actual distribution networks in Emsland in the study presented below was investigated, what contribution an intelligent coupling of electricity and gas distribution networks by means of power to gas PtG systems can do to solve this challenge. The investigations have shown, among other things, that the network expansion costs in particular can be significantly reduced by the coupling when otherwise an oversizing would be done by discrete power grid expansion measures.

Die Untersuchungen haben unter anderem gezeigt, dass durch die Kopplung die Netzausbaukosten insbesondere dann signifikant reduziert werden koennen, wenn andernfalls eine Ueberdimensionierung durch diskrete Stromnetzausbaumassnahmen erfolgen wuerde. A comparison of three different types of collectors for process heat uses; Vergleich von drei verschiedenen Kollektortypen fuer Prozesswaermeanwendungen.

Brunold, S. A comparison of the measured and simulated values of three collector types shows that evacuated tube collectors are superior to transparent-insulation flat collectors in the case of high-temperature uses. At temperatures of C and above good results were obtained using evacuated tube collectors with compound parabolic concentrators manufactured by Microtherm. Costs play a decisive role when selecting systems. The results obtained show that improved transparent-insulation flat collectors can compete with evacuated tube collectors in the C to C temperature range.

Wie fuer die meisten Anwendungen spielen die Kosten eine entscheidende Rolle fuer die Wahl des eingesetzten Systems. Die Resultate zeigen, dass ein verbesserter mit TWD ausgeruesteter Flachkollektor im Temperaturbereich von C bis C konkurrenzfaehig zu Vakuumroehrenkollektoren sein kann. Annual energy yield of different photovoltaic technologies at different climatic conditions; Jahresenergieertraege unterschiedlicher Photovoltaik-Technologien bei verschiedenen klimatischen Bedingungen.

It is very important for engineers as well as for investors to know which amount of energy E [kWh] a photovoltaic PV system produces under real operating conditions. Most data sheets contain the efficiency of the PV modules only for standard test conditions STC in the laboratory.

In reality higher module temperatures, lower irradiation G and a modified spectrum of the irradiation G change the standard test conditions efficiency. However, standard test conditions never appear at real live in Germany. In southern countries, which have more sun, the operation conditions differ much more from standard test conditions. Therefore, the effects on the annual energy yield are even bigger.

To answer the question which PV technology gives the highest energy yield at specific climate conditions, this thesis set up thirteen PV systems using different technologies in Stuttgart, Nicosia, and Cairo. An extensive data acquisition is added to monitor weather and system data.

First the thesis extracts the temperature and low light behavior from the measured field data. At the end it models the PV systems to forecast the annual energy yield EJahr and compares with the measured values. The analysis of the field data reconfirms the better temperature behavior of the thin film technologies reported in literature. The HIT technology exhibits a better low light behavior, than the crystalline Si technologies, which all show a similar low light behavior.

In the field the CIGS technology shows a contrary low light behavior compared to the laboratory. Field data show, that amorphous Si and CdTe technologies have a much better low light behavior than the crystalline Si technologies. The tolerances of the nominal power PSTC have the biggest influence on the annual energy beside the local irradiation and dirt. Therefore, in Cairo a periodical cleaning of the PV modules is essential. However, the PV technology comparison shows, that the HIT and the thin film technologies have a better temperature and low light behavior.

They tend to produce more energy yield at hot locations. The antioxidative system of Norway spruce: Effects of different stress factors. Das antioxidative System der Fichte: Einfluss von verschiedenen Stressfaktoren. Schittenhelm, J. Freiburg Univ. Botanik Germany ; Westphal, S. Botanik Germany ; Toder, S. Botanik Germany ; Wagner, E. Botanik Germany. The effects of different stress factors on the antioxidative system of 6-year-old Norway spruces of the same clone were examined. Flooding and permanent darkness had only minor effects. On the other hand drought, chilling, intense light, and very high ozone concentrations showed strong but distinct consequences.

This indicates that the damages by these stress factors are due to different toxic oxygen species, and that the stress factors could produce synergistic damages under natural field conditions. Several insect lineages have developed diverse strategies to sequester toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids from food-plants for their own defense. Here, we show that in two highly divergent insect taxa, the hemimetabolous grasshoppers and the holometabolous butterflies, an almost identical strategy evolved independently for safe accumulation of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

This strategy involves a pyrrolizidine alkaloid N-oxygenase that transfers the pyrrolizidine alkaloids to their respect Block, W. Radiologische Klinik; Lamerichs, R. Neurologische Klinik. Methods: 41 examinations of 24 volunteers and 41 investigations in 35 patients were performed on 1. Results: Two types of muscle energy metabolism were identified from the pattern of spectroscopic time course in volunteers: While the first group was characterised by a remarkable decline to lower pH values during exercise, the second group showed only small pH shifts minimum pH: 6.

Ergebnisse: Die Probanden liessen sich streng in zwei Gruppen einteilen. Klein, M. The model processes twenty-two different leaching scenarios that were derived from twelve characteristic soil profiles representing pedological regions in Germany along with recorded meteorological data from nine weather stations.

These data are related to geographic distribution of industrial wood preserving activity. The model calculates statistic probabilities of concentrations of wood preservatives in seepage water beneath timber storage sites of regions to be selected by the user. Results and Discussion. The results can be related to the total area of Germany, its forest area or to the density of preservation activity in various regions. Beside concentrations of the parent compounds, those of degradation products may be calculated for the seepage water. The described model is a particularly useful tool for comparative assertion of various wood preservative products under aspects of the exposure of groundwater resources.

Furthermore, the results of model calculations identify vulnerable regions in Germany for which appropriate risk management measures have to be taken in order to protect groundwater from contamination. Das stochastische Modell. Distribution of heavy metals in a wood culture water catchment area under the influence of acid deposition as shown by the example of the Soese trough Western Harz region ; Verteilung von Schwermetallen in einem forstlich genutzten Wassereinzugsgebiet unter dem Einfluss saurer Deposition am Beispiel der Soesemulde Westharz.

This thesis deals with the distribution and turnover of heavy metals in partial terrestrial ecosystems of the water catchment area of the Soese storage dam in the Western Harz region, a forested area affected by acid deposition. The metals investigated are cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, nickel, lead and zinc. The work distinguishes three spatial areas: Regional heavy metal pollution is characterized via the establishment of nine deposition measuring sites recent pollutant stress in the field or under spruce stands and via cadastre-oriented surveying of element contents and accumulations in humus ground covers and mineral soils historical pollutant stress.

In-soil heavy metal turnovers are documented in five representative sites via investigation of the soil solution years of measurement In three sites, heavy metal turnovers are quantified via flow balances for the terrestrial ecosystem and the soil zone free of roots. In der Arbeit werden drei raeumliche Ebenen unterschieden: Die regionale Belastung wird ueber die Einrichtung von neun Depositionsmessstellen [rezente Belastung] im Freiland bzw. Die bodeninternen Umsaetze der Schwermetalle werden an fuenf repraesentativen Standorten anhand der Untersuchung der Bodenloesung dokumentiert Messjahre An drei Standorten werden die Schwermetall-Umsaetze ueber Flussbilanzen fuer das terrestrische Oekosystem und die undurchwurzelte Bodenzone quantifiziert.

Solar reactors for freshwater treatment in developing countries with high radiation intensity, with particular regard to part-project No. Final report; Solarreaktoren fuer die Trinkwasseraufbereitung in Entwicklungslaendern mit hoher Sonnenstrahlungsintensitaet unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung von Teilprojekt 1: Mikrobiologie, Verfahrenskonzeption. Erhoehung der Bakterienabtoetungsraten wird die erhoehte Temperatur des behandelten Wassers in einem isolierten Sammelbehaelter ueber mehrere Stunden gehalten. Contributions to multiple element speciation in vegetable plants: Studies on the type of bonding of numerous elements, particularly zinc and cadmium; Beitraege zur Multielement-Speziation in pflanzlichen Lebensmitteln: Studien zur Bindungsform zahlreicher Elemente unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung von Zink und Cadmium.

In the first part of the study, the total contents and the solubility characteristics of Zn, Cd, Fe, Mn, Cu, Ca, Sr, K and Rb in 26 different vegetable plants, the majority of them commercially available, are reported, obtained by post-decomposition analyses. The data are given for avocados, bananas, cauliflower, chicory, Chinese cabbage, dill, ice lettuce two specimens , endive, field salad, cucumbers, kohlrabi, lettuce, chard beet, carrots, peppers, leek, radish, red cabbage, loose leaved lettuce, celery two specimens , spinach, topinambur, white cabbage, and parsley.

Cell decomposition was done by treatment of the plant material with an electric dispersing apparatus Ultra-Turrax in buffer solution liquid shearing. The homogenates were separated into supernatants cytosoles and pellets by means of centrifugation. Cell decomposition of the plants by crushing with quartz sand after lyophilization solid shearing required much more technical effort and for some elements created problems with the blind values.

The solubility of Zn and Cd was more strongly dependent on the plant species than that of Cu, Rb, and K.

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All five elements thus can be analysed by conventional methods for further enhanced speciation. Mn, Ca, and especially Fe and Sr for the most part were found to be bonded to solid cell constituents. However, the solubility characteristics of Ca and Mn and Sr in particular was very homogeneous. In some plants, the contents of Mn and Sr in the cytosoles was approx. Development of an analysis method for determining chlorinated hydrocarbons in marine sediments and suspended matter giving particular consideration to supercritical fluid extraction; Entwicklung eines Analysenverfahrens zur Bestimmung von chlorierten Kohlenwasserstoffen in marinen Sedimenten und Schwebstoffen unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der ueberkritischen Fluidextraktion.

Fuer die Probennahme von marinen Schwebstoffen soll ein Verfahren erarbeitet werden, das eine effiziente Abtrennung moeglichst kleiner suspendierter Partikel aus Seewasser ermoeglicht. Mit dem entwickelten Analysenverfahren sollen aktuelle Aspekte der Meereschemie zu Quellen, Transport, Verteilung und Verbleib von chlorierten Kohlenwasserstoffen in der marinen Umwelt behandelt werden. Zum biologisch-dynamischen Forschungsansatz — Nur philosophisches Beiwerk oder Erkenntnisbedingung einer Wissenschaft vom Leben?

Supplementary report. Ergaenzungsbericht 2. Separate abstracts are available in this database for two articles of this report. Es handelt sich hierbei um die drei Projektbereiche: Biologische Systeme unter anderem mit den Themen Umweltbiotechnologie, Enzymreaktionen, Protein-Engineering, Fermentationsprobleme bei sekundaeren Metaboliten, Tetrachlorethylen-Abbau, Stereoselektive Synthese; des weiteren der Projektbereich Verfahrenstechnik unter anderem mit den Themen Ueberkritische Loesungsmittel, Enzymkatalysierte Reaktionen, Bipolare Membrantechnik, Membrantrennverfahren, Anaerobprozesse; als letztes der Projektbereich Informationstechnik mit den Themen Morphologieerfassung, Prozessfuehrung.

Stable and flexible under power; Stabil und flexibel unter Strom. If conveyor routes, shelve service devices, hall cranes or other haulage equipment - all this systems want to be supported economically, securely and reliably by energy. Optimized energy chains and gliding connect with innovative details function as probate systems. Also touchless energy- and data transmission technologies open an immense potential. Vehicles under electricity.

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Result booklet; Autos unter Strom. The booklet under consideration reports on the environmental relief of electric-driven vehicles by means of the research project OPTUM 'Potentials of environmental relief of electric driven vehicles - Integrated analysis of vehicle usage and energy economy'.

Coalification reactions under pressure. Inkohl-ungsreaktionen unter Druck. The relationship of the mutual effect of pressure and temperature on the coalification reactions may be illustrated by graphs, if the parameters are determined, which cause an increase in the reflection index of the vitrinite of 0. The results indicate, contrary to theories often expressed in the literature, that the intensifying influence of pressure on coalification may be excluded if the pressure charge operates through shear- and friction-forces, without temperature changes.

The results also show that the use of spores as coalification thermometers is limited. Der antiskeptische Boden unter dem Gehirn im Tank. Electricity trade under financial market supervision; Der Stromhandel unter Finanzmarktaufsicht. With the competitive opening of the electricity market at European and national level, the goods electricity became a freely traded commodity. The statements clearly indicate that the power market is a goods market with its own laws and not a classical financial market. It considers what characteristics exist in electricity trading and whether and how they are considered for regulatory purposes.

Mythos Qualifikation — Berufungsverfahren unter der gleichstellungspolitischen Lupe. Full Text Available Auf der Grundlage von qualitativen Interviews und einer Vollerhebung aller Verfahrensregelungen liefert die Studie eine umfassende Analyse der Gestaltung von Berufungsverfahren aus gleichstellungspolitischer Perspektive.

Akustische und perzeptive Analysen von Sprache unter Alkoholeinfluss. In this thesis, several acoustic and perceptive studies on the influence of alcoholic intoxication on speech are presented. The speech samples for the experiments are taken from the Alcohol Language Corpus, a large database containing recordings of 77 female and 85 male speakers in both sober and intoxicated conditions with various blood alcohol concentrations. An acoustic analysis of recordings of speakers in intoxicated and sober condition reveals a significant increase of the mea Development of an ultratrace analysis method for elements of the platinum group contained in environmental and geological samples using an ICP-QMS with isotope dilution analysis and suitable separation techniques; Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur Ultraspurenbestimmung der Platingruppenelemente in Umwelt- und geologischen Proben mit einem ICP-QMS unter Verwendung der Isotopenverduennungsanalyse sowie geeigneter Separationstechniken.

Hierbei wurde in der Vorrunde der Zertifizierung ''intercomparison round'' eine sehr gute Uebereinstimmung der Ergebnisse mit dem gewichteten Mittelwert der Ergebnisse fuer Pd und Pt mit den uebrigen teilnehmenden Laboratorien festgestellt. Die mit der hier entwickelten Methode erhaltenen Ergebnisse wurden ohne Ausnahme fuer alle gemessenen Elemente zur vorlaeufigen Zertifizierung herangezogen. Damit leistete die vorliegende Arbeit einen erheblichen Beitrag zum erfolgreichen Abschluss dieses Projekts. Den Erwartungen hinsichtlich Richtigkeit und Reproduzierbarkeit des entwickelten Verfahrens wurde somit voll entsprochen.

Erneut konnte die grosse Bedeutung der Isotopenverduennungstechnik fuer die Zertifizierung von Referenzmaterialien aufgezeigt werden, da mit dieser Technik bei sachgerechtem Einsatz Ergebnisse hoher Richtigkeit erzielt werden. Diese Arbeit und die Forschungsergebnisse, die. Investigation and modelling of the alkaline release and transport during coal combustion at elevated pressures.

Final report; Untersuchung und Modellierung der Freisetzungs- und Transportvorgaenge von Alkalien bei der Kohleverbrennung unter hohen Druecken. Verbrennung unter Druck. Variiert wurden hierzu die Einflussparameter umgebende Gasatmosphaere und Aschezusammensetzung sowie Druck und Aufheizrate. Die allgemein akzeptierte Annahme eines physikalischen Verdampfungsprozesses der Alkalien aus den Kohleaschen konnte in den TGA-Versuchen nicht bestaetigt werden.

Vielmehr muss von einer Desorptionsreaktion des Natriumchlorids von der Metakaolin-Oberflaeche ausgegangen werden. Die Desorption von Alkalien wird nicht durch die chemische Zusammensetzung der Mineralsubstanz beeinflusst, dagegen besitzen die Sauerstoffverbindungen in der Gasphase und der Druck einen starken Einfluss. Als Adsorber von Alkaliemissionen wurde Kaolin eingesetzt. Darueber hinaus wurde der Einfluss der Kalksteinzugabe auf die Alkali-Emissionen untersucht. Die Versuche zeigten u.

Full Text Available [english] The management and maintenance of paper-based patient record archives involve high running costs. Therefore, many health care providers choose to digitize their paper records subsequently destroying the originals. By now, this is an established procedure for patient records from routine care. However, at present it is unclear under which circumstances the patient records of patients taking part in clinical trials can be destroyed after digitization.

Paper-based original records may only be destroyed if their digital copies are recognized as source documents by both sponsors and authorities. The authors believe that this recognition should be possible, as long as the scanned paper-based records fulfill the requirements for certified copies according to the Note for Guidance ICH-GCP. This requires that, based on the applied rules, it can be proven at any time that the existing digitization process is clearly regulated, and the resulting quality is regularly controlled and sufficiently high.

The objective of this key issues paper is to present the manner in which the existing regulatory guidelines can be implemented to allow the digitized patient records being recognized as source documents. The energy sector between the two poles of the free market system and the public service obligations. Potential and limitations of state control, with an emphasis on the act for reform of the energy industry law ENG and the EU Internal Market Directive; Der Energiesektor zwischen Marktwirtschaft und oeffentlicher Aufgabe. Moeglichkeiten und Grenzen staatlicher Steuerung unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Gesetzes zur Neuregelung des Energiewirtschaftsrechts und des Europarechts.

In Part A of the book it will be brought out that despite differing conceptual starting points and despite state control's way of working, there is no alternative to legal control. In co-operative models and consensual solutions in those states with private sector service providers, which exist in diverse forms in the energy sector, too, the law operates as a framework or regulatory warning, or it has a reserve function. An end to state control is not linked to that because the state remains responsible for the achievement of the goals the notification ans definition of which it undertakes as a public duty.

The results found are discussed and confirmed in Part B of the book in connection with the reform of the legal framework of the energy industry the German act named ENG. In Part C of the book it will be shown to what extent legal constitutional limitations stand in the way of state control in the energy sector. Im zweiten Teil werden unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der europarechtlichen Regelungen die Moeglichkeiten, rechtliche Grenzen und Maengel staatlicher Steuerung im bisherigen System der Elektrizitaetsversorgung in Deutschland dargestellt, da Reformen, um dem Steuerungsanspruch des Staates gerecht zu werden, diesezu beachten haben.

Es wird u. Im dritten Teil werden die verfassungsrechtlichen Restriktionen untersucht. Purpose: Liver stiffness measurement by real-time 2-dimensional shear wave elastography 2D-SWE lacks universal reliability criteria. We sought to assess whether previously published 2D-SWE reliability criteria for portal hypertension were applicable for the evaluation of liver fibrosis Analysis of the hypothermia of aqueous solutions with different additives and mixing ratios; Analyse der Unterkuehlung von waessrigen Loesungen mit verschiedenen Additiven und Mischverhaeltnissen.

Energy Efficiency. The mixture of water, additive and ice particles generally is referred to as slush. As a refrigerant, compared to single-phase coolants slush ice has many advantages. Thus, the energy density is up to seven times larger due to the data stored in the phase change latent heat. Although the number of slush ice plants used worldwide is increasing steadily, the market could not be convinced yet. This is due to the slush ice generation process mainly used in Europe with rotating scraping elements which remove the ice particles resulting on cold heat exchanger surfaces.

These are associated with high investment costs, wear and thus a high degree of maintenance. The aim is to develop a slush ice plant without scraping elements and without sticking or formation of ice on the heat transfer surface. The development of the new process slush ice generation is the overall project in which the context of appropriate combination of flow pattern, additive content, ice content, heat transfer surface and temperature difference between heat transfer surface and fluid is investigated.