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While they had been collaborating since , it was not until that they released a full-length collaborative effort, Blackout! The follow-up album, Blackout! Method Man often gives a shout out to Redman on tracks that do not feature Redman; this usually comes in the form of "What up, Doc! In , they starred alongside each other in the stoner film How High.

The duo have known each other for a long before signing with Def Jam. While at Def Jam, they reunited in on tour and met again in in the recording studio of West Coast hip hop legend Tupac "2Pac" Shakur. After this they had friendly battles freestyling with each other on Yo! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved April 10, Rovi Corporation.

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Walt Grealis. Tical Judgement Day and Blackout! Tical 0: The Prequel and Blackout! Wu-Massacre : "Albums: Top ". Archived from the original on April 11, Hung Medien. Media Control Charts. Official Charts Company. Tobias Zywietz. Harris Publications : 70— Recording Industry Association of America. British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved August 4, Music Canada. Retrieved May 11, Blige — Chart History: Hot ".

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All Media Network. Retrieved June 9, Complex Media. Retrieved March 9, Retrieved Method Man. As noted earlier, falls earlier in continuity. Peter Parker This story takes place at some point after Peter has his own apartment. Need to check placement.

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  5. The Silver Age.
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  7. Read it and weep.

MTU essentials end with Both annuals and all the other material! Annual 16 is also collected in Avengers: Absolute Vision, Vol. Spider-Man primarily appears in 1.

  • Reader Interactions;
  • Who I Am with You.
  • Retcons, Remakes & Retellings: SPIDER-MAN's Many Origins and Early Days.
  • Method Man & Redman.
  • Buy a Bullet?
  • DELIRIUM: The Rimbaud Delusion!
  • Spider-Man plays a role through this series. Spider-Man appears in 2 and , plus several tie-ins. Silver Sable, Vol. WoSM Not collected. The material in that Epic was previously collected across two paperbacks…. The Annual alone is collected in Marvel Weddings. Also available in hardcover and collected in a TPB of the same name.

    Venom TPB. Includes material from SpSM Tombstone, Vol. Parallel to SpSM That same run of issues is duplicated within the Acts of Vengeance omnibus. Two other collections include a portion of that ASM run, as well as other key Venom issues that follow:. SpM Vol. SpM , Vol. Doctor Doom TPB. Also collected in a Carnage TPB.

    Also collected in New Warriors Omnibus, Vol. Some back-up material from these annuals is included in The Vengeance of Venom, above. ASM Spider-Man vs. Hulk — Rematch Not collected. Strange Vol. ASM Lifetheft Not collected. ASM Pursuit Not collected. ASM Shrieking Not collected. Reprinted in as ISBN It is collected in total in an omnibus. He appears before ASM in Avengers For more information see Marvel Universe Events: Onslaught.

    Amazing Spider-Man: Toy Fair Special 1 was released around this time; it is likely not in continuity. Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man was launched in , but the stories occur variously at other points of continuity.

    Wolverine Peter Parker: Spider-Man Vol. Spider-Man Activision 0: Not collected. Spider-Man: Death and Destiny : Not collected. Spider-Man vs. Punisher : Not collected. May be reprint material. Amazing Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski Omnibus Vol. This series of hardcovers effectively continues into The Other hardcover, below. Spider-Man Unlimited Not collected. Need to confirm placement.

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    Also includes Peter Parker: Spider-Man Spider-Man: Blue Modern-day voiceover. Released here, but unsure of placement or if it is in continuity : Startling Stories: Megalomaniacal Spider-Man — 1 collected later in Strange Tales Need to check placement: Kingpin Spider-Man appears throughout.

    Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. Need to check placement of both.

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    House of M: Spider-Man appears in this story, as well as in a connected five-issue limited series. It does not directly impact his continuity, but he remembers the events. Available in hardcover. The Sensational Spider-Man Vol. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol.

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    Spider-Man: Reign This story is a future tale not in continuity. Available in TPB and hardcover. Available in hardc0ver. May not be in continuity. As you can imagine, most fans disliked that change. However, the second one was much better received: multiple titles were condensed down just to Amazing , which accelerated to a bi-weekly production schedule with a rotating cast of writers. I need to recheck where this is collected. Also includes back-up stories and Web of Spider-Man Shadowland: Spider-Man appears in this Daredevil-centric event and has his own one-shot.

    See Marvel Universe Events: Shadowland. Available in hardcover and TPB. This run of Amazing is in the process of being recollected in Ultimate Collections, which are effectively double-length TPBs. Vampires 1; and material from Amazing Spider-Man As originally collected, including other Spider-Man series from this time period.

    Spectacular Spider-Man : One-shot team-up with Punisher. Not collected. Later reprinted in Deadpool Classic Vol. Also available as an oversized hardcover. Title is referred to as AvSM. AvSM Vol.

    • The decline of the West.
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    • Also available in hardcover. Also includes Daredevil Daredevil is a great match in tone to Spider-Man, but if you prefer you can also pick up this story in The Punisher by Greg Rucka, Vol. Available in oversized hardcover. Peter Parker: Spider-Man Avengers vs. Though he did not appear significantly in tie-ins to this event, Spider-Man plays a key roll in the middle portion of the mini-series issues See Marvel Universe Events: Avengers vs.

      Collected alongside Morbius