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Fitzgerald proves that certain residential land is Australia's best growth asset - and will continue to be given current record population growth. Critical content every Australian should know. From first timers to seasoned veterans almost all Australians can take valuable insight out of this fantastic read. I wish I had heard this audible book when I started investing and made a huge mistake of not buying land!!!

The other basics are enough to start enough if you are just 18 and stick to basics. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: John L. Narrated by: John L.

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Fitzgerald , Alex Fitzgerald. Length: 4 hrs and 42 mins. Publisher's Summary Get the most out of property investment and secure your financial future. Unlock the secret power of compound growth and make it work for you Avoid the common mistakes that most property investors make Hear case studies and testimonials from millionaires using the 7 step strategies Understand how to safely build wealth in property, be cashflow positive and still get a tax deduction.

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And the best people to practice it with are your top existing clients—the people who already know and trust you to do right by them. To convert appropriate clients to your consultative approach, consider taking the following seven steps:.

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Put your money where your mouth is. To be successful using consultative wealth management, you must invest your own money in your own offering and according to your own wealth management process. There is simply no better way to demonstrate that you are offering the right services than to take the same actions you want your clients to take.

So invest this way, and let them know that you do.

Here's the 7-step strategy one guy used to become a self-made millionaire and retire at 30

But it does mean that you are managing your own wealth according to your stated and defined process. Identify ideal clients for conversion. Offering true consultative wealth management means delivering a high-quality experience that requires time, resources and effort to make happen.

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So carefully choose the clients you want to convert and come along with you. After all, to the extent that you work with one client who is not ideal for wealth management, you are less able to focus on another client who is.

This will make it much more difficult to keep your promise of a high-quality experience. The best clients for conversion are those who match your ideal client profile including minimum investable assets. The conversion to a wealth management approach must leave your clients in a more favorable position to achieve their goals.