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Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Pastor Cioccolant then recited passages from Luke 19, which speaks of enemies sweeping in from every side. Historically, the passages talk about the holy city of Jerusalem and the collapse of the Second Temple. But the preacher warned the symbolic collapse of Notre-Dame could be a prophetic symbol of wavering faith in France and Europe. Relieved that everyone is safe. I think is quite prophetic the way that people are responding Steve Cioccolant, Discover Ministries.

Notre Dame fire: Fears grow for cathedral's ancient relics. France Christianity. In , a seaman was swallowed by a large sperm whale near the Falkland Islands.

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After three days, he was recovered, unconscious but alive, though there was some damage to his skin Wilson , Some, however, dispute the credibility of this story. And, as any schoolboy knows, a whale is a mammal, not a fish. The fallacy of this ill-conceived argument lies in the fact that both the Hebrew word dag , and the Greek word ketos , are generic terms that can apply to any aquatic creature cf.

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ASV fn. There is no error here. The book of Jonah demonstrates the sovereignty of the Almighty as he employs his creation to accomplish the divine plan. The Lord controlled the elements of weather Jon. Though Jehovah was working primarily through the Hebrew nation as an instrument for the sending of the promised Seed Gen.

This narrative illustrates a truth so frequently suggested in the Old Testament, namely, that the Lord, not man, is in control of the destiny of nations. Jehovah rules in the kingdoms of men and disposes of them according to his divine standard cf. Nineveh was given forty days to repent. As a result, the nation was spared destruction for about a century and a half.

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Later, however, when Assyria degenerated again, she was destroyed and the prophet, Nahum, addresses this very matter. Nineveh fell to the Babylonians in B. Jehovah looked down upon Nineveh and observed the wickedness of these people Jon. Since sin is the transgression of divine law 1 Jn. The whole purpose of this novel concept, of course, is to justify adulterous relationships within the family of God! This record reveals the power inherent within the word of God when such comes into contact with honest and good hearts cf.

Again, some critics have faulted the divine account at this point, claiming that so trifling a sermon could hardly have produced the results described.

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Besides that, historical records reveal that the notable city had suffered severe plagues in and B. This instructive account, together with the inspired New Testament commentary which discusses it, underscores an important dimension to repentance. Thus, repentance is not, as some allege, a mere sorrow for sin. Rather, it requires turning away from evil conduct. Moreover, this passage reveals that repentance is a work , and since repentance is essential to salvation Lk.

An intriguing passage in the book of Jonah illustrates a vital point about the punishment of the wicked after death. The Hebrew term is Sheol. Here it denotes the abode of the wicked prior to the Judgement. Since crying out by reason of affliction certainly indicates conscious suffering, one may conclude that the state of the wicked dead is that of conscious torment—a truth affirmed elsewhere in the sacred record cf. The prophet declared that the great city would be destroyed in forty days.

But it survived for a century and a half beyond that time.

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For example, Israel was promised an inheritance of the land of Canaan. That promise, however, was conditioned upon their fidelity to God cf. Though some modernists argue that the concept of a bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead was unknown in Old Testament times, Jesus demonstrated otherwise.

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He declared:. Surely the foregoing points of truth, as gleaned from the delightful book of Jonah, are illustrative of the truth of this rich passage. Why not take some time and refresh yourself with a review of the edifying material in the book of Jonah.