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There is only one mention of the word Armageddon in the entire New Testament:. Armageddon gained huge popularity because of Hal Lindsey, one of the most influential Christian evangelists, and a writer and Zionist in the 20 th century. It sold over 65 million copies and remains one of the best-selling fiction series in print. It is evident that Jesus as did not teach or preach the Rapture or Armageddon prior to his return, but he did foretell many other things in relation to it. The disciples specifically questioned Jesus as about the end times:. And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

Second Coming

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. Sadly, this is exactly what has occurred over the last two thousand years. Many false prophets, preachers and teachers have misinterpreted biblical prophecies and have invented concepts such as the rapture, Armageddon and the end of the world. The appearance of a messiah has metamorphosed into a supernatural, mythical second coming. Astronomers, fortune-tellers and other religious groups also predicted the ending of the world and the return of Jesus as on specific dates or within a designated time frame.

Every single prediction has failed. Millions around the world anticipating the return of the Messiah were let down and misled because they fell prey to the deception regarding which Jesus as had clearly warned. It is clearly evident that biblical preachers and teachers falsely predicted the second coming only to gain popularity and fame. How could they have accurately predicted the specific dates for his return, when Jesus as himself said that even he did not know when the Second Coming would occur?

Many Christians believe that the second coming of Jesus as would be a glorious event with the Messiah descending from the clouds,. This means that once they recognised the true glory and coming of the real Messiah, they would be grief-stricken at how the false preachers of biblical prophecies had depicted the second coming of Christ to earth as a glorified event.

Jesus as stated a very important point in Matthew They did not descend from heaven like the supernatural heroes of mythical legends. They have always suffered trials and tribulations. Their followers gained glory through persecution and perseverance. The verse also indicates how many people will fail to recognise the true Messiah.

Studying history, one can clearly see that all prophets were initially rejected and persecuted. Jesus as was also amongst the persecuted and the Jews did not accept him because they were expecting a glorified descent of the second coming of Elijah, which had already been fulfilled:. So also the son of man will suffer at their hands.

Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them of John the Baptist.

Meet Five Men Who All Think They’re the Messiah

Just as the Jews rejected Jesus as as the Messiah because he did not come to earth in the glory that they envisaged, likewise, many Christians missed the return of Jesus as as the Messiah. This was because he did not descend from the sky in glory, as they had erroneously believed he would.

There are a multitude of prophecies made by the Promised Messiah as. These prophecies refer to a variety of diverse topics. These include political, physical and social changes, cosmic signs, religious matters, intellectual activities, relations between nations, rulers and their subjects, and the ultimate success of his mission.

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Many of these prophecies have been fulfilled but evidently they cannot all be mentioned here. So we will focus on the signs that relate to the second advent of the Messiah. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Does not then righteousness demand that one should not be bold in denying me? I swear by Almighty God and say that thousands of signs for establishing my truth have been manifested, are being manifested and will be manifested.

Many Bible teachers and preachers have misinterpreted the prophecies, which is the reason why people have looked for other signs like the Rapture, the apocalyptic ending of the world and Armageddon, as they missed the arrival of the true Messiah. This is an extensive topic which cannot be covered in detail here. The antichrist is also associated with end time signs.

Secondly, it is the name of the Satan who is the father of all falsehood and corruption. This he did by proving that Jesus as did not die an accursed and shameful death, a most humiliating and degrading form of public death. The ignominious death by which He died was one to which the curse of God specially attached. The Law expressly declared that that criminal who died upon the cross or gibbet was an object of divine wrath. Christ died as such a criminal and so came under the curse.

The Anti Christ - Dajjal - Shaikh Imran Hosein - 2018 - London UK

Ahmadi Muslims around the world are continuing to remove the blasphemous accusations meted against Jesus as ; that he was an impostor, liar and that the cause of his death on the cross was a consequence of his illegitimate birth. They also strive to remove the erroneous views that Jesus as is the Son of God, God Himself, and that he sacrificed his life on the cross for the salvation of mankind.

When the Messiah came, it was prophesied that there would be two powerful nations in the earth and man would not be able to defeat them. They are known as Gog and Magog. The Promised Messiah as explained:. The reason why they are so called is that they make extensive use of Ajij [fire], and would reign supreme on earth and dominate every height.

At the same time, a great change will be ordained from heaven and will usher in days of peace and amity.

Reward Yourself

Their very names indicate that their ships, trains and machines will be run by fire. They will fight their battles with fire. They will excel all other people in harnessing fire to their service. This is why they will be called Gog and Magog.

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I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine, a self-proclaimed scholar, who had never read the Bible, but had indeed read the book of Job. His final conclusion afterward being, that Christians were as crazy as he had originally supposed. Still, even as I grappled with the immensity of that book, God instructed me to forgive my friends just as Job had done. Forgive even those who had meant well during my upbringing, but had still hurt me. He went on to explain that He had orchestrated each one of my steps, that what was once a painful time, He had planned for a redemptive future purpose.

I chose forgiveness and soon after I was able to reconcile with each group, and serve them in various capacities for a number of years. Still, there are times where I grapple with approaching the Lord. At times I can make Him so complex and distant. Recently, He reminded me of that little porch swing, and He invited me to join Him in the mornings on my own front porch.

And little by little, through the daily washing in the Word, by way of the Holy Spirit, my perceptions have begun to shift. Recently, Curt Landry shared a word about strengthening our faith in Christ. But while the bridegroom was delayed, they all slumbered and slept. Many of us are acutely aware that there has been a great shift, as the Body of Christ is transitioning out of the second day season into the Third Day.

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This is a time where we do not want to be found empty handed, as the return of Messiah is very close at hand. I urge you to take the areas of hurt that have held you back from knowing the Lord and lay them down this year. When you desperately desire to pick those back up again, He will be faithful to deliver you, if you will only reach out to Him. Allow yourself to press into Him, even in the smallest ways, inviting the Holy Spirit into every aspect of your daily life. He will not disappoint. Press into the Word of God and ask the Lord to fill your lamp with oil, and your heart with greater love for our returning Bridegroom, Yeshua HaMishiach.

Are you returning now? Meet Marisa Fritzemeier. Marisa Fritzemeier has attended House of David since Over the years she has been honored to serve the house in various capacities. It has been her greatest privilege to join them on multiple trips to Israel and neighboring nations. Marisa spends much of her time working with children.