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We covered best practices information and useful labs while answering all of my individual, specific questions that relate to my job. Thank you so much for the thorough, enjoyable training session! It was also useful that AGI sent me the actual class files to help me remember all that I learned.

Google SketchUp Workshop : Modeling, Visualizing, and Illustrating [Paperback]

I am pretty low tech, so I could have used a bit more specific instruction on how to set up my on-line class session. Overall I liked the class so much that I've shared the class info with my boss. See all reviews for Sketchup Training Class - Intermediate. Request a personal response. We'll provide you personalized training options right away. Type Individual.

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Leave this field blank. Sketchup Training Class - Intermediate Boston. Sketchup Training Class - Intermediate Online.

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Online Live instructor-led class online. From the novice to the seasoned professional, this book will appeal to those wanting to gain some vital tips to help enhance and speed up their own daily work-flow using SketchUp and see how other professionals do it.

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A nice little touch you will see throughout the book is the many tips highlighted within each project to help in your workflow, highlighting crucial points you could miss along the way. There is also a vast collection of links and useful resources at the end of each project to help you source relevant 3rd party software, plugins and websites.

Third party software such as Photoshop and some of the rendering applications commonly used in post processing are also discussed within projects. Here ares some sample images and excerpts from the section on Graphic Design. The Appendix at the end is a nice little bonus, opening up the world of Dynamic Components, a new feature in the more recent versions of SketchUp. Matt Chambers, the author offers a glimpse into their potential as well as providing you with some helpful tips for both creating and using Dynamic Components.

This is a must read if you want to get an insight into Dynamic Components from the guy who was a lead beta-tester and helped refine and define how Dynamic Components are built as well as how they could be used. All in all, this latest publication is an excellent read and I would highly recommend it to those wanting to enhance their use and understanding of SketchUp and 3D visualization in the many and expanding areas of its use….

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Instant 3D city builder! PlaceMaker automates the creation of your site model with a simple mouse stroke! Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials. Student teams at other school have the option of download the models and creating another structure in that virtual space as well as creating a connecting bridge or road to the previous structure.


What additional functions can bus shelters serve? Students will also use libraries of patterns they created in earlier sessions as the surfaces of their 3D designs.

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  • Workshop 2 study: Bus Stop design create by a 5th grade student. Patterns were created in Repper Pro from photos taken of local community. Students will build structures in SketchUp and learn how to plot planes and points along the x,y,z axis lines. Your email address will not be published.