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They also find an outlet for theatrical expression through exhilarating performances in which they embody the gods. Meanwhile, the AIDS epidemic looms as a continual threat and adds a disquieting degree of nihilism to their relatively optimistic attitudes toward life and happiness in Port-au-Prince. The filmmaker, Anne Lescot, is an anthropologist who has studied Haitian Vodou for 10 years. Laurence Magloire has been working in the field of television for 10 years. Log in. Social Sciences. Instructional Films and Lessons.

Staff Picks. Please enable Javascript to use Kanopy! Show me how. Documentary Educational Resources. Running Time. Anne Lescot , Laurence Magloire. Watch now. Related videos. When many people think of Israel, it is often in terms of modern war or ancient religion.

But there is much more to the Jewish state then missiles and prayers. In his debut as a documentary filmmaker, adult-film entrepreneur and political columnist Michael Lucas examines a side of Israel that…. A global revolution is underway to obtain what UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Barack Obama call 'the final frontier in human rights': the universal decriminalization of homosexuality.

Homosexuality is forbidden in almost half of the world. Even though God was completely capable of making another person from the dust, this time He chose to start with a piece from Adam. Every good book has some foreshadowing to the events to come, and the Bible is no exception. Adam was instructed not to eat from the second tree, but he could eat from all of the rest of the trees as much as he wanted — including the tree of life. Those two trees will be very important in the next chapter, but for now, I want to look forward to the very end of the story.

In the last chapter of the Bible, Revelation , God tells us about heaven. Someday I will hear God introduce Himself as Yahweh, and I will taste the delicious fruit of the tree of life that He offers.

Because God is still present and He is still good, I will see Him face to face. I have heard from some of you personally, and can see from my website, that many are studying along with me. I would love for you to share what you are learning in the comments here! Give it a try! We want to hear from you! It was very interesting to read that God created woman from man instead of just dust. Maybe idk. Just a thought. The God face to face question. I have absolutely no idea and that drives me crazy. I feel I do have a personal relationship with my creator. Is it a strong one though? I would say not.

I continue to work on strengthening it. God chose man to give life to the woman and after that God chose women to give life. I belive, in the Old Testament, a face to face with God caused a person to die. In heaven we will look into His eyes, talk to him, walk with Him, love Him on a close and personal level. I bet we can even hug God, can you imagine what that will be like?? I agree Theresa, there is a bonding that happens between man and woman because of the way God creates us. He knew us before we even were created! I know you will add much to our conversation!

I love the picture of God choosing man to give life to woman, and then woman to give life to man. Thank you for sharing!! I think God made Eve from Adam so everyone of us would be connected from the beginning. If not Eve would be the only human being not connected to Adam. I have a feeling I will want to hide from him like Adam and Eve, but I am sure when I look on Him face to face, all of my guilt and shame will be wiped away and I will have true relief for the first time, because the old things will truly have been passed away and the new has come!!!!

I look forward to that day!!!! My personal relationship started in 6th grade at a Vacation Bible School with watered down kool aid and 2 cookies a piece!! Thank God for VBS!!!! Shannon, I had never thought about it that way! If God had not connected her to Adam, she would have been the only one not connected to him on the whole earth.

Thank you for your insight!

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I love the fact that I can read insights from this study from two years ago. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 24, Katarzyna rated it did not like it.

I've picked up this book because I would like to gain some direct knowledge about a traditional mongolian way of living. It seemed to me that the author is a good source of it. One hundred years ago he was escaping from the bolshevik Red Army across teritory of Central Asia. So this book is based on his own experiences which in these times weren't so common. There weren't so many travellers as nowadays.

God Eater OST - God and Man ~Vocal Version~ (神と人と Vocal Ver.)

Such a trip in very often hostile environment required courage, good health and determination. But after finishing this book I was disappointed. The author had really great adventures but couldn't reflect them in his writing.

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It looks like he didn't want to reveal everything. When he and his troop were crossing dangeorous places or a new battle was about to come, we began to expect something involving, but instead of it, everything was simply over. For me the most interesting is the third part of the book when he was travelling through a mongolian steppe visiting various places and people.

If somebody is interested in how tibetan buddhism looked like in old Mongolia, from this part can learn something — especially about the "Living Buddhas" meaning abbots of main mongolian monasteries, send to Mongolia from Lhasa. We can learn also about their sacred, misthycal ritual objects, every — with magic history.

In the book there is not quite at all descriptions of nature wich I admire so much in literature. Ossendowski is also writing about local people as somebody who stands higher, who is better then they are — beacuse of his education, social status, origin, race. In our times I think it would not be possible to write in such a way. Fot me this two matters are serious disadvantageous of this book View 2 comments. This is very exciting, moving from one adventure to another much like an Indiana Jones movie. While I have doubts about the truth of everything said in the book it does give flesh to the turmoil in East Asia that followed the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 20th century, not in Russia as the official blurb says.

It will keep your attention and while it entertains with action it also gives you a ground up view of the inhuman and barbarous struggle that went on in those years. This was recommend This is very exciting, moving from one adventure to another much like an Indiana Jones movie. This was recommended by the author of Twentieth Century Mongolia, which was a top-notch history.

Worth reading. Definitely guy stuff. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. From somewhere on the snowy slopes of the Tian Shan and from the hot sands of Western Zungaria to the timbered ridges of the Sayan and to the Great Wall of China it stretches over a huge portion of Central Asia.

The cradle of peoples, histories and legends; the native land of bloody conquerors, who have left here their capitals covered by the sand of the Gobi, their mysterious rings and their ancient nomad laws; th "In the heart of Asia lies the enormous, mysterious and rich country of Mongolia. The cradle of peoples, histories and legends; the native land of bloody conquerors, who have left here their capitals covered by the sand of the Gobi, their mysterious rings and their ancient nomad laws; the states of monks and evil devils, the country of wandering tribes administered by the descendants of Jenghiz Khan and Kublai Khan—Khans and Princes of the Junior lines: that is Mongolia.

This book is also about Buddhism as it was practiced in Mongolia and Tibet in past times. The themes of mystery and prophesy surface again and again and I couldn't help but feel as though he has dramatized parts of his journey for the reader's entertainment.

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Then again, reality is often stranger than fiction. There is one portion of the book which I found particularly interesting at the tail end, about the King of the World, who reigns over the subterranean parts of the world, a theme that is echoed in Western esotericism in general. Overall, quick and entertaining read. Interesting book about a foggy period in history, the civil war in Russia after the Bolshevik revolution, in an even more remote part of the world, Transbaikal and Mongolia.

It would pay of to follow the action on a map and eventually read more on Internet about the places. The second half of the book is about the bloody baron Ungern-Sternberg you know who if you read Corto Maltese in Siberia.

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Last chapters are unusual considerations about the Tibetan Buddhism as is practiced in Mongolia. Even a Interesting book about a foggy period in history, the civil war in Russia after the Bolshevik revolution, in an even more remote part of the world, Transbaikal and Mongolia. Even a story about the Hidden King of the World. All of Ossendowski's work was censored in Communist Poland until , so even though he published in the s I have only ready it now.