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Then there is Matthew Scudder, the melancholy, alcoholic shamus. Ex cop, and ex husband Scudder is my all time favorite detective. Then there is Keller. Keller is your basic urban Lonely Guy. He makes a decent wage, lives in a nice apartment. Works the crossword puzzle. Watches a little TV. Until the phone rings and he packs a suitcase, gets on a plane, flies halfway across the country Evan Tanner, the thief with mysterious connections to the intelligence community who hasn't slept since a freak bullet wound caused permanent insomnia.

Those are just a few of the latest Block Characters, and he can create them and people the stories like no other author in recent memory. Ehrengraf adds to the legend. Martin Ehrengraf is amoral, but strictly legal, …sort of. He is devilishly clever and knows how to, let us say, capitalize on the Ehrengraf principle. What Ehrengraf does is somehow convince the police, through the presentation of overwhelming evidence, to drop the case against his client.

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Usually this process is near miraculous, which is why his clients retain him. Even when the physical, circumstantial, and eye witness evidence is overwhelming, and even when his client states he did it, Ehrengraf will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt his client is innocent, not only convincing the police, but oft times convincing his client. Or clients, as the case maybe. Palpable nonsense. The Ehrengraf stories are satirical, logic puzzles, and as the reader will see, Ehrengraf is perhaps more a manipulator of logic than he is of the law.

They are deviously clever. Endlessly entertaining. No wonder that they are so popular, especially with members of the legal profession….

Make of that what you will. Lawrence Block b. His prolific career spans over one hundred books, including four bestselling series as well as dozens of short stories, articles, and books on writing. Wrote, Directed, and Starred in an X-rated Movie. I mention it here to call your attention to a new section on this page, in the list of titles below. You can always find them grouped on the Amazon site by searching for the series title, John Warren Wells on Sexual Behavior.

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A lot of people downloaded it, and many liked the sample enough to go on to some of the other stories. Besides selling a slew of copies, EFTD has been borrowed a dozen times by Amazon Prime members, who can borrow one book a month at no charge as a perk of membership. And even as I write these lines, I know that some of you are furious at me for depriving Nooksters of the chance to read these stories. And perhaps they are, and so is Google, and so is Facebook, and so is eBay—and so is every other highly successful enterprise. My eldest daughter reads everything on her iPhone, she prefers it to anything else including a printed book.

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The Amazon Prime borrowing feature is limited to Kindle owners, but a free app gives you access to everything else. The international readership my work has gained is one of the great satisfactions of my writing life. My books have been widely translated, while many overseas readers are able to enjoy them in English. For convenience, you can find these links at any time at the bottom of the long list of links at the righthand side of every blog page.

Hashtagged stories have appeared in Enough Rope ; others are uncollected. Indeed they have. I had three collections published over the years, the two you mention and Like a Lamb to Slaughter. The true collector will want to have all of them, even if they are reprinted. What are the chances of someone ever doing with Matt Scudder what was done so well with the Dexter series?

I think a similar concept would be a great way to give the character the screen life he deserves.

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He wondered if that was weird. To resume… in that volume is a longish story set in Africa which I cannot find right now. I love that story. Everyone should love that story. Thank you, btw, for your note on eBook prices. You are right; they are too high. They make no sense. Is there a reason for this? There is, Barney. Orion, my UK publishers, elected to schedule the book for September. Thanks Mr. Chris, you may very well be the first person to find your way to my work via Killing Castro.

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks indeed to Charles Ardai and Hard Case Crime for hauling that one back from the gates of Limbo. I had written it under a one-time-only pen name, Lee Duncan, and nobody, not even ardent pseudonym sleuths like Lynn Munroe, ever sussed out that one. I showed it to Charles, he packaged it brilliantly, and people ate it up.

Go figure. OK, I just downloaded all the. I have a DOS application in which I record all the books in my library. One of the things I enter is original published date. Where can I find that info for these short stories. Or how about a generic-pretty close to- somewhere around the time that I can use for all the stories? So one of your goals with the Afterthoughts collection has been realized in me.

I started with you guys and John D MacDonald in the 60s, but I love my Kindle and all the new ways to find old and new titles. All its contents and a couple of stories written since then can be found in Enough Rope, but they really ought to have a book to themselves, and that may be a future project.

The links here on this page will get you there. But does that surcharge also affect you if you order from amazon. Everything of mine available on amazon. Stefan, thanks for this. Baffling, the whole business. Love my Kindle, love your books and stories, but right now I hate your publisher. It used to be that you could loan a book once to somebody for 14 days.

Seemed reasonable to me. Then I find that your books are locked up tight. What a rip! I understand. Just venting. I have issues in my work environment that are out of my control, too. She arrived very late from Vegas to Boston and wanted to lie down for a while. She asked me if I had read any good books lately. Small Town had come out the day before and I had read the first two pages.


Block, it is a great book but the night after my Mother in Law left my wife and I were lying in bed reading aloud some of the most inventive, kinky, graphic sex scenes either of us had ever read, weeping with laughter imagining her Mom reading it. Yes, we had a big laugh about it a few years later when we were a lot closer. My father in Law was visiting and asked for a book, I had recently picked up The Terror by Dan Simmons and believed it was a fairly accurate recounting of the horrible icy trip of the good ship Terror.

Being a cold war Nuclear Submarine Commander, no kidding, I imagined this would be right up his alley. After he left I read it only to find it is an accurate account of a real maritime tragedy, until a giant supernatural polar bear, complete with a weird supernatural sexual component, is introduced. I am rethinking my recommendation methods.

Ehrengraf for the Defense by Lawrence Block

Zane Grey, John D. Macdonald, Alistar Maclean all those perfect summer beach books. I read that and Jaws every summer from the age of twelve to seventeen. I read and reread that mothball smelling copy till it literally fell apart. I am so happy to learn that my favorite grown up author also happens to be my favorite author from my teen years.

Ah…thanks for clearing that up. I just watched your appearance on Late Night with Craig Ferguson. You were great! Any plans for future talk show guest shots? Craig has been very generous and has had me on with each new book for several years now.