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It was a great one.

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In life, the late Mrs. Charteris, Audrey Long, had a fair resemblance to Pat Holm.

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Writing Pat out was a necessary evil when the Saint moved to the States — he was living with her out of wedlock which was more likely to cause comment here. And much as I liked her a romantic interest is tough to write around for a character like the Saint. Having him single opens up myriad plots. When Ian Fleming married off Bond and widowed him in the next chapter Erle Stanley Gardner wrote that was why Perry Mason never married Della Street — if he did he would have to kill her off as he did Ed Jenkins love interest.

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Petersburg, Russia. There parents just happened to be there at the time. His uncle moved the family back to England, and Louis was educated there and in Brittany.

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  • Louis thought Charteris really weird. Wanted him to do things with his eyes to give them an oriental slant. That did not work out.

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    I never noticed it myself, but they at least thought they did. No one ever commented on Basil Rathbone being from there.

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    But he was particularly virulent about Hayward which I never understood. Charteris clearly identified with the Saint, posing as him for a famous photograph was it in LIFE or one of its imitators? That may explain the Asian slant to the eyes. Jack Buchanan, a pass, but Harrison works for me and on another thread, Cary Grant was discussed, and I think we all agreed perfection in the part.

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    Name required. Mail will not be published required. Back in Edinburgh. Trying to keep McKenzie sober, no mean feat, when turning ones back he is off to chat up the landlady for the cooking brandy, they attempt to back track his activities and encounter far more than they could ever have envisaged.

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    For as McKenzie recalls places and people, he cannot recall whether they are friends or the people chasing him, poising Fizz and Buchanana on the horns of dilemma. McKenzie is a wonderful character of great charm, and all the low-down cunning of the drunk. I sensed some differences in this book to the earlier books in the series, and think that it is down to Fizz. Store Locations.

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    It's the week before Christmas and lawyer Tam Buchanan's hopes for a relaxing break are dashed when his cousin Mark, a GP, corners him with a desperate plea for help. Four-year-old Robin Tarrant has been kidnapped, apparently by his father - a seriously unbalanced drug addict and the ex-husband of Hazel, one of Mark's patients.

    In the face of a threat to kill Robin if the police are informed, Hazel's hands are tied and Mark's only option is to get Tam and his sleuthing partner, Fizz, on the case.