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The examination covers the following six domains:. To register for the Life Science exam, you will make an account online.

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Exams are offered by appointment, year-round, on a first come, first served basis. Testing centers are located throughout Texas and nationwide.

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You will be able to schedule your testing time when you register or within days of registration. On test day, arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time. This will allow you to have your identification verified and complete the necessary paperwork. Pay attention to the rules and requirements as failure to do so could result in the cancelation of your test, and your registration fee forfeited. At your testing station, the testing administrator will provide you with a note board booklet, erasable pen, and any other materials required for your exam.

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Within the five hour period is time for you to familiarize yourself with the testing delivery platform. Your results will be available in your testing account at p. Scripture tells us Noah was a farmer Genesis He was already years old when he fathered three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Noah lived years after the flood and died at years old.

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The two major themes of the Genesis flood account are God's judgment of sin and his good news of deliverance and salvation to those who trust in him. God's purpose in the flood was not to destroy people but to destroy wickedness and sin.

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Before God decided to wipe the people from the face of the earth, he first warned Noah, making a covenant to save Noah and his family. The whole time Noah and his family labored constantly to build the ark years , Noah also preached a message of repentance. With the coming judgment, God provided plenty of time and a way of escape for those who would look to him in faith. But the violent generation ignored Noah's message. Noah was described in the Bible as "righteous" and "blameless," but he was not sinless. Noah, however, did not behave as the other wicked people of his day, but rather, " walked with God.

Noah was righteous and blameless, but he was not sinless see Genesis Noah pleased God and found favor because he loved and obeyed God with his whole heart. As a result, Noah's life was an example to his entire generation. Although everyone around him followed the evil in their hearts, Noah followed God.


Does your life set an example, or are you negatively influenced by the people around you? Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. Updated September 19, Like Adam, Noah was a father of the human race. God told Noah and his family the same thing he told Adam: "be fruitful and multiply. Genesis interestingly points out that God shut them in the ark, or "closed the door," so to speak.

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Noah was a type or forerunner of Jesus Christ. Just as Christ was sealed in the tomb after his crucifixion and death , so was Noah shut in the ark. With more detail in Genesis , God instructed Noah to take seven pairs of every kind of clean animal, and two of every kind of unclean animal. Bible scholars have calculated that approximately 45, animals might have fit on the ark.