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It was, probably, a late use of these kinds of tiles, but no extant documentation confirms it. However, the remaining tiles only on the right wall.

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This document well covered with patterned tiles, so a solution of underscores that, in addition to the aforementioned continuity could appear to be a coherent choice. Unfortunately, it is impossible ; Carvalho, ; Correia, , pp. As is the case with painters or potters, the names It is likely that Domingos Pinto was the tile-layer in of these masters are unknown today, and only their charge of the commission paid for by the Nossa works, whose impact is still remarkable, remains Senhora da Natividade Sisterhood Our Lady of the to this day.

Furthermore, he tile-layers that applied patterned tiles in the church was the same tile-layer who applied the tiles in the up- and the lower-choir, Domingos Pinto and Manuel da per and lower confessionals, around Convento Costa, respectively. About Domingos and nave. The area was workshops of Lisbon. Equally anachronic as far as too small to apply two entire overlaid tile strands.

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Its purple order to join the tile strands thereby suggesting a contour was a common feature of the period. Detail of the frames and of the white frieze used with the tombstone. Detail of the niche with a frieze and, in the interior, with the same pattern of the walls. Detail of the frames used as a bar.

On the right side of the Church of Santa Marta, two chapels use the same frame C although the solutions are different. This same frieze was applied around a small niche and the pattern P used in the walls of the chapel was faceted to be adapted to the curved surface inside the niche see Figure 5. Detail of the niche with a frieze. Anthony has a different kind of bordering due interplay between tile patterns and architectural to the removal of the wider edge of the frame with features as devised by the tile-layer. A pattern of Greek motifs C , thus simulating a frieze four-lobed motifs P bordered by a bar see Figure 6.

In the walls, this element is applied decorated with vegetal curling B is on with the frame, a similar solution to that used in the walls above the wood panels. This sequence is interrupted by the central windows of the back wall, where a different pattern is used, delimited by frame C, at times interrupted perhaps because of a later work. Another particular feature of these tiles is the com- bination of patterns of different modules, a less common method of tile application.

The pattern of larger dimensions P, with 6x6 tiles was applied in the lower area of the walls, where the pattern of smaller dimensions P, with FIGURE 8 Pattern P with 2x2 tiles used on the 2x2 tiles covers the arches of the vaults Figure 8. With six tile strands in height it corresponds exactly to the space This work, which began in at the Hospital of available, thus replicating itself only horizontally. The Network researchers were In the chapel, or cloister corner, subject of several responsible for the entire in situ inventory, which works, it is important to highlight the connection included a photographic record, measurements, between tiles and architecture, in particular the re- indications about the condition of conservation and lationship between the stone and the monochrome the description of each composition.

This process white tiles, simulating an entablement that runs has also been complemented with historical, artistic, throughout the area.

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  • The construction of a chronological reading. However, the differences tool for cataloguing patterns which also includes detected between patterns led to an almost bars, frames, friezes, corners , with the purpose immediate identification of new patterns and thus of studying the entire corpus of Portuguese tiles, to the use of new inventory numbers, starting with including and reviewing the records of Santos P Each pattern corresponds to an item record with a set of fields, which include authorship, chro- nology, colours, production and visual rhythms.

    This systematization may in the near future result in new possibilities of research, concerning manufacturing chronologies and application, for example. The last one consists of digitally manipulated type-images that simulate each pattern assembly and its application on an extended surface. This approach, which combines text and image to detect formal and chromatic differences, leads to the identification of new patterns.

    Naturally, this also used in the church of Santa Marta, and was now presented both advantages and disadvantages: reclassified as P In addi- allowed for a faster resolution of some of these tion to some of the details present in the main ele- issues. The idea of extending this cataloguing to ments, the major difference is in a rectangle which patterned tiles of other periods required us to serves as a linking element.

    Thus, the option taken in the current catalogue was not to choose one main centre but instead to process all centres graphically and textually, without a hierarchy. In the current inventory it is featured with two centres of equal importance.

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    Here, however, they are applied in a multi-coloured version. This colour variant ne- cessitated a new inventory number in the current catalogue: C Figure This tool, which allows for an efficient data management regarding Portuguese tiles, whether made in Portugal or applied in the Portuguese territory, articulates five main subject areas.

    Iconclass www. The authorship subject view. In addition to the difficulties in viewing the area incorporates biographies of authors related pattern repetition effect, this option demanded the to the making of the item in question, including existence of a centre of rotation.

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    This became an painters, potters, tile-layers, factories or ceramists. Lisboa: Liga dos Amigos do Hospital different possibilities of browsing and searching, de Santa Marta. Igreja e Convento de Santa Marta. Lisboa: Junta Distrital de Lisboa. Municipal do Porto. Portuguese azulejos. Livro de Notas , v.

    Almeida, Júlia Lopes de 1862-1934

    We want to acknowledge the Centro Hospitalar Carvalho, R. Entre Santos e os Anjos. A frieze is a type of tile bor- do Tombo. Hospitais de Lisboa. Vitorino, P. Museu, 1, His feature debut, The Message , was released in During the political turbulence of the s, Fonseca e Costa directed several films, including the collective work The Guns and the People , portraying the days of the Carnation Revolution and The Ghosts of Alcacer-Kibir Did you enjoy reading this article?

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