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How must you live in order to prepare to marry such a person? Invite class members to ponder this question silently rather than answer aloud.

You are much more likely to be happy. There is more to consider than popularity or charisma. As you seek an eternal companion, look for someone who is developing the essential attributes that bring happiness: a deep love of the Lord and of His commandments, a determination to live them, one that is kindly understanding, forgiving of others, and willing to give of self, with the desire to have a family crowned with beautiful children and a commitment to teach them the principles of truth in the home.

She should be developing the sacred qualities that God has given His daughters to excel as a wife and mother: patience, kindliness, a love of children, and a desire to care for them rather than seeking professional pursuits. She should be acquiring a good education to prepare for the demands of motherhood.

How can parents and other adults help youth prepare for eternal marriage? How can they help small children prepare for eternal marriage? Have a female class member read the following quotation. Then ask class members to guess who said it. But during our first year together I discovered … there were a lot of adjustments.

But I cried into my pillow now and again. We loved each other, there was no doubt about that. But we also had to get used to each other. I think every couple has to get used to each other. Hinckley [], Emphasize that it takes love, work, and dedication to have a successful marriage. Explain that this commandment applies equally to men and women.

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What does it mean to cleave to a husband or wife and none else? The spouse then becomes preeminent in the life of the husband or wife, and neither social life nor occupational life nor political life nor any other interest nor person nor thing shall ever take precedence over the companion spouse.

Each spouse takes the partner with the understanding that he or she gives totally to the spouse all the heart, strength, loyalty, honor, and affection, with all dignity. Any divergence is sin; any sharing of the heart is transgression. When a man and woman are married in the temple, they covenant to be true to one another and to be true to the Lord.

What are some things that married couples can do to strengthen their love for each other and for the Lord? Answers could include praying and reading the scriptures together, seeking to be guided by the Spirit together, holding family home evening, going on dates together, taking time to talk to one another, helping one another around the house, and attending the temple together. You may want to use the second additional teaching idea as part of this discussion. If you are teaching youth or others who have not yet been married in the temple, encourage them to prepare for eternal marriage.

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Encourage class members who have been married in the temple to abide in the marriage covenant. As prompted by the Spirit, testify of the truths discussed during the lesson. You may want to use one or more of the following ideas to supplement the suggested lesson outline. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve counseled:. Singleness, childlessness, death, and divorce frustrate ideals and postpone the fulfillment of promised blessings.

In addition, some women who desire to be full-time mothers and homemakers have been literally compelled to enter the full-time workforce. But these frustrations are only temporary. The Lord has promised that in the eternities no blessing will be denied his sons and daughters who keep the commandments, are true to their covenants, and desire what is right. We know that will be true of temple ordinances.

Pray for it. Expect it in the timetable of the Lord. Do not compromise your standards in any way that would rule out that blessing on this or the other side of the veil. The Lord knows the intent of your heart. His prophets have stated that you will have that blessing as you consistently live to qualify for it. We do not know whether it will be on this or the other side of the veil.

But live for it. After prayerful consideration, contact a man and a woman in the ward who are good examples of successful temple marriages. Ask each person to prepare to take two or three minutes of class time to share suggestions for a happy, enduring marriage. After these presentations, you may want to give class members the opportunity to share other suggestions.

If you teach youth or young single adults, encourage each class member to go home and write a letter expressing love for his or her future spouse. Instruct class members to keep their letters until they are married and can share them with their spouses. The following information is provided to help you address questions class members may have about the practice of plural marriage. This topic should not be the focus of the lesson.

“This Is the Spirit of Revelation”

At various times throughout biblical history, the Lord commanded people to practice plural marriage. In this dispensation, the Lord commanded some of the early Saints to practice plural marriage. Kimball, were challenged by this command, but they obeyed it. Church leaders regulated the practice. Those entering into it had to be authorized to do so, and the marriages had to be performed through the sealing power of the priesthood. See also:. Mercy Thompson and the Revelation on Marriage. There was only one Ark, as it is always spoken of in the Bible in the singular, never in the plural.

The Ark is considered the most sacred of all Jewish artifacts because it held the Ten Commandments written by the finger of God. What was inside the Ark was far more important that the Ark itself. The mercy seat had a shallow, dished-out place where the high priest sprinkled the blood of a sacrificial animal for the sins of the nation. Directly under the mercy seat, inside the Ark, was placed the Ten Commandments, which shows our guilt before God.


Jesus paid it all! And if He is your Savior then He has paid for all of your sins! Legends about finding the Ark of the Covenant. Through the centuries, thousands of people have searched for the Ark. There are countless modern tales about the final resting place of the Ark, and it is said to have been buried in every continent and almost every country, even in America and Japan. Different people have claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant, but never any pictures! And one man said he gave the Ark of the Covenant to the Israeli government, but they deny this.

In our generation, the Ark was made famous with the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are many legends of items placed in the Ark, but for verification of any of these, we will have to wait unti l the Ark is found and the high priest of Israel removes the lid. After that the Bible is almost strangely quiet about what happened to the Ark. Even the ancient enemies Rome of Israel acknowledge she was in the land of Israel and Jerusalem was her capital. We can safely say that the Ark did exist in the days of King Josiah II Chronicles , because he lived about twenty-five years before the destruction of the First Temple.

That would also eliminate the theories about the Queen of Sheba or Pharaoh Shishak taking it, for they lived hundreds of years before King Josiah.

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Revelation talks about the Ark being in heaven. So there already was an Ark and tabernacle in heaven before the earthly one. But another possibility is the Ark had already been taken and hidden by Jeremiah. There are several legends that have been passed down to us about the prophet Jeremiah taking the Ark with the permission of the good king Josiah, who reigned from — BC, and hiding it before the fall of Jerusalem.

Most of these ancient accounts have Jeremiah hiding the Ark, or Jeremiah and angels, or other men who helped Jeremiah. These accounts almost always mention the Ark of the Covenant and often other items from the Tabernacle being hid along with the Ark. And when Jeremy [Jeremiah] came thither, he found a hollow cave, wherein he laid the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door.

These and other ancient texts are interesting but contradictory.

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However, it can be deduced from II Thessalonians — 4 that the Ark will be found. And if it is not the Ark then what is the Antichrist sitting on? The Temple of God had no place to sit in it, there were no chairs or throne, except the Ark. There were two cherubims, one on each end of the Ark, and a mercy sea t in the middle, and this was where God met with man. And if the Antichrist wants to pretend to be God, then he would need to be in the place where God was.

It is not certain how this was arranged, and there are different depictions models and paintings of how their wings covered the Ark, with some having room for a person to sit there and some not. Is finding the Ark and other holy vessels a sign of the End Times? Then shall the Lord shew them these things, and the glory of the Lord shall appear.

However, because of what was said in II Thessalonians —4, I believe it will be found and used during the Tribulation. How much sooner than the seven-year tribulation can only be guessed at. Still it is a wonder that God has kept it hidden until now! Did four men carry the Ark? It appears from scripture that the poles that were used to carry the Ark were long.

For because you did not do it the first time, the LORD our God broke out against us, because we did not consult Him about the proper order.