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Just a Field of Stones Now? “The Old Perth Burying Ground” Now on Ontario Abandoned Places?

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The IEEE I read with great interest your article on the Ole Burying Ground in Perth today. I live a block from it and see the pickets being bent and go missing every week in this cemetery.

I started the attached letter last winter and your post has inspired me to finally send it. Thank you very very very much Linda!

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I needed the encouragement! While this property is not really abandoned the question of abandonment can be inferred from the acts or recitals of the parties, interpreted in the light of all the surrounding circumstances. Such abandonment is a question of fact or a mixed question of law and fact.

A cemetery is not abandoned as long as it is kept and preserved as a resting place for the dead with anything to indicate the existence of graves, or as long as it is known and recognized by the public as a graveyard. The fact that for some years no new interments have been made and that the graves have been neglected does not operate as an abandonment and authorize the desecration of the graves, where the bodies interred in a cemetery remain therein and the spot awakens sacred memories in living persons.

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Vital records of Births, Marriages and Deaths were only required to be kept starting in and compliance for the first decade or so was rather hit-and-miss. Many early church records are either missing or only available at archives in distant cities so monuments can sometimes be the only evidence for the births and deaths of our ancestors.

Someone please help and thank you Cheryl for your love and concern! The beautiful village of Perth situated on the Tay River in Lanark County Ontario is celebrating the th anniversary this year of the founding of the Rideau Military Settlement.

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My mother-in-law, Annie, grew up in Perth and her parents are both descended from Irish emigrants who were escaping poverty, famine and oppression back in the homeland. A few years ago out of a frustration in the paucity of early records in Ontario I visited St. Each visit led to discovering new connections which, in turn, required more visits to photograph other monuments. Eventually I photographed all the monuments. Cool old photos—and lots of things interesting to read.

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Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place. We thank you!

Linda for aiding in bringing this public. We shall see what steps are taken pretty soon.