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Pence's speech echoed overtones of the Cold War tensions that drove NASA to achieve the original Apollo 11 moon landing on schedule 50 years ago this July. He also mentioned the reliance on Russian rockets to send American astronauts to orbit over the past decade, something the agency hopes to bring to an end with new spacecraft designed by SpaceX , Boeing and NASA itself.

Pence was also explicit that meeting the new five-year goal should be accomplished "by any means necessary," including switching to commercial rockets.

Earlier this month, Bridenstine testified before a congressional committee that NASA may need to perform the first uncrewed launch of Orion in using a commercial rocket like a SpaceX Falcon Heavy instead. However, in a statement released later Tuesday , Bridenstine said that "while some of these alternative vehicles could work, none was capable of achieving our goals to orbit around the moon for Exploration Mission-1 within our timeline and on budget. The results of this two-week study reaffirmed our commitment to the SLS.

How did the moon end up where it is?

More details will be released in the future. Despite the challenges, Bridenstine said NASA will work to accomplish the goal of landing astronauts near the moon's south pole by Sticking to schedules hasn't always been NASA's strong suit, though. Well, at least not since the last time we set foot on the moon. He-Man observes that the moon controls the tide. And so, in the most irresponsible — not to mention impossible — act of environmental recklessness of all time, He-Man flies to the moon, stands on the tip of a Wind Raider, and pushes the moon away to lower the tide.

He goes back to the surface, plugs the hole, then flies back to the moon and pushes it into its proper orbit.

NASA heading back to Moon soon, and this time to stay

Meanwhile the entire coastal region of Eternia is no doubt destroyed by tsunamis, and millions are dead. But at least the Widgets have their mine back! Of course, most of the actions listed above would have been tame for pre- Crisis Superman, who could juggle planets and fly through time before being de-powered in the mids. Still, the fact that He-Man held his own for a few minutes against pre- Crisis Superman puts him in an elite class of superheroes.

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A third career as a painter of moonscapes

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The Man in the Moon (1991) - Don't ask me to forgive her... (ENG sub)

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