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In this connection, despite minor doctrinal and ritualistic deviations, Crowley stands in direct line of descent from the Adepts of the Golden Dawn; nothing that he has written can be understood without reference to its teachings. Finally, a former caution is still essential.

I have long realized modern psychological analysis should be wedded to methods of the Great Work — a task yet to be fully accomplished. It is strongly recommended that the serious student undergo a course of some kind of psychotherapeutic treatment before proceeding too far with these practices. At the very least, he will have gained in self -awareness, and eliminated a few bodily and emotional tensions exacerbated by the magical art.

So to this new edition of The Tree of Life, I can only say with humility, sincerity and conviction, go forth and spread the word.

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It depicts a good teaching, a noble philosophy, and an archaic though practical system of attainment, of reaching sun-drenched heights to which all mankind ultimately must aspire and rest. May all readers obtain as much gratification, spiritual aid, comfort, and enlighten- ment as I have had in the initial writing and in the subsequent years. Ki i-i miciu May 12, Studio City.

Catalogue 224: Hermetica and Mysticism

Few are there to-day who would appear to possess even the vaguest idea as to what constituted the high objective of that system considered by the sages of antiquity the Royal Art and the Trans- cendental Magic. And because there have been even fewer in number prepared to defend to the last its philosophy and disseminate its true principles amongst those found worthy of receiving, the field of war strewn with the mangled reputations of its Magi was relinquished to the charlatans.

These, alas, made good use of their opportunity for wholesale despoliation. So much so, that the word Magic itself has now become synonymous with all that is odious, and is conceived to be an obnoxious thing. For several centuries in Europe was this unrighteous condition of things permitted.

It continued for some while until about the middle of the last century, when Eliphas Levi, a writer with a certain facility of expression and a flair for synthesis and surface exposition, endeavoured to restore to Magic its age-oid lofty reputa- tion. How his efforts would have fared had not they been succeeded and abetted by the advent of the philosophy of the Theosophical Movement in , together with the open discussion of occult and mystical matters which thereafter ensued, is exceedingly hard to say.

Even so, they have been none too successful. For despite nearly eighty long years of attention to and the unconcealed discussion of the esoteric philosophy and practice in various of its branches, there can be found in the Catalogue of the British Museum Reading Room, for instance, no single work on Magic which attempts to provide a lucid, unambiguous, and exact exegesis, unhampered by too great an employment of symbol and figure of speech.

Eighty years of occult study! As a consequence enquiries would frequently be addressed to him as to its nature. So numerous did they become as time went on, and so abysmal was the uninten- tional ignorance of the subject that all displayed, that it seems high time to make available for that public a synthetic and definitive exposition.

Inasmuch as no other individual has attempted this task of paramount importance, upon the writer devolves this difficult work. He does not propose to limit himself by specious remarks concerning the incommunicability of occult secrets. Nor will he mention the impossibility of conveying the true nature of the mysteries of ancient time, as some recent authors have done. Though all this is true, nevertheless there is enough in Magic which is communicable. In spite of hundreds of pages to elucidate, against these writers also must be levelled the grim accusation of having done much to confirm public opinion in the already firm belief that Magic was ambiguous, obscure, and fatuous.

A greater misconception than this could hardly be held. For Magic, let me insist, is lucid. It is definite and precise. There are no vague formulae or dubieties comprehended within the sphere of its exactitude ; all is clear-cut and devised for practical experiment. Its system is absolutely scientific, and each part thereof is capable of verification and demonstrable proof. The Tree of Life is pub- lished, somewhat hesitatingly it is true, with the sole object of filling in the existent gap.

The writer desires to render intelligible and comprehensible to the ordinary intelligent layman, to the student of the Mysteries and those versed in the lore of other mystical systems and philosophies, the root principles from which the tremendous high-towering structure of Magic is built. With one exception, not known or suitable to the public at large unfor- tunately, this necessary task has never previously been accom- plished.

The frequency of long quotations from the writings of magical authorities which the writer has inserted herein is quite simply explainable. It was due solely to the desire to demonstrate that the larger essentials of this exposition are not the outcome of any inventiveness of the writer, but are firmly rooted in the wisdom of antiquity, That there are crudities of expression, possible misinter- pretations of fact or theory, sins of omission and commission, the writer needs hardly to be informed.

By reason thereof he is humbly apologetic. May his efforts spur some other more learned individual, gifted with greater facility of pen, and possessed of a more profound knowledge of the subject and its concomitants, to provide a better formulation of Magic. The writer will be among the first to acclaim it with welcome and eulogy. It is also necessary to acknowledge the courtesy of Messrs. Wallis Budge. The destruction of national organizations. Negligence to enter into communion with Reality. A possible cause of this disruption.

Traditional philosophy of Magic. The real nature of genius. Its root is a spiritual experience. Magic as the key to creativity. Yoga and Magic are the two branches of Mysticism. Definitions of both systems. Theurgists are the light of the world. Eliphas Levi and the Heavenly Man. Their gross injustice and absurdity.

Man is a child of the Gods, and to them must he aspire for anion. Magic is not Psychism. Has no relation to witchcraft. Does not lead to mediumship. Bases of the magical philosophy. The Tree of Life of the Qabalists. Chapter Three Relation of Egyptian Magic and the Qabalah. The nature of number and the significance of symbols. Outline of magical theory of the universe. Tetragrammaton and the four worlds. Levi's magical dogma. Spiritual hierarchies in space. Theurgy as con- ceived by Iamblichus. Chapter Four How it is conceived by modern science.

The Space-time con- tinuum.

Two aspects are observed in that Light. Amentet and the Tuat. The Moon and mana. The use of the divine Astral, and how the world may be transformed. Frva jj The age-old problem of philosophy. Is the universe objective or subjective? In what way the magicians conceive of the magical hierarchies and the human constitution. A minuhim tnundum. The mystical sacrifice of the ego.

The ascent of the Ladder of Jacob to the summit in God. Divine is compre- hended under many hypostases and guises. A consideration of the Gods of the Egyptians. Each god symbol bears a high significance. The implication of the animal masks. How this has been misunder- stood. Magic is a mnemonic process. Signs and sigils. True meaning of magical circle. William Quan Judge. Symbol of infinite and human consciousness. Names of God. Circle restrains hostile influences. The altar and the lamp. Wand, Cup, sword, and pantacle. Wand symbolizes Will ; its preparation and conse- cration. Imagination and its essential formative nature.

Weiser Antiquarian

Fawcett's hypothesis. Loyola's spiritual exercises. How to develop the imagination for magical work. The tattvas of the Hindus. Chapter Eight What is the Will? A magical method of increasing this power. The true significance of Asceticism. Its dangers.

A threefold vow. Pranayama an excellent adjuvant. Objections to Will-development. What causes success in the Operations of ceremonial? The answer of the Chaldasan Oracles. Instances of gross failure. An example of imbecility. Reason provided by Barrett. The mantic frenzy and enthusiasm. Cjmtttiw Nfrei. Various occult viewpoints. Vibration of god-names is associated with evocation of magical forces, states Blavatsky.

The power and value of Sound. How to pronounce the magical names? What then happens. The secret of invocation. Barbarous names of evocation. Magician should not permit meaningless words to enter his sphere. Technical employment of the barbarous words. Dancing and music. The knocks. Necessity and effect of circum- ambulation. Chajthh Ten ii- Essential task of magic. Necessity for training the Will and Imagination. Employment in formation of Body of Light. Educating the subtle body. Ritual an assistance. How to check them scientifically. Precautionary measures. Egyptian plans of the Astral.

The magical Pylons. How death is conquered, and immortality while in the body assured. Banishing ritual of the Pentagram. Its power and explanation. Will and Imagination to form the Star of Fire. The dog-Guardian. The key of ail magical progress. How this technique proceeds. Danger of magic. Egyptian deities. Maspero's triumphant address. Invoca- tion of Ea, the Sun -God. The results of fellowship with the Gods.

What this means. The Holy Guardian Angel. When evocations may be undertaken. For what special reasons they may be performed. Genius and the Angel's mode of manifestation. Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramclin the Mage. A method of entering into communication with the higher self. Full directions in this ancient technique. The steps necessary. The Vision and the Perfume. The invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Chapter Thirteen A rationale of the rites of ceremonial evocation.

Its correlation with modern psychological research. The building of the pyramid. Instruction to Bride before the mystical marriage. Uniting the Egyptian method in practice with the Qabal- istic one. The Goetia. The Book ol the Angel Ratzie!. Why amateur visions go wrong.

Invasion of field of consciousness. The tracing of parallels between Yoga and Magic, How essentially they are identical. How powers are to be treated. Chapter Fourteen. The rationale. Initiation rituals. Third degree of Masonic fraternity. A splendid ritual in The Bacchcs of Euripides. An Osirian passion-play. Necessity for personal work. Milarepa and Marpa, Work requires patience and imperturbability. An Ibis and the Urseus serpent. A great gulf between them. The Will is the guide of the Theurgist. Medium is a negative instrument.

Magical theories concerning death. What happens when body dies. Qlsphotic obsession. Astral shells are the spiritualistic "spirits. Their physical phenomena. How a sincere medium may utilize the magical technique. What is Black Magic. Operations of invisibility and transformation.

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  5. Evocation of tattvic forces. Necromancy and vanity. Further instruction on Astral technique. How to employ Pentagram and Rose-cross symbols. Angelic guardians of the Pylons. Refining the Body of Light. Harpocrates formula. Porphyry on Rising on the Planes. The Eucharist. The Road to Ain Soph. An exception to be made. A secret method of working. The Mass of the Ho! Tetragrammaton and alchemical symbolism.

    It is the quintessence of all techniques of Magic. The Elixir of Life and talismanic consecration. How to employ this Mass together with Ceremonial.

    Bestselling Series

    Chapter Seventeen An enquiry into Ritual. The various aspects of ceremonial invocation. Its eight distinct phases. Several examples of each type. Death-dealing and with octopus-like tentacles of destruction, this morass clutches him more and more firmly to its breast, albeit with great subtlety and with stealth. Civilization, curiously enough, modern civilization, is its name. The tentacles which are the unwitting instruments of its catastrophic blows reach out from the diseased structure, false and loathsome, of the decaying social system and the set of values wherein we are involved.

    And now, the entire fabric of the social world appears in process of disintegration. The structure of national organization would appear to be veering from economic ruin to that final crazy lurch which may see it disappear over the gaping preci- pice to complete destruction. Rooted firmly in the fullness of the individual life, the hitherto stout bulwarks of our life are threatened as never have they been before.

    More and more impossible does it seem with the setting of each sun for anyone to retain even the slightest portion of his divine heritage, individuality, and to exert that which makes him man. Despite being born in our age and time, those few individuals who are aware with a certainty in which there is no doubt of a destiny propelling them imperiously forward to the fulfilment of their ideal natures, constitute perhaps the sole exceptions. These, the minority, are the born Mystics, the Artists and Poets, those who see beyond the veil and bring back the light of beyond.

    Included within the mass, however, is yet another minority who, while not fully conscious of an all-compelling destiny, nor the nature of its deeper self, aspires to be different from the complacent masses. With an inner anxiety it is restless to obtain an abiding spiritual integrity. It is mercilessly ground underfoot by the social system of which it is a part, and harshly ostracized by the mass of its fellows. The attitude, singularly unwise, adopted by the greater part of modern " intelligent " European humanity to- wards this aspiration constitutes a grave danger to the race.

    It has permitted itsel only too eagerly to forget that upon which it actually depends, and from which it is constantly nourished and sustained in both its inward and outward life. Avidly seizing upon the fluctuating evanescence of the hasty exterior existence, its negli- gence of affairs spiritual, as well as its impatience with the more far-seeing of its fellows, is a mark of extreme race-weariness and nostalgia.

    It is a well-worn saying but one none the less true and none the less worthy of repetition, inasmuch as it expresses peculiarly the situation now widely prevalent, that " where there is no vision the people perish. An heretical barrier has been erected separating itself from that current of life and vitality which even now, despite wilful impediment and obstacle, pulses and vibrates passionately in the blood, pervading the whole of universal form and structure. The anomalies presented to-day are due to this rank absurdity.

    Man- kind s slowly accomplishing its own suicide. A self-strangulation is being effected through a suppression of all individuality, in the spiritual sense, and all that made it human. It continues to with- hold the spiritual atmosphere from its lungs, so to speak. And having severed itself from the eternal and never-ceasing sources of light and life and inspiration, it has deliberately blinded itself to the fact — than which no other could compare in importance — that there is a dynamic principle both within and without from which it has accomplished a divorce.

    The result is inner lethargy, chaos, and the disintegration of all that formerly was held to be ideal and sacred. Laid down centuries ago, the doctrine taught by the Buddha commends itself to me as providing a possible reason for this divorce, chaos and decay. To the majority of people existence is inevitably bound up with suffering and sorrow and pain. Now although Buddha did teach that life was fraught with pain and misery, I am inclined to believe, when remembering the psychology of Mysticism and of Mystics, whose peer he undoubtedly was, that this viewpoint was adopted by him only to spur men forward from chaos to the attain- ment of a superior mode of life.

    What of the rain falling through the leaves of trees towering to the gates of heaven, and the dew in early morning creeping over the grass, tipping it with spear-points of silver? Most readers will have heard of the experience of the great German Mystic, Jacob Boehme, who, after his divine beatific vision, walked into the green fields close to his village, beholding the whole of Nature ablaze '. Rather do I feel that this philosophic attitude was adopted Jby him in the hope that once again might mankind be induced to! Preventing this ecstatic enjoyment of life and all that the sacrament of life can give, there is one root cause of sorrow.

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    Imperator, and Tabatha is the G. Cancellaria, is an international Order with Temples in several countries. Have you ever heard of Elbert Hubbard? After being a soap salesman he founded the Roycrofters part of the handicraft movement and the Roycroft Press, which printed magazines and books filled with inspiration and information. He was popular in the early s. Most people today have never heard of him. On the other hand, you've probably heard of Israel Regardie. The Tree of Life was a book of its time. And just as poor Elbert is pretty obscure today, so, too, are many of the references in Regardie's book.

    It was time, not to change the book, but to update it for modern readers. The actual changes they made were few - they Americanized some British spellings and carefully turned the transliterations of Hebrew into the modern system that Regardie used in his later books. But that was just the beginning. Next, they made numerous explanatory notes for each chapter so that everyone can now fully understand the book.

    Then, to make it easier to use and more valuable they added a glossary, a bibliography, an index, and information on each chapter for the contents pages. To show its importance, they included a biographical preface giving information about Regardie and the book. And finally, to make it even more attractive, they've added over illustrations. Now, this classic from the year is again a classic for the 21st century. Elbert Hubbard may be forgotten, but this book is fresh and lively. Again, if you get a book on real magic, this should be it! See All Customer Reviews.

    Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. About the Author Francis I. Returned to Europe in at the invitation of Aleister Crowley to work as his secretary and study with him. Served in the U. Army , and then moved to Los Angeles where he opened a chiropractic practice and taught psychiatry. Upon retirement in , he moved to Sedona.