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In order for anything to work as far as population control, men and women must both have equal power in the household. The United Nations, as well as a majority of nations across the globe, have developed and organized programs which aim to ameliorate gender inequalities.

Population Report 2019: Empowering women and girls key to development

Women's development was adopted as the third millennium goal in ,the world conference on women in Benjin in , and many others. Women are nearly non-existent on the Nigerian political scene, more so at the federal and state levels. Additionally, successful political advisors are not likely to support female candidates so it could be difficult for them to pave a path in politics.

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When women in business have fewer employees and shorter longevity than men, this gender gap becomes even wider. The time involved in maintaining a business with little pay was undesirably restrictive and directly conflicted with their family responsibilities.

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In Nigeria, the effect of women empowerment can be measured using indices such as education, literacy rate, employment and leadership roles. In looking to achieve the Millennium goal on women's development, the Nigerian government initiated the Women's Fund for Economic Empowerment and Business Development for women entrepreneurs, while "second chance" was meant to re-introduce dropped out women due to pregnancy back to school.

At the Sixty-fourth General Assembly it was reported that "the number of senior female civil servants was judged to be A chapter was devoted to the rights of women and children. Free medical treatment was provided for victims of domestic and sexual violence at temporary shelters that were being established nationwide.

Nigeria was also working to improve the education of girls by recruiting more female teachers, creating skill acquisition programmes for girls and women, and providing textbooks at subsidized rates, among other measures. Judges and magistrates were continuously being trained on gender and women's rights.

Progress on women's empowerment: from technical fixes to political action

Health system facilities were being scaled up". Educational statistics have been used as an indicator of gender inequalities versus women's empowerment in Nigeria. The major problem or the root cause of the extremity with which a woman is criticized to work out of the house, is that other women do not support a woman who wants to move out of the house and live her own dream.

This is the major reason why women are not encouraged to live their life independently and different from the traditional way of living.

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This is a sad state for the women in our society and therefore, it is very much necessary that the women in our country first of all need to be empowered by other women for the growth and development of the society as well as the nation. We all see how women in different countries are empowered and allowed as well as encouraged to pursue any desired educational courses as well as to work in different fields. Women, nowadays, work in a company along with men as their colleagues and this indicates that a woman is equally capable of working along side men and also to lead a certain project of that company on her own without any help from the people of the opposite gender.

Therefore, the rate of development of those countries is much higher than that of a nation who does not believe in women and their capabilities.

Women's empowerment - Wikipedia

A woman is capable of handling all the household chores independently and to look after the elderly and young people in the house. Women and girls face unacceptable levels of discrimination and abuse, which is not only wrong, but also prevents them from playing a full part in society and decision-making. More organisations need to understand and address internal imbalances and proactively seek to do so in delivering their business.

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Barbara Stocking, former chief executive of Oxfam GB, writes in the book: "Leadership from the top is essential but the values of gender equality have to permeate the whole organisation. Secondly, women are key managers of natural resources and powerful agents of change. Nidhi Tandon's research with rural women in Liberia and Fatima Jibrell's work in Somalia show how women are often more directly dependent on natural resources, with responsibility for the unpaid work of securing food, water, fuel and shelter for their household.

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Women are more vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate change but also have different perspectives, concerns and ideas for change. Until these are taken on board, with women empowered to play a full part in decision-making at all levels, environmental sustainability will remain a distant goal.

Women’s Economic Empowerment; The Key to a Sustainable World

Yet women's empowerment must not mean simply adding to their burdens of responsibilities or building expectations of women as 'sustainability saviours'. Diane Elson, an adviser to UN Women, argues in her contribution that "the disproportionate responsibility that women bear for carrying out unpaid work is an important constraint on their capacity to realise their rights Both women and men need time to care for their families and communities, and time free from such care.

This leads us to the third reason for integrating women's empowerment into sustainable development, and it reaches deeper down to the underlying causes of both issues: in most societies and economies, women's unpaid work and nature's services are not accounted for and therefore not valued properly in our economic, political or social systems. Julie Nelson argues that "Women and nature are largely invisible in mainstream economics