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You are a little off with some information: We call our jamaican creole language "patois"; back in s, plenty of conflict between black and chinese; the Tainos left behind half the recipe for Jerk Pork; most Jamaicans regardless of colour use "Bush" medicine with traditional; and you didn't even mention the Maroons. I found it to be very inforamtive Big up Jamaica.. Out of many one people.. I found this article very informative and helpful in my assignments.

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Thanks a million. Informative, however, the comments from readers that are Jamaican born and bread are interesting.

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I recently visited Jamaica for the first time and currently dating a Jamaican in the US. It appears as though the Jamaican cultural and social information presented on this webpage slightly differes from the perspective of Jamaican born and bread individuals.

I still found the article along with my one time recent visit to Jamaica very helpful. I want to thank this web page!! I would like to know more about Jamaican music and traditions If u know what i meann. Hello, Thank you for putting this up. My family is from Jamaica, and growing up in Miami I was immersed in the culture. Interesting comments by those who are from Jamaica. Interesting mostly in how they differ! It's important to understand that ours are not the only impressions possible or correct.

I am sure that some of your experiences as a Jamaican are a far cry from mine. And there's nothing wrong with that. When we let go of the notion that our opinions are the only ones that are correct, then we will be able to receive and learn from each other. May God give you the grace to do just that just like He's done for me! Again, thank you for putting this up. It's good to see people trying to give a balanced history. May God bless you! Asia not the country my name.

NOT Yellow. Thank you. Were is the clothing article, I need to know. Hi There a friend of ours dad passed away they are originally from Jamaica but present in the UK I was wondering if i am to bring something to family as in some cultures u bring flowers ,food or money tnx for your help. Gerald A. I would kike to give some info on lost Jamaican history which is closely linked to the UK.

His 5 sons from his first marriage were the first Jamaican born officers in the British Army of WW I ask, why has this history disappeared? She gave him 4 daughters one who is my mother Phyllis A. Is this revers discrimination because this man was a white Jamaican? Please read about this man in "A Struggle to Walk with dignity". Ask for it in the UK to find out more.

With my Thanks, Gerald. PS: Do not forget our true history of the past. My question is: Why is a white Jamaican born man like the late Inspector of Police Herbert Theodore Thomas to , been forgotten by his country Jamaica?

This man's history tells a story of giving Jamaica stability and safety in it's rural areas. He also crossed the racial divide at that time by marring his 2nd black Jamaican wife. He also wrote two books which put Jamaica on the map, and much more contribution to his country than most men of his time. What has happened to our lost history. Very sad. As a Jamaican, I would say this article is fairly accurate but all those using it for a school report should consult some other sources as well.

Women "run tings" in Jamaica; not sure how many subscribe to the theory that they stay home. With the cost of living there, very few women have that luxury. And with a low marriage rate, a lot of women have to take care of themselves. Also, while politeness is valued in some areas, you will find service in restaurants and stores quite surly. Now in school, teachers do expect you to stand up when talking to them in class and address them as "sir" and s on. Thank you for this page. It really helped me with my studies. I could not find any imformation about what i needed too know about Jamaica but this page saved me!

I enjoyed reading up on a country I hope to visit. The information was very interesting. Obviously with the literal reading of this handful material i have critically observed that Jamaica has a wide range of distinguish culture and social way of living as compare to other countries. But my question is Jamaica still remains in economic redundancy with all her rich in mineral resource.

This imformation was very helpful it saved me the stress of reading a book or going to the library. It was very simple and easy to read. The article is quite revealling only that i will like to know about the Jamaica tertiary institutions, admission requirement, courses offered and above all, know the possibility of a foreigner securing admission into the Jamaican Universities.

I'll be glad to have a feedback from you. This is a really good site, it has all the information to my history SBA and it also has adequte and reliable information. Dante bell. This website is very helpful for all terms. It gives a clear ethnic background on all of the countries in the world. This website is very helpful,I love Jamaica: Im hopefully goin there soon to visit all the amazing people.

This website is very helpful with my research and my approach to my caribbean culture course. We now have more than two universities. Jamaicans have a lot to be proud of in their past history, and it's not all about slavery and oppression. It is about born Jamaicans of every race who contributed to the development of our country in a positive way. Law and Oder along with the stamping out of Obeah, and the establishment of a good education system with Libraries for Public use.

Also Jamaica many things that made life better for the average home owner, long before places in North America. So be proud and stop looking backwards. Better the devil we have known, than the one we don't know. Preserving our past History is very important for our next generation. With my thanks, Gerald. Tiny Brown. There is much much more to learn about Jamaica Land we love. After reading this article i. Sam Mendez. I find some of this information helpful, but just to let you know we never refer to ourselves as African-Jamaican, we are JAMAICANS, whose ancestors happen to be from Africa as well as other countries, and that is why we say, " out of many, one people.

I have been going to Jamaica for the last three years. I am not sure when this was written. I feel that this article, being an important part of the Jamaican history, should be updated periodically. I have a brother who reads a lot and when he speaks, he sometimes talks about situations in the past and talk as if they still exist.

This is because he reads old books. So it is important for you to do consider doing some research on the comments and update. I stayed in different places on the North Coast. Montego Bay, Runaway Bay and in a rural village. I did not see one Chinese or White local Jamaican person. So there is something to say about why they do not reside in these areas.

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I did see new Indian immigrants from India who were merchants and owned stores and groceries though. Maybe more emphasis on the abuse of marijuana in the tourist trade should be mentioned. Tourists being approached even at the resorts and on the streets by locals offering to sell them this herb and the dangers of those who try to frame visitors. It happened to me and I had to get out of the taxis because I thought that it was downright rude.

I have never experienced this anywhere else in my travels. Transportation should be mentioned, the type of vehicles used, new highways, etc.

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I think that this is current and should be mentioned. You were wrong on the point that most Jamaican women stay at home and the jobs that they do. Most Jamaican woman must work regardless of the type of job otherwise their families will suffer. You said that women teach only in primary schools; they also teach in high schools and universities.

Women are now getting a proper education and are working in all the professional fields. The present Prime Minister of Jamaica is also a woman and not a man. Good article, really enjoyed reading it. Just a small note, I believe "Xaymaca" actually translates to "Land of wood and water". Please continue to update this site as in doing so, you bring joy to the masses! Beanah Lewin. I now live in the UK and have been writing a novel set in Jamaica in for a few years now! I have a feeling they were given the same ranks as Army ranks.

Is there anything you could do to help me? Is there anyone reading this who is old enough to remember, please? Thank you very much for the work you put into this site, I appreciate it. I would like to more about there traditions and celebrations they do there. Debrina Lyons. If there is anything I have learnt from the feedback to this article is how proud Jamaicans are of their country.

There are some truth to this article, but many misleading information. For those who have done papers on it; you should ask yourself if you wanted the truth or a grade. This is a clear illustration of getting information about a place vs. I would suggest an interview with a real Jamaican before writing a paper. It would be interesting to see how the country have evolved as a result of globalization and deportation of criminals influenced by the culture of other areas of the world with only a father's nationality linking these individuals to this Island.

Jamaica has many problems with links outside their boundaries. The powers that be have their feet at its neck. They know Jamaica will rise to the top if these obstacles are removed. There are no African- Jamaican, Chinese Jamaicans etc. This is an invaluable article on the subject of Jamaican heritage, culture, arts.

A Struggle to Walk With Dignity by Gerald A. Archambeau - Read Online

This is so interesting! I loved reading about This beautiful culture. Hello everybody! I am doing a report on this country! I am so excited! I even wrote my whole project in pink! I'm also wearing pink! Who doesn't like pink, sparkly things? Thank you to whoever put this up.

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Krusty Krabs. This is nice because this can help me and my brother with Jamaican history. Steve E. What a beautiful article, we have a long way to go in our development , yes man ,we are doing it in style. I like your website. I have learned a lot about other countries, but speaking from my country's point of view, most things are correct but needs some updating in the field of medicine and religion. By the beginning of the s, Canadian railway companies adopted the practice of using Black porters when the Pullman service expanded into Canada. At this time, railway companies were the largest employers of Black Canadian men in the country.

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That means they had a hour workday! They were subjected to being fired without reason or recourse and called racially derogatory names. This nickname was humiliating and degrading for porters. Black porters were also denied job promotions. Some wanted to join the newly established labour unions for White porters, but were blocked from joining because of their race. As a result of this discrimination, in the s some Black porters in the United States decided to organize their own trade union to fight for better working conditions and successfully formed the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters BSCP.

In the early s, Black porters in Canada began organizing with support and guidance from their American brothers to form their own union. The number of hours they worked each week was reduced. This was the first time that a trade union organized by and for Black men signed an agreement with a Canadian company. Distribute the electronic Black History Month issue of Kayak: Canadians History Magazine for Kids as a printout, on a laptop or other electronic device.

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