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Inc Acres U. ActarD Inc. What European journalists want from Asian governments:. Bridging the media gap via networks WHEN you build networks, you build bridges. Asian and European editors quickly reached agreement on this as the most effective way of enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation between the media of the two regions. Networking was the most frequently-mentioned proposal at the last session. Haze distorted and made worse YOU could not escape the haze enveloping South-east i isia, even thousands of kilometres away in Luxembourg, where the sky is blue and clear. A European editor, commenting on the journalistic dishonesty of some European news organisations, related the tale of the Irish sunbather at.

A Chinese editor said that China needed a peaceful environment to succeed in its task of integrating into the global community For this, it needed to be understood by the outside world.

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Page 6. Page 7. Other countries taking part are the US.

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Britain, Germany, Spain and Denmark. Foreign secretaries of the South Asian arch-rivals who met in Edinburgh on the. There was, however, no appreciable improvement in the air quality. Page 9. On hand was her daughter Chelsea, who. Page The occasion: the Million Woman March, a mass rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, aimed at marshalling political, economic and social unity within black. The release was thrown into doubt when National Liberation. The year-old from Dundee, Scotland, held on an international warrant, taught in a.

Police said the suspect had been on leave from a prison in Denmark, where he was serving i year sentence. Another 13 people. They have been made to walk on the correct side of empty streets manned by numerous policemen. Vehicle passes have been denied, and separate passes and official escort are.

The all-girl. Titled Small Arms, Big Impact, the report says that enough small arms now exist to arm every. A new leader takes over in Congo as the has-been lies fallen Former Marxist military ruler Denis Sassou Nguesso in suit leaving the Parliament after being sworn in as President of the Republic of Congo on Saturday. As he was President for 12 years before his predecessor, Mr Pascal Lissouba,.

Mr Denis Sassou Nguesso, taking the oath of office on Saturday, was. An opinion poll published on Saturday snowed a lastminute swing to Alliance opposition candidate Graciela Fernandez Meijide in the. According to British art expert Geraldine Norman, Vincent van Gogh above had never mentioned Sunflowers right in his correspondence. She believes the pain ting was done by Claude-Emile Schuffenecker, an embittered Parisian art teacher who was so resentful of his own lack of recognition that he made.

It was the second time in four months that an art expert. The city was sealed off completely for nearly eight hours on Saturday while an estimated. In each range of multi-splits to cool up to 6 rooms and clean the air at the same. Page 5. The lightest frames in the world. Only from Seiko. Backed by our People to People Technology, it ensures our fax machines will not only last but deliver well into the next century.

For years we have experienced tough going in all of these commodities trading. We are confident that we are able to fulfill your complete requirements.

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Considering the turbulent relationship between the. Analysts interviewed by The Straits Times do not. Dream vans picture. Prolonged downtime can put enough red ink on a. Preloaded Microsoft 3. The PLA, which replaced the British garrison when China resumed control of the territory at midnight. The dead man, alleged triad gang leader Leong Kwok Hong, was shot in the head. Nuclear deal? They will spend at least eight.

Takeshi Nagaoka, 26, was arrested for stabbing Mr Yosei Noguchi with a knife.


The officer had tried to restrain Nagaoka after he struck a police colleague on the lace during questioning. The blast in Nanhai city on Wednesday shattered windows of nearby factories, the Nanfang Daily said. The suspects, 33 men and eight women, allegedly landed at the Sea of Japan fishing port of Ha mada around 1 am from what police suspect is a South Korean vessel. The war games, cod enamed Foal Eagle, begin today and involve a US aircraft carrier battle group and most of the South Korean and US military personnel in the south.

The 9,tonne General Kezim Orby hit the tonne fishing vessel off the south-west coast of South Korea and left it partially submerged. Four South Korean. For years, your savings have been locked into a time deposit, It is carefully managed to yield potential returns higher The Citi Money Manager is looked after by the investment without giving you much opportunity. IK Ufl w w.

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IS g ijni CLcv. Going cheap assets of Thais hard hit by slump Garage sale of luxury cars and jewellery 0 0 t picture. Politicians, especially. Haze situation worsens in Indonesia Polluted skies shroud 41 cities 4 airports shutdown JAKARTA The number of cities covered by the thick haze from rampant forest and bush fires nearly doubled yesterday, amid uncertainty over when the annual monsoon rains would arrive. Meteorologists said the number of cities covered by. Aids will cost region dearly if no action taken, UN warns Luz Baguioro By in Manna AIDS is spreading faster in the Asia-Pacific region than anywhere else in the world and is expected to make a big impact on economic costs in the next few years, the United Nations agency.

The Thai authorities exchanged a Laotian man and his boat picked up in the same in cident on the Mekong ri er frontier. Deputy Public Health Minister Sora-at Klinpra thum said a study this month of businessmen found that 80 per cent were suffering from stress. Dr Willie Smits, an expert from the Forestry Ministry, said yesterday they had been killed either out of fear or for the babies,. An estimated , people need food AFP. United Kingdom and USA. With our global network and experience, we take pride in skills transfer and providing value-added business solution to suit the unique requirements of.

With over 30 years of experience, and strong links with the industry, an SIM short course will. Reports have said that prices of textbooks and workbooks will go up by between A foul smell permeates the area, while the. Winds hampering rescue of 17 from peak IPOH Strong winds hampered efforts to airlift 17 university students, including two seriously injured, from the peak of Mount Korbu, a rescuer said yesterday. The students from Universiti Utara Malaysia were stranded on the mountain top after a cooking-gas bottle exploded, injuring five.

A Malay-language tabloid, Metro Ahad, yesterday reported that the immigration department uncovered the syndicate after detaining eight Pakistanis in two separate raids recently. The ruler, who marked his 67th birthday on Saturday, underwent surgery recently at a private hospital in Singapore. He received a. They were part of a group of 44, including two women, aged between 18 and 40 who were nabbed in an operation conducted by the Malaysian.

The newspaper quoted Security Services Association Malaysia deputy president Datuk Rahmat Ismail as saying that the recruitment drive had failed to draw workers. The Sunday Star quoted state rural development and agriculture committee chairman Datuk. The latest case involved a group of. After several unsuccessful attempts at losing our extra weight, we had almost given up. With the Wellness Programme combined with a well-balanced diet, we went from overweight and flabby to.

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Work From Home High interest with instant access to your cash. Fight for custody of overseas child Law here inadequate to cover cross-border child abduction when marriage sours By Braema Mathi WHEN a marriage between two people of different nation- alities sours, children are j sometimes caught in an inter i national tug-of-love.

One parent may decide to whisk the child. It was her first time. But she soon found it so easy that she became relaxed enough to flip through a mag- azine while. And that was done with just 12 hours to spare as her estranged American husband was ready to take their baby to the United.

Replying to questions from The Straits Times, it said it was working with various government agencies to join the convention. It said it viewed cases. Seaman slashed another after drunken argument A DRUNKEN argument on board a ship over whether Filipinos or Chinese nationals made better sailors led to one of the sailors being slashed later.

When the argument got heated, someone splashed beer on the face of Taiwanese sailor Hsu Fu Nan, Tanjong Pagar CDC invests in young To improve academic achievements under the Youth Development Programme, the CDC will set up five student service centres to provide primary and secondary students with a conducive environment to study.

Speaking at the th anniversary of the Singapore Eng Choon. Woman dies in empty water- tank mishap A WOMAN who became a subcontractor so she could work with the man she loved died on the job after Calling into an empty water-tank, ft is believed that ex-seamstress Koh Mui Kee, 39, was killed in an electrical accident. She had been. This juggling act will give way, and when you drop one pin, more often than not,.

Seventy-three per cent of the employees also said it was easier to concentrate on work, and parents gained 25 hours a year in time with their children. He will be accompanied by senior officials from his ministry. According to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement, he will officiate at the opening of. Five companies allow job-sharing and one even offers alternative workplace arrangements. And after 23 years on the job, this still sets her adrenalin pumping.

For more than 18 years, he has been trying to. More are adjourning outdoors for a chat over coffee, a. Woman gets jail for cheating pawnshops EVEN the pawnshops were taken in. On Friday, Rosita Abdul Rahim, 27, admitted cheating the shops and was jailed for six months. She had pawned her gold-plat-ed. As most textbooks.

Then an even better lawyer comes from overseas. I may lose out because the business which used to come to me personally might now go to him. But from the. Which approach for Mendaki fund? In short SHOULD investment funds started by self-help groups go for small sums from many investors, or should they raise money from a smaller group of large investors? This was because most Singaporeans. Both centred on whether the civil courts, or the Muslim Syariah Court, should be the ones deciding on questions affecting Muslim couples. One concerned enforcing.

As a big protest against racism, they sent in not just their signatures but also photographs of themselves for a petition. And their pictures have been made into giant collages, one of which looks,. With up to 15 interchangeable front panels. Wywy Outlets, Tel: And available at. Flexible Fixed Deposit tenures and amounts I H to maximise your returns. Given that it will set anyone back by about hatch. It also recyles water thus minimum fresh. If you have found something, you can advertise for free in Classification Found to seek its owner.

It mav have. Their heart beat goes up and down with the market prices. I wish I had money. The twists and turns in Sino-US relations Summit meetings between Chinese and American top leaders have usually been cordial affairs. But as Wee Kek Koon of the East Asia Desk finds out, goodwill and optimism were sometimes doused by unexpected twists outside these high-profile sessions. While these visits oozed cordiality. Many eyes had focused. Men need not apply Thailand would be a far better place if it was run by women. We need to look for a new form of leadership, a new vision to rescue.

This means focusing attention on long-term rather than immediate interests. China and the United States should. However, there are not many private hospitals that take into consideration the needs of the medium- and low-income groups. Figures from the Ministry of Civil Service. Unruly soccer fans From an editorial in The Indonesian Observer, an English language daily published from Jakarta: THE Thai press has severely criticised Indonesia for the villainous behaviour of the public during the Indonesia-Thailand final soccer game and called them barbarians for setting the stadium on fire.

Indications of trouble. This Is the key to gaining a competitive edge. But the technology for accessing and making use of information is forever changing. Help senior citizens accept day-care centres Still loved and wanted We must change the mindsets of senior citizens towards day-care centres. We must create an environment in which our senior citizens can spend their twilight years in a meaningful way, knowing they are still loved and wanted by their families.

There is no directive from the Ministry of Education as to which levels should be placed in the morning and afternoon sessions, and we do not intend to issue one.