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The following four entries were made during first contact with the First Federation. TOS : " Mudd's Women ". The following five log entries were recorded by Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock during a transporter accident in orbit of Alfa which duplicated the Captain.

The following six log entries were recorded by Captain Kirk during a routine medical examination to M in which the last M creature secretly intruded unto the Enterprise.

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The following five log entries were recorded by Captain Kirk during a mission to pick up a science team from Psi The following three log entries were recorded by Captain Kirk while the Enterprise was transporting Charles Evans who they discovered had god-like powers. TOS : " Charlie X ". The following three log entries were recorded by Captain Kirk as he investigated the destruction of outposts along the Romulan Neutral Zone. This was the first visual contact with Romulans. Two questions: 1. I have just switched to v 2. Is there a way to make the borders of CL2 fit within the borders of my screen?

I have been using CL1 for years and have an extensive amount of data in my various trip databases. Is there a way to convert those databases to CL2 format so I do not lose all my notes and the like? I know that the version 2. Other little thing; can You please allow to resize, manualy, the Window for a better screen fix? Hoping to not giving You to much trouble with this bugs. I have been using Captains Log 22 for a while now and find it very useful. A small suggestion that may be of use to others and I know would be to me.

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The small suggestion may not be so small if you are not already tracking that data from the journal files. When you scan an item and it shows the minerals available. Would it be possible to add in the icon the quantity you already have? Could be smaller font or whatever works. The main benefit I see is that when you do a scan you can instantly see if you have those minerals in stock.

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  4. If not or very low you can then decide to go land and get some. Sorry if already suggested but started reading history and a lot of comments there and a page search found no mention of minerals. How do you use this. I installed it started it up and minimized it to the tray. I need some clear instruction. You can use these HTML tags.

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    Sponsored Links. Keepin' eyes on em'. Rest o' the seas be clear. Destination approaching. Entry 6: The entire night was spent attempting to decipher the clues on that cursed piece o' parchment fer' a blasted rusty chest.

    Past - 1606-2006 - Captains Log

    On the bright side I founda' message ina' bottle along the shore- X marks the spot on Cannon Cove. Fer' now the ship is on course to Discovery Ridge. One travels North. The other is anchored to the South-East at Plunder Valley.

    A storm be formin' round' the skull cloud. Entry 7: Treasure secured, nice and shiny Earn me keep as I take you away Sailing the seas and enjoyin' the breeze Enjoyin' it more when me ship is a gleam'! Course plotted for the Golden Sands Outpost where I be turnin' in me haul. The anticipation of gold always makes me fingers twitch. Entry 8: Another successful voyage lines me pockets furthermore!

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    Though I be off once more fer' once the gold-high wore off I remembered that I still be havin' to travel to Cannon's Cove to find the loot mentioned by that note in a bottle. On to the next chest! Entry 9: The Cloud Skull has vanished and me eye caught sight of 2 sloops. The second be comin' from the North-East, where the Skull Cloud were.

    Unlucky fer' them that I be in the mood fer' some pirating. Entry Some deserve to lose their loot. I watched the sloop anchor alongside the isle with 2 members aboard. With nothin' to lose I sailed straight fer' their ship. I ave' no clue how they didn't see it comin' but me ship rammed into their hull as I ran aboard their ship with me pistol drawn. I was greeted on deck by the outraged yells of a thin, bearded, man waving his sword at me.

    In a rush I grabbed a crate of goods from the captains room and jumped overboard fer' I noticed a large-gutted sailor boarding. Unfortunate fer' im', he gave chase instead of repairing damages. A shot was fired and me ears started to ring. I ran into the islands brush, dropped the crate, and glanced at me blood-soaked sleeve.