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The mission has also enchanted the public by supplying the raw data for magnificent images of the planet. NASA recently shared the sight of a fascinating and elusive Jovian feature called a brown barge.

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Brown barges usually appear in Jupiter's dark North Equatorial Belt, but this one formed in its southern counterpart, according to the agency. Brown barges usually vanish when the cloud band reorganizes itself within the massive Jovian atmosphere. The formations are sometimes hard to see, as well, because their colors can blend in with the material surrounding them. This brown barge pops out because the dark material of the belt receded, creating a light background.

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Gill created this color-enhanced image from data taken by the spacecraft's JunoCam imager. The spacecraft was 7, miles 11, kilometers from the glossy cloud coverage and at a southern latitude of about 22 degrees when it caught this sight.

NASA officials said Juno took the image at p. Community Forum Software by IP.


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