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While this cultural change may be seen as heralding the death of Spanish nationalism, this is far from true. According to Michael Billig, nationalism has come to be associated with separatist movements such as the Basques, and with extreme right-wing national- ism such as Nazi Germany, or in the Spanish context, Francoism. Nationalism then does not correspond to established Western nation states. It is, however, important to note that this Spanish Everyman just happens to be from Madrid.

Jorge Martinez

In Madrid, his identity is taken for granted. The fact that his identity is thrust upon him by Basques, for whom the question of identity is obviously an issue, is significant. Nationalism then is seen as the preserve of the Basques. Nowhere is this more clear than in his relationship with Sara.

She is young, attractive, independent, professionally competent and passionately committed to Basque independence. Although Sara is by no means a cardboard cut-out, I disagree with the emphasis Hart places on her contradictory character. The figure of Sara can best be understood in the context of her function within the narrative conventions of the crime genre.

Following Hamilton, it can be argued that Sara is in fact a stereotype that threatens the established masculine and nationalist order. His lack of interest and knowledge at the outset of the novel characterizes him as the classic disinterested observer of detective fiction. In using this quote, the author seems to suggest that the activities of ETA are criminal and that it is the militants who have lost their way and their traditions.

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Thus the madman and the voice of reason coincide, giving added weight to the legitimacy of his previous statement. Nadie es inocente Barcelona: Alba. Atxaga, Bernardo, El hombre solo Barcelona: Ediciones B. Esos cielos Barcelona: Ediciones B.

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Gálvez, un héroe español en suelo americano

Related Papers. By Tylah Virtue. Conflicting nationalist traditions and immigration: the Basque case from to Historical development of ethnic nationalism in Spain and ETA problem. Innovative Strategies for Heritage Language Teaching ed.

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