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I do worry about the masseuse in the mitts having hot and sweaty hands. Mink is an excellent insulator. Thanks Bill - I was absolutely delighted with that picture, and I didn't straightaway recognize it as Olivier - he could look so stately, and have gravitas, but he could certainly put on a slightly demonic look too! It sounds like a very complicated set of lawsuits, you probably would find them interesting.

I didn't know if mink mitts was a thing or not, but I found plenty on the internet.

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Very interesting story about the writing of Thunderball, I never knew any of that. I had wondered how Never Say Never Again happened. Never saw that movie at all. It would all be interesting to read about but too much on my plate right now, so maybe someday. Post a Comment. Thunderball by Ian Fleming: Part 1. Posted by Clothes In Books on July 19, He was an athletic-looking six foot, dressed in the sort of casually well-cut beige herring-bone tweed that suggests Anderson and Sheppard.

He wore a white silk shirt and a dark red polka-dot tie, and the soft dark brown V-necked sweater looked like vicuna. Bond summed him up as a good-looking bastard who got all the women he wanted and probably lived on them—and lived well.

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She had the sort of firm, compact figure that always attracted him and a fresh open-air type of prettiness that would have been commonplace but for a wide, rather passionate mouth and a hint of authority that would be a challenge to men. She was dressed in a feminine version of the white smock worn by Mr. Wain, and it was clear from the undisguised curves of her breasts and hips that she had little on underneath it. Bond asked her if she didn't get bored. What did she do with her time off? Briefly: Fleming was very keen for there to be Bond films, and it is hard looking back from the other end to see how difficult it was to achieve this - it seems very surprising but he was working away at it and trying to sell film rights for years.

He had complex agent-ing arrangements, he wondered if TV was the way to go, or a different series character. In the midst of all this, a film producer told him that none of the books to date was really suitable: what was needed was a brand new treatment, a plot and story designed for a filmscript.

Four people apparently were involved in what came next: Ian Fleming, his friend Ivar Bryce, producer Kevin McClory and writer Jack Whittingham came up with an idea for an adventure involving an underwater shenanigans around the Bahamas. Nothing came of the film at that time and Fleming needed a new book, and took parts of the plot and turned it into the novel we are considering now.

Writers have been doing that since Dickens at least , but few as well. She applied the same techniques and rigor to studying Debian maintainers as others have applied to Maori tribes. In addition to describing these features, her dissection of how they relate to and are motivated by larger societal issues is compelling. I think someone reading this could explain hacker culture more effectively both to non-hackers and to hackers themselves. In addition, I learned some specific things about the Debian project. Coding Freedom is a scholarly treatise and an anthropological one at that, so it is thick both with anthropological jargon and with references and citations.

That can make for dense reading, but for me, it remained compelling. Now, I like a potboiler more than the next guy, so a well-executed thriller is nothing to apologize for. It did throw Gun Machine into sharp relief, though. Tension builds and the action proceeds at a snappy clip. The tactics and strategy of heroes and villains are believable and original in an action movie kind of world.

The pot boils nicely. I do wish that I cared about the characters some more.

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Everyone is a little too much a variation on a theme from central casting. I gave up trying to tell members of his anti-terrorist team apart, though they all do have cool code names. Back at the plot, things are moving quickly and cleanly toward an exciting conclusion. As long as you keep your eye on that, Alpha is a lot of fun.

Posted in reviews Comments Off on Review: Alpha. Ted Saves The World is a novella for young adults that intentionally has the feel of a smart TV action drama. Bryan Cohen, the author, is very up front about his goals and inspirations. Ted was originally intended as a TV pilot.

In terms of those goals, I found Ted to be very well done. The writing is clear and engaging. The characters are sharply drawn, and the story moves along well structurally. Everything in the story serves the narrative and it all meshes well. This is all very promising. It will be interesting to see if Cohen can go beyond these technical achievements and infuse his work with something unique. There are good reasons to hope that he can begin mixing in new elements and make something completely original.

This is worth a look and keeping an eye on. The Departed. Martin Scorsese.

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