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'Morning Song' - Mr Reidy's Notes

It represents the newborn baby, innocent and savage, aligned with the Greek god Dionysus. Through the tarot, all of Plath is reinterpreted.

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Sylvia Plath no longer has to be read as merely that depressive, suicidal, angry woman. There is now great joy to be found, spiritual and intellectual revelation, passion for human rights and environmental preservation, and a knowledge of the oneness of humanity. Those latter qualities, I promise you, are in other Ariel poems. It was as if someone handed me the keys to the kingdom; the soma to awaken.

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Austin State University Press. She teaches graduate level creative writing at Lindenwood University and is also a professional tarot card reader. Love set you going like a fat gold watch. The midwife slapped your footsoles, and your bald cry Took its place among the elements….

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Click here for the full poem available at The Academy of American Poets. The three words vividly but unsentimentally suggest shape and preciousness, while the implied ticking of a watch is associated with the heartbeat of the baby and reinforced by the monosyllabic nature of eight of the ten syllables of the opening line.

The title of the poem implies hope and celebration, but we quickly see and hear words of detachment and exhaustion. Notice how we never learn anything about the baby or its gender.

Morning Song by Sylvia Plath – Analysis

What do you make of the tone of the poem? Born in America, Sylvia Plath was an exceptionally talented student who studied at Cambridge on a Fulbright scholarship.

While in England she met and married the poet Ted Hughes, and they had two children in the early s.