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The power of love is an amazing feeling and for any romance junkie, Karen really does make you believe. So believe me when I say, that this book was an addictive sweet read that will spellbind you when two unlikely opposites find themselves on a collision course of love. Karen Ferry Okay, so I wrote this book - obviously, I love it! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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Sweet, sexy and low-angst romance between sassy bad-girl British h with a heart of gold and shy virgin H set in Denmark. The h had issues with an incident which happened in her past and the H had issues with dyslexia and stuttering and also a sad home life. I liked the unusual setting, the extended epilogues and the sex scenes were hot, I especially liked that the h was pretty sexuall Sweet, sexy and low-angst romance between sassy bad-girl British h with a heart of gold and shy virgin H set in Denmark. I liked the unusual setting, the extended epilogues and the sex scenes were hot, I especially liked that the h was pretty sexually liberated and not the standard-issue virgin.

View all 5 comments. How would you deal if that happened to you? The chemistry between the two leads is palpable from the start. Thank goodness I had one of my bookbesties to message while reading it. View 2 comments. Where to begin!! Holy Jesus lord!! What an amazing read this was I was totally taken a back at how strong independent sometimes relentless in a good way Emma is,She is someone you really want to be friends with loyal trusting and supportive!

Daniel holy smokes!! Geeks really do have a way to get round you and Daniel knows exactly what he wants and makes sure he does his best to get it I love a geek they are a soft spot for me as my hubby is the Biggest Geek Going Trust is something to be Where to begin!! Geeks really do have a way to get round you and Daniel knows exactly what he wants and makes sure he does his best to get it I love a geek they are a soft spot for me as my hubby is the Biggest Geek Going Trust is something to be earned and respected once this is gone things change forever.

I won't spoil anything for you, you Must read this story and let it take you on it's own journey. How can I not read a story when a nerdy, geeky man is involved! After finishing it, I am definitely fangirling and swooning over Daniel. All the feels! This story and characters melt and warmed my heart! More seriously, I enjoyed every moment and I couldn't put it down!

Okay, I stop rambling. This story is kinda lighthearted, even if the past of each characters especially Emma is pretty dark, with a perfect blend, of sweetness, emotion and sex I am not complaining , but I wasn't expecting as much and it didn't bother me at all. So enjoyable! Keep talking nerdy to me! I enjoyed how Emma and Daniel tried to take a chance and not fooling around their feelings.

They are both scared to engage a sense of relationship, it was a slow burn romance, with some strong sexual vibes.

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This novel has definitely this peculiar straightforwardness line throughout the story, that I really appreciated. I have to say it, but I love when the male character is a nerdy and geeky guy, definitely sexy and so endearing because of their clumsiness with women! Don't forget Emma, with her sizzling personality, and her love for books! It's kinda refreshing to read about this. Outside, the perfect geek, so shy and not at ease with people and inside, oh la la, I think I still haven't gotten over it. Besides these parts, the characters were well-developed and I was eager to discover all their secrets.

I can relate to Emma and Daniel for their bookworm side, totally understanding that you could easily get lost in a book. So high-five again! The contrast between Emma and Daniel's personalities and how hot they were together was an interesting one, keeping on my toes. Daniel you are a fast learner!!! I was warned about the sex parts, but holy guacamole! I'm so glad to read it at home and not on the train, like I always do, because our Daniel is a naughty and dirty talker!

I'm blushing again!!! Emma has some demons haunting her and she avoided intimacy, or mostly to fall in love with someone. Sex was just a release and a way to escape from it Until Daniel. It was nice for a change to see that he could be in charge and definitely domineering! Damn it's getting hot in here! I enjoyed the non overwhelming drama: not crazy exes or too much crazy things going on; just two people with issues and scars trying to move on and finally found someone in which they can rely on.

It was Interesting to see how each characters deal with their issues, Emma was so closed off and meeting Daniel was the trigger for something new, craving not only for his body but also for more, letting her feel again. Her story broke my heart! Daniel was dealing on his own but his perseverance to make Emma believe again was just powerful, and even if he had endure a lot when he was younger, he completely won me over. He didn't give up fighting. He was her anchor as she was his. Giving her time, even if sometimes he was impatient, trying to understand her issues.

The incredible dynamic between Emma and Daniel was mind-blowing, addictive, a primal need; and these two come from far! She's sending confidence when he was showing his shyness, and when it comes physical, it was the opposite. Their first encounter was quite sweet and totally natural. They have two different personalities which perfectly melt. Her ability to make him blush makes me smile. They were honest with each other, but with a certain reserve, not wanting to push the other away. For the record, there were a lot of heat emanating from this and slowly increasing until the real deal. They were friends with a lot of dirty thoughts got each other.

From the moment they met, Emma's life was changing for the best, that sometimes things happened for a reason, and that you have to take the chance when you get it! As you might guess I really love this book and I can't read more about Karen Ferry!!! Book crush alert! I want my own Daniel too!! So thank you so much for the gift Karen and for Wenn for the rec! Karen has done a lovely job in executing this story. From start to end, the story flows smoothly and not even once did I feel the need to stop and read it again because I felt confused.

This is one of the best reads of I am glad to have this on my kindle. The story progresses with the readers being introduced to Emma and we get a glimpse of her thoughts. Its rather intriguing, something that keep us going further to unravel the truth. Our geek guy, Daniel, meets Emma on the train and is a Karen has done a lovely job in executing this story.

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Our geek guy, Daniel, meets Emma on the train and is a bit clumsy. Emma finds him cute, but also thinks of him as a distraction. Emma is a sassy girl as opposed to Daniel who is portrayed as a shy character. But somehow these two fit perfectly when together. Yes, they are poles apart and both have their issues, yet they sync together. Sex is an outlet for Emma whereas Daniel teaches her that slowing down in a relation means something. It helps to cherish those moments which someone couldn't have felt with just quick sex.


Karen takes you on a journey making you feel each emotion. It starts with fun, teasing, hardships, walls breaking down and yes, the crying sappy part. But it is totally worth it. Make Me Believe has strong characters with whom you fall in love with. Daniel has a major role to play along with Emma's best friend Suzy. Daniel is your hot geeky clumsy guy who will make you fall in love and make you believe in fairytales. Well, isn't this what the author wants us to know? This romance between two adults who are poles apart makes me want to believe that true love exists and that hope should never be given up.

I look forward to the next book, sweetheart. View 1 comment. A sweet, romantic and strong book that keeps you engulfed completely in the story. The kick-ass sassy Emma with tattoos and piercings, having one night stands with no strings attached, running from the demons of her past, meet Daniel the sweet yet hot Geeky guy. He somehow convinces Emma to be his tutor and in return agrees to be her fake boyfriend. But the fate has made some other choices for them.

The story was quite different and unique.

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  • Even t 4. Even the characters were also very different from what I have been reading nowadays. Daniel was far more different from the typical Angry-alpha-bossy-fighters. I loved Emma's character as well.. The strong independent girl she is, i just loved her whole heartedly! Amazing book. Full of love, life, emotions and intensity that will keep you stick to your Ereader!

    Make Me Believe is an amazing book. The storyline of this book is quite unusual in the way that it makes you think about what you would have done in their situation. They both have some family issues, and are dealing with it in their own way. Daniel is this nerdy guy, a bit shy, not really comfortable around girls. And Emma is his opposite.

    BUT it is just a mask. One, she takes off when with Daniel. This is a friends to lovers story with its funny as hell moment, heart-breaking revelations, and sexy times! I've tried to hold back, but I can't do it anymore. I want you so much, every single part of you - the light, the darkness, and the in-between. I want me some Daniel!!! I loved Daniel so so much So instead of giving her heart to anyone, she chose to enjoy sex instead. Kissing to her was more intimate than giving her body to someone, so no one had ever had a privilege of kissing her and that was alright with her.

    But the day she met Daniel, her new co-worker and next door neighbor her whole world started to change. Everyday, being around him made her want more, which confused her every time. She never wanted to kiss anyone ever, until Daniel came into her life. He may have been shy and inexperience around women, but when he was around her he became a whole different person. He becomes a man in charge, that demanded what he wanted. He made her ladybits dance and her stomach flutter every time he was around.

    He was caring, sweet, a bit of a dork and he can cook. The closer they got, the more she wanted a future with him. But will she ever let go of her past, to let Daniel in her heart completely? Only she knows the answer to that. Both characters in this story have their own past that they continue to deal with and only sharing will completely let them free to fully love each other. This is a sweet sweet romance that will make you believe in happily ever after.

    He is one of the sweetest book boyfriend you will ever have a pleasure of meeting, with an added bonus alpha male characteristics. But when Daniel came into her life, he became her weakness. Emma never believed in love, but with Daniel she started to. Daniel did everything and anything to make Emma believe that love do exist, that if she lets him in.. A love strong and consuming, that will make your heart soar. Oh let me tell you, when these two decided to take their love to a whole new level, wow. Can I say Hot? At the park and the excitement of being caught. Restaurant play time and so on.

    These two may have waited a little while to have each other completely, but their play times have been always fun and sexy. This is a really great debut book by Karen Ferry. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. Love it. This is Karen Ferry's first book and it is inspired by true events.

    I love that she shares a note with readers about this at the start of the story. It made me wonder the whole time I was reading which parts were true and which were fictionalized. I thought her sharing that with us made this book a little more special in my eyes. It was a decent enough read for me, but left me feeling kind of blah for the whole book.

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    I liked Daniel and I liked Emma, so it wasn't really a character issue. I thought they were each charming and had great chemistry together. I'm not really sure what it was. I think the book just felt kind of choppy to me. But enough about that, lets talk about what I liked about Make me Believe.

    I love the concept of the story. Emma is from England and she moves to Copenhagen for university, where she meets Daniel in the bookstore she works in. Daniel is dyslexic and wants Emma to help tutor him so he will be ready for university. I thought it was really endearing how awkward and nervous Daniel was. He was starting university at age 24 and he was embarrassed about that as well as about his dyslexia.

    I liked that aspect of the story, and I thought it was handled really well. I couldn't get a good mental image of Daniel though because at first he was described as geeky and gangly with pretty eyes, and then very shortly thereafter he was described as gorgeous by the same character. But putting that aside, I loved Daniel. He was hands down my favorite character in Make Me Believe. There are some other plots running along side the school tutoring plot, and I thought Karen Ferry did a great job juggling the plotlines and making them work together.

    I think a lot of people will really enjoy Make Me Believe as it is a very nice romance. I liked it, and I love the cover.

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    The colors and overall look of it are beautiful. Make me Believe was a decent read for me, but lacked something that was hard to pin down, which prevented me from really loving the story. I'll always have a soft spot for Daniel though. This review was originally posted on Book Briefs Truly Amazing! Not because she is shy because she does love sex. A person, who has gone through life so much, yet remains strong and optimistic in life. He is a geek a very handsome geek who wears horn-rimmed glasses, his feelings right on his sleeve.

    A heart filled with compassion. Never giving up on things just because life is not all hearts and flowers. Daniel needing a tutor for his problem, Emma working at the right place at the right time. Their connection was instant.

    This Is How You Made Me Believe In Love

    I love how Karen Ferry kept me on my toes. Almost revealing what happened to Emma then slows it down a bit. It was like foreplay for me, keeping me close to O and then bringing it back down again and when it finally comes, I see stars! Daniel was oh so super lovable. Always supportive and kept it strong for Emma. Sigh… Congratulations on a very well done job! You make a believer out of me Karen. That life is really like a fairy tale when one takes full charge of what you want in life. I wonder if Suzy will also have a geek in her life. Jul 27, A little birdie told me I'm not sure at all how to review this one.

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