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Just one of those girls who decided to go for it…

Still, the NRA has plenty of power. It says it has record high membership of 5. And while a number of gun restrictions passed following the Las Vegas and Parkland, Fla. In Pennsylvania, a significant gun bill passed last year that increased gun restrictions for people convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence and for certain defendants in protection-from-abuse cases. While a prominent statewide gun-rights group opposed the bill, the NRA was neutral.

Fischer — whose first name is short for Dennis — stopped by with his wife, Andrea Brown, and kids, and picked up some of the handouts. Fischer joined the NRA when President Barack Obama was in office and pushing for a new ban on assault-style weapons and a ban on high-capacity magazines. Ed Mahon can be reached at or at emahon papost. Still reeling from rainfall, Pa. Pennsylvania had one of the wettest summers on record last year. The intense rainfall and flooding caused farmers across the state to lose significant crops.

Challenges facing rural America deeply rooted in economic and social distress, researchers say. Nearly three and a half million Pennsylvanians live in rural parts of the state and face challenges different than those in urban areas. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. It will take , members this year for great news and programs to thrive. Skip to content Community Changing Communities Pennsylvania.

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For Menendez, it looked like an NRA rally. So what changed? The NRA offers free admission to the show for people who join or renew their membership. Menendez thinks the measures have gone too far. The essay that follows was sent in by a reader in Missouri. I hope it will inspire you.

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How Important Is One Vote? The Library of Congress first began to receive queries about this during the late s, when Nazi propagandists were hard at work trying to convince the world that America had almost been a German-speaking country. That story gained such momentum over the years that the Congressional Research Service looked into it in In some German settlers in Virginia petitioned the U. Congress to have certain federal statutes translated into German and printed in both languages.

This petition was referred to a committee, which voted the idea down — by a margin of one vote. Please stomp out that piece of fiction whenever you encounter it. Support your local responsible historian. Nothing got voted down; the measure that was defeated was a petition to adjourn.

Our German Vote page explains this more clearly than constraints of space allow for here. Methinks when early American history was taught in school, I was out to lunch. Andrew Johnson was not saved from that. However, he was not convicted because the Senate was one vote shy of the two-thirds necessary. Dear Ann: Oliver Cromwell did not gain control of England by one vote. Parliament dissolved itself without even taking a vote. On the day King Charles I of England was sentenced to death, no vote was taken, but 59 commissioners eventually signed his death warrant.

Texas was brought into the Union by a Senate vote of 27 to 25 and a House vote of to And finally, Adolf Hitler became dictator of the Nazi Party in , not And the vote was to 1.

Dear Madison: I want to thank all who wrote about the importance of one vote. Did you know that in the last presidential election, fewer than half the people eligible to vote turned out? This is a sad commentary when one considers how many people have fought and died for the privilege. May I share with your readers some examples of how one vote changed history?

In , King Charles I of England was executed — but not as a result of a one-vote margin.

In , the U. Senate passed the convention annexing Texas by two votes , not one; and it entered into force only after ratification by the Texas Congress and voters. In , France was not a monarchy; it had become a republic in , by a larger margin. Its empire had ended in ; previous monarchies ended in and Hitler acquired dictatorial control of the Nazi Party in , not , and by a party congress vote of — not exactly a one-vote margin.

Abby, if your Alabama correspondent wanted his argument to be effective, he should have checked his facts. Dear Dr. My fault, not his. Our earliest print sighting so far dates to , where it appeared in a collection of anecdotes and talking points:. Suppose we scan the pages of history to see some of the great issues which were one or lost by one vote.


Oliver Cromwell won control of England in , when Parliament voted 91 to 90 in his favor. France changed from a monarchy to a republic in The vote of the deputies was to During the American Revolution, anti-British sentiment was high in many colonies. A bill was presented to the Continental Congress which would have abolished English as the official American language in favor of German.

The bill was defeated by one vote. In , the Senate voted 26 to 25 to admit Texas to the union. And, the senator himself had won his election to office by only one vote!