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If I touch it, I touch it.

Most will avoid the line, most of the time. John Axford can be strict about it on his way out to the mound, but is less stringent on his way back to the dugout.

Aaron Loup acted out the motion as he tried to recall what he does in game; he settled on not purposely hopping over it but not purposely stepping on it either. But his teammates who perform the ritual faithfully? Many would disagree. Respect the chalk.

There are some lines in baseball you don’t cross ... or at least step on

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Baseball, like Friday the 13th, is cloaked in superstition. Still, Stroman has done it as far back as he can remember. It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Ask The Baseball Coach. Is the foul line fair or foul?

What Is a Foul in Bowling?

Aug 24, Rating Fair, or foul. If any part of the ball is on or over fair territory when it hits the ground, its fair.

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So the ball can be adjacent to the chalk and still be fair. Any umpire who has been to umpire school knows this but most players and coaches don't. Interesting, isn't it.

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Fair and Balanced Bowling Tournaments

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