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This book is not just for children it is also for adults who enjoy excitement. Carol has such a fantastic imagination and the gift of expressing it in words. I can hardly wait for the next book. I hope there is to be a sequel. Gulls massing, there must be millions of them white as hope itself against a dark stormy sky. The Masters are wrong Anukh I know they are. You can see tha Surely I should know, surely. Or is there something Tan is keeping from me?

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You can sense the movement; open your mind to it. Let it into your soul, only you have the answers, only you my sweet boy. Soon I must join my flock, they need my guidance. You must sleep. You need rest. Sleep was claiming him as the beautiful bird spread her wings and swooped from the sill and up, up towards her waiting cloud of gulls.

This is one of Carol's early sketches from A Cloud of Souls. Two the Bollybog is in Forest's mane. The Tor in the background. This book works the other way, and it's refreshing to see the ordinary world transformed as it's seen through the eyes of a character from another reality. Flea - as he's not really called - is a splendid hero. He's brave and resourceful, but he remains a real boy, in spite of his super-powers. His adventures are fast-moving and vividly narrated, with a refreshing touch of humour.

I'm looking forward to reading Carol Leith's next book. Aug 12, AM. Aug 07, PM. Lion 43 books view quotes. Jul 30, AM. Rachel 9 books view quotes. Jul 06, AM. Jul 03, PM. Melanie 1, books view quotes. Jun 26, PM.

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Aug 13, PM. Gabriele books view quotes. Jul 10, AM. Trevor books view quotes. Jun 18, AM. Tracy 0 books view quotes. May 31, AM. Ashfaq 55 books view quotes. May 29, AM. Micky books view quotes. May 20, AM. Michael books view quotes. May 15, PM. Jenny 36 books view quotes. May 06, AM. Liz books view quotes. I am beyond excited to see the movie after following the set up of production for awhile now.

It seems like a pretty epic undertaking, but appropriatley enough to deal with this classic. And I have to say I think my favorite parts were Frobisher. Frobisher is such a weenie - but it's hard not to like him. Did you? In a recent industry study, iUniverse sold twice as many books in the retail channel as other leading self-publishing companies. The entryway for many iUniverse bestsellers is through our recognition programs. I just finished Cloud Atlas and it has moved to the top of my list of books I would like to read for the first time again.

I found that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, but I was blown away by Mitchell's ability to write in so many different styles and create believable characters in each one. Tim Cavendish is hilarious and his novella was hugely entertaining; I was laughing out loud.

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But I also really loved Zachry in "Sloosha's Crossin'" and the rhythms of his speech. I was waiting to see the movie of Cloud Atlas until I had read the book, so this weekend, I'm going. I want to experience the novel again. Posted by Greg Zimmerman at PM.

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