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But it didn't matter, during the process I fell in love with building products, strategy and WordPress--there was nothing else I'd rather be doing. Halfway through that month deployment I knew what I wanted to do next: leave the Marine Corps and build products that help people leverage WordPress to build businesses as great as their ambitions. I launched the startup shortly after returning from deployment and soon had my first customers. After attending a Y Combinator startup event I met one of the partners from Google Ventures who became a mentor.

At that time, I felt the same way about GoDaddy that many WordPress folks used to, but decided to give it a chance after learning about the new leadership team. I was impressed, they "got it" and were investing heavily to turn things around, so I agreed to do a product demo and stayed in contact with the team. Over the next two years my startup spun off a new product targeted at high end real estate investors also on WordPress in addition to the existing product for small businesses.

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It was fun, but exhausting. We didn't hire fast enough we were self-funded or iterate fast enough. We remained profitable, but our opportunity to be a dominant player faded. In late my wife joined the Blue Angels as 8 where she'd be traveling days a year doing airshows for the seasons. This inspired me to take advantage of the opportunity to try something new.

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A year later, here I am. I absolutely love what I do and I'm incredibly proud of what the team has accomplished in the last year.

We still have a lot of work to do to give the WordPress community the amazing experience it deserves and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of it. I look forward to answering your questions and meeting you at the next WordCamp or Meetup. You can find me on LinkedIn: www. Thanks, Gabe. Hi Gabe! I'm a big fan of everything you guys have been doing over the last few years to be actively involved in the community. What do you look for in an acquisition and what's the basic process like? Hi Joe, thank you!

Great question. There are different factors in considering an acquisition. The core question comes down to whether to build, buy or partner and it's a blend of art and science. First, what do we believe about a market and how would we deliver the best experience? Can we win through a partnership? If we consider it a core competency, we'd want to build or buy. When core competencies are involved partnerships typically only makes sense in certain cases, e.

For partnership, there must be a clear vision of how the companies can complement each other long-term. This is especially true for things that aren't part of our core competency and don't make sense to build or buy as part of our business. To buy, are there any existing solutions in the market that customers love or that do it better than we ever could? Are there talented teams that'd bring something special to the company? Are there other reasons to accelerate through acquisition? Can we do things together that neither of us can do alone and couldn't be achieved through a partnership?

Synergy is key. I hope that helps! Thanks Joe, Gabe. Hey Gabe Absolutely love your story, glad to have you here! Here are my questions for you: - What do you think presents the biggest challenge for WordPress growth at this moment? What would you say are the differences between managewp. Hey Vladimir! Thanks, great questions. I'm excited about Matt's comments at WCUS about the new core release process and think it's the right step to make progress in key areas we'll need to stay relevant in the future.

There are some key things that need to change for some of the larger WordPress companies to invest more. We should seek global maximums vs. For anyone curious, a good first step is to browse Hacker News and Product Hunt. They do have a program to fly members of the media, celebrities and people who do a lot for kids in their communities. I don't think a horse that small could generate enough force with a kick to cause much damage and their mouths would be too small to bite.

I'll test this hypothesis in a dream tonight and report back. Thanks for being on our AMA, Gabe! What's going on there, and when can we expect 5. Can you tell us a bit more about it? What's next?

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Hey Nemanja, great questions! Yeah, believe me, nobody is more frustrated about this than I am. Our previous object caching solution didn't support anything above PHP 5. We opted to add a new Redis tier to our stack for object caching. This required ordering a significant amount of new hardware for all our datacenters around the world, which took significantly longer than expected.

Once the hardware was received, we encountered some issues building and rolling out the caching solution, which further extended the timeline. It's like trying to change the engine on a plane while it's still flying.

I’m Gabe Mays, Head of WordPress @ GoDaddy. Ask Me Anything!

I'm happy to say we've overcome the hurdles and have completed the rollout of Redis and PHP 5. We're taking a brief pause to complete the rollout of WordPress 4.

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I'm also happy to say that we're already working on PHP 7. But PHP 7 won't be the last version of PHP, so we're also working on ways to permanently fix the upgrade issues in the future.

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We knew we wanted two things: 1 themes for our new onboarding experience and 2 something we could contribute back to the community that would help raise the bar for free themes. We invested in building one parent Primer and 9 child themes that would be the foundation of our new WordPress onboarding experience. We invested heavily in ensuring our themes were a high-quality example of meeting the WordPress coding standards and will continue to show the best of what WordPress can be. We continue to add improvements, for example we're in the process of adding WooCommerce compatibility.

More, better, faster : We're just getting started and plan to continue improving our WordPress products and increasingly invest in the community. Vague, I know, but stay tuned ; Thanks Nemanja, Gabe. Hi Gabe I plan on changing my business so I can do website management and support, can you give a run down of Godaddy and Manage WP and what I would need to do? Hi Michael, sure! Our GoDaddy Pro program is designed to help Pros like you save time, make more money and thrill your clients.

To take it to the next level, it now integrates with ManageWP, the best suite of site management tools out there. There's a ton of other great stuff too, sign up for free and check it out here: www. Hi, Gabe! Nice to have you here! I have a few questions But is there anything SaaS on the shelf? Since yours is a product company, and how it differs from working for an agency based business. Pros and Cons if you will. Hi Ahmad, 1 I wanted to ask what Nemanja asked on 3.

Hey Ahmad. However, Gabe does still face certain difficulties of walking on prosthetic legs.

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For example, he sometimes has trouble bending down to pick things up. In , to help him in his daily life, Gabe received a service dog that he named Wonka. Wonka can pick things up for Gabe and open doors when Gabe is in his wheelchair.

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Wonka can even fetch a drink from the refrigerator! In early , Wonka became ill due to something that he had ingested. She is also very active at the hospital helping other young wives of injured service members deal with the new challenges they face.