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There are four words that make you a media insider. Eli : I was in Austin, Texas speaking at a conference. I hired a publicist. She contacted all the local TV shows to let them know I would be in Austin in three weeks. When contacting news shows contact them three weeks before you want to be on the show. The publicist created a pitch about the rising stress rate in Austin. As an expert on the topic, the pitch offered viewers tools to lower their stress. Lisa : And it resulted in more than one interview, right? I brought a mock up of my book cover on the show.

It was just a simple color xerox on glossy paper. No book. A color xerox.

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It was a system. Eli : Yes, and save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and get better results! In the three months I paid for those were the only TV bookings I got. I spent thousands of dollars on publicists over a period of years. I only got one other TV booking using publicists. Instead of throwing in the towel, I developed a Media Insiders Blueprint with the help of the media insiders who were my coaching clients. Since she is really known around the country the video would sell like water, specially now that she is not able to travel.

Then I would plan a blog for her and offer to manage it whenever she have any trouble. Hmmm, if she really is a very well known therapist then it might be interesting to just throw live webinar-type events where people pay to join. Or a 4 week class where they get to see her talk once a week to solve a problem in their relationships.

Why am I not doing this? Come on Gerald do it today — Make it Happen! Neville, I think I could work for seniors doing things they cannot do. Real Estate Wholesaling — I would drive around my local town and come up with a list of 20 absentee owners. I would find sites that would bring the distribution to me or customers rather. Give really great service and then get business strictly from referrals. Could use other sites too like Freelancer, oDesk, Elance, etc…. Once this service business was clearing enough money to support myself and 1 worker I would create several products and splinter off all the best core ideas and sell them.

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Hmmm, the investing aspect of finding distressed homes this way is enough to be NevBox worthy! Thanks for the comment Curt! We live in the boondocks of Baltimore Maryland — up near Pennsylvania. In August I got Where do you live Glenn, Im right on the PA line as well sounds like the same area. I would read through this post, get the 10 best ideas. Package them up in my own words as a report on 10 great ideas to make an extra a month. I could reach out to my network for entrepreneurs who need something built yesterday and get it done for them. The downside of this is the pay will come in after the work gets done.

I already happen to be working on a course to teach development in Python through another organization, and it seems to be way more lucrative than I expected. If I needed 1k in a month I would scale out to different languages and technologies and run several concurrent classes.

Nobody is holding my dog for ransom, but maybe I will pretend they are! Talk about lighting a fire! Thanks Nev! Not easy, but completely achievable! First, keep the dog. Without the dog around, my allergies will get better, which will give me more energy to do more, earn more, and be more awesome-saucy. So just one last stop…. Off to Starbucks I go!

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Waaaaay out of the norm for me even. SO, I decide to email all my friends and acquaintances. I tell them about my day. Even Better. One GameChanger night. Only 3 spots and this is going out to over of my closest friends. Alrightee, not all of us are blessed to live an awesome life like this.. One, get creative. Two, have a Cause for doing something. What compliments your upfront offer? Offer that.

Four, have a high ticket offer that kicks butt. Make it more irresistible than a Cinnabon Cupcake sprinkled with fairy dust. If you already have offers like this, upfront, upsell, high ticket then be BOLD this month. Get UNcomfortable and ask for the sale 10x over the next 30 days.

I mean….. Added bonus double your email list and set-up the Tornado Alley F5 email marketing funnel I just made that name up. BTW I am working on this right now. This could probably totally work….. It would probably make a great publishable case study for others!

As I mentioned last time cue cheezy organ music , I often think about former clients I have either written copy for, or performed WordPress magic for. This works some of the time. The second idea started as a lark but is paying off.

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But someone from his office emailed and said YES, so I sent back my notes in chunks so as to not overwhelm. This gig has led directly to another gig I just finished up, and is in the process of 3 other gigs. Oh NICE!!! Cool idea, now you gotta sell some subscriptions. I bet you could co-host a virtual session on spending time with your kids by building stuff with blogger with an audience. Become a curator for quarterly. Great way of thinking about it Oscar! Actually went bust this month.

Are blog comments subject to copyright? They have at least 50 people jumping daily — should be enough to get 6 of them to pay me a fiver. I sold 2 already, working on the third one! Oh wow….. I would collect my best blog posts and create an ebook out of them, which I would then sell through Fiverr and my website.

Since the products do not spoil I could sell bulk orders. Sounds like quite the hoax…. So many options — must we pick just one? Build a quickie training or eCourse, write an awesome sales page for it and promote the heck out of it on Social Media and Reddit etc. Become an affiliate for an online product and do a behind the scenes video or webinar or training series and promote the heck out of it. Create a site which lists the top ten gifts for every one for the upcoming holidays.

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Make sure you are an affiliate for all the products you are busy promoting. Create a surprise box — I have so MUCH stuff lying around my house much of which is in mint condition. Nev — I am bad at math. Saving money eventually leads to never having to work for money ever again! Really, it boils down to 3 biggest expenses: housing, transportation, and food. This is really true. You can only save so much. Whereas if you try to earn more money, you can earn an infinite amount more. I agree with Neville.

#1: E-newsletters

I now focus on being content, but striving for more. Saving would of never lead me down this path, but finding ways to increase my happiness while being content is the trick! Saving is good, but increasing income and finding a healthy fun level to live at is better! Funny you ask this question because I have been living this. Any possible way to make some money. Tried to sell water bottles and it was during the day, so the foot traffic was low. But I convinced a local hotel to give me free ice, and they said they are interested in getting their logo on water bottles.

So I am talking with local bottling company to get some bottles made and make some money off top of that! You know what would be cool? My target would be TWO contracts. Each contract would be like this: Pay half price at the beginning, half price at the end. Training is my most profitable gig. I am good in sport climbing so I will go to the local climbing centre and offer beginners a free 30 minutes coaching session. This way I earn more per session. The only catch is all the services they signup for hosting, aweber, themes, plugins , get bought through your affiliate links.

I was hoping you could give me your opinion on what I may be doing wrong. Yes… I also tell them that I will build them a 3 page website composed of an about us, services, and contact page. How can I get people to sign up on my affiliate link and not put it off to the side and forget about the offer so that I can make them a free website? A lot of the people I contact are promoting their businesses through craigslist and local classifieds.

I would do it in real estate. Personal Training: Add a bootcamp class. My next goal would be to find new clients depending on the profit generated by the work. This is a great idea Neville. I could charge more for the bootcamp and need less people or simply make more per hour. I would set up a Kickstarter campaign with a Liam Neeson from Taken theme.

I would ask for funds to get my dog back and backers would be rewarded with a chance to star in a Taken parody alongside my dog once I get my dog back. I would kidnap one of your family member, get my dog back and charge you 1. My friend Ramit teaches a lot about this stuff and does a great job at it! Good Morning, Neville! First idea: donate my plasma two times a week for the whole month. Second idea: I have crazy curly, thick hair that is healthy, long and everyone wants it. Thanks for reading! The idea came yesterday, I could write a course about how to make extra money by flipping Internet domains.

Last month I was desperate for making extra cash. So I was talking to my friend and he said he wanted to sell his car but had no time or will power to do it. He was happy as a Clam and I took his car to have oil change, revision, etc and posted an ad. So same deal. I had the 2 cars here for a month one of them and for a week the other. I would focus on a vertical market so it was easier to productize, i. Next, I would create a WordPress website using a WordPress theme I already own, such as the X, which is super customizable, and make these real businesses websites.

Then I would go into the stores with my laptop, show them their website. How could they refuse that offer? I remember buying my first one, it was a restaurant in Austin called Marisco Grill or something like that. Which a good copyright lawyer is quite common to cost in the thousands on a per hour rate. And considering this idea is highly illegal, chances are you would lose the court case and have to pay the companies lawyers as well as your own. Calm down everyone.. In reality, whats really going to happen, some may say yes, some might get pissed so just take down the site, give them the domain if you want… Who is actually going to bother to take legal action.

Unless you start trying to hold that business to ransom, its a great idea, as long as your intentions are good and just trying to help if you can, no problem if not.. There is no failing today. Advertising Pooling : Start a new advertising medium in your community. Something like the free maps people get at hostels, with advertising on it. Could be restaurant table mat, could be a niche booklet guide of antique shops in X state. For example : free website if they buy hosting through your link. Free phone if they buy their phone contract through your link. It would probably take a while to get an answer so cold emailing could save time here.

Once ONE company baits, you can be sure others will have the same exact problem. Find a field you really know, and look for stuff in that field. Very easy to clean them and flip them on ebay for double that amount. If you have even more money, do that with cars : cheap cars generally sell close to market price at auctions. And you could be driving an awesome car all the time, which is not a bad bonus. Ok Thomas, that was actually a pretty good list! I actually like the affiliate thing because that definitely works PLUS provides a helpful service for people.

He will have the plugin ready for testing in a week. This saved me at least three weeks of random coding, checking, coding…. Excellent Nate. Kudos and high fives! Hint Nevmed. Big Dreamer sales? Just waiting for you to post the question. Surely you could get subs for each session you run. Yeah, I bet you could. That could serve as a price anchor too, huh?

Last thought — you can always create a product. I first heard it from the launch coach guy — I forget his name. He had a few gigs with Naomi of ittybiz. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What Is Creativity? Updated May 15 th , The methods for people to make a measly bucks broke down like this into three types : 1. Cut out a gym membership. Becoming an Uber or Lyft driver over the weekend. Go to TaskRabbit and grab some gigs. Post on Craigslist to design a webpage or do SEO for cheap. Get More People Buying: Sign up for my newsletter to get weekly insider tips on how to make every piece of marketing you send convert higher.

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Hi Nev, I am from Malaysia. Sleep on your friends couch on the weekends and list your apartment on Airbnb. My Plan to 1k a month: Wait til Neville :……. Buy a lot of wholesale merchandise and sell them retail at a swapmeet. The bar stools I sold for them made over a third of that amount, last month. So… what are you doing in December Nev?

We were not lying either. All I would need is 10 people to sign up. Nicholas, I think you have misunderstood the purpose of the original post and the purpose of the comment. Oh man, my apologies, I missed the joke. Have a great day. One nite he found a big wad of munny — A Street Bum. Guest Qutie — February 25, at pm. Qutie - I love your enthusiasm!

How I Sold 978 Fiction Ebooks Per Day in 2014… (The Complete Breakdown)

And yes, choosing a path is often hard. But that's your first step, so commit to doing it and start moving forward. Best wishes to you! Rebecca Matter — February 26, at pm. You are commenting as a guest. Your comment may be trimmed if it exceeds characters. Too hard to read? See a new image Listen to the letters.

If you have trouble reading it, you can use the links to view a new image or listen to the letters being spoken. Today there are literally dozens. Which path do you take? Which opportunities do you seize, and which do you let go? No matter where you end up with your writing career, having a successful foundation in persuasive writing which is what copywriting is will make you more successful.

The income potential is unlimited.