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The show started in June and ended on 30 November It aired music videos that are suitable to have a workout to. It aired music videos that haven't played on The Edge TV for a while or was considered a throwback. The show began in June and the last show aired on 30 November Much like All The Hits it filled in gaps between other shows and aired daily.

It was hosted by Marty Hehewerth and Steph Monks. It was later followed by replacement show Daily Feed.

The Edge of Night

It aired entertainment, pop culture, celebrity interviews and competitions in between music videos. The last episode aired in December The Slab was a half-hour long show hosted by Six60 band member Chris Mac. Prior to , it was hosted by Megan Annear. The show was introduced as part of The Edge TV launch in Hot Right Now was hosted by Clint Roberts. It counted down the top 5 music videos that aired on The Edge TV. It was previously hosted by Marty Hehewerth and Steph Monks. The show was the first to air on The Edge TV when it launched in The last episode of Hot Right Now aired in December The Music Lab was hosted by Sharyn Casey.

It showcased new and exclusive music videos from New Zealand and around the world. The last episode of The Music Lab aired in December It was hosted by Megan Annear and Sam Robertson. Chang Hung joined the show later. It was a nightly 'feed' of entertainment and pop culture. The show began early and the last episode aired late It was hosted by Todd Fisher.

Viewers were able to visit The Edge website and answer 10 questions that were pop culture themed or related to music videos that aired during each episode. Questions were presented by the quiz master in-between music videos. Some questions were related to music videos that followed after the question being mentioned, this was to prevent people from answering the questions online without watching the show. Winners were randomly-selected to win prizes of assorts. The show was hosted previously by Megan Annear.

The show was launched in The show ended in The last UChoose aired in Now was a half-hour long show that provided six videos from a selected artist Beyonce Now for example. The show was introduced in and ended in February Perve was a half-hour long show dedicated to some music videos that viewers can enjoy without music background. It featured skits with The Edge and other MediaWorks staff.

The Edge is the only radio station in New Zealand to ever try this competition, where the station selects male and female entrant s and marries the couple the minute they meet at the altar. While overseas stations have tried this promotion, the result has often seen the couple splitting after a short time. The station first ran this competition in September , entitled Two Strangers and a Wedding, then again in October under the same title. In September , the competition was called Three Strangers and a Wedding, where this time the bride was found first instead of the groom and two possible grooms were chosen.

The bride then chose her groom when she met both grooms for the first time at the altar. In August—September , the station ran the competition for a fourth time, entitled Four Strangers and a Wedding. The groom was found first, who chose his bride from three potential brides, before meeting the one he chose at the altar. The first three couples now have children; the fourth plan to in This competition was run in March , coinciding with The Edge's launch in Wellington. Five contestants were locked in a luxury Wellington apartment for six weeks where their only contact with the outside world was a computer each where they could chat to the public or by talking through an number.

The public could view the Inmates actions through live Webcams and vote for their favourite Inmate and the Inmate with the fewest votes for the week went home. While this competition was very much like Big Brother or Survivor , the concept was then new to New Zealanders as this competition took place before both these shows aired on New Zealand TV. This competition was run in August and August A couple already intending on getting married was given the opportunity to have a secret wedding in Las Vegas. Various couples entered and the listeners chose the couple they wanted to see married, names were changed and voices disguised so no one had any idea who was getting married.

After the wedding the winning couple had to then call the family and inform them they are in Vegas and have just been married.

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The first time the competition was run, in July , the winner stated she would use the money for a breast reduction, the listeners voted to burn the money and since it is not legal to burn New Zealand money the money was converted into Australian currency and then burnt. Listeners voted for the winner to bank the money; however since the Crusaders did not win the final the winner ended up walking away empty handed.

Listeners were given a chance to actually win a job working on The Edge as well as many other prizes. The prize was given to an entrant who had the most suitable voice for talking on the radio. It was first run in April , with Vaughan Smith winning the competition. The second time the competition was run, in April , Sharyn Wakefield was the winner.

She has since married Bryce Casey, host on the breakfast show of sister station The Rock , and changed her name to Sharyn Casey. In September , auditions were held throughout the country to find New Zealand's first-ever manufactured novelty boyband. The criteria for the entrants for the band to be named Boyband were that each of its members had to fit a certain stereotype.

The band manager and creator was Will Maisey from The Edge station. The aim was to get the Boyband formation to release a single to reach the top of the New Zealand music charts. This time a more serious campaign was launched searching the whole country for young talents. Live auditions were held in Auckland , Wellington , and Christchurch. On 26 July live auditions were held in the radio station's studios with further auditions online.

The final 10 boys were sent to a "boot camp", and then the top six were picked as eventual members of the band.

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The Morning Madhouse presenters locked themselves in a makeshift jail cell somewhere in the country and stayed there 24 hours a day except for shower and toilet breaks and to fundraise [29] until the target amount was raised. The deserving children were nominated by listeners, and were children who are sick or have been through a rough time. From , the funds raised were used to send deserving children and their caregivers to the Gold Coast of Australia.

In , excess funds raised were used to send 15 children to a Rugby World Cup game in Sydney. Every summer between and , The Edge put on major concerts featuring popular bands from its playlists. Starting as Summer Jam, the concert series grew significantly over the years, featuring a steadily increasing number of international acts. Another Edgefest took place in with P. Aaradhna and Goodnight Nurse. From 9 March , clues were given out on the radio station revealing the identity of someone in New Zealand.

As the clues narrowed the description of the person entitled Person X , people were able to call and guess whether they are Person X. People who didn't fit the description of Person X could call and say if they think they know who Person X is. The second iteration began on 28 March Using the clues that Person X had climbed Mount Maunganui recently and was a blonde female, Trinity searched Instagram for Mount Maunganui, and Ashlee Cooper was the first blonde female in the search results.

From 3 August until 18 September , a claw crane was set up in a corner of The Edge studio. Each weekday except the week that the Aaron and Sade's wedding took place, 7—13 September during the breakfast, day, and drive shows, a presenter of the show nominated by a listener or occasionally listeners who had entered at the station's website would attempt to win a toy from the machine.

For the first five weeks of the promotion, each toy had a nominal dollar value attached to it that the listener would win. In the final week of regular broadcast for , 14—18 December, the machine was stocked with gift-wrapped cash and prizes. Again, draws took place in the breakfast, day, and drive shows.

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Listeners would then call the station when the cue-to-call aired and guess what celebrity voiced which word. The five people to correctly guess a celebrity and which word they said went in the draw to win a trip to the United States. The three musicians were guessed in the first week of the competition; because nobody was guessing other celebrities, on Monday of the second week of the competition, a clue was given that not all the celebrities had to be musicians.

The next day, a caller rang up and correctly guessed both remaining celebrities; she went in the draw twice and won the trip. The promotion was run again from 30 May to win another trip to the United States.

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The Edge is also available globally through its website, theedge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Edgefest New Zealand concert tour. All Commercial Radio, Mon-Sun 6ampm". Previous announcers were Herbert Duncan and Bob Dixon. All four of them Kramer and Simms most notably would always announce the show, "Theeeee Edge For most of its run, Edge was written by mystery writer Henry Slesar, and when he left the show, writer Lee Sheldon took over for the last couple of years.

The first theme song called "Warmly" was composed and performed by the show's first music director, the late Paul Taubman; once the show moved to ABC, however, another equally well-known theme called "The Edge of Night" was composed by Jack Cortner and John Barranco. Sarah was killed when she was run over by a bus while saving her baby daughter, Laurie Ann, from the same fate. Ray McDonnell would leave the series after almost 10 years on Edge to create another beloved character, Dr. Joe Martin, on the long-running All My Children.

He was one of only two members of the original cast Susan Lucci was the other, as Erica Kane to stay with that show from beginning to end. Bill Marceau and later Derek Mallory and Mike Karr were close friends, unusual between a police chief and a defense lawyer mainly because Mike Karr had once been a police officer himself.

Involved in Bill's life was Martha Spears Teri Keane , his long-time secretary who later married the widowed police chief. Also seen was Bill and Martha's son in-law, Ed Gibson Larry Hagman , a detective on the Monticello police force, who was married to Bill's mischievous daughter from his first marriage, Judy. Nicole would later marry Dr. Miles Cavanaugh Joel Crothers , a new doctor to town, and would become a television news reporter for WMON, the city's television station, until she was murdered for real this time with poisoned makeup.

When that series ended, she returned to the show as Nicole. Other characters came and went, but some, like mischievous and multiple married but lovable Raven Alexander Juanin Clay; Sharon Gabet became long-term characters, and she became known for her many marriages including to the love of her life, Sky Whitney Larkin Malloy , who was another one of Geraldine's nephews. Veteran actress Dorothy Stinnette would play the role of Raven's mother, Nadine Alexander, who would remarry herself, to an unscrupulous man named Ansel Scott.

Stinnette would return to acting when she took over the role of Rose Donovan on the series, Loving. The most unique case of an actress returning at different times would be that of actress Millette Alexander. She first played commercial artist, Gail Armstrong from Gail was involved with Dr. Hugh Campbell who was played by actor Wesley Addy; then she would later play the role of Laura Hillyer, the socialite wife of wealthy Monticello citizen, Orin Hillyer; and then she would play the role of Laura's look-alike cousin, Julie Jamison.

Dead of Night Express (Dancing on the Edge)

Interestingly, after the cancellation of the series From These Roots , where she played Gloria Saxon, a gun moll, when the role of Nancy Pollock was created, Millette was approached to play the new role, but she turned it down due to the amount of time she would have had to devote to the role. The role would eventually go to Millette's From These Roots co-star, Ann Flood she had played the main role of Liz Fraser Allen , and she would play the role for twenty-two years until the series end.

She would later return in to play the role of Laura Hillyer and then would return in to play Julie. At that point, she would join the cast of Guiding Light to become the third and most recognized actress to play Dr. Sarah McIntyre Werner, until she left acting altogether to become a concert pianist, which she is to this day. This made Edge the first soap opera to change networks while still on the air. When it moved to ABC, the cast at that time remained intact. During a blistering examination by her own lawyer Adam Drake, whom he was treating as a hostile witness, Serena had an emotional break and it was revealed that she was having what is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder.

She took on the personality of her sister, Josie who would later be played by Judith McGilligan. However because of the fact that ABC did not clear Edge in all markets and other syndicated shows were more profitable in that time slot by this time, the 4 ET hour was given back to local stations , it failed to gain a foothold even in its original time slot. After Edge' s cancellation in , about 1, episodes all of them from the ABC years of the series were put out for syndication. These episodes were shown on the USA cable network.

Many of the episodes from the CBS years of the show were "wiped" to save money on videotapes, and many timeless episodes were lost. Only very few CBS episodes survive, namely the Christmas episode. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.