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P Chester Charles Bennington — Finally I have someone who feels the same as me. I still miss him. I really became obsessed with Linkin Park. No one understands this. I am the exact same way. A man who could sing like and angel and scream like a devil is what they say and its so true. I mean is it because commited suicide? It was something that was preventable maybe? There music has always inspired me and hit home for me. My father passed away at the end of May due to a boating accident and then Chester.

Chester was always the voice inside my head and the music inside my heart. I find it so damn odd that his death has his me so damn hard. Robin Williams. Joan Rivers. Carrie Fisher. Those all hit me extremely hard. Many, many other celebrity deaths have greatly bothered me. Anytime an actress I have looked up to dies it affects me. The most recent was Mary Tyler Moore. There are some stars still living who are getting up there and I dread their deaths. There is only one celebrity passing that had a profound impact on me.

It was Don Grady. As a child I emulated him. Not only did I want to be him, I wanted him as my brother and friend. As a child, he was on the Mouseketeers. It was because of Don I went into performing, working in theme parks, national tours, regionals, off-Broadway etc… But Don considered himself a musician, which is why I studied piano and am now a professional. I also began writing and because of Don I have composed seven musicals, writing music, lyrics and libretto. One even launchd the career of a major household name. Regardless, Don meant everything to me. Partly because I was disowned at a young age and crazed the stable family portrayed on My Three Sons.

But also because of his achievements, which I also wanted to achieve. I use to fantasize about being a fine musician and working with Don in the studio or on stage. None of this came to fruition and I therefore never met him or his lovely wife Tin Cole, who is also a gifted performer. But I felt deep connection to him ever since I first saw him on television.

Thank you Don Grady. You will always be deeply admired and missed. I would feel so much better knowing that someone at least tried to help him. For me it was Andy Whitfield… wow, so young, gone so fast and right after becoming a huge star with his role as Spartacus. I was deeply hurt and I could not understand why, I obviously never met him, after reading the article I realized I identified so much because he looks very much like my x-boyfriend, Andy being so much more handsome, but he reminded me of him. I started watching the first season and when I learned Andy was gone I broke into tears.

I was shocked at my reaction, but I understand a little better now. I still feel so much empathy for this family, he was so young, strong, looked healthy and poof, gone at Reminder to seize the day, live life to the fullest everyday. I hope they are well and I hope they know they will be with him again one day.

Gone but never forgotten. Same, Jerry Lewis the comedy legend… that hit me hard. You feel grateful and tremendously sad to have experienced their entertainment at the same time…. Just the article I needed. His life was full of bad luck and tragic destiny. Everything about me and him Is unbelievable strange. I struggle with depresion since I have been alone all my life as he felt he was. Also I have terrible fears and doctors made me an adict of tranquilizers and antidepresants, just like him. I am alone sorounded by cold people who I have to be cautious all the time and I really think that Rory never had a real friend except Mark Feltham and others just used him and abandoned when he needed them most.

I was very beautiful and not at all fat till I started with medicines, and just like Rory I gained lot of weight with pills. Rory was an an angel but I am not but I kind of good person who helps in whatever I can. I could continue but just the mentioned is hard to believe But I have to mention that very unnatural things have happened to me related to Rory which are totally strange not to say frightening. But I have no fear. I know he had a powerful presence and that still exists in my life. Which I put my hand in my heart and pulled out a bright force that was Love and showed it to the demond, who was sucked strongly out from there.

Only that dream. Others I see a besutiful young man from the distancy whom I feel is Rory. I cry a lot. Terrible… One day. English Is not my language. This is a really interesting article that explains a lot. My father died aged 36 in I was His music was pivotal in helping me through the grieving process. When he died Bowie I felt my whole world had collapsed. I could understand why but it makes perfect sense, it still pains me even now, some days harder than others.


Still a feeling of disbelief. He was 12 years older than I and about 3 or 4 income tax brackets higher than mine! I lived in Oklahoma while he traveled the world. I had virtually no friends while he was more popular than Elvis or the Beatles! In my loneliness he became a brother to replace one who was nothing more than a monster to me. Yea he was something like an imaginary friend, but I really needed it.

He was one man I thought was the most gentle , safe and real on this whole planet! I loved you in my heart. God bless you and keep you safe. I have been saddened by untimely deaths, both in my personal life and in the celebrity world. I was deeply saddened by the loss of Michael Jackson and George Michael, whose music I grew up listening to. These are people whose lives I followed in the media as I also lived my own. Yes, I know them very well. Each and every loss saddens me.

I recognize that death is a part of life and that the older we become, the more losses we will witness. I have recently lost my own brother to suicide, so this cause of unnecessary death causes me great sorrow and despair. Talented people who could have offered the word even more, if they had lived. It goes to show you that you never really know what one is going through on the inside.

Please come back, is what I want to say to all of those beautiful souls. I hope that at least they are at peace now. We are none the better for it though. I am deeply wounded by the loss of such wonderful people, both common and celebrity. Although sometimes the pain of my own loss seems hard to bear, I know I can make it through. Life is precious, and I want to live. Those I love or admire will always be a part of me, celebrity or no celebrity. It all feels so unreal. For most celebrities, I am not moved to that degree because I never knew them personally. However, I grew up with Christina Grimmie and she never felt like a celebrity to me, but a close friend that I related to a personal level.

What pains me the most is that she never had the chance to live life fully the way she deserved. Jonghyun ,Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson are the ones that hit me most and Anthony and Kate spade but Freddie and jonghyun hit me the most. So painful.

For me I have two deaths that have hit me so hard. The first one is Robin Williams and his suicide. Just reminds you that even the happiest seemig people can hide their true feelings. The second is Paul Walker, just such a beautiful person, did tons of charity and had just been starting to reconnect with his daughter.

For some reason or other the two Celebrity crushes that have impacted me the most are Heath Ledger, whom died in his sleep at such a young age and Scott Hutchinson from one of my favorite groups. In the case of Ledger, there was an added layer, I had a crush on him when he passed on.

However, dying in your sleep, a car crash, suicide, these are things that break from the normal course of nature, and make is ever more aware of our own vulnerability. In the case of Ledger, I had a crush on him, I grown with him, seen such amazing potential in him and had wanted to see him flourish in life, win is Oscars, continue to work on other projects as I aged. Then his life was cut short when he never woke up from sleep And thus though we are aware that death can happen at every corner, we normally do not believe it is and this death made us see that it truly can be the case.

And while I personally do not have depression, I know friends that do. And seeing just how fragile they can be, and how within a matter of hours they can just switch from wanting life to completely disassociating themselves with life, and breaking the overall psyche to always try to save your own life and fear death; it breaks your heart. Because you realize that you are fallible and can develop depression from several situations occurring and impacting you, as well.

And that you are not permanent. Nothing is.

The loss of that talent as well, and potential for it to grow. With Bowie, I did feel but it was a different sort of feeling. The reason why I felt was because I was listening to his album with a group of friends when fifteen minutes later, we found out he had passed away. The sheer coincidence is what got us all there. Firstly the brilliant guitarist and fellow Yorkshireman Steve Clark Def Leppard who died over 27 years ago.

Always my favourite member of this awesome rock band, was absolutely shellshocked and devastated when he suddenly passed away. Still miss n grieve for him to this day…. Fast forward to October last year and the world is forced to say goodbye to the late great Tom Petty….. His loss hit me so very hard.. Loved his music for years, he helped n inspired so many of us…And like Steve, he came from a tough working class background, had a hard childhood and very difficult relationship with his father as I have too myself..

RIP xx. I am 31 and this is the very first time the death of an artist has truly hit me. I began listening to Avicii several years ago and he was a fantastic artist. Since finding out about his death I have been finding myself upset, sad, and confused why. I myself find drinking as a coping mechanism in this world when I do not feel like being myself around many people. My biggest fear im an only child in a small family is who do I have when everyone passes away… just me?

Shitty feeling I know. Some times i wish i die first. Also i find myself drinking to feel better about my life, i dont seem to fut any place and things i do dont END Well. I am crazy in Love with Rory Gallagher and i know that i chose him because he Is a good person to Love. I Just read about depression when you dont get Love and care from anybody and this Is my problem. So i fell in Love with Rory to have Love in my life and to relate to someone who had similar problems to mine and Rory did. But it hurts too much also. But this doesnt mean i will quit on him by being reasonabke.

I can listen to his music anytime, his music is truly amazing, he is a truly amazing person. So when he saw Avicii had died, he was sad too. Avicii will never be forgotten, his music will always be listened to and enjoyed. So it is Avicii he was the first one that introduced me to world of EDM [Electronics Dance Music] I love his song so much i can listen to him all day and night long and when i heard that he passed away i was like are you making jokes out of me??? It is a huge loss for world of Music. I still feel sad for what happened and i know it is just an artist but he was talented at what he was doing.

He died with things he loved to do so making music…Rest in peace Avicii. After quickly googling his name I had for sure found out he died. I broke down for a good 10mins, I had just been listening to some of his songs the other day. And now suddenly he was gone. Instagram…suddenly a bunch of Alan Rickman photos were being posted, and my heart broke.

I was pretty heartbroken about Paul, he was only like I told some people about how much I miss her, but they kept shoving off my sadness for two reasons: 1. The one you mentioned, about people finding it ridiculous that celebrities can be mourned over. I had seen a good couple of her films prior to her passing, and following it, I decided to watch most of her filmography. I just find myself grieving so bad, playing the songs in the films she appeared in over and over again, and thinking of nothing but her.

She was extremely beautiful, and was a celebrity crush of mine. I feel miserable. Thing is this musician managed to break through my suicidal ways and make me learn how to accept myself as someone worth living through her goofy and bubbly personality. I also had a comfort song of hers that would lift any mood even if no one else could.

Listening to his interviews, his house videos with his kids, and even the lyrics to his songs that he composed BY HIMSELF , i could just see what an amazing, honest and talented man he was. The music world will never be the same. Michael, i love you, rip. I am grieving the loss of actress Sridevi. I am grieving her loss too, I am devastated by her death.

I was always familiar with her life and seeing her pass is absolutely heartbreaking. I am a huge fan of David Cassidy. I was 14 when i saw on him on the partridge family and i fell in love with him. I had his pictures on the my wall. When he died it was like losing a first love.

He made a huge impact on my life and if i would have gotten the chance i would have thanked him. I was picked on a lot in school by boys and girls. His music at that time in my life was comforting and inspirational. I am here for Jonghyun. I struggle with suicidal thoughts and he had been such an inspiration to keep going. He made me believe there are good people in this world after all. I remember going to the bathroom to cry during a test and having to make almost all of it up the next day. They still said I was doing it for attention though.

I cried myself to sleep that night, and the next few nights after that. I just wanted a sign he was okay. However, I cried at first listen to Before Our Spring, but now it feels like a warm hug from Jonghyun himself when he sings. Me too. I feel guilty for not talking about him more. I regret not talking about him to all my friends like I did other groups when I really took time to support and love him.

I miss him too much. Thank you for posting this. His character Ernest was a huge positive influence on my life. OK so there are many people here.. So I am very new to this korean drama and kpop stuffs.. I have heard only groups.. I have heard shinee songs in bof and I have even seem onew in dots..

I just miss him and the worst part I became his fan when he is no more in this world not at least physically… But I know his soul is here and he loves us alot. I was a shawol for only a fairly short time although I still am and will always be , only from the beginning of , and throughout these two years I fell in love with the most amazing and kind person whom now took his own life away.

The worst part is that whenever I would feel sad the first thing I did was to play either SHINee or She Is and let my negative emotions be washed away. If I tried talking about it I would probably get some nasty comments about how I should be over it already, a month is too much grieving for someone you never met etc. Odin if that makes me angry sometimes. At least for me it helps. I keep crying and wanting to be alone. Ive never been like this before.

Ive been a strong Shawol since , my room is full of drawings of the members and posters and all of their albums which family in Korea bought me. SHINee makes up my childhood memories.. Not omly that. Jonghyun was the most beautiful soul this planet had. An absolute inspiration who never ever deserved this. I have so many reminders of SHINee everywhere I go due to how big I got into their fandom…and now, its almost been a month since that day I felt myself crumble, and many fans are getting over it, excepting it and cheering up, i just seem to be getting worse..

This has affected me so deeply. His personality and interests were so similar to mine, and he has been the only man to ever connect with me in such a way. When I heard about his death, I literally felt like my world was collapsing. I honestly do. After slowly getting to know him through interviews, videos, etc, he became not only my idol, but my inspiration too. He made me want to get out of bed in the morning when my world was gradually falling apart around me. He helped me sleep, eat, and even leave my house on occasion. In all honesty, my depression has never been worse.

In fact, I felt so broken that, for the first seven days or so, I felt like killing myself too. I wanted the pain to stop so badly that I even wrote a suicide letter and started getting things ready. I hope whoever is reading this will feel better soon. I did feel really bad about David Bowie, but it was David Cassidy that had me searching the internet for grieving buddies. I asked my counselor if I was crazy and she assured me that I was not. I do find, however, that most people are not willing to admit that they grieve celebrities.

Unnatural Lover

Too many people want to judge. Not nice.

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Thank you for this article. I need to get up, dust myself off and enjoy my life. I guess I just need to accept that my heart is going to ache for a while rather than trying to fix it. He was my ultimate bias. I feel so many emotions. I just want him back, I want to do everything over. I wanna be where he is. I wanna go to him and be happy. I started reading Harry Potter in 3rd grade, they were the first long books I ever finished. I had a shitty childhood and I always felt attached to Snape, because of him similar sad life. And of course, watching the movies brought me to Alan Rickman.

As I got older I started watching him more. He is still my favourite celebrity and always will be. I am getting to this article a bit later and for a very different celebrity who was more an idol or a man to look up to for me. Altough I did love Bowie. Kim Jonghyun. Yes, a kpop star. Kim Jonghyun literally had the heart of a puppy. He was so loyal to the people he cared about. But he struggled with depression.. Now he will never struggle or hurt again. And while I never had the honor of meeting him in person, every performance video I watched felt personal.

He had more talent packed into his pinky than I will ever have in my entire body.

Permanent Changes (Unnatural Lover #9)

I looked up to him so so much and could only dream of singing that well. I wish with all my heart that I could tell him he was wrong but he never even saw my face. So this article has helped me so much. Thank you for helping me. I felt crazy but I have been crying all day. I still have dried tears on my face, possibly about to be replaced with fresh ones.

Comforting to see another person also read this article for Jonghyun…. Sorry for my previous comment it was an error. Rest in Peace Jonghyun. Thank you for everything. Thank you for making me smile almost instantly, thank you for guiding me through the tough times with your beautiful music. Rest easy blingbling. I am also here because of him. Right now I have to go to school and I think I will burst out crying. And I never had someone I know or love die. This is the first time.

He was my favorite Korean Idol, i loved him so much. Hearing his voice was a huge pleasure. Thank you. I lost my appetite. My throat became sore. I have never felt such a hopeless sadness before, not even when my two dogs or Grandma and grandpa died. Jonghyun and SHINee have been such an influence in my life. Even though I loved him with all my heart I wish I could go back in time and appreciate him more. He was such an inspiration to us all, to the world. Rest In Peace Jonghyun. It was only when I read up on it that I recognised his face and I suddenly felt devastated by his death.

Reading more and more about him makes it harder to accept because he was quite literally an angel on earth and for his sake I truly hope there is a heaven because one of its brothers has come home. So um.. I have this little shield to protect me from the world, this world is too cruel. It has hurt me many times to learn about some horrible things people have done and are doing at the moment everywhere around the world. But like I said my little shield kept me at least somewhat safe. I only let my friends I have two friends close but not too close.

Now there is this little complication with the shield: it numbs everything down. Things like music, movies and games. I live through these things. At some point, I got into kpop. Now as we all kpop fans know there are many things that come with listening to kpop. It fit like a glove. I could feel happy and sad with them and I felt connected to reality.

So, as I told earlier I have this shield, this filter. To feel something, I let exactly two groups of people in from kpop. I got hooked on these people. They are captivating for many reasons. But for me, the people who I related most I got most involved with. These people are of course the people who are struggling like me. I love Jonghyun. And I love Yoongi. Their music I relate to on another level. The sad lyrics and stories, their personalities. They are like two suns I admire.

Of course, when I learned that Yoongi has been struggling with depression and possibly even suicidal thoughts I hoped with all my heart he would get all the happiness in the world. I was super into all his solo stuff. I never did anything like talk with other fans or get involved in the same way other fans did. I always look at these people from far away, I never got involved closely.

The 18 of December I open my phone. I scroll down the social media page as always. Suddenly something pops up that has me re reading it many times over. SHINee Jonghyun, dead. I never realized he was hurting so much.

A lot. My sun has gone away. World is dark. The world is too cruel. You got past my shield and now it hurts too much. I now see that. It feels like there is more but you can never quite get it. Normal life that is. So Jonghyun. Losing you hurts too much.

My personal life is collapsing in the background too. You always pushed me forward and made me at least try. I suddenly see how much you were hurting. In your songs you screamed for help, no one came, no one could get to you. No one could understand you.

On Knowing Brothers. Now I see how you asked people to read your book about a boy who had to deal with vicious depression. You were asking for someone to listen to your story and help you. Now I see how in the end of the episode you start crying for no apparent reason, it was supposed to be a variety show….

Were you hurting even then? What about when you were alone in the dark at night? How much pain did you have inside you? Why did the world hurt you so? Why did it give you this pain to deal with? How am I supposed to go on now? You tried to help other people, you asked others to send you their stories. You made song about those stories.

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It hurts. I want to sleep and never wake up. After all I realized you were in the dark with me. Now even you are gone. It is just hard, it was 2 days before my exam I woke up and received that news from a friend. It is not just some exams because it is for my cpa module. It hurts a lot for me. I feel like I lose a part of my life in losing our Jonghyun. I am relieved that there are really people everywhere in the world who feels the same way. Anything For Selenas. Tomorrow is Steve Irwin Day and I follow both of his kids on social media and saw their posts about it and openly broke down. I can be scrolling on Facebook and see his picture and I start sobbing.

All my childhood I grew up watching his tv show and wanting to be just like him. I wanted to grow up and move to Australia and work at his zoo with him. I even had a pet snake named after him for a few years. I played it cool in front of everyone but once I got into the shower that morning I laid on the time floor and sobbed. I tried the whole 3 hour drive him and for the next fews days. I remember sitting in class in 7th grade and my teacher brought it up and I needed to be excused from class I was crying so uncontrollably.

I never knew him but I saw him as a father figure and wanted to be just like him. He was my Michael Jordan. Here I am typing this and crying all the while. Thanks for letting me vent. For me there has only been one celebrity death that has made me feel so upset and depressed even to this day.

I follow his loved one on social media just so I can see posts of him. He was one in a million. Rest in pace angel! Wow, thank you for this article. It makes me so proud to be Canadian. Some of his songs make me emotional to begin with, but hearing them now that he is gone makes them harder to bear. Thanks so much for this article. I feel like such an idiot because I cannot stop crying over Tom Petty. I feel physically sick. Your words have helped a little. I wrote you a very long reply. Before I could fill in my information though somehow I lost it.

You are not alone. Watch for it. You can love a person without knowing them fully. I have good days and then some days the breath is taken from me and all I do is cry. I can honestly say I can relate and your feelings a valid. I can honestly say I can relate and your feelings are valid.

I feel the same way about Tom Petty. I am 40 and he was my favorite starting in my childhood. I am remembering different songs of his and they represented a different time in my life. I have listened to his Sirius station nonstop and have exposed my 4 and 6 year olds to his music they love it. I was also devestated with Prince. It seems like the true artists of a generation are leaving.

9 Reasons It Is Not Crazy To Grieve A Celebrity Death

Everything these days is so hyped prepackaged and instant. I totally get the mourning of a legend. His music and concerts have been a HUGE part of those 36 years! I just hope the pain of losing him eventually subsides. He was so young…I thought for sure we had another 20 years of music…R. Beautiful One. I never reacted to a celebrity death in such away. All deaths are sad because of their friends and family they leave behind.

But Chester for me was what this article was about. His music was like a personal tour in my brain. I never felt alone because Chester sang the words that I needed to express. I got into his music in my early 20s my kids grew up listening to his music. I watched him grow from hybrid theory to one more light…his humor, his humbleness, and of course his talent. I never thought of topic 4 but that hit the nail on the head. I related a lot with Chester a lot of his songs were about depression or dying in some way. I have tried countless times to end my life to just to fail and often times after failing and getting back up it was chesters voice that got me through those dark times.

I have nothing to give the world just another waist of space.. Thank you for writing this. It is all so true. I feel like people are judging me over my grief and thinking that I should just get over it. I could be completely making it all up in my head, who knows. I feel the same Debra. Chester was such a caring amazing person. We need to stay strong and learn how to overcome our demons for him! He will always be a light within all who love him!

With Troy, I try to tell myself, yes grieving for what the loss means to me they helped me through my 1st serious depression and I got to see them in concert twice that I will now cherish forever. George Michael… I still cry sometimes when I hear his music… And sometimes his music makes me feel better. I also am grieving the loss of george michael. I first heard him when I was 14 years old and feel like I know him as a long time childhood friend. RIP George Michael. Love, Lisa. I never met him nor went to his concert but I listen to his music.

I cried over George like losing a dear friend. His song A Different Corner Makes me feel emotional. George was the same age as me as we were both born in He was too young to die. I am still grieving over Chester. I think I might for a while. She and I both struggle with severe anxiety and depression.

He was my age- even born the same month 5 days after me , so I kind of feel connection there too. We are both very sensitive and wear our heart on our sleeve. I wish I could get over it, but celebrity or not, grief has its own time table. I have a hard time with change. This is a lot to process. He killed himself three says after my birthday. Mourners of Chester, there are some great Facebook groups out there.

Your grief about Chester helps me a lot. I thought people who were morning celebrities deaths were silly. Until yesterday. I spent the day mourning the death of Sam Shepard. In my youth I idolize him. I was terribly jealous of Jessica Lang. His plays inthalled me. His acting was very good but his playwright skills are tremendous. Fool for Love was like an anthem for me. With his death ended my youth, my struggles in the theatre and caused me to revisit a life long passion I poured everything I had into it for many years.

I had hoped attending an Ivy league school would have been a chance meeting with Mr Shepard. Due to ongoing health issues I nevervamounted to more than attending a fine school. Mr Shepard passing brought all that back and then I felt so old. An American great gone and so is my youth, gone.

Today i,m feeling sad and drained. I hope tomorrow will be better and one day be able to open one of Mr Shepard plays and languish in his raw beauty of an American Western experience. I have been grieving Chesters death since that morning. I felt something was off. I woke up grouchy and headed into work. I still had not been notified by my family of his passing. So, I cleared my phone and like always, jumped onto Facebook to clear my notifications.

And then it begins. With out any warning. I was shocked. I thought it was a bad joke. Miss information on their part. I clocked out and went to the break room. Looked at article after article. A coworker saw how upset I was, that he helped me find a news provider who broke the news first. It said ABC England.

My phone was blowing up by then. My Facebook full of messages. My nieces, my husband, my concert buddy from my high school and a few of my close friends as well trying to reach out to me. For the first couple of nights I would wake up thinking it was just a bad dream. But now I just cry and cry! My heart is broken.

I feel like a piece of me has died. Honestly I just want to stop feeling like shit! I loved Chester. His music helped me through a shitty teenage life that I had!! I had been at the low point in my life where everything seemed as if it would be better for everyone if I ceased to exist. Of course I went through heavy counseling.

Trying to get my head on straight. It took a good while but of course it still lives inside of me. My depression is not accompanied by suicidal thoughts anymore. I have been okay for a good while now. Every so often, i do have my self inflicting episodes where I over think shit in my head. So I try to relax and leave that alone by being with my little girl whom means the world to me.

So on that note, I close this. Thanks to Chester Bennington for helping me thought it with his beautiful voice and messages. I had a friend with out him even knowing it :. I will miss you forever. And I hope to meet you once again. I love you. You indeed were my hero! You are deff not alone! I have dealt with depression ever since I was a kid, shitty childhood you name it. I went to counseling weekly not that long ago and was put on antidepressants but stopped taking them in april because I was feeling better.

As soon as I heard about Chester I spiraled back into it, I cant stop watching videos, interviews, one more light is on repeat, Ive cried. His infectious smile, the way he treated people, and talked about his problems I just had such a huge relation. I feel like I just lost a really close friend and that feels crazy to say because I only met him once back in It hurts so much to know that he was going through so much pain and that no one was able to help him.

Like ppl have said on here already, i feel like I lost a buddy of mine. I was in my late teens early 20s when I fell in love with their music. I lost a piece of my growing up when I heard of his death. Then again, his family is hurting so much more. I feel so bad for his kids and wife and the thought of how those kids will be in the future saddens me as well. RIP Chester. And for his family and friends, I hope one day they will fine peace.

Every coupe of months at this point i look up videos about him. How you wrote this is exactly how i felt What worse is my dad died at the end of may that year in a boating accident. They both could have been prevented at least i hope they could have…. No one around me understands how i feel. LP was a big part of my teen years when my brother and I used to endlessly play Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

The only consolation in all of this is that Chester may have finally attained the peace that he so badly yearned for during his life. I had a panic attack earlier today when I saw a headline about the call and I had to go to the loo to cry over the dedication the band did. It became clear what Nine would do: move Stingers to Inspired by true events, Stingers chronicled the cases of a deep undercover unit of the Victoria police. Bernie Rocca Joe Petruzzi , who led the unit. Rocca was shot and left the unit in season two, and Mac became the new head.

Constable Danni Mayo Roxane Wilson joined the unit in season three, while season five saw two casualties: Stone was killed while Mac ran away with a diamond robber. Detective Inspector Luke Harris Gary Sweet took over as head of the unit until the end of the series, and Danni quit the force after being enraged by him.

Constable Christina Dichiera Jacinta Stapleton joined the unit in season six. Her real name is Felicity Matthews, but this was not known to the force, as she had a criminal history under that name. Season eight saw the arrival of Detective Katherine Marks, who was revealed as Harris' daughter from his first marriage. The revelation also ended Harris and Angie's already shaky relationship, which had produced a son.

Following Kay's disappearance, the Unit goes into damage control, scrutinizing the surveillance footage and following up on the few leads they have - a process that provides an unexpected suspect. Australian Film Institute Television Awards :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Beyond Television Productions. Stingers came about in a very fast manner. John Wild had to get the show from a concept 'jotted down on paper' into a television series in just 11 weeks and in an 8. When a Homicide investigation into the disappearance of a teenage babysitter fails to reveal any useful evidence, Church and Angie go undercover to infiltrate a sinister criminal family. Someone is looking to hire a hitman, so Church goes undercover. His client is a woman who claims that her husband is trying to kill her.

She wants him dead before he succeeds. A policeman has been shot. Undercover is called upon to infiltrate a suspected Romanian gang, but they don't deal with outsiders. Rocca must rely on an ex-undercover operative who could potentially jeopardize the job and the unit. Undercover is called in to a serial killer case.

When Angie's cover is blown, Kaye becomes her replacement. Her first solo job is going well until all contact with her is lost and she vanishes. Whilst undercover, Church is employed by a brutal mercenary, Cameron Fraser, to assist in the abduction of a young girl. After a botched attempt, Fraser successfully tails Church, putting the security of the unit at risk. Following the drug-related death of a young clubber, the unit attempts to crack a large scale Ecstasy racket. Mackenzie is put undercover on the witness protection scheme to befriend a victim of attempted murder because of her connections with a leading politician who is suspected of corruption.

The Professional Integrity Unit investigations goes undercover over claims of corrupt handling. After evidence leads to Rocca's suspension, the unit wants to know what's going on. Church is forced to drop his longtime team informant, Benny. Benny is outraged, but as a last hurrah, he gives Church information about a planned armoured van robbery.

Emotions run high as Church is forced to remain undercover. After Stone is nearly shot during a meeting with a dealer, Mac is worried about Stone's well-being when an informant helps Stone penetrate a gun dealing ring. The Unit goes undercover to locate a charismatic prison escapee, Kane, who accuses the police of wanting him dead rather than recaptured. Stone and Angie go undercover to infiltrate "Mother Earth," a radical environmental group suspected of stealing explosives. Church is put in prison to befriend Aaron Feilder, the psychopathic leader of the group.

Church encounters Stone as part of the environmental extremist group. Stone wants to report to the unit but Church, driven by his own agenda, insists that any contact would jeopardise the sting. Someone is killing prostitutes and when another woman is found murdered, Mackenzie and Angie go undercover at a brothel.

When Church goes undercover to investigate a murder, he inadvertently ingratiates himself with the Rossis, a criminal family currently the target of an independent inquiry. Church is ordered to remain undercover. With the help of the unit, Church manages to impress Dino Rossi and weaken the position of his right-hand man, who is resentful of Church being accepted into the ranks. Mackenzie and Angie face an Internal Affairs investigation when an informant commits suicide. While the Unit learns of Church's relationship with Christina, Church is forced to come to terms with Christina's involvement with the family business and refuses to testify against Dino.

Information comes to light that someone is trying to sell Dino details about Church. With his identity revealed, it is a deadly race against time for Church to save his relationship and his life. Stone and Angie go undercover to investigate the murder of a young Asian woman involved in the X-rated movie business. MacKenzie receives a compromising photograph relating to her former relationship with Church. The compromising photograph of MacKenzie and Church threatens the security of the entire unit. Church pursues the source of the photos while Angie and Stone push for more information on the Porn Star murderer.

Church works undercover as a safecracker to find out the target of the robbery, discovering that the gang have a one-off, get rich quick scheme. Rocca finds himself in unfamiliar territory when he goes undercover with Church on a case involving gold smuggling and political intrigue. The Unit pull off a successful cocaine bust, leaving drug lord, Bryce Forbes, wanting revenge.

Acting on information supplied by Forbes' lover, Heather, Stone is sent undercover to infiltrate the drug lord's operation. MacKenzie goes undercover in a woman's prison. Her target is Nancy, a young woman convicted of murdering her husband, who embezzled millions of dollars in an investment scam. The Unit's aim is to recover the money. Stone and MacKenzie infiltrate a gang planning to rob and murder a coin dealer. When they lose contact with the Unit, Rocca must second guess their movements. Church is due to give evidence in court against major crime figure, Dino Rossi, but the Unit discovers someone wants Church silenced before he can testify.

MacKenzie works closely with Maddern, a psychological profiler to identify a killer who uses the internet to select his victims. With the Unit in full-scale back up, Mac is put undercover as bait. Working undercover as an ex-army officer, that now supplies illegal explosives, Stone encounters his first girlfriend, Kelly, entangled in a contrabrand arms export scam. While investigating large scale thefts on the docks, Church accidentally shoots an old mate, Tony. While Church is suspended, the Unit continues to uncover the extent of the shipping robberies.

Church and Angie go undercover to investigate suspected drug importation in the music industry. Church works on the record company manager, while Angie investigates charismatic rock star, Jimi Mercer. Stone leads a sting on a well known crime family that doesn't quite go to plan as the eldest son, Billy, escapes. Stone and Angie lay low at Stone's family farm, but Billy tracks them down. When the daughter of a Family Court judge is abducted, Church teams up with Rory, a young Undercover recruit, and together they investigate a group lobbying against the judge.

While investigating a heroin racket, Church encounters his nephew, Matt, who has fallen victim to the needle. Church spends time with Matt, experiencing the emotional, rather than criminal, side of heroin addiction. Undercover with Angie and Stone, Church investigates a series of strategic truck-hijackings which have turned to murder. When the husband of a leading Aboriginal activist is car-bombed, Stone and Angie go undercover to investigate SWARM, a radical right-wing group suspected of involvement.

When A. By using Stone's informant, Rocca plans a dangerous drug operation to land a well known drug heavy. The drug operation is put at risk when Stone's informant goes into labour and Church is left holding the baby. Church and Mac go undercover to infiltrate a group of high-roller gamblers who conduct illegal gaming sessions.

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The sting takes a bizarre turn when the gaming session is raided, not by the police, but by robbers. When Rocca is shot outside his home, Church becomes obsessed with finding the gunman. Mac assumes she will fill in for Rocca so there is friction aplenty as a new boss joins the ranks. Church meets a new informant, Terry Hanks, who repeatedly delivers big time drug dealers, but when Terry offers to land them 'The Dingo', the biggest and baddest dealer of all, Mac and Church have their doubts.

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A sassy new operative arrives at the Unit as the group go undercover to entrap a gang of teenage thieves. However, a mistake leads to as kidknapping which places everyone in jeopardy. Church goes undercover into the world of stolen art. When he discovers that the target is abusing his son, Church's repressed memories. A well planned sting goes horribly wrong when Church infiltrates a criminal gang who are intent on robbing a very large bank. Angie's assignment is jeopardised with the unexpected arrival of her sister.

Mac is faced with a crisis when she discovers that Danni is involved with a suspect. Danni's future with the unit is on the line when her ex-boyfriend becomes the prime suspect in a horse-doping scam. Hollister asks Mac for help to capture master bank robber, Marty Stockwell. Hollister wants revenge after Stockwell fatally shot one of his men. Church and Danni go undercover to bring Stockwell to justice.

In court, things go horribly wrong when the Magistrate dismisses the charges against Tony Howarth for shooting Bernie Rocca. Church comes under fire from Internal Affairs after he is accused of using excessive force to obtain a confession. Church becomes involved in a young boy's life after he catches him trying to steal his car.