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As long as there has been war, there have been writers trying to understand it, turning battlefield horrors into narrative, trying to make something useful out of its debris.

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Today, our war literature is no less vivid and troubling—even if it is less grand in theme and less demure in detail. The last few years have seen the publication of several notable memoirs, such as Who Killed Daniel Pearl? In recent months an unusually high number of soldier memoirs have been released by American publishers.

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Two stylized and uniquely organized standouts in this crowded field began their journeys to publication as Weblogs, or blogs— My War by Buzzell, whose cbftw. Thompson and Allen Ginsberg, is fueled by an antiauthority, punk-rock attitude.

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  • A long-time journal keeper who posted entries on his blog during his tour of duty, Buzzell recounts both the horrible and the mundane—everything from basic training manuals and military memos to his experiences as a gunner in battle. He has put that degree to good use throughout his career and was employed by the following: the Department of Health andEnvironmental Control as an Environmental Technician; Westinghouse — the Savannah River Site as a Health Physicists, Associate Scientist, etc Not only is he an author, but he is also an Inventor and Entrepreneur.

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    During his early years, he gave his grandmother Virginia and idea to increase production on the assembly lines at General Motors in Trenton, NJ. In his spare time, he enjoys spending fatherly bond with his son B. The Poet was prompted to write these accounts to assist other Gulf War Vets deal with the traumas of the event.

    The Gulf War Anthology of Poetry.

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    With nearly nine million soldiers killed one in five of those who fought and survivors afflicted with prolonged physical and mental suffering, the war marked a sea-change in the course of military and political history. It also represented a challenge to anyone wishing to give meaning to the enormity of the death toll and the futility of trench warfare.

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    Once it became clear that both sides had settled into their trenches, which stretched from Switzerland to the North Sea, people naturally wondered what had gone wrong. In the words of W.

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    As casualties from both the Allied and Central Powers ran into the millions, military tactics became increasingly desperate.