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In his wraithly form he drank her blood and systematically deprived her of life energy. The umbra appeared to the hermit as a horse, for the evil deed the knight had committed was to flog his own mount to death.

The knight's spirit was unaware of the demonic role he had assumed in the afterlife. Base Game Bear Dog Wolf. Hearts of Stone Wild boar.

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Hearts of Stone The Toad Prince. Blood and Wine Archespore. Blood and Wine Moreau's Golem Pixies.

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They first met at the Novy Bor School of Glass, where they both fell in love with the earliest synthesised material in human history. While Michaela went on to study product design at AAAD Prague Academy of Arts Prague and later worked for several acclaimed design studios, Jakub continued to hone his skills in the lighting industry, specialising in glass workmanship, technology, and manufacturing. Your browser doesn't support the HTML5 video tag. Umbra There is no shadow without light. Guardians of Umbra and the Guardians of Umbra Game Master's Guide will allow players to traverse the globe during World War II and experience the changes brought about by the alternate technological path of humanity and the return of the aos si' to Earth.

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Learn about the golem resistance in France and Germany; the triumph of the Irish Empire over Britain; the valkyrie defeating the Germans during the London Blitz, and other such events as history has diverted from its course. Between fights with mecha-Nazis, Tesla-arc-empowered mad men, and other monstrosities, aos si' can return to Umbra.

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There, they can decide the fate of a people who are on the verge of starting a war that could end in the extinction of one or both races. Exotic terrain and mystical locations await them, such as the vision pools leading to Earth and other realms. They can visit the Endless Forest of the Runekin and the flying citadels of the Valkyrie.

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  4. Guardians of Umbra contains everything players will need to create iconic heroes and take on the terrifying enemies that await them, including:. Anyone getting the Guardians of Umbra: Game Masters Guide will find everything they need to craft epic stories and create exciting encounters, such as:. Guardians of Umbra is a setting with new races, technology, and enemies. We know many players use theater of the mind, however there are tons of players who really want to see the world they are playing in come to life.

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    In order to do this, we are creating paper miniatures for this kickstarter. There are currently 8 sheets containing paper miniatures. Anyone who is receiving a physical product will also receive the PDFs for these paper minis for free. After we have finished the delivery of the kickstarter, we will break up the sheets in to group types and put them up on Drivethrurpg for anyone to get. One of the most exciting things about Guardians of Umbra is the unique races that players are able to play.

    This includes the noble valkyrie, dominating the skies with their winged combat style; doppelgangers, master infiltrators that can take any form; and avatars of nature, hybrids with the intelligence of humans and bodies formed by plants, or wild animals. Each race will also have access to several race-specific edges, called Paragon Edges.


    These can come in the form of additional evolutions, or enhancements to their natural abilities. These edges and the abilities they grant are for those who want to play a character that is the paragon of their species. Inside the Guardians of Umbra Game Master's Guide, you will find countless hazards, allies, dangerous locations, and heartless enemies. Every race in guardians of umbra has a special type of enemy that they can encounter that has either evolved or been trained to defeat them.

    There are additional rules for adding specific types of weapons, enhancements, and other abilities to tailor each encounter to the story you want to tell.

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