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God knew that people are weak and they needed help. So, God let his Son take the human body, but not just that, He let his Son pay the price for our sins. Jesus chose to suffer for us, so we can go to heaven. The stations of the cross gives us a small glimpse of what Jesus went through.

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In reality it was far more worse — yet meditating upon just fourteen events helps us as families to offer our sufferings in this world and combine them with the sufferings of Jesus in a prayerful manner. The way of the cross is based upon the gospel Bible reflections on how Jesus carrying his cross walked through the streets in Jerusalem towards the place of execution called Golgotha.

Most of us call it Calvary or the place of the skull. The church meditates upon fourteen special events that happened to Jesus on his way to Calvary — these fourteen events are called the stations of the cross. Every Friday at 3pm the Franciscans follow the way of the cross with the faithful.

Mother Angelica's Way of the Cross

The present road is known as the Via Dolorosa , or the Sorrowful Way. The last four stations are made on Calvary in the basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. The Catholic church later set up fourteen stations in every Catholic church and chapel, so that people all around the world may share in the rich blessings of meditating upon the way of the cross. What can I do now to follow the Way of the Cross? You can make your home a little Jerusalem, when you with your family can pray and meditate upon the Way of the cross. In this hour, this is his great consolation.

Holy Mary, Mother of the Lord, you remained faithful when the disciples fled.

Fourth Station - Jesus meets his Mother :: Catholic News Agency

Just as you believed the angels incredible message - that you would become the Mother of the Most High, so too you believed at the hour of his greatest abasement. In this way, at the hour of the Cross, at the hour of the world's darkest night, you became the Mother of all believers, the Mother of the Church.

We beg you: teach us to believe, and grant that our faith may bear fruit in courageous service and be the sign of a love ever ready to share suffering and to offer assistance.

Mary's Way of The Cross - Walking with the Mother of Jesus

Latest Videos:. Follow us:. Because of her immense love for Jesus, she undergoes the agony of her Son, is consumed in sorrow and is immersed in the chalice of the redeeming Blood of Her Son. In this way she completely shares in the salvific sacrifice of Jesus… all for love of us!

The Way to Calvary was not only walked by Christ. The Via Dolorosa is also the path Mary walks, accompanying and consoling her Son. Her accompaniment and consolation are silent and hidden. Mary, from her place, lives the Passion of her beloved Son, giving Him the fortitude and grace of her love. You who gave Him life, who carried Him in your womb, who nursed Him, who saw Him grow up, walk, speak… and now you will be a witness to His death. What sorrow for you, Mother, to see Him walk the rocky and narrow path that would take Him to His crucifixion!

Mary, mother of the One unjustly condemned, I know you would have wanted to take the place of Jesus, but you knew it was the moment of His martyrdom You, Mother, feel in your own heart, the weight of the wood which they place upon the shoulders of your beloved Son. And you Mary, are not able to take His Cross even though that is what your heart wishes to do Your eyes filled with tears and anguish… His eyes filled with pain, solitude, asking of men a bit of love…. You do not know who the man is, you know he does not do it out of love or compassion, for they are forcing him to carry the cross of your Son.

What you do know is that you will never forget the face of that man who alleviated the pain of your Son… you pray and ask God that while he carries the cross, the Blood of Jesus that runs down the wood might touch his heart and let him understand how much Love is revealed in that cross, how much mercy is manifested in that event in which he plays a role. And you, Mother, will always remember the face of the stranger who from that moment on became for you a son You wished for the person to be a woman, so that with her maternal warmth, she would alleviate so much of the harshness and roughness that Jesus had received.

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And when you see Veronica come close to clean the disfigured face of your Son, you feel as if your heart would burst. You feel as if your heart is going to faint. You can imagine the pain that your Son Jesus must feel as He falls and falls again on the rocks, scraping His knees and opening more deeply the wounds from the scourging. Mother, what did you feel?