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Need Help? Cook up some popcorn, cozy up under a blanket and find the perfect TV series to binge watch. They were both fantastic! Need a basket? Check out this cute hand woven picnic basket from Picnic Plus or get a modern 2-person picnic backpack. So, if you have a pooch, bring him along on your adventure and get two checks for the price of one. Need some ideas for this all nighter date? Food and romance have be linked throughout history, mix in some intriguing conversation and you have the best date night ever.

The dishes that you create on this night will become a significant part of celebrating other events in your lifetime.

Top Couples' Activities & Romantic Things to Do in Tauranga, New Zealand

Your idea of the perfect pet name may not be after a gambling felon I totally understand! Though the musicality left much to be desired, and they actually turned the volume down on my microphone, it is an experience that we still talk about today. Monograms can be made into charms, stamped on t-shirts, printed on pretty stationary or even embroidered on your bathroom towels.

Fairy tales can come true…at least on Halloween. But, so can nightmares. Whether you choose to dress up as Romeo and Juliet or Zombies, what could bring a couple closer together than looking completely ridiculous as a team? Many boyfriends and girlfriends have also claimed that this is where their very first kiss was had. Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset cuddled up with your partner is the epitome of romance. Why not make it a goal to do both in one day?

Do you often feel that you are losing touch with each other? There is this gap that keeps on stretching when you try to talk and connect… Reconnect now! Give up all the chores, take the day off and spend a lazy afternoon and night! You will notice the difference instantly. It will bring you close, will help you overcome bitterness and resentment, and help you understand each other better. Though the actual hiking part may not reek of romance, the incredible views from the peak will.

Plus, conquering difficult feats together helps to bond a couple. It certainly worked when me and my husband hiked to the top of Barolome Island in the Galapagos Islands. The skies are a brilliant blue, the sound of the waves crashing along the shore and birds flying overhead. Why not recreate this ad for your own Couples Bucket List at your favorite beachy location? Compile all the songs that have meaning to your relationship and put them on a cd. What song was playing on your first date? What was your wedding song? Is there a band that brings back wonderful memories?

Having a hard time thinking of songs? Joining the mile high club, which is getting intimate in an airplane, seems to be a popular choice. How about getting busy on top of the washer, on a porch swing, in a field of wildflowers or on a rooftop. Or possibly all of them? Add a bottle of champagne and this is must for your Couples Bucket List.

Want to make it the most memorable bath for the two of you? Grab your partners hand, plug your nose and take a leap of faith…together. There is a special bond that is formed in a relationship when you face and conquer a fear as a team. It is said that this dance will make you feel sexier and increase testosterone levels. Some say that there is no freer feeling than being in your birthday suit. Skinny dipping is a great way to be naked, yet discreet at the same time, covered by a body of water. Why not strip off the layers of clothes and take a little swim into freedom.

A successful tandem bike ride will take communication, cooperation and teamwork. Many locations will offer hourly bicycle rentals, so pick a beautiful afternoon to take a tandem bike ride along a peaceful path. Tandem bike riding is more than just being together to get some exercise, it tests more than fitness and can change a marriage.

Think way back to your very first date with your current partner and try to recapture it. Recreating a first date is also very popular for marriage proposals. Just saying. As a relationship progresses we can forget the importance of just kissing! There are many pros and cons of kissing in the rain , but next time you are caught in some showers, forget the umbrella and step outside to give your partner a romantic smooch. Not only are they generally more cost effective, but you will also be cooked a delicious breakfast in the morning that is much better than the typical continental buffet.

Start your morning in a truly relaxing way, with a tasty breakfast in bed. Hey husbands—the wife will love breakfast in bed! My Book: Bucket List Adventures. I love these ideas- esp. My boyfriend is a musician so he is always singing- but I think that would be awesome. Everyone should feel a little silly sometimes!!

Love this Love this Love this! Thanks for the kudos! I need you to post this one on my webpage. You're awesome!!! I really need my boyfriend to read it, sounds better coming from someone else. I would just need a teensy-weensy credit and link to my blog. I think it would be great, let me know. These are great ideas.

Everyone needs to break out of a relationship "rut" every now and then and these would be perfect! I've done 7 of these, if carving our names into wood at a bar we were allowed counts for carving our names into a tree! I'm thinking of buying dancing lessons for Xmas for my hubby, because he's Argie and doesn't know how to tango!

What a shame!! I'm liking 13! I wish I could get my hubby to even contemplate dancing. I love these couple lists. It is important to grow and experience new things as a couple.

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I completed a few of these in my last relationship, hoping to have more experiences such as these in future. As they offer daily menu, lots of people in the offices around go there to have dinner. Another great thing to do in Barcelona is visiting Hospital San Pau. The best part? And it is still amazing how they kept this modernist hospital.

Here is a forum entry about best escape rooms in Barcelona. Also, these escape-room nerds created a useful overview. Obviously, we are talking about the W Hotel, directly at Barceloneta beach, and with impressive views from all the rooms. Find the best deal for Barcelona W Hotel. Read : Where to stay in Barcelona at first time visit?

You can find prices and more info here. Bring your partner to La Luna Restaurant , a small cozy restaurant in the El Born Quarter, one of the most romantic neighborhoods in Barcelona.

52 Adventures To Do With Your Boyfriend | Fun Date Ideas

Learning how to do it! And it is even better if you can attend a concert in a modernist building. Check Palau de la Musica Catalana schedules and concerts, your partner will not forget this gesture. The acoustic of the Music Palace is almost as amazing as the building itself. A post shared by Xinyu garlic. Wine Tours Barcelona offer different options, from a group wine tasting to a private wine tasting perfect for the ones looking for a more intimacy environment. The story of the movie is quite dramatic. The main character murders women to make perfume out of them.

I included here the trailer so you can have a look. Montserrat, the multi-peaked rocky mountain nearby Barcelona, is a stunning place itself. Fewer people, nature sounds, and a sky full of stars. Here you can find my detailed description of Montserrat Monastery and how to get there. I recommend taking a private tour to Montserrat with BCN. Go to Aladinia and check their courses. Make your partner feel like a star with a limousine ride! It is not only a different activity but also an unique way to see the city. Checking the rates is very easy, simply introduce the pickup details here.

Gracia is the most hipster and local neighborhood in Barcelona to hang out. With plenty of bars and restaurants to go on a date, it is even better when you casually find a street performance as street music. What could be better than walking around with your couple holding hands and hear lovely street music? Just walk behind the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia in the Gothic quarter, downtown. You can find some performances in the evening. Mayan Luxury spa is not only a spa, but they combine Maya sounds and rituals in their treatments. Costa Brava is known for its beauty.

Many writers and musicians got inspired by Costa Brava surroundings. There are many hiking trails all along the coast, known as Camino de Ronda. Read : 33 great day trips outside of Barcelona. A serious romantic package! In parasailing Barcelona they do offer tandem parasailing, so you can share it with your partner. Surprise your partner with a catamaran sailing day trip and enjoy the sea while relaxing and sunbathing.

Preparing a breakfast for your partner rocks, but you have to wake up earlier, maybe you will make some noise… and the surprise will be ruined.

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  4. Sant Sadurni is the Cava-capital in Spain. You can decide to go on a day trip or even better if you sleep around in the area and just wander around the wineries. Here you can find more details on Cava Tours. Barcelona is a city with plenty of theaters offering a great variety of shows. The website teatrobarcelona. Be aware: some shows are only in Catalan language, so pay attention when booking.

    A dinner under the stars can be difficult in a city, but in Barcelona, it is possible thanks to the Fabra observatory! This observatory, the oldest in Barcelona, offers dinners in an open space area in one of the main Barcelona viewpoints. They do combine the stars observation with a delightful dinner. This is only possible during summer season. If interested, it is mandatory to book in advance.

    What about a personalized menu at your place? The team of Delicious Barcelona makes it very easy. Tip : Some shops are quite small and can be absolute gems.

    Here are 99 romantic things to do as a couple.

    Pay attention when walking around. You can also book your seats in advance. Some cinemas also have special cinema-days, meaning you pay less when going to the movies a specific day. The Dinner in the dark is a place mostly visited by curious travelers, locals and couples. Tintoreria Dontell restaurant looks like a dry cleaning service is one of the best places to surprise someone.

    Read the comments about Tintoreria Dontell on Tripadvisor. A trip is always a reason to cheer up. The young team of Waynabox offers cheap trips. You book a trip without knowing the final destination. Tango is known as one of the sexiest dances in the world. It is usually performed by a man and a woman expressing romance in synchronized movements. Have a look a Barna Tango to check their courses and learn how to express your feelings with dancing.

    The Comedy Improvisation is a good idea then to check out. The Medicine Real Academy in Barcelona offers dinners where you will have to use the 5 senses. Gin Tonic is a trendy drink nowadays in Barcelona. Take it easy, move around in a relaxed way. Update : Over the time we experienced some more activities you should know about.

    So here it goes.

    You can find more information on prices and schedules here. I am actually not sure if Barcelona is well known as a romantic city. But there are so may possibilities to enjoy Barcelona in a very romantic way. Looking for more info on Barcelona? This article is part of our big guide to spend an awesome One Week In Barcelona. We also introduce you to the locations on where to stay in Barcelona.

    It includes a detailed description of areas and handpicked hotels. Remember Me. Lost your password? Barcelona Madrid. Florence Rome. On top of that, I created an itinerary and schedule for what I think is a perfect romantic day. Jump directly to the itinerary for the most perfect romantic day in Barcelona This article will guide you to amorous experiences and dreamy locations.

    If you are also looking for the best places to eat and have a good coffee in Barcelona check out: 13 best coffee shops in Barcelona places to eat in Barcelona My favorite restaurants in Barcelona Some of these coffee shops are really romantic spots.

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    5. Altogether I am sharing with you 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona. Check out availability at Barcelona Aire Spa here My recommendation for a romantic date : Go here at midnight! View this post on Instagram.