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Cash wrote:. At 10, I was a shy, chubby, non-athletic child with a very intense inner life. I asked my mom to drop me at the library on Saturdays, rather than find friends to play with. On one of those Saturdays I discovered the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and it was one of the greatest things ever to happen to me.

10 Books That Will Change How You Live Your Life

I entered a world where things were ordered, simple and predictable My childhood was so fantastically chaotic and unpredictable, with the complicating factors of drug addiction and fame in my father, and utter misery and sometimes hysteria in my mother. W hen Wilder wrote about Ma setting the table for dinner and how the light looked when it came through the window from the prairie, and how Pa played the fiddle in the evenings — it gave me the courage to face my own life and my own family.

It gave me peace and a template for the future.

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  6. It's the best thing On a daily basis". Fay Weldon says she was "more changed by the books I wrote".

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    American great Richard Russo is both chooser and chosen. Many have helpfully shared their most life-changing reads in blog posts and interviews.

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    This personal finance classic made an appearance in several blog posts and lists. I bought a house within two weeks with a zero-down loan and was set on making my first business.

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    If you have startup dreams, several experienced founders insist you need to read this book. It's "an incredible handbook for anyone who wants to get their startup off to the very best start possible. It simply says, you are what your habits are, and also suggests the proven techniques to generate new habits that alter our lifestyle and eventually our life.

    A must read for everyone to understand the intricacies of the habit," writes entrepreneur Kamal Sucharan Burri , recommending The Power of Habit. Changing your life isn't just about getting your finances and your business in order; it's also about getting your psychology right.