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I didn't take a magic pill or win the "great body" lottery. I struggled with my weight, energy levels and self-esteem like many of you. It wasn't until I hit my personal rock bottom that I embraced a new way of living. Step by step I changed my habits, from what I ate to how often I exercised to my inner dialogue about being good enough, thin enough and young enough. Your Best Body Now was created to share with you in detail how I made my total-body transformation and what I do on a daily basis to stick with my goals to live better and healthier.

The results of my very simple, commonsense program have given me not just a healthier relationship with food but also a more beautiful body, stronger self-esteem, newfound energy and a sexiness that comes from truly knowing who you are. The fact that I look ten years younger is also a bonus!

The specifics of this program, the Best Body Now transformation, include a decade-by-decade look at how our bodies evolve in our thirties, forties, fifties and beyond, plus tailored guidelines to age-proof your body through nutrition, exercise, health, beauty and motivation. My dream is that my program and my personal success with it! Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or , whether you're a gym rat or a novice, work these principles into your life where you need them most and you will see results.

I'm living proof that it is possible to live more beautifully and confidently than ever, no matter what you, your current situation or your life looks like in this exact moment. I invite you to partner with me in the Best Body Now transformation and start having the time of your life right now. The possibilities are endless and entirely within your control.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. A Cowboy of Convenience. Yet the ramshackle property she just inherited hardly qualifies. View Product. These are the questions most of us will ponder, again, this Christmas season. Baby Boomers' obsession with staying youthful is reflected in the people, places and things with which they choose to surround themselves. More than percent of Boomers see sports and fitness as a key to staying young. At least two-thirds of Boomers surveyed use cell phones and Internet to facilitate their active lives.

Nearly two-thirds of Boomers surveyed say their pets keep them young.

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Relationships outside the family circle are increasingly important for this generation. Here are some tips for aging like fine wine: Baby Boomers will age differently using hair-dye, cosmetics , and use more extreme measures, such as cosmetic surgery , to keep their bodies in line with feelings of youthfulness.

Their obsession with looking younger is set to collide with the reality of aging. Aging can't be avoided, but injuries can be. And doctors say that doesn't mean all avid joggers must hang up their running shoes, or lifelong basketball players must necessarily forgo the neighborhood court -- it's all about exercising smarter.

Exercise Tips: Don't be a "weekend warrior. Take lessons, even if you're not a newcomer to a sport. Proper form and instruction reduce the chance of such injuries as tendonitis or stress fractures. Invest in good equipment. Select the proper shoes for your sport, use them only for that sport, and replace them when they lose support or the treads show wear.

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If you can't find what you're looking for from 64, stores and 30 million items online, then you're certainly not going to find it at the mall ," said Farhad Mohit, co-founder for shopping site, Shopzilla. When the company where she was employed dissolved in a corporate merger, Patricia Merkle, 48, lost her job as an Account Manager. That evening marked a turning point in her life. These parties provide a setting where women can talk about their sexuality, release their frustration with laughter and get pumped to put some zest back into their love making.

Sexual health is about intimacy and enhancing sexuality. Source: www. Many Baby Boomers will be among the 43 million Americans who will relocate this year. Whether you are downsizing because your nest is empty, or moving to a golf community or convenient condo, moving can be stressful and emotionally draining.

Start with the most remote corner of the basement and work your way through the entire house until you reach the peak of the attic. Will It Fit? Compare the size of your new space with your old space. Will all of the belongings you plan to take fit? Do you still need them all? Family or friends may want to keep some sentimental pieces, but after they have looked through the items, decide whether to throw away, sell or give to charity the things you are not taking with you. Make sure there is enough time allotted to review possessions and to adjust to the idea of moving.

What Will the Future Hold? For instance, if you expect to travel frequently, you may want fewer possessions than if you plan to spend more time at home.


Once you get used to the idea of parting with certain belongings, it may be easier to make a final decision the second time around. At approximately 78 million people, Baby B oomers are one of the largest buying groups in America.

So Baby Boomer: Life Tips: Women

The new report closely analyzes this important consumer segment and uncovers new insights that empower retail and manufacturing executives to understand, benchmark and predict Baby Boomer shopping trends. This approach will also help retailers develop strategies that effectively segment the boomer population in specific markets and meet their changing needs. A few of the findings from the report that were driven by consumer panel data and analysis from IRI include:.

Spending is expected to decline for shoppers in their 40s due to large-scale demographic shifts. It was a time before sunscreen became common. In their younger years, Baby Boomers enjoyed a nice summer day as much as younger generations do today. Along with those sunny days, boomers often got a not-so-nice sunburn in the deal. Those sunburns from your 20s and 30s can easily turn into melanoma or skin cancer in your 50s and 60s. John Chadwick, a Battle Creek dermatologist for 27 years, said. But we hope at the end of 30 years that the epidemic will decrease.

Self-examinations, best done in front of a full-length mirror, take five minutes. New moles or old ones that seem to be evolving in some way are also worrisome. In addition, boomers with high-risk factors such as a family history of melanoma or particularly fair or freckled skin should get regular checkups. Happy 60th Birthday to the first wave of the Baby Boomers, born in This is your year.

You didn't get invited to either one? Well, then, join the crowd of us who are staging our own birthday party at the beach for our favorite year-old, the bikini. Yes, that iconic symbol of licentiousness and sexiness was first introduced in in France by two designers who couldn't get a French model to model it. So, designer Louis Reard turned to a stripper to display the new, skimpy style of bathing suit.

Slate magazine explains that the new design went by the names l'atome and le bikini because, in the s, new and startling things were likened to the new and startling atomic bomb, which was tested in the Bikini Atoll. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time. Baby Boomers have been a darling for marketers over the years. At 77 million strong in the U. A smattering of companies are starting to pay attention, such as Michelob Ultra's ad featuring a graying boomer paddling around in a kayak, or an American Express' financial services ad saying: "You changed everything that came before you.

That was you then