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With all four books in the series releasing just weeks apart, this is going to be one hot summer. Claimed by her Cougar Cougar Creek Mates Shifter Romance Series Book 1 Having lost his parents and mate in a brutal attack on his cougar shifter pride by a hunter organisation, Rath burns with a need to keep humans off his land and out of his life. This giveaway is international and open to everyone, and ends at midnight on August 12th. They had disappeared the moment he had set eyes on her by the river, the second she had lowered her camera and her eyes had met his, and something had happened.

It had him tied in knots, snapping at her when he felt guilty about it a split-second later, unsure what the fuck was wrong with him. He led her to the river, positioned himself on a log beneath a tree on the right side of the grassy area, and leaned back against the broad trunk of the pine. She lifted the camera to her face and swung it in all directions, diligently keeping it away from him. The morning mist curled playfully around her boots as she did whatever the fuck she was doing. He had never taken a picture in his life, had no clue what she was looking for through the lens.

Whatever it was, she seemed to find it when she moved to the other side of the grass, to the trees near the cabin there, and hunkered down, going incredibly still. Rath tried to do the same, but his right leg twitched and he tapped his fingers on his knee as he watched her. She stayed perfectly still for close to an hour, and then stood and lowered the camera to her hip.

She raised her arms above her head and stretched, pushing her breasts outwards, pulling her thick jacket tight across them. His cougar side growled at the vision of her, growing restless as he studied her, and he tapped his knee harder. When she turned his way, lowering her arms, he averted his gaze, locking it on the river. The sun was rising higher, clearing the mist now. He basked in it, letting the warmth wash over him and soak into his dark clothing, and distract him from her as it roused his love of lazing in the sunshine.

Gods, the thought of long days spent stretched out in the sunshine had him aching for it to roll around quicker. She smiled down at him.

Bad Company - No smoke without fire

Her hazel eyes sparkled and he could see in them that she had meant her words, and she thought his valley was beautiful. It was, and it was probably even more beautiful to someone like her, who had likely come from a city life. He tensed when she moved closer to him, and his gaze tracked her as she passed him, stopping only a metre from him. Her fine dark eyebrows pinched, her shell-pink lips pursing. He was about to ask her what was wrong when she lifted the camera and took another shot.

Her eyes lit up when she angled the camera away from her and looked down at it. Happy with the picture? She crouched again, resting her elbows on her knees, her camera clutched in both hands, ready to lift into place. Another hour passed, and the mist cleared, and he caught the disappointment in her eyes as she gazed at the river, the sparkle that had been in them dying as she rose back onto her feet and lowered her camera.

Her shoulders lifted in a long sigh. He was restless around her. The bears were probably picking up on it and steering clear of the creek. He should have watched her from the cabin instead, keeping his distance so the bears would show up. A growl curled through him at that thought, his animal instincts rebelling against it in a way that left him cold as something hit him.

Rath frowned at the way she said that, making it sound as if she was talking about doing something other than marching her backside to her vehicle. She looked up river, towards the mountains and the glacier. He shoved onto his feet, moving so fast she startled and gasped, and loomed over her, so close to her that she had to tip her head back to keep her eyes on his face. You might end up hurt. Soon, she would be in as much danger here as she would be if he let her go upstream towards the glacier and the bear shifter pack that called that area of the valley home.

For the first time in three decades, desire stirred in his chest, tore through his muscles and flowed through his veins, and had his cougar side shifting beneath his skin, hungry for a female. Her hazel eyes slowly lifted to his, enormous now as she looked at him, but they were dark too, her dilated pupils and her scent revealing the emotions that flowed through her.

Her eyes darted away from him, and her voice trembled as she spoke. A blush climbed her cheeks. Do you run a business here? Like vacation rentals? Was she thinking of checking in?

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I just look after them. The sight of it acted as a bucket of ice down his crotch, instantly cooling him off as he remembered that the family who owned it were coming soon, and so was his brother, and then most of the eligible pride males would hit the creek. His coldness had upset her, and damn, she was quick to bring up a wall around herself and hit him with the same cold front he was showing her. But he found himself lunging for her, seizing her wrist as his heart froze in his chest, the thought of her leaving propelling him into action before he could think about what he was doing.

You have to stick to the river and the wildlife, and do not wander out of the boundary of the village. That seemed to scare her, and her eyes leaped to the mountains, her pulse picking up in his ears as she stared at them. When she finally looked back at him, that pulse kicked faster, echoing in his own chest as she smiled at him, one that reached her stunning eyes. She tipped her head back, looked deep into his eyes, and rocked his entire world on its axis with three innocent words. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons!

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series. If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:.

I have a special four book cover reveal today for my thrilling new shifter romance series, Cougar Creek Mates. Claimed by her Cougar Cougar Creek Mates Shifter Romance Series Book 1 Felicity Heaton Having lost his parents and mate in a brutal attack on his cougar shifter pride by a hunter organisation, Rath burns with a need to keep humans off his land and out of his life. Only the beauty has a fiery temperament to match his own, and the more time he spends with her, the more she stokes a fire inside him.

All Yasmin is interested in is making sure her friend, Ivy, is safe, but the alluring black-haired man with a wicked smile she meets on the path to the creek has her thinking about other things. Craved by her Cougar Cougar Creek Mates Shifter Romance Series Book 4 Felicity Heaton For the last twenty years, Cobalt has burned with a need of one female, a beautiful raven-haired cougar who captured his heart the moment he set eyes on her.

His position as pride protector has been a blessing at past mating gatherings, keeping females away, but this time it feels like the worst of curses, because the female who has bewitched him so thoroughly is taking part for the first time and all he can do is watch as males battle for her. Damaged goods he might be, dangerous and unpredictable, but with every contest over her that pulls her closer to her doom, she grows more determined to follow her heart, no matter the consequences.

Together with his six brothers, he fights to defend the gates to the Underworld from daemons bent on breaching them and gaining entrance to that forbidden land, striving to protect his home from their dark influence. When the daemon bent on turning Esher against his brothers makes her move, will Esher find the strength to overcome his past and fulfil his duty, or will the lure of revenge allow the darkness in his heart to seize control, transforming him into a god intent on destroying the world? Every subscriber is entered into the giveaway to win a signed personalised paperback copy of Esher, with a chance to win a copy in each of the four exclusive sneak peek chapters being sent out.

Esher drew his hand away from his right side and frowned at the blood coating his palm. It caught the light of the narrow signs that jutted out from each building, running their entire height to mark what was on each floor, and reflected white, red and yellow back at him. Stepping, as he and his brothers called it, would drain him, and it was only just gone one in the morning, meaning there were still another four or five hours of darkness in which another daemon could attempt to find the gate. He ground his molars and reached into the breast pocket of his shirt, tugged the tiny headphones out and jammed them into his ears.

Instantly, the soothing melody of Bach filled him, swamping the song of the rain and the grating noise of Tokyo. Esher took a few deep breaths, giving the beautiful classical piece time to do its work, and then trudged forwards, past the two dead daemons. As the strings rose, he spotted the airplane-wing canopy that stretched above the central entrance of Tokyo station, extending from the glass skyscraper to its right. Clouds swirled around the top of the towering structure, glowing yellow from the city lights. The rain continued to pour, soothing Esher as much as the music, but as he approached the entrance and the number of mortals rose, hurrying to catch the last trains, his grip on calm began to weaken.

He balled his right hand into a fist, and grimaced as the cut across his forearm stung as his muscles flexed beneath it, a flash of fire that tested him. He breathed deep, letting the flare of irritation fade without affecting his mood. Esher breathed through it, steeled himself and moved forwards, avoiding the busier paths into the building. A mortal female passed close to him and he tensed, his breath seizing in his throat as he leaned to avoid her even though she was more than ten feet away.

Keras would fucking kill him if he lost his shit and caused a bloodbath. His oldest brother had lectured him more than once about playing nice around the weak little mortals. By the gods, he tried. He could almost tolerate them now. He had even managed to speak with some when he was feeling strong, able to cope with breathing the same air as them. The coppery odour of blood clouded his senses, tugging at his memories, and it was hard to keep them shut out, to hold the wall of calm in place.

He shoved the bloodied fingers of his right hand through the longer lengths of his black hair, pushing the damp strands out of his face, and scrubbed at the shorter sides. He took another step towards the building, a pressing sense of urgency building inside him and driving him to move as he picked up the warning over the public-address system.

It was last train time. He froze as a male passed him, flicking a glance his way that turned into a double-take before he pivoted on his heel and hurried away from the station. Esher touched his face, drew his hand away and looked at his fingers. Black smeared their pads. Daemon blood. He huffed, grabbed the handkerchief he always kept in the back pocket of his dark blue jeans and wiped the blood away, scrubbing his neck and face, and then his hand to clear it of both daemon and his own blood.

It took barely a second for the blood to roll back down to his fingers. He buttoned his coat to hide the crimson stain on his shirt, tugged the sleeve back and wrapped the handkerchief around his forearm, covering the wound there. It would have to do. Esher strode towards it, his left hand closing over his right side again as the wound below his ribs burned. He pressed hard against it, stopping the flow of blood down his side, and trudged forwards, moving as quickly as he could manage.

The lights inside the station stung his eyes and he lowered his head, letting the hand-length ribbons of his black hair fall forwards over his brow to shield them. He kept his head bent as he hurried past the closed shops towards the Yamanote Line. It would stop at Yoyogi Park and he could walk from there. The streets in that neighbourhood would be quiet. Someone almost ran into him as they rushed towards the ticket barriers, and he bared his teeth at their back.

Property secluded except for occasional noisemaking from modern day lawn maintenance equipment etc or recreational vehicles in this tiny neighbourhood. At times, some sound from the road. The majority of the time it is very quiet and peaceful. Our home is in a clearing in the forest. There are two homes on either side however, with the property backing up to the park's forest there is plenty of space for privacy and quiet. We are situated on 2. It is mostly very quiet with convenient access to areas of complete solitude as well as outdoor recreation opportunities.

From time to time one of the two neighbours may be busy with land maintenance which can include noisy equipment. It is usually short term noisiness. Also, there is more traffic in the area on weekends. For the most part, it is very quiet and peaceful as well as close to beautiful places to explore nearby within short drive or hike.

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Outdoors it's very quiet after dark and it is just this very supreme quality of quiet that makes sitting outdoors and admiring the starry night sky so fantastic. With the cooler weather we have a campfire area as well as a wood burning stove on the deck. There are baby deer and elk in the area and often a deer comes thru the yard at night to catch an apple from our tree.

Magical Refuge by the Forest. Get away from the noisy city in this Rustic little log cabin - sf plus a loft we built it in , no chinking yet, but it's insulated. Woodstove to keep you nice and toasty warm. Pets are welcome. Scenic drive up the beautiful Kalama River, world renowned Steelhead Fishing spot and excellent for tube floating in the summer months. Property is located just 10 Miles from the freeway. Relax on the covered porches, get unplugged in the peace and quite of the woods. Narrow mountain road to the property traction devices recommended during Winter months.

Queen Memory Foam bed in main cabin and Double Futon in loft area. If you are going to be using the loft you will need to bring your own bedding. Small refrigerator. Running cold water in bathroom area with porta-a-potty in the cabin and an outhouse in the parking area. Beautiful View from inside and from the covered front and side porches. Covered Fire wheel next to the parking area for a campfire except when outdoor burning is banned. Outdoor gas cookstove for heating water and cooking bring your own pots, pans, etc.

Outdoor Sink and Outdoor Shower bring your own towels with on-demand propane hot water! No Smoking or Cooking inside the cabin. Segraves Hunters Cabin. Show all. Popular homes. Cozy two story Tree House retreat in a quiet wooded setting. A unique "Tiny home" experience. A great getaway that is close to Portland. Ideally located near numerous parks with scenic rivers and water falls. Sightseeing destinations that are accessible any time of the year. We are in the process of upgrading the property and building a Bath House, so you will observe some caution tape and dedicated walkways while we bury utilities.

Located across our backyard, about feet from and in view of the the main house, which provides seclusion and plenty of privacy. Tree house has household power and lighting. Wooded area is dark at night; bring a flashlight.

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Toasty heater for the cooler times of the year. Queen size Memory foam 12 inch mattress with comfortable bedding in the upstairs loft and Futon that folds out into a Full size bed on the main floor. Coffee maker and small refrigerator available inside. Restroom facilities consist of a large privacy tent and premium portable travel toilet nestled in the woods, close to the tree house. We don't offer bath towels, but hands towels and paper towels are provided in the Restroom tent.

No Running water to structure, so unfortunately no shower. Checking in times are negotiable. Smoking is allowed on property, but not in Tree house or on deck. TV with WiFi access. Cozy All Seasons Tree House retreat. Great location Great accommodations for your large family, group of friends, or for hosting a retreat for a club or team building weekend. Central to the best variety of year round recreation the PNW has to offer. If you want to do it This is where to find it! Full basement REC room. Pool table, poker table, foosball, darts, ping pong and more.

Yale House. One of our 3 luxury guest cabins overlooking scenic pastures where Clydesdales graze. Cabins come with an electric fireplace to cozy up to, Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker, mineral water tank, record player and books. Cabins include private shower and toilets. Ready to unwind? Soak in our shared cedar tub after detoxing in our revitalizing barrel sauna. Wander into Clydesdale Outpost where vintage-inspired cabins and adventure awaits. These one-of-a-kind camps are perfect for a trip to visit the many gorgeous local lakes, Mt. Helens or simply relax from it all in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Experience a true getaway, like the ones you remember as a child — and create new memories for years to come. Clydesdale Outpost is located in Amboy, WA on a 8-acre horse ranch. It is secluded on a hill but viewable from the street. The Baker. Recently completed detached apartment at the farm!

Located on our property, adjoined to the main house by a large yard that is open for your use. Feel free to visit the Wensleydale sheep in the pasture, or ask to meet the adorable Holland Lop bunnies in the barn. We're right across the street from Battle Ground Lake, and 3 miles down the scenic drive from Main St. Battle Ground. Enjoy the trails, vineyards, vintage shopping and eats that BG has to offer, or take a drive to experience Portland! Children are welcome! We have a pack-n-play, and an additional blow up mattress available upon request.

Please note: Wifi is available, but is spotty at the moment. We are working on getting a stronger signal to the guesthouse, but do not have that available as of now. We do get a good signal with Verizon. Enjoy over acres of trails, paddle board rentals, swimming, great fishing, or lounging the shores of a beautiful and quiet PNW gem. Wild Oaks Manor Guesthouse. Private, several-step downhill to the private-owned riverfront beach. Both deep and shallow water sites. That also include WiFi issues that pop up sometimes Sometimes WiFi would go smooth as a bald eagle sailing above the river.

Just wanted you to be aware. Activities- Beach: Tanning on the lounge chairs Kayak and bikes will be provided soon 7 Floating Tubes Has both deep and shallow pools Mini cliff jumping available too! Plenty of rocks and pools to choose to play. A romantic cottage getaway with 2 bedrooms and 2 and a half baths awaits you at this one-of-a-kind property! With direct access via flat walking trail to the scenic waters of Yale Lake and easy access to the snow-capped peaks of Mount St. Let 'Jennie's Lake Cottage' host your next relaxing vacation. Living Room has a Full sleeper sofa and there is a Pack-n-Play for an infant.

The moment you arrive you'll fall in love with this home's peaceful location. Nestled between towering trees, a lush green meadow of 5 acres, 'Jennie's Lake Cottage' creates a picturesque backdrop for your stay. Boasting 9 ft ceilings, inviting cast iron wood stove, beautiful wood paneling and an array of modern amenities flowing throughout the open floor plan, this spectacular new home provides you with plenty of comfort and privacy to spread out and relax.

Prepare mouthwatering dishes in the spacious kitchen, fully equipped with everything you need. No need to pack your entire wardrobe, as this cabin offers an in-unit washer and dryer for your convenience.

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Additional amenities include ductless air conditioning and heating along with wall modern heaters, 2 Smart TVs with Rocu, Bluetooth speaker, Xbox One, and wireless internet access - sure to keep you comfortable and entertained. After an exhilarating day of lake activities at nearby Yale Lake, put your feet up and relax on the covered patio.

On the cooler days nothing is better than watching a warm fire in this excellent and easy to use cast iron wood stoves. After this, escape to the luxurious master bedroom suite, complete with a king-sized bed or the other lovely bedroom upstairs to prepare for the next day's festivities. Lots of great camping sites. If you desire to have a tent or RV on site please let us know. We have Water and Power hookups available if so desired.

Mother hailed as hero in Vancouver Island cougar attack – Abbotsford News

Please inquire about Bath house with sink, toilet and hot shower that may be available also. From this incredible location, you'll have easy access to a multitude of exciting attractions, most notably, Yale Lake, which is accessible via a flat walking trail winding through a Rocky Mountain Elk Reserve.

The large trees along the trail to the lake are worth the walk alone. Spend your days boating, kayaking and swimming at Yale Lake. Numerous parks and boat launches surround the 3 large lakes in the area and include Saddle Dam which you can walk to on trails from the cabin. Merwin and Swift Lakes also provide many other parks and boat launches including close by Cresap Bay. Climb the stratovolcano of Mount St.

Mother hailed as hero in Vancouver Island cougar attack

Helens or explore the scenic footbridges of Lava Canyon and Windy Ridge. When you're ready to check out some more local attractions, head into the town of Battle Ground, only 30 minutes away. Additionally, the quaint town of Cougar is located nearby, where you'll find a great pizza place, some small stores, and Cougar Bar and Grill - home of the famous Ape Cave Sandwich. Helens Ape Caves are also a short distance away, ensuring a memorable experience and stunning sights.

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However you choose to spend your time at this peaceful Ariel vacation rental cabin, situated near the water's edge of Yale Lake, you are sure to leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Jennie's Lake Cottage on 5 acres next to Yale Lake. Book your getaway with us and enjoy quite evenings around our outdoor fire pit under the lights. A beautiful and peaceful retreat awaits at this unique property! Forget the everyday hustle. Wake up in the morning to deer or elk in the yard. Take a stroll down a walking path to Yale Lake and enjoy the scenery. Or go adventure around the area.

With 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open concept living room and kitchen, this house is sure to fit your needs. The house sits on 2 acres and is surrounded by alder trees. In the back yard there is a large fire pit and wood shed with wood for your smore roasting needs. In the fall and winter you can see slight views of Yale Lake from the house. Once spring comes, the greenery eliminates the view but will give you extra privacy.

This is a 2 story home, with 2 Bedrooms upstairs, 2 downstairs with a flowing open floor plan. This home provides you with plenty of comfort and privacy to spread out and relax. Yale Lake House. Welcome to The River House! We promise "Cozy Bring your fishing pole, and a bottle of wine for hot-tub.

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  8. Please enjoy. Chris and Shelley. The Riverhouse is a quiet lot with properties on both sides and across the river. Neighbors are quiet and respectful. Please stay on the Riverhouse lot not to disturb the neighbors. There is river access but please stay in the boundaries of the property lot. The Riverhouse.

    A private one bedroom cabin on 4 acres with a large living room with wifi and smart TV and Dish Network. We're 10 min. We are 35 min to PDX, 5 min. Our old brick farmhouse is about ft away. Nobody shares anything with you. Everything you need is there except food and drink. You have large windows to enjoy the views of the valley, pastures, and forests. You have a redwood slab eating bar inside with 2 bar stools and a long wood slab bar outside with 2 bar stools. There is a Lynksys wireless router for your use alone.

    The covered deck is a perfect all-weather hang out. Watch the sun rise about the same spot that the moon rises above Larch Mountain. There are way too many opportunities for outdoor adventures for me to list. Besides a plethora of food and drink there is mountain climbing, windsurfing, wildlife viewing, spelunking etc. Its all on the table here. We are located on 4 acres in a rural setting with a gorgeous view of the valley and distant mountain range. The homes are far apart, mostly acreage and long driveways, rolling hills, meadows, pasture, forest, hay fields, horses, cows, goats etc.

    There is a 24 hr fully equipped Fire Station 1. Privacy with a historical view. Be warned that we live off the beaten road Tent is set up on a private 4 acre riverfront property with great views and access to Lewis River. No electricity at the site. Wifi available at our house if you need it, let us know! Park in a designated spot ,walk down a moderate to steep trail with steps, about 3 minutes to get to campsite.

    There is a koi pond near the tent where you can enjoy the sounds of water.